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The play’s the thing

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women politicians merely players.

When I was a child, I made the mistake, as many children do, of thinking that the actors I saw in movies were in some way responsible for their lines. As the playwright Moss Hart heard from a lady sitting behind him: “Actors say the cleverest things!”

But it didn’t take me long to notice that while an actor can make good material great, he cannot make bad material good. If you give him stupid and implausible things to say, he will look stupid and implausible. He may or may not be aware of how he looks; that’s not his job: His job is to act the way someone tells him to act, and to say what someone tells him to say.

And that brings us to the picture of the G7 leaders on the beach in Cornwall. Nobody who watches the film of these people arriving, coming down the boardwalk carefully spaced, hygienically elbow-bumping in lieu of shaking hands, and finally taking up positions for their photo op—nobody would believe these people are world leaders. Because they aren’t. They aren’t running the western world. They are run by the people who really are running the western world—people whose names we don’t know. The people on the beach in Cornwall are there simply in recognition of the working man’s need to see an elected head of state. They are actors.

A Rasmussen poll in March found that just 47 percent of Americans believe Biden is actually doing the job of president. At least as many people believe the job is being done by some other person or persons behind the scenes. And that 47 percent who believe Biden is doing the job must think it’s an awfully easy one, since you don’t have to remember where you are or with whom you are speaking. Even as an actor, Biden’s powers are failing.

On the bright side, he never was very good to begin with, so he didn’t have very far to fall.

It is hardly more plausible that Boris Johnson, a man who looks and talks like a buttered scone, is actually determining policy in Britain. Remember his great pandemic speech: “I must give the British people a very simple instruction: You must stay at home…If you don’t follow the rules, the police will have the power to enforce them…” That would have stuck in the throat of any real leader of any real democracy. Churchill would be vomiting in his grave. But Boris Johnson’s eyes were burning with earnestness as he relayed the instructions given to him by the civil service bureaucracy and whatever other hidden powers are running his mouth.

Justin Trudeau meanwhile seemed genuinely hurt when nobody liked his little Bhangra dance routine back in Delhi in 2018. It’s not entirely his fault: He was in Indian costume, and he slipped into the role. He forgot for a moment that his full time job was pretending to be a prime minister.

You could replace Biden with any Hollywood actor—George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep—and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference in how the country is being run or what policies are pursued. You could replace Biden with a paper cup. That might destroy the illusion (though not by much). Biden is a figurehead, rather more embarrassing than the Queen of England, and rather less powerful.

This evolving dissociation of leaders from leadership should worry us. Who is really deciding how to spend our taxes? Who is deciding to give infrastructure access to China, to cancel Keystone XL and American energy independence, to cashier military officers who won’t recite the woke pledge, to teach our children to hate their own skin? Who is running the country?

It’s why I use the acronym TPTB—The Powers That Be, or my own shorthand term, The Power—to refer to them. Whoever they may be, whatever you choose to call them, it’s as I’ve been saying for many years now: they don’t ever come up for a vote, and are not susceptible to recall, review, or impeachment. You’ll never know their names or see their faces. They are Grey Men, shadowy figures who wield immense power from behind closed doors, supremely confident that they’re far beyond the reach of the benighted serfs they rule, untouchable and impervious. They have yet to be proven wrong about that.

And if that sounds like paranoia or wild-eyed conspiracy theorizing to you, then you haven’t been paying attention.

It’s a fine article, right on target up to this point. But you DO know what’s coming next, right?

Ask yourself this: Who are we most likely to fight against in the next war? There always is a next war. When we get there and when the fighting begins, who is going to be in charge at home, running America? Will it be another Joe Biden paper cup presidency? Or will it be too late even to matter?

If this does worry you, the way to correct it is by taking out the lowest rung of the corruption ladder.

VOTE HARDERER!™ Lord a’mighty.

And that is not local Democrats but local Republicans: Weak and flaccid Republican politicians make Biden possible by cooperating with people who actively hate America. They cooperate out of a love of politics. They cooperate out of a desire to keep their jobs, even when their party is not in power. And some, no doubt, cooperate because they get paid to cooperate.

If you have Republicans representing you at the local and state level, know who they are and know how they acted after the 2020 election. If they have been willing to go along with the sham, if they’ve urged you to unite and move on, they need to go. They are America’s weakest links, the parts of our political system that make every other facet of corruption and fraud possible.

Although I might have sounded a little dismissive a moment ago, he’s not entirely wrong about that last. It won’t fix things or change much, but I can’t say I’m opposed to identifying and punishing the Vichy GOPers who, since the January 6th protest, have burned way more calories pontificating in condemnation of the phony “insurrection” than the fraudulent election. As long as we can’t get our hands on the Big Fish, there’s no harm in whiling away the time by pulling the minnows out of the pond until we can. Might be good practice, too.

Oh yeah, do check out the comments. Bracken puts in a star turn whomping the tar out of some hapless dipshit therein, and it’s a delight to behold.

9 thoughts on “The play’s the thing

  1. That was what TPTB feared about Trump’s Presidency. He wasn’t playing the game and they couldn’t find a way to make him play nice and do what they said.

    I am convinced that Trump was not allowed to pick his own people. I am sure McConnell and others just flat out told him that this List was the people he could choose and no one else.

    Why am I convinced? Because McConnell wouldn’t let the Senate go into recess for the whole four years Trump was in the White House, to deny him his right to make Recess Appointments. Let me repeat that His own Party Congressional Leadership blocked him from appointing anyone during a Recess by not going into Recess.

    That he got anyone good, like Pompeo and Huckabee-Sanders, was only because they were sleeper agents On The List who went off script once chosen. There’s probably a few more hidden in there, but as we saw with Sessions, their true nature is unknowable until they are called upon to do the right thing.

    Like Mike Pence.

    1. I’m in agreement for the most part. I don’t think there was an official list, just a refusal to entertain any non-approved person. Huckabee-Sanders did not require approval as did any number of others, many turning out to be bad choices. But how could Trump know who was bad? One name, Kelly. Did anyone have him pegged as anti-American asshole? I didn’t.

      Mattis and Sessions required confirmation. I didn’t see either of them being the anti-American assholes they turned out to be.

      Trump made mistakes, lots of them. Some were unavoidable, some he should have learned from. My takeaway has not changed – Trump did not want to destroy the country, so he turned the other way while resurrecting the economy. He believed once the economy was roaring the rest could be done without destruction. It’s what I said from the very beginning. Economy, economy, economy.

      And he did it. But he had no way to protect the election when his own party was in on the theft.

      So, for the sake of argument assume Trump runs again and the election is not stolen. What do you differently?

      1. You don’t do anything differently but the Election will be stolen.

        Because the GOP are in on it and there is no way Trump can overcome that with his own infrastructure. It’s just too vast when 135 Million to 140 Million people are voting. Also, those same six or so cities controlled by Dems cannot be overcome unless there is violence. Even when some people thought it was over the line there and produced videos of the cheating or swore affidavits about the cheating couldn’t overcome it because the Courts and Legislatures and Governors and LEOs and SecStates etc. were all in on it.

        If an intrepid reporter wanted to become a superstar they could follow up on what retribution the people who swore affidavits about the Election Steal have faced now.

        Like that will happen with today’s media.

        The reporters would probably find themselves in the same situation as Ashli Babbitt or Seth Rich. Plus the whistleblowers are probably suiciding themselves by now. Epstein style.

      2. I think there was a list.

        Like the Supreme Court. That was the deal. Trump had to pick from the List for SC picks and he had to make that public.

        They decided the other list would be private.

        OK Sarah was probably ok since she didn’t need confirmation, but she was the daughter of Mike, a GOPe stalwart (although he had been more Trumpian as well since 2016).

        Pompeo probably did make the List though.

        Also, I think when it comes to foreign affairs the GOPe are ok with National Socialists. They want themselves running the world come the Glorious Revolution, not some ChiComs. That is the only difference between the Uniparty Factions I can see, when it comes down to internecine warfare.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think, THINK, Pompeo is ok and not a Fascist. I just think that he was laying low enough that he was On the List but showed Trumpian Americanism once he was in a position to do so.

        Do you believe if a Republican RINO is ever allowed to be a President again Pompeo will now be allowed anywhere near DC? I think he is destined to be a guest on Newsmax and occasionally Fox from here on out.

        BTW Fox disappointed us as well, didn’t they?

        1. Huckabee was gracious to Trump from the very beginning. There are GOP members that are not dirty. Might be few and number, but there are some. Pompeo seems OK. He did and said the right things after he became Sec of State.

          I don’t think the bad ones care about anything except dollars and power.

          And I don’t think it’s over, not by a long shot. We’re still armed and we still have the freedom of movement. Those are not inconsequential things. Yes, they can snuff us out individually, but they can’t get us all. And they know it.

          I think Trump thought his SC picks were good ones. I thought they were good ones. We were both wrong.

          1. I think he tried top pick from the Lists as best he could, but no one could know who was going to stab us in the back and Sessions and Mattis proved that.

            If someone told me in 2015 that Sessions and Mattis were really Deep State I would have been shocked and called them out on it asking for proof.

            Well, we got the proof. One handcuffed himself to the wall as soon as he got sworn in and the other refused orders from the CinC to stop all the Foreign Wars.

            1. Yea, Sessions, Mattis, and Kelly all shocked me. The problem is deeper, way deeper than I thought, and I thought it was deeper and wider than the Marianas Trench.

    1. My grandparents were great fishermen. These guys are pikers.

      Get a real boat, buy a rod and reel. Go 500 miles out.

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