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Train kept a-rollin’

Yep, still loving the guy over here.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Anti-Riot Bill Which Also Includes Civil Immunity For Drivers Who Hit Road-Blocking Protestors
Earlier Monday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB1, a new bill from the Florida legislature that establishes new criminal definitions under the anti-riot law. The House and Senate worked on the legislation for a year after Governor Ron DeSantis led the initial effort.

[HB1] “defines a “riot” as a public disturbance involving three or more people “acting with the common intent to assist each other in violent and disorderly conduct” that results in injury to another person, damage to property, or danger of injury or damage.

The law grants civil immunity to people who drive into protesters who are blocking a road, prevents people accused of rioting from bailing out of jail until after their first court appearance, and increases penalties for assaulting law-enforcement officers while engaging in a “riot.” It also penalizes local governments that interfere with efforts to stop a riot and allows law-enforcement agencies that face funding reductions to file objections.” 

The anti-riot law titled “Combating Public Disorder,” creates a new crime of “mob intimidation,” enhance penalties for riot-related looting and violence and create an affirmative defense for individuals who injure or kill violent protesters. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judge spoke at the signing.

No, America’s Governor™ can’t save us anymore than Trump could. But it sure is fun watching the man work.

43 thoughts on “Train kept a-rollin’

  1. Make Florida America Again.

    I think certain areas are hopelessly lost.

    Leave them to their slide into oblivion and strengthen the Red States as much as possible. Then be prepared to retake the Deep Blue areas after they burn themselves to the ground.

    So I’d rather see DeSantis and others remain where they are, strengthening the freedoms and economy of their home States and training militia loyal to them. Ignore the Feds and stop them where possible.

    Pol Pot Cuomo has been a good Big Brother and “allowed” restaurants to stay open at limited capacity until midnight. How nice of the Benevolent Dictator.

    1. Agree except on retaking the deep blue. Just salt them after the burn.

  2. DeSantis is doing everything he can to entice me to move to Florida. My dream ’53 Chevy with the railroad tracks welded around it as a full size bumper car may see reality yet.

    1. CA is chock full of rich minerals and great soil. Plus the military bases. NYC still has one if the greatest harbors in the land.

      It’d be a shame to allow them to screw it all up in the first place but once they’ve killed each other off and we take care of the stragglers that is some primo real estate in any Deep Blue areas.

      Which makes what they’re doing to it even more criminal.

      1. I’m all for kicking the dead bodies aside and mining California, or using the NY harbors as needed.

  3. “No, America’s Governor™ can’t save us…”

    He’s not trying to save us – only Florida. He’s doing a great job at that.


    1. As well I think he should. We need to save America one state, one county, one city at a time.

  4. “I tell you, it’s no use arguing with a Communist. It’s no good trying to covert a Communist, or persuade him. You can only deal with them on the following basis: by having superior force on your side on the matter in question – and they must also be convinced that you will use – you will not hesitate to use – these forces, if necessary, in the most ruthless manner…that you are not restrained by any moral consideration if the case arose from using that force with complete material ruthlessness. And that is the greatest chance of peace, the surest road to peace.”
    – Winston Churchill, March 25, 1949, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, NYC.

    1. Had we listened to Winston Churchill* we would be living in a much freer and more prosperous trouble free world.

      *I think it is Winston’s American half that made the most sense

    2. Britain was crazy each time they threw him out as Leader. One of the Greatest of the 20th Century.

  5. Agreed on everything except the “America’s Governor” bullshit.

    Oklahoma House passes bill to protect drivers who hit protesters

    I gotta wonder why DeSantis is getting all the press attention when he’s not the only Governor and Florida is not the only state that’s doing these things. Makes me wonder what DeSantis is being built up for, and why.

    Of course, I am excessively paranoid… but I did call it on Tucker Carlson way back before anyone else thought that he’d cuck on us.

    Just because yer paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not running a scam on you.:)

    1. The Florida bill has been signed into law by Gov DeSantis. I don’ think Gov Stitt has signed the OK bill has he?

      1. Don’t know for certain. I haven’t seen anything recent on the bill… not that I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the news of late.

        My point is that I start to get… twitchy… these days when I see someone being played up both on the Right and in the media the way DeSantis has been for the past several months. Remember: media notoriety is still publicity – it gets his name and face out there in the public eye.

        The Right has a long running tendency to latch onto public figures that make the right noises and do the right things… up until they pull off the mask and stick the shiv in.

        Bush. Carlson. Pence. Kavennaugh. ACB. The list goes on.

        That’s why I’m not jumping on the “America’s Mayor” train. I keep wondering why he’s being built up and where the knife is.

        *shrug* DeSantis could be perfectly on the level, and I could just be needlessly gunshy at this point, too.

        1. Also: not just OK. A couple of other states passed similar laws as far back as 2016/2017 following the anti-Trump riots from last election.

          Again, those were three day media sensations and then memory holed, but now DeSantis is getting all the limelight for the same thing.

          1. Sure, I get the educated concern. It certainly requires close attention.
            We need allies that are leaders at the state level. So I suggest we be wary, but not throw anyone out because they are less than perfect.

            1. Ayup. Indeed.

              Media is 100% propaganda these days – as if it ever wasn’t – so it pays to wonder when something or someone is getting lots of media play: just what are they promoting and why?

              Even negative propaganda is promotion, in Clown World. It’s like the old advertising maxim that whenever you mention the competition even just to slam them, you also fix the competition in the consumer’s mind.

              I agree that we need leaders at the state and local levels. Just… be wary and keep a jaundiced eye on them. And wonder why they’re suddenly getting the spotlight, for God’s sake.

              1. There is no downside to being skeptical of everything these days. Even in things that would appear to be good turn out bad. Isn’t that almost the definition of how they ran W on US?

                Plus, anyone remember how they said Jeb (low T) Bush was “great” as Governor of Florida?

                1. Dub-ya is almost a classic example of “looking good up until they yank off the mask and pull out the shiv” for the Right.

                  And I’ll admit that I still maintain that “not being Gore or Kerry” made him the best alternative at the time.

                  Jeb! was another one: he was really being hyped as a successor to Shrub at one point back in the early 2000s.

                  1. Yea, unfortunately it turns out the best alternative ain’t much of one…

                    1. Meh. He was good enough at the time. Look at everything that Gore and Kerry have done in the 12 to 16 years since the elections back then, and everything they’ve revealed about themselves.

                      Gore or Kerry would have been absolute disasters in office. Disasters on a scale that would make Obama look like the slacker amateur that he was. They’d have been Biden/Kamala level disasters.

                      Bush, on the other hand, wasn’t a great President, but he’s mostly been a disaster after he left office, and especially after Trump won and he went TDS on us. He really could have done a lot more damage in office, and he didn’t.

                      Same as with Gore/Kerry applies if Romney or McCain had won. I still maintain that Obama was the least worst option, especially compared to eight years of McCain.

                      That’s the catch, in the end. We don’t get any really good options in politics, aside from getting lucky with Trump. We only get least bad options and worse ones.

                      As Mike hit it on the head up above, and as I keep saying: no one is coming to save us. There’s no man on a white horse. It’s down to us.

                    2. The thing about W is that what be did wasn’t so apparent at the time but looking back were way worse.
                      Endless Middle East Wars we didn’t even try to win.
                      Not reversing the Loans to People Who Can’t Pay It Back programs and fueling the Financial Crisis BJ set up and the Fed enabled.
                      The Patriot Act put the Deep State on Steroids.
                      Not speaking up at all between 2004-2008 as they maligned him and US.

                      His various Idiocies led directly to 0bambam.

                    3. I think Kenny said most of what I would say about Bush (spit). The “patriot” act being the crowning jewel of the sell out of America.
                      Would gore/kerry have been worse? Sure. The difference is paper thin though.

                    4. The primary difference we find between. W and the others was how fast we get to oblivion. W took a leisurely pace, but the direction, going over the cliff, was never in doubt.

                    5. Yea, speed might be important if people would wake up. To IB’s point, Bush was less bad than gore/kerry. I don’t doubt that but reading my comment again makes it sound as if there is no difference, “paper thin” I said. It’s probably not that thin 🙂

                      I have to tell you, I struggle with people like Papa Bush who goes to war in the pacific and is shot down. I can never imagine people that put their lives on the line then turning on the country they served. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

                    6. Papa Bush and the Neo-Cons like him are simply in love with Fascism with an American centric core.

                      They truly believe Socialism, with THEM in charge of course, is the best thing for America.

                      Remember one thing. The “Greatest Generation” of 18-25 year olds were largely perfectly fine with FDR and many of them felt he ended the Depression and Won the War (he did fight WW II properly, but screwed the pooch trusting Stalin).

                      I think they just didn’t like having a President for so long, but felt it was an emergency.

                      Also recall, they re-elected Truman and then elected the War hero Eisenhower, the anti-Communist Nixon almost beat the next War Hero, JFK, who cheated. LBJ snuck in there by virtue of the assassination, but then was forced out and Nixon won.

                      The real momentum to Commies was with Carter/Mondale.

                      WW II heroism loomed large until HW Bush lost in 1992, but the Dems were changing in 1968 and the Commie takeover was complete by BJ’s election.

                      I still think that the Uniparty, once consolidated, will see a bitter struggle between their Commie and Fascist factions and that the Fascists are currently in a poor position.

                    7. Maybe you’re right about Bush. Perhaps they were always owned by the cabal from Prescott Bush on.

        2. I looked and it appears as though the OK senate just passed it a couple days ago. Apparently the Gov has said nothing yea or nay regarding the bill.

          1. Cool. Thanks.

            Like I said, I’ve not been paying much attention to the news lately, on purpose. Ingesting a steady diet of Leftist propaganda is bad for my blood pressure. 🙂

    2. Agreed. Oklahoma never had a mask mandate and did full reopening in June of last year.

      1. May, for all intents and purposes, except for OKC and Tulsa. Late April here in my area.

        June officially, but by that point it was ceremonial: everyone except for the health care facilities and big box corporate outfits like WalMart were ignoring the damned masks.

        By now, even WalMart just makes a token half-assed effort at it, and they don’t pursue it f you just ignore them and walk on in maskless.

    1. Why Nov 1 though? Isn’t that a little weird.

      The Summer Peaceful Protest Season is almost upon us. This Law isn’t going to help anyone if they’re faced with kill or be killed in their cars.

      1. I’ll risk putting my foot in my mouth and having to eat my words – how’s that for a mixed metaphor? – by saying that we’re not likely to see a lot of highway/road blocking protests here in Oklahoma outside of maybe a few in Tulsa and OKC, so it’s mostly a symbolic law anyway.

        1. It’s OK, not a real bastion of the BLDM/Pantifa crowd. I don’t think you’re in any danger of dining on your own words.

          1. Looks like the Elizabeth City “protests” aren’t gaining much traction so far. I sure hope so at least.

            1. Small town, under 20K population. Not really a pantifa / BLDM hotbed.

          2. I don’t live in OKC or Tulsa*, either, so I’m probably good either way.

            * I wouldn’t live in Tulsa on a bet. I’d rather move to Venezuela right now – its more upscale there.

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