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Better sit down for this one. It’s a real shocker.

Gwen Stefani has been repeatedly accused of “cultural appropriation” because of her love of Japanese street style, but the pop icon isn’t caving in.

Speaking to Paper Magazine, Stefani said there would be much less beauty in the world if people stopped cultural appropriation.

The issue the singer has received the most heat for has been over her Harajuku clothing line and backup dancers.

She also essentially said that there was more freedom before woke mobs took over social media looking for things to be angry about.

“I think that we grew up in a time where we didn’t have so many rules,” she said. “We didn’t have to follow a narrative that was being edited for us through social media, we just had so much more freedom.”

The superstar also pushed back on the belief that celebrities have a duty to wade into political issues.

“The whole point of voting, is you have this personal space to feel how you feel,” Stefani said. “I use my platform to share my life story and to engage with people and to exchange whatever gift I was giving. I’m not a political science major. I am not that person. Everyone knows that. So why would I even talk about it?”

Well I’ll be blowed, how about that? Y’all please excuse me for a sec, while I lean over and pick my jaw up off the floor. I never have had strong feelings about Stefani’s music one way or the other, but after this she’s all right by me. The Federalist has more.

The line between what woke Americans would call “cultural appropriation” and what they would call “racist” is a fine one and might not even exist. After all, Stefani’s critics didn’t stop at calling her use of a Japanese dancing troupe offensive cultural appropriation. They said it was “extremely racist,” with (third-rate, unfunny hack “comedian” Margaret—M) Cho going so far as to compare it to blackface and minstrel shows, examples of dehumanizing entertainment that openly mocked black people and caricatured people of African descent.

It’s here that the Stefani blowback exposes an American crisis of communication that has occurred in large part because the activist left has forfeited scales of severity in our dialogue. If loving Harajuku so much that you stylize your art around it is the equivalent of a minstrel show or blackface, then how are we supposed to qualify flagrant acts of racism?

Blurring that line is the whole point, of course, for all sorts of reasons. Progtards believe it to be a sound, effective strategy, one that will shame, cow, and subdue anyone they accuse of it. To their eventual dismay, it’s going to backfire on them before all is said and done—and quite badly, too. I’ll bold the part below that hints at one of the ways that ill-considered torpedo is already beginning to circle back on them.

This loss of perspective is pervasive, to the point that sitting U.S. senators and the now-vice president will call a fake hate crime a “modern-day lynching,” but it explains a lot about our cultural decline. It’s why activists insist that silence is violence and murder convictions are not justice.

An obsession with cultural appropriation also reveals the deep unseriousness of self-proclaimed “anti-racists.” The modern left, with its influence in boardrooms and newsrooms and classrooms, takes every opportunity to lecture weary Americans about the enduring evil of whiteness and of white supremacy.

While their racially charged screeds are almost always unfounded, within their rhetoric is a message that threatens to cultivate white pride where it didn’t exist before. By reinforcing the idea that cultural appreciation is cultural appropriation and therefore racist, woke warriors encourage white people to insulate themselves from the cultures and experiences of others and fully embrace tribalism wherein race is a focal point.

Annnd bingo. By forcing white people into an untenable corner this way, based on the assumption that it will render them more complaisant, they’re actually radicalizing many who had always been perfectly fine with placid coexistence with ethnic and racial Others before. The very move the idjit Left thought would subdue and pacify whypeepo (BCE’s term, which I’m pleased to swipe) is creating a veritable army of people who are now becoming fully Woke to the unfortunate truth of the slogan the color of your skin is your uniform.

How rich is the irony, then, that the very disharmony the Left is promoting should drive so many decent folks, who had little to no thought of tribalism, bigotry, or racial conflict until now, to adopt one of the core tenets of the guy who founded the American Nazi Party? Another item swiped from BCE sums it up well:


And not long after that realization is when the shooting starts. Hope Gwen and her old man are arming up.

30 thoughts on “MAN BITES DOG!

  1. The meme at the bottom of this post completely sums up where I am.  20 years ago I was absolutely race-neutral.  My own transformation began after Trayvon and Ferguson, when I just couldn’t understand why blacks didn’t see the facts, go “Okay, the blacks were in the wrong,” and go home.  Then I started learning about crime stats, IQ, and tendency toward violence.

  2. The Chinese Communists have been working for years to get a race war kicked off in the US, so that the US could be destabilized and then they could come in and colonize, starting with the West Coast. Those big container ships could have containers full of PLA troops and weaponry, and they could be routed by rail all over the US. They might even be brought over as “peacekeepers” by a particularly weak and even traitorous Administration… We need to be thinking of each other as Americans, first. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Gentlemen, we must hang together or we most assuredly shall hang separately.” There are responsible and mature people in the black community who oppose the Left just as much – if not more – than the people of other races who look at this weblog. We need to reach out to them to unite against the Maoist identity politicians and their Critical Race Theory and the rest of that garbage. For example – and and Don’t fall for the ChiComm ruse.

    1. “Those big container ships could have containers full of PLA troops and weaponry”

      Well good. We know they are in locked containers. If they are not locked then we would know that as well. You can’t invade the USA from containers. The chinese cannot invade the USA with any conventional military force. They don’t have the capability.

      Bio warfare capability they have as long as they do it in league with the democrat party.

        1. I’ve been to China a countless number of times, so I’m aware that everything is owned by the commies. I’m also aware of the shipping capacity around the world including China. We use container shipping for almost all machinery shipments. None of that makes it possible for the chinese to load containers with enough troops and useful weapons, all of which must arrive at US ports at the same time and be unloaded at the same time, to invade the United States.

          We have enough trouble without fantasy.

  3. As to the ChiComms pushing for racial warfare in the US: “As Manning Johnson, a former American communist, wrote in his 1958 pamphlet, “Color, Communism and Common Sense,” the plot to stir up bloody race and class conflict began with Moscow: “The plot to use the Negroes as the spearhead, or as expendables, was concocted by Stalin in 1928.” Maoism simply picked up where the Soviets left off, adapting Marxism-Leninism to the circumstances of the place and time.  … Today, the CCP connection and influence are more prominent than the original Marxist-Leninist ideology. The progenitor of the BLM movement is an openly Marxist, socialist, anti-Israel, pro-boycott–divestment–sanctions movement aligned with Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and Judea/Samaria called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Formed in 1985, Freedom Road has its roots in earlier Marxist-Leninist organizations of the 1980s that tended toward Maoist ideology. The group underwent a split in 1999, with Liberation Road separating from the original group that retained its founding name, Freedom Road Socialist Organization. It was from Liberation Road that BLM eventually emerged. BLM today is directly supported by the CCP in various ways. Propaganda plays a key role via the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the CCP’s Central Committee. According to the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission, the UFWD is responsible for co-opting and neutralizing “sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” That responsibility extends not just domestically throughout China itself, but abroad as well. Here in the United States, that means seeking to co-opt ethnic Chinese individuals and groups, academia, business, and social groups, but also by targeting host country media reporting. The UFWD also is likely responsible for extensive attempted influence operations targeting the U.S. elections online and through traditional media sources. There’s the pro-China spam network called the “Spamouflage Dragon” that spews disinformation using fake social media accounts and videos that attack the Trump administration and attempts to stoke racial tension in support of BLM rioting.

    In another example, following the late May 2020 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CCP mouthpiece China Daily led off with a headline claiming “Growing global support for US protests over killing by police,” on June 8, 2020. The report noted “Chinese in San Francisco give strong backing to demonstrators,” despite mentioning “looting and vandalism.” ”

    1. BLM is openly Marxist.

      This is also a premise of The Americans, a show on Amazon set in 1981. There is an underground Black Gang drugs/Marxist nexus helping the fifth columnists that infiltrated America.

      So far the show is pretty good. If it goes Woke like The Man In The High Castle did towards the end it’ll be a shame.

  4. Can you imagine if these people were made.tonwatch movies like Stir Crazy all the way through?

    Well, they’d never make it with the heads exploding over various scenes.

  5. “China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (“COSCO SHIPPING”) was formally established in Shanghai on February 18, 2016 as the merged entity of China Ocean Shipping Group (“COSCO”) and China Shipping Group Company (“China Shipping”).

    COSCO SHIPPING’s total fleet of 1,362 vessels with a capacity of 108.75 million deadweight tons (DWT) is ranked number one in the world. Its dry bulk, tanker, and general & specialized cargoes fleets are also ranked number one. Its container fleet capacity of 3.10 million TEUs makes it the world’s third largest ocean carrier. The global throughput of its 51 container terminals is 126.75 million TEUs, ranking it first place among terminal operators in the world. Its businesses in container leasing, bunker fuel, offshore engineering & manufacturing, and vessel agency services also top the list among the world’s leading.”

    “West Basin Container Terminal LLC (WBCT) is a joint venture between COSCO SHIPPING North America, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, and Ports America, Inc. Created in 2002, WBCT is mega ship ready and is capable of servicing up to 14,000 TEU vessels. With 4 berths and 315 acres, 15 Gantry Cranes, an On Dock Rail facility, on site full service Maintenance and Repair, WBCT is equipped to handle over 1 million lifts per year.”

    “China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), the PRC’s state-owned shipping company, operates under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and answers to the PRC State Council. China Ocean Shipping Company [COSCO] owns and operates more than 100 general cargo and specialized carriers on the basis of liner and tramp services, including state-of-the-art heavylifts, semi-submersible, ro-ro, multi-purpose, car carriers with their overall capacity ranking ahead in the world. Cosco was deemed by the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare to be a military-related entity. According to the Task Force report, “Although presented as a commercial entity, Cosco is actually an arm of the Chinese Military.”

      1. They’re going to invade from Container Ships without air cover?

        The ChiComs couldn’t take Taiwan right now.

        How would they resupply their troops with a 6-8,000 mile resupply lines?

  6. Why would they bother invading? They already defeated us, and have a wholly-owned puppet in the White House. Worse, if they ever DID decide to invade, half the fucking population would be out in the streets cheering and waving, welcoming the ChiCom forces as liberators here to free us from running-dog capitalist oppression.

    1. half the fucking population would be out in the streets cheering and waving, welcoming the ChiCom forces as liberators

      And tons of our Diversity population would be doing the same thing, expecting the Chicoms to save them from all that horrible, horrible White Supremacy. After all, everyone knows that only white people can be rayciss!

      Boy, would they be surprised at the actual attitude of the Chinese towards blacks….

      1. Surprise, surprise, surprise, new raciss masters worse than the old raciss masters.


    2. The ChiComs can’t invade us and that is exactly why they’re waging this asymmetric war of bribery, coercion and outright theft of our government and cyber hacking and all the other things they are doing and funding.

      1. Yea, I don’t know where this invasion stuff comes from. Does the CCP own dopey joe biden? Certainly. Do they own the democrats? Certainly. Do they own a majority of the republicans? Absolutely.

        They have no invasion force. Their military are policeman, used to put down rebellion in country, not an invasion force. Are problem is not stopping a chinese invasion, it’s exterminating the ones already here.

        1. The Chicoms certainly have a military that is much more than just police. Maintaining internal control is a big part of what they do, but the Chicoms have been spending serious money for a bunch of years now building up their ability to project power. They are not about to invade the US — they don’t need to, as already noted — but they are strong enough to be a major threat regionally. India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Australia are all potential targets along with all of the smaller nations in the region. India has nukes, I don’t know about Australia but probably, and the rest are almost certainly a couple button pushes or wrench turns from getting them if they do not already have them. So the Chicoms appear to mostly be going for slow conquest via economic means, bribery and subversion, and ongoing immigration to establish a minority position within target nations. It has certainly worked against the US.

          1. I should have been more explicit – By “military” in this discussion I was intending to reference the large number of troops, useless in international conflict if you can’t move them and supply them.

  7. I keep hearing, and reading, how formidable the china military currently is. And yet, when I try and identify the formidable military hardware and numbers, I always find they fall far short of just the USA, not to mention a joint assessment of our allies hardware.

    Tier 1: Aircraft carriers. The chinese have 2 if you want to classify them as aircraft carriers. They have very little capability, can only launch lightened fighter aircraft at very slow launch rates. The next generation in drydock will have better capability. The J-15 aircraft that fly from these carriers, just junk. If you do not know the number or capability of the US force look it up.

    Tier 2: Submarines. China has built ten nuclear subs, noisy ones that are easily tracked. Four are of the ballistic missile variety (as I recall). Ballistic missile subs are not much good if they are not able to hide, and china cannot hide theirs. We know where everyone is, all the time. Contrast that with the US submarine fleet of super quiet subs that the chinese cannot track. Again, look it up.

    Tier 3: Nuclear weapons. It’s unclear (to me) just how well the chinese nuclear bombs work. They are almost entirely dependent upon missiles to deliver them. We have weapons that work and multiple means of delivery, ballistic subs, cruise missiles fired from the sea, air, and ground, and bombers. No comparison.

    In an international conflict these are the tiers of military that matter, IMO. China may develop all this, but they haven’t yet. All I ever see are “projections” and funny how that works, the projectors usually have their hands out for more US government coin…

    1. These are all good points. There is certainly a lot of “the Chicoms are all ten feet tall, breathing fire, shooting laser beams out of their eyes” reporting on how formidable they (supposedly) are. And a lot of that is tied to the never-ending demands for more military spending by Uncle Sucker.

      But I would not want to underestimate the Chicoms, or overestimate our forces. None of our carriers are currently in the disputed Pacific regions — hard to beat something with nothing. I don’t know if the Chicoms’ nukes work…but I also don’t know if ours do. When was the last time they were overhauled and the tritium refreshed/replaced? When did we last test one? The sub situation looks better, assuming our navy can avoid running them into freighters and such.

      But the biggest issue I see is that the Chicoms take their military seriously as a tool to project force, and have the will to actually use it that way. The US military is busy pushing woke garbage, paying for trans surgery, and running recruitment ads about the supposed combat power of pregnant mothers. The rot is deep and most of our command structure is actively working for the other side. If it comes to open conflict, I would not be putting too many bets down on the US.

      1. Once again, the ChiComs wouldn’t be playing asymmetric warfare of they’re symmetric warfare were anywhere near capable.

        They are 1/10th the capability of the Japanese vs US in 1941 and the Japanese idea was not to invade the US. It was to strike fast and cripple us and take what they wanted and we would not even fight. Remember, the anti-war sentiment was high until the spring 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Japan had probably made their decision by then. Perhaps even Germany thought they would defeat our will to fight with their strike and that’s why they went ahead with Barbarossa. Not coordinated, but perhaps an “understanding”? Germany thought that by Dec 1941 they’d have blitzed the Russians and Japan would take America out of the war, leading to them defeating Britain?

        When the carriers weren’t destroyed that was happenstance and derailed all their plans?

        Which gives credence to the idea that FDR really did know about Pearl Harbor and got the carriers out in time and “blundered” us into the war?

        Just spitballing here.

        1. On the Pacific side the Japs had us in sheer numbers and capability in the naval department, and as you say, way better then the current china capability. Much of that was an illusion since battleships turned out to be fairly obsolete. They had us in flatops, but we fixed that at Midway. It was a long slog, but 6 months after Pearl (after Midway) the Japs were in retreat.

          Currently the chinese cannot project force beyond their immediate area, and certainly cannot project force in multiple places around the globe simultaneously. The problem with projections is they are usually wrong. I have no clue where the chinese will be 20 – 50 years from now. But it’s easy to see where they are right now.

          I’ve never bought into the “FDR knew”. There is nothing but conjecture and hindsight in that dept. You could not take a chance on the Japs not knowing where our carriers were, and attacking them. I think it’s pretty clear we missed the Pearl Harbor attack because we didn’t want it to happen. Bad luck didn’t play a part in that. Good luck allowed for the carriers to be out of the port. Had the Japs gotten the carriers the war would have lasted longer, would have been far more painful, but the end result would have been the same.

          In any event my point is that the chinese do not have us over the barrel militarily. They have us by purchasing us. Our politicians sold out. Our manufacturing companies sold out. We have no capacity to manufacture many of the daily use products we need. Trump saw that clearly and was clearly set on fixing this.

          And it was working. Working and turned around very quickly, a lesson we need to understand. Cut the chinese off and build our economy back and we can prosper, even pay off the debt eventually without economic catastrophe. That window of opportunity gets narrower every day. Will it last 4 more years. I don’t know the answer.

          1. I agree that the Chicoms do not have the ability to invade the US militarily (not that they need to), and they do not match us globally for force projection. But they do not need global superiority to have local/regional superiority. And if our “leadership” is unwilling to use what power we have, the Chicoms have more than enough force to deal with most of their neighbors. They might take some serious losses doing so, but it isn’t like the Chicom leadership cares about dead Chicoms very much. As long as China is perceived to have won, losing a bunch of troops in the process won’t matter very much.

            The turnaround under Trump’s policies was remarkable for how fast and how broad it was. Thus the globalist fury and determination to remove him from office by any means they could find/manufacture. But you are correct that the window for such recovery is closing fast. And the left is determined to close it forever.

            1. I rarely have any disagreement with you Haz, and have none here.

              Our current problem are the people in this country, not the ones in china.

            2. Maybe one thing 🙂

              Currently, the chinese can be a power in their local sphere, but only if we allow it. I have no doubt what we would do. All one needs to look at is Hong Kong.

              1. Exactly. All our military power is meaningless if we lack the will to use it. Or if that will has been subverted by buying our political class. As the folks in Hong Kong have learned, Uncle Sam tends to be a faithless ally who is never there when you really need help. If I was in Taiwan (or South Korea or the Phillipines or even Japan and Australia) I would be very nervous these days.

                1. I believe they are taking individual and collective action to do something about ChiComs Rise.

                2. Japan and Australia need to acquire nuclear weapons and delivery systems and do it now.

                  1. I assume Japan already does, or can have them within minutes if needed/desired. They certainly have the technical know how and manufacturing capability; they have nuclear reactors for raw materials; they have a space program which gives them launcher tech. I don’t know as much about Australia’s capabilities.

                    1. I agree, and Australia certainly has the capability, but no nuclear power plants, no nuclear anything. They had a reactor long ago I think, for testing maybe. I don’t recall. Unlike Japan, they need a program now. (I assume Japan has all the parts and just needs “assembly” 🙂 )

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