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They’re just rubbing our noses in it now

STILL think this is really about a virus, do ya?

Thou fool.

Goalposts, on wheels, permanently. Via WRSA, Patriactionary says:

She really thinks Canadians will put up with that!

I pray she’s wrong, and that we don’t put up with it.

There’s never even ever been a vaccine for coronaviruses; who’s to say we’ll even get one, so, what, we’ll remain locked down indefinitely?

NOW you’re getting it, buddy. I repeat: goalposts. On wheels. Forever and ever, amen. As for “not putting up with it,” early indicators are extremely discouraging on that score, and by no means only in Canada, alas. Now for another one a bit closer to home, at least pour moi.

Gee, imagine my surprise. What will the rationale for Comrade’s Cooper’s next “regrettable” Clampdown extension be in five weeks’ time, we wonders? Helpful Hint for the obtuse: this ain’t about “keeping people healthier,” either. And “boost our economy”? Seriously, motherfucker? SERIOUSLY, FOR FUCK’S FUCKING SAKE?!?!?

My God, the balls on that sleazy sonofabitch.

They’re not even bothering with PRETENDING to try to fool us anymore. They’re just waving the bloated, blubbery Phallus Of Contempt—grotesquely engorged, an obscenity—right in our very faces, shamelessly defying the hapless Sheeple to utter Peep One of protest over it.

But hey, never mind all that stuff. Y’all just be sure and always wear your little Mask Of Submission now, y’heah? It’s IMPORTANT.

The top immunologists and epidemiologists in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Indeed, we’ve seen organizations like the World Health Organization and the CDC go back and forth in their recommendations.

The truth is masks have become the new wedge issue, the latest phase of the culture war. Mask opponents tend to see mask wearers as “fraidy cats” or virtue-signalling “sheeple” who willfully ignore basic science. Mask supporters, on the other hand, often see people who refuse to wear masks as selfish Trumpkins … who willfully ignore basic science.

Whether one is pro-mask or anti-mask, the fact of the matter is that face coverings have become politicized to an unhealthy degree, which stands to only further pollute the science.

Last month, for example, researchers at Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy responded to demands they remove an article that found mask requirements were “not based on sound data.”

The school, to its credit, did not remove the article, but instead opted to address the objections critics of their research had raised.

The problem with mask mandates is that public health officials are not merely recommending a precaution that may or may not be effective.

They are using force to make people submit to a state order that could ultimately make individuals or entire populations sicker, according to world-leading public health officials.

That is not just a violation of the Effectiveness Principle. It’s a violation of a basic personal freedom.

NOW you’re REALLY getting it, buddy. That’s precisely what they’ve done, all right; horrifying, to be sure. But even more horrifying is how handily they’ve gotten away with it so far. I dunno, it begins to look as if we may have waited a bit too late to start in on thumping the living daylights out of Ken and Karen a la my earlier post. We should’ve been doing it from jump, just on general principle.

25 thoughts on “They’re just rubbing our noses in it now

  1. It’s very odd living in a big city right now.  Empty streets that used to be full of cars.  Empty parking lots, closed stores.  I know the people are still there, just hiding in their homes.  But the way the government keeps recklessly destroying businesses and normal ways of staying alive, I have the uneasy feeling that they’re setting the stage for a world with a lot fewer people in it.

    1. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! The left has not been shy about stating their plans to reduce the global population by 90+%. Most people are not aware of this, as the DNC media of course do not emphasize it. But there is plenty of documentation to be found, for anyone who cares to look. As always with the left, it will take a mountain of corpses to achieve their utopia.

      1. reduce the global population by 90+%

        I’m OK with that!

        Kill everyone in the Americas south of the United States. Kill everyone in Africa. Kill everyone in India. Kill everyone in the People’s Republic of China. Kill everyone in every nation with a Muslim majority. That should about do it.

        Oh, that’s not what they meant? Too bad, so sad. You choose the goal, I choose the implementation.

        1. “Oh, that’s not what they meant?”

          Odd, innit, that “they” are always in the 10%…

    2. I have the uneasy feeling that they’re setting the stage for a world with a lot fewer people in it.

      No! Tell me it’s not true.

      Duh. What was your first clue?

    3. Small town life (around here) seems pretty much unchanged, except for the occasional restaurant that blocks off booths. Most have given up on doing that. Wal-Mart has about a 20% mask rate. We haven’t had a new case in weeks.

      But hey, wrecking the national economy was worth it?

  2. “Mask supporters, on the other hand, often see people who refuse to wear masks as selfish Trumpkins … who willfully ignore basic science.”

    As SteveF pointed out long ago, the “Mask supporters” are like the global warmenists – it’s a religion.

    The “basic science” says a mask is as effective against viral transmission as a chain link fence is against mosquito transmission.

    1. We in NC have to get out and vote Trump, Forest and unfortunately Tillis come Nov.
      Signs in my area on how to get absentee ballots are already popping up.
      That is a prime goal for Cooper. Throwing the State to Biden via Fraud of Mail-in Voting.

  3. 133,000 people in my County. 2 deaths last month,6 deaths in 10 weeks or so, about 2,000 cases.

    It’s just insane. More people die in pedestrian crosswalks than that.

    1. We have 1 (one) death in my county. 453 cases. Population 44,244 people (approximately), going by InfoGalactic because I’m too lazy to hit the county website and get the official #.


      1.02% of the total population of the county infected.
      You have to add too many zeroes to the right of the decimal point to get a death percentage: that’s not a percentage, it’s a rounding error. Comes up in scientific notation as a number: 2.26019347256125E-005

      That’s also a death percentage of 0.2257% of the total infected.

      I don’t even bother rattling off the numbers to people any more. Their eyes just glaze over and they repeat the mantras. Totally innumerate.

      Our idiot City Council just voted not too long ago to extend the Disaster Area and Emergency Declaration, with the County Board following soon after.

      They’re not holding public City Council or County Commission meetings where you can stand up and ask them point blank, “What fucking disaster?”

      I suspect that’s deliberate. 🙂

      The NYT is now stating that “Without much more aggressive shutdowns, well over a million Americans “may ultimately die” from COVID-19″. Unsourced estimates, of course.

      Insane is understating it, Kenny. Buckfuck stupid is more like it, and that’s even an understatement.

      1. Close to 8000 people die every day. As long as they are getting paid to count them as chinaVirus deaths, they will and we’ll easily get to the million level +.

        1. George Fentanyl Floyd was a Chinese Flu death, you know.

          I brought that up when the news was fresh, a few months ago. by CDC guidelines, he was to be counted as a Covid death.

          Mentioning this caused considerable butthurt among my libtard coworkers. (ie, all of them) “He was murdered!” “He wasn’t resisting arrest!” “I watched the whole video and that was nothing but murder!”

          1. I will say that, as a direct result of all of this COVID Theater and BLM/Anti-Fa shit, I’ve had a chance to see a few normies of my acquaintance go from “Mainstreet Conservative” to “Somewhere so far to the Right of Patrick Buchannan they’re out there in Here There Be Dragons Land“. It’s fucking amazing.

            Speaking as someone who’s been increasingly varying degrees of Red Pilled since the age of about 19 or so, watching someone going from 0-100 to “Out Here There Be Dragons” Red Pilled in about a week makes me go, “The FUCK took me so long?” 🙂

      2. Totally innumerate is right, IB. I recently read a survey that asked Americans what percentage of Americans have died of COVID. The average answer was 9%. Nine percent! None of these people can do basic math to realize that would be approximately 30 million dead Americans. None of them can do basic math to realize that 9% of the entire country dead would mean every single person should personally know multiple people who have died of COVID. Not “knew a guy who knew a guy who knew someone who died of COVID” but them personally knowing at least 3-4 people dead from the corona virus. It is utterly insane the level of gaslighting on this issue.

        And it is not just Common Core math in the public schools. Similar surveys in the UK showed similar (mis)estimates there, with average respondents thinking 10% of the entire population had died of the virus. Not only are these people innumerate, they have no grip on reality at all. Not much can be done to get through to people like that.

        1. I don’t know anyone who died of Election Flu (so far as I know) but I know someone who probably knows a lot of them: In a daughter-of-a-friend deal, a nursing student stayed with us for a few months as she did her resident semester, or whatever they call it for nursing students, and then a month or two after while she waited for certification (?) test results to come back and get her license. She then went to work for one of the big hospitals in NYC.

          However, that’s a pretty indirect link. Do I know anyone who died of Chinese Flu? No. Anyone whose family or neighbor or coworker died of it? No.

          1. I personally know two people who have a relative who’s contracted the Chink Flu.

            I know no one who knows anyone who’s died of it, as of yet.

            1. Had it, yes. I know several who’ve had positive test results.

              That said, the antibody test doesn’t actually test whether you’ve had this specific disease, and has a 30% false positive rate or thereabouts. The nose swab test had a somewhat higher false positive rate under ideal circumstances, and considering the number of pre-contaminated test kits, the ongoing reports of unused swabs being reported as positive, and the number of people who weren’t even tested being reported as positive, the only real answer is to completely discount all results.

              1. Enh. One of them it was her mother who was in her eighties. I’m told that mom was in pretty bad shape for awhile, but she pulled through.

                Otherwise, yeah. My PCP asked if I was going to get tested, and even after knowing me for several months, expressed mild surprise when I said, “If it’s not mandatory, then Hell no. If it is mandatory, then, Hell no with sprinkles on top.”

                1. Why “test” and get added as a “statistic” when you have no symptoms.

        2. … that would be approximately 30 million dead Americans

          As long as all of them were Clinton Voters, I’d be quite okay with that, too.

          1. Considering that most of the deaths were in and around NYFC, you’re probably not too far off…

            1. They are certainly all reliable Dem voters now.

              I know one person who has a relative who had the Kung Flu (positive test result). Symptoms equal to a mild cold, lasted about a week. That’s it.

              For a virus hyped as total doom, shut down all of society, we’re all going to DIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! — it certainly seems kind of light on the widespread death. Without granny-killer Cuomo’s nursing home policies, the entire national death toll would be lost in the background noise.

              1. I’ve said it before. Absent NYFC and testing we’d pretty much not even know about it at all.

              2. My dog voted Republican until the day he died, but he’s voted Democrat ever since.

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