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The story so far

The Burning Platform’s Jim Quinn graciously e-mailed to inform me that he had put together a two-parter whose conclusion had been partially inspired by my own humble efforts. Part One opens with an excellent, if dismaying, sit-rep:

The takeover of the country by an amalgamation of bad characters representing fascist corporatism, collectivism, billionaire oligarchs, social media tyrants, pandemic peddlers, and Deep State snake oil surveillance state salesmen has marked a turning point for the country. Battle lines are being drawn, a propaganda war is already being waged, enemies are preparing for conflict, rage is rising, and the country is headed towards some level of dissolution.

Events since the inception of the release of the China virus from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab, have been accelerating towards an epic struggle between those constituting the true power in the country and those they consider deplorable and undeserving of respect or a voice in how the country is governed. The shadowy figures behind the curtain of Bernays’ invisible government have revealed themselves and no longer fear the plebs they rule over, as their sociopathic hubris has convinced themselves they are invincible.

They have been emboldened by the success they have achieved in engineering a takeover of the government through weaponizing a flu to coerce politicians into shutting down the nation; utilizing propaganda to induce the majority of Americans to cower in fear from a virus that is highly non-lethal (99.7% survival rate) to anyone under 80; destroying hundreds of thousands of small businesses while enriching mega-corporations; successfully rigging a presidential election through mail-in ballot fraud and vote machine machinations; provoking a fake race crisis using BLM and ANTIFA useful idiots; profiting to the tune of trillions from the Fed money printing operation; suppressing free speech and medical truths about the virus through social media censorship; setting up Trump supporters as dangerous insurrectionists with the Capital farce, subsequent white supremacist storyline, and militarization of Washington DC to complete the false narrative; and now having their empty vessel pretend president signing executive orders to pull the country hard left; with Supreme Court packing, DC and Puerto Rico statehood on the docket; and Domestic Terrorism legislation to make all Trump supporters enemies of the state.

The overlords think throwing $600 at the plebs every six months, while allowing them a pittance of unemployment crumbs, will keep them sedated as long as they have their iGadgets to keep them distracted. The unholy triumvirate of Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Gov are generating tens of billions by peddling a DNA altering experimental rushed vaccine, that isn’t really a vaccine and doesn’t really keep you from getting Covid or spreading it further. We also don’t know the long-term consequences of this “medicine”. And it seems the triumvirate is doing their best to cover up the adverse reactions being reported, miscarriages and numerous deaths of nursing home patients shortly after getting the jab.

The blizzard of lies about the effectiveness of face diapers and lockdowns from “medical experts”, “journalists”, corporate media propagandists, and government apparatchiks has been relentless. These fabricators bloviate about following the science while ignoring the facts proving masks and lockdowns DO NOT WORK and ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine DO WORK. The level of deceit and deception being applied by those in power is drastically increasing the anger and rage in the country towards authority.

The country is already at war, even though many don’t know it, and the Deep State/Oligarchs are clearly winning. This begs the question, how can you defeat an enemy who controls the presidency, congress, mainstream media, social media, major cities, major states, the military, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the courts? The truth is they think they’ve already won the war and will dictate the terms we will be forced to live by.

But hubris, arrogance and pride are always the Achilles heel of sociopaths, believing they know what is best for humanity while inflicting their lunatic solutions upon their subjects. The feeling among millions of Americans is they have either been abandoned, stabbed in the back, or robbed. They aren’t exactly sure who to blame, who to trust, or who to fight, but they are trying to figure out the best course of action, given the current circumstances.

The building anger in the country is palpable. The question is how do you fight an enemy with overwhelming superiority in financial resources, police and military forces, corporate media outlets, social media platforms, the financial system, intel agencies, and all branches of the government? This question is what made me recall the WarGames final scene. The only winning move is not to play. Direct confrontation is destined for failure.

The only way to defeat this enemy is through guile, cunning, patience, and persistence. The same method of resistance will not work for all people. Everyone’s individual circumstances will dictate how they resist. There doesn’t need to be a central commander or massed forces. Differing versions of guerrilla warfare will suffice. The enemy is a bureaucratic behemoth, slow and unwieldy, led by arrogant mediocrities, unable to strategize their way out of a wet paper bag. They know only how to use force and threats to achieve their despicable ends.

A strong dose of 190-proof truth, injected straight into the main vein via needle-sharp analysis and pulse-quickening prose. In Part 2, Quinn examines a possible cure for what ails us, a prescription I wrote about a few weeks back my own self. Read both of Jim’s pieces, and ponder ’em well.

34 thoughts on “The story so far

      1. The funniest thing about these exchanges is not the assumption of the all pervasive omnipotence of the Vast Jewish Conspiracy, it’s the reflexive conservative’s kneejerk reaction to anything that smacks of Anti-Semitism or even noticing and criticizing Jewish anti-American activities.

        The Third Rail of American Conservative Politics, indeed. 🙂

        1. I don’t know. Mr. Matis seems to see a Jew behind every tree. Some of them have slanted eyes and speak chinese apparently.

          1. Who gives a shit about Matis?

            As noted, I don’t believe that that Vast Jewish Conspiracy is all pervasive and all powerful.

            I do, however, believe my lying eyes when they show me that damned near every single Jew in the public arena – politics, media, entertainment, education, academia, and finance – not only cheers on my enemies for wanting to see us dead or in camps, but actively sides with the enemy in this.

            All of the years and decades that conservatives have spent proclaiming that they support Israel and virulently shying away from even the shadow of an appearance of being anti-Semitic has gained you nothing: no friends and no alliances there.

            They came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out?

            They’re coming for you and all of the Jews in the public sphere are not only not speaking out for you, they’re calling for your head simply because you’re Orange Hitler Adjacent.

            And yet you reflexively snap at someone like Matis when he even obliquely voices a critique or an objection.

            Fucking battered spouse syndrome, Barry.

            That’s what I continually find amusing in all this, going all the way back to our previous go ’rounds on the subject.

            Me, I’m pretty straightforward, and I believe my lying eyes: the enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but when someone repeatedly acts as a friend of my enemies, I consider them an enemy as well.

            1. I do, however, believe my lying eyes when they show me that damned near every single Jew person in the public arena – politics, media, entertainment, education, academia, and finance – not only cheers on my enemies for wanting to see us dead or in camps, but actively sides with the enemy in this.

              My point. It’s not the Jews in particular. Every Jew I’ve ever known was a very conservative person.

              Catholics, baptists, all the christian faiths are supportive of the enemy. They’re all taking the government $$$. Individual members of those faiths are much better as a group than the leadership.

              It has nothing to do with battered spouses.

              1. It’s our side’s virtue signalling. And it’s no more virtuous than when an SJW does it.

                You want to know what Tribe Matis referring to, as Kenny did?

                It’s the Red tribe.

                Quite a number of the Red tribe wear yarmalukes. Some don’t. Some of them like Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg even pretend to be on the Right.

                My point. It’s not the Jews in particular. Every Jew I’ve ever known was a very conservative person.


                I’ve even liked quite a few of them. Dated one once.

                None of them, not one, were in the public sphere, which is a common denominator that you’re obliquely side stepping. Jews in the public sphere invariably swing Left. Observably.

                I see people as individuals: blacks, latinos, amerind, Jews, whatever, and I treat them as such.

                I’m also not adverse to observing characterists and trends of groups of people, no matter what the group might be.

                Catholics, baptists, all the christian faiths are supportive of the enemy. They’re all taking the government $$$. Individual members of those faiths are much better as a group than the leadership.

                But if Matis outright blasted the Catholics (Vast Papist Conspiracy! It was an open bigotry once, look it up) or the Baptists or the Pentacostals for that, even obliquely, or merely observed that fact and stated it…

                Not one of you would reflexively jump in with a “But Not ALL Catholics Are Like That!”

                Not one.

                Nor if he made the same observation about the niggers, spics, chinks, wops, Paddies, Nips, Ragheads. Towelheads, Burka Lurkas, or Injuns*.

                Not a peep.

                The knee jerk is only there if he references “The Tribe”.

                And you can’t even see that, apparently, because you deny it when it’s mentioned.

                That’s the fucking hilarious part. 🙂

                1. Bull shit Ironbear. I call out BS when I see it. I do the same with the other religious/ethnic/skin groups.

                  “None of them, not one, were in the public sphere, which is a common denominator that you’re obliquely side stepping.”

                  What I said, changing one word from yours:

                  “I do, however, believe my lying eyes when they show me that damned near every single Jew person in the public arena – politics, media, entertainment, education, academia, and finance – not only cheers on my enemies for wanting to see us dead or in camps, but actively sides with the enemy in this.”

                  1. And some of them wear yarmalukes.

                    I call out BS when I see it. I do the same with the other religious/ethnic/skin groups.

                    I’ve been in the same comment fields with you for what, going on six years now? Five?

                    Bullshit you do.

                    1. Perhaps you don’t pay attention.

                      One example that I’ve put right on here many times –
                      1) Black IQ called out by many is bullshit, they just repeat the BS without having any clue. It’s government “welfare” that has destroyed the black population, not low IQ.

                      2) I’ll say it again, fuck the pope. I’ve said it many times over the years.

                      3) Protestants and Catholics are in bed with the federal government because they receive funding from the feds to help illegals

                      As for bigotry towards many groups, it’s not often expressed here or other places, so you can’t swat down what doesn’t exist. The main bigotry on display is towards the blacks and jews, and I will swat those. It works the other way as well – the “IQ” of 115 level is often mentioned for the Ashkenaji Jews, which is bullshit and I call that one out as well.

                      They advertise pills to boost memory 🙂

                    2. Oh, I pay attention, all right. And I still call bullshit.

                      You don’t bristle on that/those nearly as often nor as reflexively as you’ll jump on the other.

                      But in fairness, Barry: it’s not just here. It’s endemic all over the damn’ Right. Just at InstaPundit alone, “Democrats are the REAL antisemites!” is as prevalent as DRR3.

                      Take away his antisemitism and DRR3 macros, and Driscoll would have nothing to post about other than Boomer Music.

                      And pretty much every other conservative site.

                      It’s just that I’m here, so here’s where you happened to catch the brunt of my sharp edged comments on it. 🙂

                      Really, it’s not you. It’s me. But we can still be friends. *snicker*

                      For what it’s worth, I think that the equally reflexive ((())) and “Vast Jewish Conspiracy!!!” thing on the Dissident Right is equally fucking tiresome.

              2. Follow the money is all that I am saying. And yes, there is plenty of sewage OUTSIDE of the tribe as well. But Bernie’s campaign claimed the gulags “paid a living wage.”

                1. Hey, arbeit macht frei.

                  They got spiritual living wages, man.

                  Follow the money. Follow the connections. Join the dots.

                  1. You are not allowed to use those words. It is fully acceptable, however, to go with:
                    Работа освобождает

                2. “And yes, there is plenty of sewage OUTSIDE…”

                  When I see you calling out the others for their support of the marxists I’ll note it as being the first time I can recall it.

                  Jews ain’t our problem. Chinamen are.
                  Jews weren’t our problem in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

                  1. You have never seen me post anything about the filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill? Ah, what a sheltered life you must lead!!! And the same goes for the heretical homosexual Communist anti-pope Bergoglio…

                    1. Perhaps I missed it. Or it got lost in the plethora of posts about the commie marxists asswipes of all stripes.

              3. They now weed out anyone for Narrative purity and that Narrative is Marxism and/or the other variations of it that go by different names (Commies, Fascists, Progressives, Liberals, etc). Anti-Americanism is usually needed as well but a few are allowed to not Hate America completely.

                Lou Dobbs just got cancelled.

                That’s where this is going. Complete dominance of the Narrative on MSM and Legacy Media and much of New Media. If you’re not on board you’re going to get Parlered. If that is not enough they’ll go a step further to silence those voices. Mark my words because the Marxists always do once they take Power. They have taken Power.

                1. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, our Totalitarians are massively incompetent. We’re not dealing with exemplars of the 3rd Reich or even Stalin: we have effectively Cuba as managed by low level functionaries from the DMV. There’s not a Mao or a Pol Pot in the bunch – Mao was competent.

                  Unfortunately, the opposition from “the Right” up to this point has been in the hands of people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, which is how the fuckups of the Left have managed to get to this point.

        2. Everything with him comes down to “The Tribe”.

          If we killed every jew on the planet Marxism would still flourish and have plenty of money behind it.

          Because Romney, Bush, Rockefeller, Biden, Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Crooked Clintons all, AOC et al ain’t Jewish and didn’t support Trump and did Support the Enemy, while Hasidic Jews support Trump. Most faithful religious people of all faiths did, except Muslims.

          So Hasidic Jews are never sought out by the media and so you never hear about them much unless you go searching very hard for it.

          If we don’t face our opposition truthfully we will be chasing shadows instead of fixing what’s wrong.

          Name them: Marxist Anti-Americans come in all races, ethnicities and even Religions. Plenty of bleeding heart Christians have the White Guilt of Marxism tattooed to their foreheads and written on their sleeves. Most of them are also lapsed whatever religion they profess to be.
          Most of the Marxists though, are Atheists and/or place little faith in the religion they profess to follow.

          Is Schumer and and Soros and Biden religious jews? I bet they identify as Jews but I doubt they’ve read the Torah or been inside a Temple in decades, if at all.
          Then do Biteme and Pelosi, the supposed “Catholics”. Then do Romney the Mormon or Jeb Bush the Protestant or Andrew Cuomo the Roman Catholic.

          “It’s the Marxism, Stupid” to paraphrase an evil “Protestant” “Christian”.

          1. I’ve heard of Hasidic Jews, Ken. I’ve even known a few.

            How many Hasidic Jews publicly denounce and oppose what their secular Jewish brethren in media, academia, congress, and entertainment espouse and activist for?

            Or is it like the extremist Muslim vs the moderate Muslim?

            “What is the difference between a moderate Muslim and an extremist? The extremist wants to blow people up for Allah, and the moderate Muslim wants extremists to blow people up for Allah….”

            I think you were close to the mark except that these days, everything comes down to Tribalism.

            Americans had better start seeing ourselves as a Tribe of our own.

            Look, Kenny: I don’t have anything against Jews or even dislike them as a group. They’re just not my people and they’re not my tribe.

            And an awful lot of them seem to be determined to demonstrate that they’re TWANLOC.

            I just don’t have to reflexively bristle when someone speaks critically of Jews or “The Tribe”, because I happen to think that Jews have agency and they’re quite capable of defending themselves. And unlike in the 30s and 40s, they’ve got a perfectly fine country of their own to fall back to, and a right of aliyah.

            I think that Israel is a perfectly fine country, and it has a right to exist. It’s just not my country.

            We don’t have a country any more, nor any country to fall back to. This is it. It’s as existential for us now as it was for Jews in Europe in the 1930s.

            Another reason I don’t reflexively bristle: as Americans, we have our own damn’ existential war to fight. Jews and Israel are going to have to fend for themselves now.

            If they get tired of the antisemitism of the Left, they can damned well quit supporting Democrats. If the conservative and religious Hasidics get tired of the antisemitism of the Left, they can rein in their Democrat supporting secular kin.

            Kien sabe?

            Goes back to the “They came for… and there was no one left to speak for me,” bit.

            They are coming for us now, and I don’t see anyone speaking for us except us.

            1. The NYC Hasidics were targeted by Wilhelm and Mao Cuomo because they were vocal about support for Trump, against Lockdowns, for religious Freedom and against the closing of all their religious services.

              So yeah. They were vocal about it. The news though only wrote about it from the viewpoint that they should bve punished for wanting to kill Grandma.

              That is the only time they are even allowed to get a mention on any Media.

              The Fake News has been Fake for a long time and alternatives to the Narrative has been suppressed for a long time.

              YOu don’t hear about it because they don’t want you to hear about it.

              Now if you go searching hard enough somebody might go against the Narrative but now they censor or block them or memory hole them from search engines.

              My point is don’t assume just because you don’t hear about something that it is not happening.

            2. I have roots in Ireland. Should I Hate the English and exclude them from my “Tribe”? Of course not. There are plenty of people of English descent that are For Liberty and Against Tyranny.

              That is the criteria to be in my Tribe. The Love Freedom, Hate Tyranny Tribe.

              Focusing on Jews is a distraction used by Tyrannical Movements through history. That was Hitler and Stalin and the Czars and Proggie Fabians in the UK and others’ purpose. Focusing exclusively on them will not solve the problem, but only distract.

              Marxists are the trouble. There are many Jewish Marxists, but then again there are many Marxists in this Country who aren’t. Much more than populated with non-Jews than Jews actually.

              Emmanuel Goldstein is a shiny object to focus the two minute hate away from the real problem. In 1984 it was even certain Goldstein ever really existed. That’s the point.

              1. It seems the real problem is the perpetual hate. That is especially true, but not the exclusive domain, of the Left in all its permutations.

              2. I have roots in Ireland. Should I Hate the English and exclude them from my “Tribe”?

                So do I.

                And of course I don’t hate the damned Sassenach and exclude them from my definition of humanity. Never! It wouldn’t even occur to me.

                At least so long as they’re Good Brits, anyway.

  1. Hmmm. Having read through and chewed on the prescriptions and Irish Democracy part of Quinn’s article, a couple of things jump out at me:

    The IRS is a dysfunctional, understaffed, bureaucratic calamity of an organization. You are small potatoes. They don’t have the resources to check whether your return is accurate. If the Fed can print $4 trillion out of thin air, why do they need your taxes anyway. Act accordingly….

    With federal, state and local taxes surely going to rise, if you are near retirement, and can afford to, just drop out now and stop paying income taxes.

    Not so much.

    Yeah, you may be small potatoes, and you may slide by for a while, but if the IRS has reason to look at your tax returns and see anything hinky about them, they will audit you and come down on your small potato ass like a hammer.

    Be prepared to spend a LOT of time and money getting intimately acquainted with tax lawyers and tax courts and IRS agents, and potentially with the inside of a Federal pen for tax evasion if you go this route.

    There is no one who is so small potatoes that the IRS won’t go after them for nonpayment of Federal income taxes. Ask any minor luminaries of the Sovereign Citizens movement. Or contributors to the Tea Party under the Obama administration.

    This is an area where it’s best to go Gray Man if at all possible: scrupulously pay your income tax, keep your head down, and don’t draw the Eye of Sauron to your 1040s and 1080s.

    As these Going Galt actions are sure to infuriate those wielding power, make sure you are armed, have firearms training, and have a sufficient supply of ammo. Be mentally prepared to defend your homestead.

    Yes, with caveats:

    If your activities draw the attention of the authorities, and it’s the Feds or Feds in conjunction with local SWAT troops that you’re defending the ole homestead against… make sure your affairs are in order and your will is made out.

    They will kill you.

    Or at least they will kill your dogs, kids, and your pregnant wife while she’s holding a baby. Ask Randy Weaver about that.

    Lon Horiuchi is still a free man and has never been prosecuted for murder.

    If you believe that you will find yourself in the position of defending your homestead against the minions of the Senile Muppet, then resign yourself to the fact that you are going to die doing this, and resolve to take some of them with you.

    Likewise, if you live in a major urban area – I won’t specify “Blue Urban Area”, ’cause they’re all Blue these days – and you find yourself defending yourself or the homestead against the favored feral thugs of the Bidereich, then resign yourself to the fact that they will bring the entire weight of the apparatus of the Law down on you and make an example of you.

    Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Let’s face it: you get in the position of needing to use your arms against the Revenooers of the IRS or the jackbooted kittenstompers of the FBI or BATFE, then you are already engaged in an armed insurrection whether you planned to be or not.

    Conduct yourself accordingly, and do so with deliberation. Don’t put yourself into that position by accident and stupidity or carelessness.

    There are old revolutionaries.

    There are bold revolutionaries.

    But there are no old, bold revolutionaries, because they got killed in the very first Harper’s Ferry incidents.

    If you choose Irish Democracy, then be a Stainless Steel Rat. You’ll live longer and you’ll do more damage that way.

      1. I’m not saying don’t do it.

        I’m saying to be smart about it, and know what you’re doing and getting into.

        Don’t blunder into it by accident. There’s a name for Accidental Revolutionaries: it’s corpse.

      1. Well, yeah! They have to determine if you’re a White Supremacist Domestic Terrorist!

        We are all White Supremacists now. Even those of us who are black or Latino, or Amerind.

  2. I’m a little late to the party, traveled back home Thursday and then work in manufacturing plants Friday and Saturday. 3 week vacation* ends with weekend work.

    So, my friend Ironbear makes some good points, no need to reiterate them here. Kenny, as he usually does, makes the points I would make, but does it better than I can. I just have a natural aversion to writing and always shorten what I would say. I should try the speech to type app someday 🙂

    I get tired of hearing “it’s the tribe”. 68 years old and I can think of no Jew that has ever caused a problem for me or for our country because they are a Jew. Seeing the Jews behind everything bad is misdirection in my opinion. The Jews are not our problem, black folks are not our problem, Amerinds** are not our problem. These are the three most commonly verbally mistreated “groups” in this country.

    Government is our problem. China is our problem. Iran is our problem. Calling it a Jewish/black/Indian problem just obfuscates from the real problem.

    Me, I’ll continue to call it out when I choose to call it out. If that is virtue signalling, so be it, but I think that is misunderstanding.

    *I call it a vacation. Working on the beach property is a vacation for me.
    **Yea, I know, the American Indian is left alone these days, but it wasn’t always that way

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