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What to do, what to do

Seeing through the fakery, dealing with the aftereffects.

A Means of Control
I read an article in Forbes the other day about the collapse of the dollar. I’m not linking it, because it was ridiculous. The reason Forbes said that the dollar would not collapse, was because it’s based on the economic output of the United States, a country that has the largest economy in the world of $23 trillion. The stability of the dollar, it said, was why it was the world reserve currency and that alone kept it from collapsing. This article was written March 29, 2023, about two weeks ago. The only thing that could possibly cause a collapse, it said, was something dramatic like a world war. Ha ha.

I don’t know if that was just financial propaganda to prevent panic selling or what, but if it was meant as a serious article, it ignored the realities of the world that currently exists. Our $23 trillion economy, our GDP, is dwarfed by the $32 trillion we’re in debt. The dollar is no longer the world reserve currency and more countries are dumping the dollar every day. China is cashing in it’s notes as fast as it can.

The other leg of the financial stool supporting the dollar is its use as an intermediary between nations to purchase oil, the petrodollar, which has recently been nixed by the cooperation of Russia and China to purchase Russian oil with Chinese Yuan. Saudi Arabia, our closest ally in the Middle East, at least as far as oil goes, just made a deal to sell oil using the Yuan.

The only thing supporting the dollar is printing. The Fed no longer has to buy bonds to create money, it just keystrokes in a few more billion to the nations banks.

Buying metals is a good way to avoid this obvious catastrophe in the making, but as we have seen before, they can just make owning precious metals illegal. Then, only the well-connected and criminal politicians will own these metals. Hiding your stores will be a felony so when you go to use it, you can be identified and imprisoned.

As you can see, we’re in a vice and the people who have concocted it are intent on using it to squeeze any financial, medical or nutritional freedom out of your lives.

What to do?

Clearly, this is the separation I spoke of at the beginning. It’s now incumbent upon all of us who wish to remain unvaxxed, free to spend and free to eat what we want to start separating from the federal power in Washington. Local, local, local has been stressed many times and it’s for just this situation that it was preached.

TL goes on from there to offer several practical suggestions for how one might go about insulating and isolating oneself from the machinations and manipulations of an evil, tyrannical central government in a disintegrating nation, all of which seem to me to be soild, worthwhile policies to follow at any time, all the more so in these End ones.

Update! Dave Renegade is also readying himself for life apres le deluge.

I am living my life according to my belief that the economy has collapsed and the government is planning to start WWIII. That means the US dollar is worthless and I am buying supplies and other items necessary for this future.

  1. I visit the local feed store in Murphy, NC on a regular basis. I have noticed a large increase in feed supplies (they are storing feed in the parking lot) over what has been stored in previous years. I also noticed that the volume of customers has increased to the point that parking is now like bumper cars. People park as they want regardless of whether they are blocking other cars/trucks in place. It was so bad yesterday, a small truck from Florida parked in back of my truck as he bought 14 trees. I bought 5 fruit trees and I estimate that they will sell 200 trees in less than two days.
  2. I went to a nursery to look for more pecan trees. Any tree over 4 feet was over $100. The nursery’s parking lot was the busiest that I have ever seen.
  3. I have bought a complete set of replacement fluids and filters for my tractor. I went to the Kubota dealership to do the same for my excavator. Imagine my surprise when this large dealership had to order hydraulic filters to complete my order.
  4. Baby chicks are selling out at farm stores faster than Joe Biden can eat an ice cream cone.

I saw a message today that based on economic conditions, everyone should start acting like a “prepper”. The message should have said: Everyone who is over 50 should start acting as our grandparents. The rest can act as their great grandparents acted.

As reality is sinking in, I am glad to see that people are acting responsibly instead of cowering in fear. I do not know when we will stand up to the evil that has usurped our government but we can use this time wisely.

It looks more and more as if we may not really have to do much in the way of standing up to ‘em after all; as the impending collapse of TWAWKI (The World As We Knew It)™ continues apace, could be we can all just sit back pointing and laughing as it all comes crashing down around the ears of those who brought it about.

12 thoughts on “What to do, what to do

  1. I’ll not make nay predictions about the economy or the dollar, but I will note a few things:

    1) If the dollar is no longer the “currency of choice”, then it will just be the same as the euro or any other exchange medium, all of which seem to function reasonably well under the same circumstances as the USA.

    2) Somebody has been predicting the imminent collapse of the American economy and the dollar damn near every day of my 70 year old life.

    3) Wealth is a factor in economic collapse. We have it, lots of it. Every building and every road, every airport and every car. Wealth of the nature we have is like money in the bank. Keep going to work every day, keep getting paid, and while there are always some hard times, it always comes back.

    Is this the time when the real and truly awful big one occurs? I recall when 2007/2008 was going to be the end of the world.

    1. 2007-8 saw massive money printing.

      For 8 years.

      It was called QE.

      Yet the Big Banks today reported expectations beating numbers and saw huge gains.

      Yet the yield curve is inverted. A sure sign of recession and bad for Banks.

      Something is happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…

      We could use Nemo Paradise here but he expressed his dismay that nothing logical was working about a year ago.

      Are the numbers all made up?

      1. Something is happening here…

        Yea, just what it is and if it is really different than before, I don’t know.

        Nemo and I were in agreement back in the 2008 timeframe, that it was another blip more or less, not an end to the world. I have no clue what he might think now. I miss his wisdom.

    2. Somebody has been predicting the imminent collapse of the American economy and the dollar damn near every day of my 70 year old life.

      Bingo. They’ve successfully predicted 65 of the last 0 total collapses.

      Hard times coming? Likely. Having to eat your dog or your neighbors? Unlikely.

      Preparing by having spare food and fluids and repair parts on hand is just good sense, given the spare cash to buy them and the space to store them. Preparing to live as a hunter-gatherer or a neolithic farmer is not good sense.

      1. Don’t be silly. One doesn’t eat the neighbors.
        You either befriend them, as needful allies in the coming struggle.
        Or else use them as fertilizer and livestock food supplements.

        And remember, hogs will eat anything.
        Eating your neighbors? Baaaaad idea.
        Eating bacon and ham? WINNER!

        1. Bacon and ham feed sounds good.
          There are very few allies when your children are all starving.

        2. I’ve asked a few times over the past couple years but haven’t gotten a good answer: Is it safe to eat the meat of a hog which has eaten an mRNA-infected former human? If not, then the mRNA-infected one-time humans need to be mulched and used to grow plants, which can then be eaten.

          1. Well, share the answer when you find out. I don’t want to feed the hogs any contaminated meat.

  2. The thing to do now, is get ready for this 25 years ago.

    Otherwise, it’s already too late.

    1. I disagree that it’s too late:

      1) buy guns if you are unarmed
      2) buy ammo sufficient for the long haul including bartering
      3) secure a supply of water (rain collection, streams, etc) and filtering
      4) buy non perishable food supplies to sustain yourself and family
      5) Have a way to cook. A fire will do if you have wood nearby.
      6) If you can, have a solar system for refrigeration and freezers – doesn’t require very much, and < $2K if you do it yourself. Bonus is to have some light at night.

      You can do all of that right now if you can afford it. Start with guns and ammo if you are not already equipped, then determine your source of water. All of that including the solar can be done for well under 10K.

      If you live in a city consider relocating. If you live in an apartment/condo it’s almost a must to relocate unless you plan to go cannibal.

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