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For those who wilfully forget

I’ve been agonizing for a couple of days now over how to put this D-Day anniversary post, after seeing this jagged shard of complete idiocy cited approvingly all over the place.

White Brother War 768x753.

“Europe’s best men, our brothers,” is it, shit for brains? That would be Nazi scum you’re talking about there, pal. And let me hip ya to something you prolly ain’t gonna like much: NAZI SCUM AIN’T NO “BROTHERS” OF MINE, AND AIN’T EVER GONNA BE EITHER, GET ME? Nor are Saudis, nor Persians, nor Paleosimians, nor ChiComs, nor Tojos, for the matter of it. Sorry if my hatred for (((DemJooJooJooJOOOOOOZ!!!))) just ain’t intense enough to suit ya, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, fuckface. If that’s what it takes to qualify me as officially “White,” then thanks but no thanks; I’d just about as soon call myself a nigger as to stoop that goddamned low.

My now-deceased Uncle Murray, who was an MP in the ETO and participated in the liberation of one of the concentration camps idiots like Mr “CEO of Based” above swear never existed—a life-altering experience he couldn’t even speak of without choking up in tears til his dying day, by the by—was probably the single toughest hombre I ever did know (my assessment made after a lifetime spent hanging with some damned tough hombres, mind) and woulda kicked your sorry ass so hard by the time you stopped rolling your clothes would be out of style for such loose talk as that.

“Are you mad yet?” You bet your ass I am now, you miserable turd. FUCK YOU in the spleen, with a sparking cattle prod.



23 thoughts on “For those who wilfully forget

  1. I think you’re misinterpreting what the tweeter was saying. I don’t think he’s saying Nazis murdering Jews was a good thing. I think he’s saying that the people of the countries involved were manipulated by TPTB just to slaughter millions of each other.


    Epstein isn’t the only one involved in the pedo rings. The British Royal family was involved as were many other royal families. CEOs of global companies, the heads of news media and Hollywood have all been exposed. They’re not all Jews. The nominal religion of TPTB doesn’t matter. Whether they’re supposedly Jews, Christians or Muslim, TPTB don’t believe a single thing in the religion. Roosevelt wasn’t Jewish. Nor was Churchill. Its not just the Jews running everything. The Bushes aren’t Jewish. The Clintons aren’t Jewish. Obama wasn’t Jewish. TPTB aren’t religious. They’re either only out for themselves or they worship the devil. Or both.

    We all know by now that the American people were dragged into WWII based on the sinking of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor. Two false flags. We also know now that the media has lied to us for many decades, probably as soon as they came into existence.

    The point the tweeter was making was that the same people or their families or their fellow “elite” in control at the time brought about the wars and then profited by funding both sides. Those same “elites” more recently brought us the scamdemic, the Clot Shot, Trannies and Drag Queens and stolen elections all over the world.


    Its not about Nazis v. Jews. Its about being manipulated by a corrupt, evil few. Plenty of Germans escaped Germany and came to America. They were mostly good, hardworking people. I’m sure many of their sons who were drafted into the army would have been good, normal people too. The kids today who get drafted into fighting alongside the Nazis in Ukraine or whichever group you consider to be the Nazis in the Middle East would probably have turned out to be decent people too.


    We are being misled and manipulated by an “elite” few who have repeatedly admitted that they want to reduce the global population by billions. They didn’t just think that idea up yesterday. They’ve wanted to kill off most people for a long time. It has nothing to do with whether forty percent of them were raised in a Jewish family or a Christian family. They cast of their religion years ago.

    1. “We all know by now…”

      We doesn’t include me as I think that WW2 reference is total bullshit. In fact “We” doesn’t include very many people IMO.

      Are we lied to by government? And have we been forever? Don’t make me laugh.

      1. When I say “we all know” I’m only referring to people on the Right.

        I don’t read that tweet and think he’s talking specifically about the Jews as Mike seems to think. Maybe he is, maybe he tweets out anti-Jew stuff all day. I have no idea, I’m not on X. But when people mention WWII, I don’t automatically associate that with the Jews. People only found out about what the Nazis did to the Jews when the war was almost over. We didn’t join that war to stop the Nazis from killing Jews. We joined the war to stop Hitler and the Germans from taking over Europe and then the world.

        When I hear Epstein’s name, I don’t think about him being Jewish. I kinda doubt he was a religious man. I think he’s someone who got young children to be raped by Bill Clinton (not a Jew), Prince Andrew (also not a Jew) and their fellow “elites”. I also don’t associate “satanic drag queens reading homosexual pornography to toddlers” as having anything to do with Jews. Do Jews make up a large percentage of satanic drag queens?

        I guess “Epstein types” could mean Jews but it could also just mean pedophiles. I’m sure there were plenty of blatantly anti-Jew tweets on X that could have served to make the point Mike is making here. I just don’t see how you get from this particular tweet that the person hates all (((DemJooJooJooJOOOOOOZ!!!))) as opposed to him hating the “elite” that ruled over us and still do.

        1. “I’m only referring to people on the Right.”

          If you think I’m not of the “Right”, then your thinking is as muddled as that of any other lefty.

          No, people of the “right” are not even remotely believers of the fantasy that WW2 was based upon false flags as you portray it.

    2. Most of your points are well taken, and I don’t want to appear as if I’m piling on ya here, BL. That said, though, I just don’t buy it. Speaking of non-Nazi German civilians during WW2 seems a lot to me like talk of “innocent civilians” in Gaza; while there might be a handful here and there, they’re the exception that proves the rule as far as I’m concerned. A look at pictures of those mammoth 1930s Hitler/Nazi rallies thronged with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of German civilians wildly cheering their Supreme Leader on ought to put paid to all that nonsense, I should think.

      I know my uncle spoke with great disgust of how very many Germans came out of their hidey-holes protesting to high heaven about how they had never supported that awful Hitler fella all this time, nor did even the nearest neighbors of the death camps seem to have any clue as to what might have been going on inside the barbed-wire fences with all those Jews, gypsies, and Slavs who came in on the trains but never seemed to come back out again, to hear them tell it anyway.

      As for the Tweet in question, I guar-on-goddamn-TEE that if Mr CoB-Based could go back in time and suggest the Nazis as “the best of Europe…our brothers” to the dogfaces in the picture at bottom, they’da slapped the taste out of his mouth toot fucking sweet, just as my uncle would have done. Hell, my uncle used to complain in bitter wonderment about Americans buying Mitsubishi automobiles, snarling “that’s the exact same sumbitches that built the Zeros that dive-bombed Pearl Harbor.” It just blew his mind how ANY even half-bright American could offer such a gratuitous insult to himself and his fellow vets of the Big One that way.

      Which, at the time, was quite literally the case: Mitsubishi Shoji back then, although eventually restructured and reorganized at McArthur’s behest after the war (despite Mitsubishi flatly refusing to comply initially), basically remained in the hands of the same family that had owned and run it from its founding, for many years after Japan’s surrender.

      God, you shoulda seen the look Murray gave his little brother Gene (a/k/a my dad), when he bought our family a brand-new Datsun station wagon back in the early 70s. It could easily have raised a blister on a galvanized pot, no foolin’. I’m astonished my old man didn’t fall over dead from it, such a look it was.

      Certainly, nobody manipulated, maneuvered, or tricked Herr Hitler into invading Poland, Czecho, and the rest of Europe. He did that all on his own hook, with the overwhelming and enthusiastic support of the German people—whatever became more convenient for them to claim once the Thousand Year Reich had been brought crashing down around their ears ’round about, oh, 995 years ahead of the original schedule.

      Perhaps I was guilty of being a little quick on the draw with the Jew thang, mea maxima culpa, for whatever it might be worth. But at this point I’ve heard so damned much of that same tired shit from these guys they don’t really have to say the actual word anymore; it comes through loud and clear, every time.

      1. “It just blew his mind how ANY…” My Dad remained that way until his recent passing. Buying a German or Japanese car was not ever going to happen. Same for his brothers and sisters.

      2. No worries about piling on, I’m used to discourse on teh interwebs. I do appreciate the thoughtful response though. I have a habit of playing Devil’s Advocate and it really bothers some people. Really though, I just like to ask why to make sure I understand exactly what we’re talking about and to test the other person’s opinion, see what its based on.

        As for the Jew thang, like I mentioned, I know nothing about CEO Based or whatever his name is so you could be 100% correct in your reading of his tweet. I just didn’t see anything that explicit in the tweet and thought maybe I was missing something like “Epstein” is the new code word for Jews or something. I’m usually pretty late to the game on code words, dog whistles and even acronyms. I just learned what BOGO means when I was shopping at Publix the other day.

        And like I said, I’m sure there were much more explicit tweets blaming the Jews for WWII and everything else that you could have chosen so it piqued my interest because it wasn’t as clear to me that this tweet was referring to Jews. Anyway, not really a big deal and pointless to pursue since we don’t know CEO Based’s thinking.

        I don’t have the family experience to provide me more detail on what it was actually like and how the soldiers felt about the whole thing like you and many others do. I was just looking at the numbers and I saw that only 10% of Germans were in the Nazi party and that the Nazis only received 33% of the vote in the last real election in 1933. Obviously that’s about ten years earlier than when the US got involved so things could’ve, and probably did, change drastically during wartime.

        Still, I find it hard to believe that the majority of Germans supported the Nazis as opposed to just supported Germany because it was involved in a war and if they lose you very well might be killed by the victors. On this level I do sorta have personal experience in that my wife’s father is from Germany but he was a little boy at the end of the war. At some point, he came to America, later joined the military and fought for USA in Vietnam (maybe it was Korea, I’m not really sure). He still speaks with a heavy accent and has lots of family members still living in Germany. They’re all good people as far as I can tell and I’ve not seen any indication that there ever was any familial support for Hitler or the Nazis. My wife even loves watching Band of Brothers and John Wayne war movies and she has no problem with Germans or Nazis being killed! Not that any of that means much to a wider assessment of all Germans, but I should acknowledge it probably forms part of the basis for my opinion.

        I think of it like if Biden and the Democrats got us into a war with Russia. I don’t want to fight a war with Russian. And I hate the Democrats. But if the Russians were invading my country you can be damn sure I’d be shooting at em. It would be unfair if we lost and later generations of Russians were saying we were all basically Democrats and we supported bombing civilians in the Donbass and the Nazis in Ukraine and we’re all evil and not a single one of us was innocent. I just don’t see all the Germans being evil Nazis as being the likely reality.

        Lastly, based on how white, Christian men are being treated nowadays, I’m always inclined to defend them. Anyway, that’s where I’m coming from. If we disagree on this so be it. I’ll still enjoy your rants. I do appreciate the chance to exchange thoughts with you in a civil manner.

        1. Ditto, BL. Thinking back on it, I realize what originally sparked my youthful interest in history, especially military history, was my dear friend, semi-chaste teenage crush, and next door neighbor Michelle’s maternal grandma.

          Michelle’s mom Pat was born and raised in London, where said grandma still lived. Once or twice a year, she’d come to the States for a visit with her daughter and grandkids, and immediately have me in the palm of her hand utterly spellbound by her personal stories of surviving the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz when Pat was just a baby. Those stories were truly something else: deeply shocking, terrifying, and yet inspirational as well. I’ve been a devoted military history, military aviation, and WW2 history nut ever since.

          As for the Joo business, every time I’ve seen the slogan “No more Brother wars,” the crackpot cant insisting that we kick our false-friend Israel to the curb and embrace our “natural allies,” ie the Iranians; that we were duped into fighting on the wrong side in WW2; that Hitler was a great man, a competent leader, and a brilliant general, if perhaps a bit misunderstood—all that rot, and more besides—has been soon to follow. As I said, it’s just possible I may have jumped to an unfair conclusion about that particular Tweet, but I very much doubt it.

          1. It must have been terrifying, I can’t even imagine what they went thru. And yet still, I often think we’re gonna need some type of war to dislodge the commies out of America. Some days you could even say I’m chomping at the bit for it to get going. But I do realize any civil war will certainly not go exactly as I imagine and it’ll probably be at least as horrific as any other war and then some. If we have any hope of surviving though, then ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

            As for the hole Jews-Mooslims thing, I don’t really care. I don’t care about the Russia-Ukraine thing either. I’m much more worried about here than I am about there. That said, the people rooting for the Mooslim terrorists are fuckin retarded. I’d love to see those morons go and try to throw a pride parade in Rafah. And I hope they have enough roofs to throw them all off.

      3. A friend of mine’s mother was in the Hitler Youth. She had been born in the US in 1928, her mother had come over in 1925, when Germany was very poor. She was taken back to Germany in 1932, when the US was in the depths of the Depression, because her mother said that Hitler was going to make German great again. Her mother was an enthusiastic Nazi. So were many Americans – in 1938, the German American Bund held a parade in Brooklyn, and 20,000 American Nazis paraded through the streets in support of Hitler, on their way to a big Bund affair in Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. The Bund had chapters all across the US, from New York, to Kansas City, to California, and they had a string of summer camps all across the US. They were much more popular in Germany, in the 1932 election, Hitler got 45% of the vote. If you want to see how popular Hitler was, have a look at this: It’s a pretty accurate guide to Hitler’s popularity in the 1930s. By about 1940, when my friend’s mother joined the Hitlerjugend, everyone in Munich knew about Dachau, but it was spoken about in hushed whispers, no one dared to talk about it in public for fear of the government. Anyhow, one day in 1940, a member of the Gestapo, a police officer, the local Hitlerjugend leader, and her teacher addressed her class – there was a cake and ice cream on a table off to the side – and the teacher lined up the class in a row. Then, with the invited adults off to one side, the teacher announced “All patriotic German youth, take one step forward, and join the Hitler Youth!” – and they all stepped forward, except for one little girl who was a Jehovah’s Witness. The students got to have the cake and ice cream – except for the little girl who was excluded from the festivities. And she was not in class the next day, nor the next week – and wasn’t seen again until 1944, late in the year. No one dared speak to her. They all knew what happened and where she’d been. In the meantime, the Hitler Youth group did fun outings and had summer camps, all for free – but of course, everyone knew what was going on – and the consequences for opposing the Government. The White Rose group was also in Munich, they put out anti-Nazi pamphlets, and they paid for it with their lives, being hanged with piano wire, by which means they were strangled to death – and then the piano wire cut through their necks and decapitated them in their death throes. So people just kept quiet, because this is how opposition to the government was treated. And there were Nazis who would rat you out, so there was that. If you wanted to have a “normal” life, you went along with the program, and that was that. I heard this from his mother firsthand, at a dinner table conversation, about five years before her death in the 1990s. So, in the beginning, about half the Germans supported the Nazis, but as the war went on, this number did decrease, but the government ruthlessly – as above – killed off dissenters who were found out, who dared to speak out and were caught. A group of Wehrmacht officers tried to kill Hitler in 1944, and they were not successful – and they were either shot or hanged, as above, after a series of show trials – see and all of this was filmed – see – including the executions, for Hitler to watch… I’m giving no names, and I’m giving no more information on this, but it’s important that thsi history be known – which I heard firsthand, from someone who had been caught up in it.

  2. There is no shortage of idiots and fools. I also had an uncle in the first wave on D Day who also saw the concentration camps and the bodies in the mass graves.

  3. America is always only about 20 IQ points away from pointy hoods and burning crosses.

    Generally from the same sorry sonsofbitches who burp out memes like “No American soldier has fought for my freedom since 1865.”

    Japan sneak-attacked us, you assholes.
    Germany declared war on us first too.

    Sparky cattle prods?
    Hell with that.
    Those jackholes should be buttf**ked, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.
    Then set on fire, and the flames beaten out with rakes and pick handles.

  4. Right, its inconceivable that the US Government would ever act out of its own self-interest for wealth, power or territory and there’s no way the government would ever act against the interests of its own people and furthermore we should never talk about possible government malfeasance. That’s a real hot take. I gather you’re up to date on your Covid booster shots?

    1. I think you’re in the wrong place, either that or your name is apt and descriptive. The Nazis, whom you regard as “brothers”, were brutal totalitarians who after having won an election, destroyed the country that they took over, first slowly and then in a rush. I’ve detailed a bit of that, above. You sympathize with that National Socialist rubbish, I’d say the great majority here oppose you and what you’re pushing. No, we’re not on the same side, we oppose you as much as we oppose Marxist-Leninism, Wahhabist Islam, and every other sort of politics that would impose tyranny on nations and people. You might want to find some other place to infest.

      1. No where did I say that I sympathize with the Nazis. My point was that not all German people were Nazis and not all German people were bad. As you said, “So people just kept quiet, because this is how opposition to the government was treated. And there were Nazis who would rat you out, so there was that. If you wanted to have a “normal” life, you went along with the program, and that was that.”

        1. One of your “points” was that the US entered WW2 because of “false flags”.
          No one thinks every German was “bad”, nor has it been stated that way. My blood runneth as much German as English… The average German of that time doesn’t get a free pass. They knew. They knew their neighbors were disappearing. They knew the rhetoric spouted by the people making the Jews disappear. Far too many whitewash the truth.

          I’ve read a lot of BS over they years about Pearl Harbor, most every bit disprvable with a bit of research into the actual truth, but you are the first that I recall claiming the attack on Pearl Harbor was a false flag. Who do you think the actual attackers were?

          1. Lol, “no one thinks every German was bad” and then, “The average German of that time doesn’t get a free pass.” Only one sentence before you contradicted yourself. Impressive.

            Yeah, well its easy to sit in front of a keyboard in your underwear drinking coffee and talking tough about what a generation of people did or did not do when faced with death from SS squads. I’m watching the commies take over America and I don’t see a whole lotta standing up by the average American. The good news is that the Left is going to force us to find out who will stand up and who will sit by silently as they destroy the country.

            I guess you really are obtuse. A false flag could be conducted by fake troops in someone else’s uniforms as you implied. But it can also be when a government knows what is going to happen but does nothing to stop it. Like 9/11. Yes, the terrorists committed the act. But the government did nothin to stop it despite having adequate notice that it was going to happen.

    2. So, B_L, since the US Government is currently a group of corrupt marxist bastards, we give a free pass to The Japanese and Germans of the 1930’s?

      Is it your belief that Roosevelt used his mind control powers to get the Japs to attack Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941?

      1. The US Government didn’t just recently become a group of corrupt bastards. According to presidential candidate RFK, Jr., the CIA murdered a US president in 1963. The US Govt admitted to conducting illegal experiments on its own people in the Tuskegee Experiments in 1932. There are plenty of examples of the US Government doing things that were not for the benefit of its citizens.

        FDR was a Democrat. He instituted the New Deal to help usher in communism. You claim to be on the Right but here you’re vehemently arguing on behalf of one of the most Far Left presidents in history. If being on the Right means we always believe everything the government tells us, that we never question the government and that if anyone does question the government we immediately try to shout them down then count me out. Your Right sounds an awful lot like the Left so fuck that.

        Maybe everything the government and Fake News has told us about the reasons for America’s entry into the war are true. You and I don’t know because we weren’t in the rooms where decisions were made. We only have the word of the government and their media lackeys. Excuse me if I don’t believe a word out of the mouths of those lying sacks of shit.

        Of course the war by the Europeans against the Germans was justified from the Germans blitzkrieg attack and invasion of Poland, Belgium and France. Once the Germans opened the second front against Russia, the Germans were going to lose. We probably didn’t even need to be involved. As for the attack on Pearl Harbor, if it wasn’t allowed to get us into the war then the military/govt failure to detect six Japanese air craft carriers and twenty other ships approaching America’s most important base in the Pacific has to be considered the biggest failures in the history of the country until 9/11. Can we at least blame the government for not doing its job as well as expected?

        This shouldn’t need to be said but I will because you’ll probably accuse me of a lack of patriotism next, but regardless of whether the American soldiers entered the war under false pretenses or if everything was exactly as we were told, there is no dispute about the heroism and amazing successes of our soldier in the war.

        1. So RFK jr is an authority? A corrupt to the core communist is what he is. A manipulator that uses the climate scam to make $$$ like all the other climate commies.

          I’ll just quote myself from my first comment to you “Are we lied to by government? And have we been forever? Don’t make me laugh.”

          Apparently you do not know the definition of “False Flag”.
          Here is a link for you, False Flag

          I’ve not accused you of anything unpatriotic. I believe in honesty, and calling the attack on Pearl Harbor a false flag is either dishonest or ignorant. I don’t think you are being dishonest.

          I don’t believe you have studied history, particularly the history of the world from 1900 to Dec 7, 1941.

          On Dec 7, 1941 my mother was a young girl. On Dec 8th she awoke to find her older brother gone. He would not return for nearly 5 years. He was in the 1st wave on D Day, one of the survivors. She told me that the town was empty that Monday of young men, all gone, all standing in the lines at the local US Army recruiter. Many never returned.
          It wasn’t a false flag they responded to, it was an attack planned and perpetrated by the Empire of Japan. As cruel a group as have ever existed.

  5. As you know, there are plenty more sources than the son of the man who was murdered if you have the interest.

    You keep conflating the two things. There’s no dispute that the Germans declared war and blitzkrieged Europe. There’s no dispute that the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor. There’s no dispute that people were killed during the war.

    You say you’re a student of history but have never come across any claims that perhaps FDR and/or the US military didn’t take action on early warnings? That seems strange. Here’s a few articles on the issue.

    Now some of the articles conclude that there wasn’t enough information for FDR to act on. Some claim that there was. Some admit mistakes were made. Regardless, for a supposed history buff for you to not even be aware of this is embarrassing. There are also plenty of books and articles about potential reasons why the US would’ve allowed the attacks that would surely raise patriotic fervor and ensure the US entry into the war.

    Now, you can read this stuff and say its not compelling and you’re not convinced and that’s fine. But it does exist and its certainly not outlandish for people with a firm mistrust of government to believe there may well have been other factors to the government’s interest in entering the war.

    1. I’ve conflated nothing.

      False flag does not include knowing something is going to happen and ignoring it. That’s a stretch.

      Now as for the innuendo, accusations, etc that Roosevelt/US Government KNEW Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, it’s all bullshit based upon thin reeds. I have no need to swat down, for the thousand time, the bullshit that accompanies all of that.

      I will give you the facts that are absolute –
      There were many inside and outside the military that predicted the Japs would attack us at Pearl. It wasn’t a particularly difficult prediction to arrive at. Where the hell else would the empire of Japan strike in hopes of a decapitating first strike? It’s obvious that the USA in a fit of extreme stupidity had all their Pacific eggs in one basket. Not a difficult prediction to make. Nope. sorry, there is supposition only, no evidence to support the myth that we knew the Japs were on their way or coming soon. Were there those who suspected it would happen? Of course. Are there many guilty of ignoring that possibility in order to pretend we were a peaceful nation and thus hoping not to be drawn into conflict? Of course.

      I don’t bother with bullshit. I don’t bother with every half balked conspiracy theory more than once.

      Did Roosevelt want the US to enter WW2? Of course. It’s well understood. Was it nefarious? No one could read his mind, but the fact is we were going to get drug into that war eventually or see the free western world succumb to fascism. Then, they would come for us. This wasn’t terribly difficult to understand.

      There was no false flag starting WW2.

      You don’t understand the history of that period, so you’re are easily duped IMO.

  6. “Did Roosevelt want the US to enter WW2? Of course. It’s well understood.”

    I think that’s as good as we’re gonna get today. Thanks for the convo. Enjoy your weekend.

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"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil."

"There is no better way to stamp your power on people than through the dead hand of bureaucracy. You cannot reason with paperwork."
David Black, from Turn Left For Gibraltar

"If the laws of God and men, are therefore of no effect, when the magistracy is left at liberty to break them; and if the lusts of those who are too strong for the tribunals of justice, cannot be otherwise restrained than by sedition, tumults and war, those seditions, tumults and wars, are justified by the laws of God and man."
John Adams

"The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine."
Joseph Goebbels

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”
Ronald Reagan

"Ain't no misunderstanding this war. They want to rule us and aim to do it. We aim not to allow it. All there is to it."
NC Reed, from Parno's Peril

"I just want a government that fits in the box it originally came in."
Bill Whittle

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