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It ain’t just here, it ain’t just us

The other night, I said:

My own view, which shifts on the regular these days, is that if the current middling-temperature conflict ever DOES go full-on hot, the form it will most likely take will be sabotage, monkey-wrenchery, and shoot-and-scoot sniper activity, perhaps even scattered small-unit raids undertaken by people with the training and experience to pull it off.

And then this happened.

Hundreds of troops from Belgium, and beyond, have now thoroughly searched a vast area in the country where a fugitive soldier armed with highly dangerous weapons is believed to be hiding. However, no trace of him has been found.

A well-trained sniper from the Belgian army, Jurgen Conings, who has combat experience in several war zones including Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, disappeared on Monday. Having reportedly left life-threatening notes to several top officials, the 46-year-old man is believed to have taken several anti-tank missiles, a submachine gun and a handgun with an ability to pierce bulletproof vests from his unit’s ammunition depot. He himself is believed to be wearing the vest.

Conings is now a “terrorist suspect,” according to Belgian media. The federal prosecutor’s office has been investigating him for “attempted murder and illegal possession of weapons in a terrorist context,” the VRT broadcaster reported. Authorities also believe the suspect has not been “acting on impulse,” but is rather well-prepared. 

Throughout the week, some 400 Belgian troops, from both the army and the police, have been rigorously searching the Hoge Kempen National Park in the Belgian province of Limburg. Helicopters, armored cars and trucks were deployed for the manhunt, while hundreds searched the nature reserve meter by meter equipped with thermal cameras. Forces from Germany and the Netherlands have been mobilized, as the area where Conings is believed to be hiding borders these countries. Dutch special units are also on standby on their side of the border in case the man tries to cross.

A number of mosques in the Limburg province have closed, local media reported, due to the heavily armed man’s known far-right extremist views.

Note the bold. You will be seeing this material again.

Earlier, a car belonging to the suspect was found. The military man, who had also been training other soldiers for foreign missions, has reportedly booby-trapped his vehicle with four rocket launchers inside. A grenade with a set of wires linking it to the car’s doors are said to have been discovered. There have also been reports that Conings left his service medals on his parents’ grave, with sources suggesting he did it on Tuesday.

Looks like “rather well-prepared” might have understated the case a mite.

Conings’ girlfriend, Gwendy, is reported to be the one who alerted the authorities to her partner’s disappearance on Monday. She reportedly discovered several letters left behind, with local media quoting Conings as writing he “could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything away from us,” so he “would join the resistance and would not surrender.” 

If being enraged enough by the installation of de facto tyranny to take concrete steps against the “politicians and virologists” who did it—and they most certainly did do it—is now a “right-wing extremist” view, well hey, I’m a-okay with being considered a right-wing extremist mydamnedself.

Via NCR commenter Dov Sar.


11 thoughts on “It ain’t just here, it ain’t just us

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. Probably most of his aboveground support is just your typical Euro street thug rabble-rouser or squatter-anarchist that always show up to sow mayhem on the fringes of any public demonstration against the government, capitalism, “ultra-right” parties, advocates of closed borders, macho violence.

      You name it I’ve seeen it all Spain and elsewhere.

      His so-called supporters are just tweeking their noses at TPTB and won’t ever do anything concrete to come to his aid IMO.

  1. The same filthy maggot tribe swill are behind the problems on the east side of the Pond as well!!!

    1. Yes, and most people STILL don’t see (((“The Chosenites-TM”))) for what they are and what they have in mind for everyone else, who they call goyim (literally ‘cattle’).

      Looks like Jurgen definitely read the right books, such as “Hear the Cradle Song” and “Unintended Consequences” (my only criticism of Ross’s otherwise excellent book is that he couldn’t help follow the (((cultural indoctrination/propaganda))) and had (((‘The Hostile Elite*’))) shown in the usual, ‘pity the victim mode’ while helping to spread the lie about “The BAD War” (hmmmm…maybe Jurgen also read Mike King’s, “The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2” Link below).

      It looks like Jurgen took a look at Matt Bracken’s third book, “Foreign Enemies and Traitors” (from the ‘Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ trilogy)
      and decided to go full ‘Boone Vikersun’ as a solution. Unfortunately, Matt
      Bracken is definitely under the bolshevist/zionist/”chosenite” indoctrination…he won’t even mention (((WHO))) attacked the U.S.S. Liberty and her crew/officers in 1967, let alone (((WHO))) REALLY brought down all three towers in NYC…for that Dr. Alan Sabrosky (who is of jewish background) openly states that israel via their spy/assassination tentacle, mossad is responsible for the destruction of the 3 towers and resultant loss of life related directly to that event.

      If you haven’t had a chance to read either, “Hear the Cradle Song” or Mike King’s, “The Bad War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2” links to both are below.

      Hear The Cradle Song by O.T. Gunnarsson

      The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2

      If you like Mike’s book, please help support him by either making a donation for his efforts to write and publish “The BAD War” and other fine books or
      by purchasing the print version of the above and his other works, which I highly recommend, especially since (((Bezo’s Biz – aka Amazon))) has ‘shoa-ed him by refusing to carry/sell his books.

      The REAL History Channel

      Remember, telling the truth IS the most offensive thing possible
      to a (((‘Chosenite))), especially when it is about the lies and
      evil that (((THEY))) do and are responsible for.

      As the old Russian proverb states, “The jew will always tell you of his troubles,…he will NEVER tell you WHY!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. He probably read none of those books, given that he’s actually out in the real world doing something, a big difference from the likes of you.

  2. Anti-tank missiles? There’s prepared, and then there’s PREPARED!

    As for “far right extremist” views, that is what the Euro-presstitutes call anyone who is not an outright commie. Most US Democrats would be considered “right wing” in Euro circles.

    I also note the massive reaction to a single man, much like the total city-wide panic the DC snipers created a ways back. 400 troops, helicopters, armored cars and trucks, plus German and French troops in their border areas…all for one man. Compare to the reactions to crimes by Muslim and African immigrants. But of course this guy threatened the precious, precious leadership! Mass freak out guaranteed! Deploy the armed troops and miles of razor wire, just like DC!

  3. … has reportedly booby-trapped his vehicle with four rocket launchers inside. A grenade with a set of wires linking it to the car’s doors are said to have been discovered.

    “Where does he get all these wonderful toys?” – The Joker, Batman 1989

  4. The article and blogger seem to focus on how well-planned this was, but I’m wondering exactly what The Plan is.  Hide out in the parklands of Belgium until a convenient Carrington event happens?  Take out a few vehicles of people who probably sympathize with him, and can be easily replaced?

    1. I’m sure he’ll let people know – after. The smart thing to do is to chill out for a month or so, make a hit or two, then back to a safe place. I imagine one big part of the Plan is to get regular Army units terrorizing people in their neighborhoods – maybe wounding or killing a couple by mistake, the same sort of successful COIN the US has employed in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

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