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Thanks, Yertle!

Oh, we really got him now!

Ana Navarro whipped out the tiny violins on ABC’s “The View” this week, declaring that the Biden corruption scandal “is a story of a father’s love, and Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter…

“That is part of his heart.”

The “View” co-host was simply echoing the spin from the White House to get out from under the latest avalanche of damning evidence about the Biden family grift machine during Joe’s vice presidency: Honest Joe is guilty of nothing more than loving his wayward son.

The New York Times’ Nick Kristof echoed the sentiment in a cringeworthy piece titled “The Real Lesson From the Hunter Biden Saga: It isn’t about presidential corruption but a determined parent battling his son’s addiction with unconditional love.”

But the allegations against the president and his family are too credible to be wiped away by a secondhand sob story.

Every defendant has a hard-luck tale and it’s a little much from a family that has been the epitome of privilege for decades when they don’t even try to provide an explanation. 

Nor will Biden’s on-brand defiance fly this time.

The optics of his son and Joe’s brother Jim Biden — who still is under federal investigation — at the White House in bow ties for a state dinner last week was so in-your-face that even the Times raised an eyebrow.

It was just two days after Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal, and Attorney General Merrick Garland was preposterously in attendance. 

Very funny, Joe!

Much as I hate to say it—and I do, I truly, truly do—the nation owes a great debt of gratitude to Sen Yertle McTurtle (U—Turncoat) for refusing to allow the scumbag Garland on the US Supreme Court back when Ogabe tried to put him there.

What, me, worry?

That’s why he laughs in reporters’ faces when they dare to shout a snatched question as he hurries by.

But the questions keep coming, nonetheless.

“President Biden, how involved were you in your son’s Chinese shakedown text message?” he was asked as he emerged from the White House Wednesday morning.

The question from Post journalist Steven Nelson was about a Whats App message, subpoenaed by the FBI from Hunter’s iCloud, that IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley had given to the House Ways and Means Committee as part of his damning testimony about DOJ interference in the five-year tax investigation into Hunter.

But Biden bullying reporters will not make the evidence disappear — and it leads to the president.

Shapley, the IRS agent in charge of the criminal investigation of Hunter in Delaware, told CBS Tuesday evening that DOJ obstruction served to protect Joe from exposure.

“There were certain investigative steps we weren’t allowed to take that could have led us to President Biden,” Shapley said.

Shapley has testified that his team was blocked by the DOJ from asking questions about Joe or other family members who received money from Hunter.

They were not allowed to ask about the “big guy” or “dad,” were refused search warrants and denied access to Hunter’s laptop, which the FBI had authenticated by February 2020 as genuine and untainted and having “likely contained evidence of tax crimes.”

In the end, Shapley’s team of 12 elite criminal investigators was removed from the case before Hunter’s sweetheart deal.

As I’ve so often said about so many others, Shapley had better be constantly checking six from here on out. Despite the current tsunami of blah-de-blah about “walls closing in” on the Bidens and such, there’s one fatal flaw dooming the otherwise gratifying thought of impeaching Biden, Garland, or anyone else: those fully-and-firmly-in-cahoots Vichy GOPers would have to be the ones to initiate it.

So, y’know, so much for THAT Big Idear.

And lest my Garland comment above lead anyone astray, let’s not anyone be thinking the current scoundrel of an AG is the only problem at DoJ, or even the biggest and/or worst. Perish the thought.

DOJ Rot Goes So Much Deeper Than Merrick Garland
Does Garland still deserve impeachment for his assortment of abuses, such as sitting on his hands to avoid real accountability for the younger Biden (and his pop), while weaponizing the country’s top law enforcement agency to try to send Biden’s top presidential challenger to federal prison? Absolutely. Is it smart politically for Kevin McCarthy to use the current momentum to hold Garland to account? Probably. Is the alleged involvement in a foreign bribery scheme enough to merit Biden’s own impeachment? Most definitely.

But if the blame — and punishment — for the DOJ corruption revealed by whistleblowers stops with Merrick Garland or even Joe Biden, it will happen again.

That’s because the Justice Department’s pattern of shielding the Biden family from the law wasn’t masterminded by either man. It happened because of career officials and bureaucrats, whose names most Americans don’t know, and whom Americans will never have the chance to vote out. They didn’t have to be told what to do.

The problem of a bureaucracy so bloated that the people’s elected servants in Congress and the White House can’t keep track of, let alone shut down, its mischief is not unique to the DOJ. But the Justice Department’s role as arbiter of how — or to whom — the law applies makes its rule-by-pencil-pusher especially dangerous.

Electing the right president or appointing the right attorney general will only help with that insofar as he can root out the career rot in the 115,000-employee DOJ. As the Gary Shapleys get pushed out, the integrity they bring to agencies like the DOJ and IRS will go with them.

And while corruption in the vastly left-leaning bureaucracy almost always benefits Democrats, the problem goes beyond partisan politics. If government agencies are so powerful that their work to protect political allies and topple their challengers continues unabated by the electoral process, then elections are no real transfer of power and we are not a functioning republic.

That’s not just having a bad apple for an attorney general. That is a crisis of governance.

Annnnnd bingo, there you have it. Our boozum chum JJ closes things out nicely.

We are most certainly not a functioning republic. We no longer have even the illusion of a functioning republic anymore. It’s why the notion of candidates and primaries and elections is for me mostly an academic exercise. There is an evolutionary process going on brought about primarily by the surprise 2016 victory of Trump and then the reaction to him and to the millions of people who put him in office by the Biden’s “love brokers.” It’s also a revolutionary process, or at least the final act in one which had been going on since 1913, if not before then. We are changing into a government and society that more and more is a dystopian nightmare. The only question is how deep and how dark will it get. If history teaches us anything, there is no limit.

The other side of that coin vis a vis revolutionary processes is the reaction by the people. If, as the Left constantly shriek “silence is violence,” there can be no one on the sidelines. “You’re either with us or the terrorists,” which the execrable Dubya was right about, except at the wrong time and referring to the wrong sides. Unless there is some black swan event that we cannot perceive, then I don’t really see anything that is going to stop the crazy train we are on from plunging into the abyss.

Maybe it’s the attack on our children that is finally waking people up, at least to that heinous movement. But from one depredation, revolutions have sprung up. And going after the children is one huge depredation. They crossed one big ass rubicon with that. We shall see what the reaction will be or if it can develop into a chain reaction to change the course of history. Here’s hoping.

Indeed so. Because history has one other lesson to teach us: throughout all of it, NO dictatorship, NO tyranny, NO “reign of witches” has ever been permanent. Contra Sefton’s last line from the first ‘graph, there actually is a limiting factor fully in play here—not the sadism of the dictators; not the sudden, unlooked-for rage of the oppressed; but time itself.

So keep the faith, baby, and be of good cheer no matter how dark and desperate the situation might momentarily look. Even if all else should fail us, good ol’ Father Time always takes care of business and settles all accounts ere the end. T’was ever thus, and t’will ever be.


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Yertle!

  1. “…the nation owes a great debt of gratitude to Sen Yertle McTurtle (U—Turncoat) for refusing to allow the scumbag Garland on the US Supreme Court back when Ogabe tried to put him there.

    Not really, we owe the china owned bastard nothing, nada, zilch.

    Remember who the china owned jackass thought was going to be president (he was certain, by the way). It wasn’t Trump or any other republican. I’ll give you a hint – the bitch is uglier than a dogs butt…

    Yep, you got it, Hillary Clinton. The china owned bastard was saving the pick for that corrupt marxist bitch.

    Trump ruined more than one set of plans, thank god.

    1. Why Barry, I am shocked–SHOCKED!–at your insensitivity and casual brutality. Why on Earth would you want to so grievously insult dog’s butts in such a heartless, unfeeling way? You MONSTER. 😀

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