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Negro fatigue

The latest from our pal Skeptic.

I’m suffering from a severe case – not of Covid-19, but of Negro Fatigue.

My own Great Awokening came in the wake of the Ferguson riots. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Midwestern man of a certain age, and I’d always known, or at least suspected, that blacks were not exactly like whites. But, going to the suburban schools that I did, the blacks that I encountered were mostly decent, well socialized types from decent families. I got along with them fine. When I went to college, there were more of the typical ghetto Negro, but the school was large enough, and they kept to themselves enough, that I didn’t have to interact with them much, if at all. Since graduation, I have had more interactions with those types, but I still maintained the philosophy that we are all equal, and if there are differences, they are cultural (nurture) rather than genetic (nature).

Then came Ferguson. You had the national outrage, the riots, and yet, within two days, we knew enough about what actually happened (giant black attacks white cop and gets killed) to know there was no reason for the rioting. And yet, they rioted. And I kept thinking, “Why won’t they listen to reason?” That started me researching, and finding blogs, sites, and authors outside the mainstream media. I found Vdare, I found Amren, and I found others – including Cold Fury. And what I found was that the work of those authors was far better researched, backed up with unassailable statistics and facts, and explained events better than anything the mainstream media was publishing. That’s when I realized that blacks are not like whites, and very well may be incompatible.

Now I know things. For instance, I know that in 2019, nine unarmed black men were killed by police. “Unarmed” being a relative term, of course. Another 236 armed men were killed by police. But 7,145 black men were killed by other black men. And yet our entire country focuses on the nine, a number that is statistically insignificant. I know that 85% of all interracial crime has a black offender. I know that, despite being only 13% of our population, blacks commit over 50% of the violent crime in the United States. I know that, just at the Federal level, blacks consume nearly $1 trillion more of our resources than they contribute back in taxes (which means that until C19, nearly all of our Federal debt and deficits could be laid at the door of black America). And – these are the kinds of things that, once you know them, you cannot un-know them.

I have noted that black dominated and run governments fail anywhere they are tried, anywhere in the world. City, state, county, country – all failed areas that require white resources to bail them out and survive. If anyone can name a predominantly black governmental unit, with the primary resource base being black, and the governing officals being black, that is prosperous, I’d like to know about it. Anywhere in the world.

And why is this? It boils down to IQ. Average black IQ in the United States is 85. Average white IQ is 100. What’s the average IQ needed to have a functioning first world society? Well, I don’t know the exact number, but I know it must be above 85 and less than 100.

Blacks are now again proposing “reparations for the sin of slavery” in the amount of $14 trillion. At first, I thought that was absurd – but in actuality, it might be a good investment with one stipulation. Repatriation. Think about it – $14 trillion to get rid of our black population might be the best investment, with the shortest payoff, that we’ve ever seen. The thing is that they would ALL have to go. Every last one of them, back to Africa, to build Wakanda. And they could never return. Not that we would ever have the backbone to do it – but it’s a magnificent thought.

Because, here’s the thing. Whatever we do, whatever we give them, whatever concessions we make, it will never be enough. NEVER. The riots, Black Lives Matter, etc., are only grifts to get more and more resources and gibs from whites – without whom they cannot survive. The bulk of them cannot be persuaded to change, because persuasion requires intellect, and most simply lack that intellect. The constant cry for “black outreach” by Republicans is pathetic for this reason.

I don’t “hate” black people. You can’t hate people for being what they are. If you allow a gorilla into your back yard and then the gorilla kills you, you cannot hate it for being what it is. Nor do I wish them to come to any harm. What I wish is for them to be separate from me. And we might be heading in that general direction right now – the demand for “safe spaces” and “no cops in our communities” is nothing but a demand for segregation. We just need to heed it.

In fact, I think there’s an argument to be made that one of the worst things we ever did to blacks was DEsegregation. Follow along. Before the civil rights movement, every city had a “black area,” but not necessarily a ghetto hellhole. There were prosperous black businesses that weren’t just pawnshops, weave shops, etc. They had hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, groceries, and other respectable businesses. The men who ran those were the community leaders and role models. Were those areas as nice as white areas and as prosperous? No. Not normally. But they DID provide a stable social structure and kept the lawlessness under control. The illegitimacy rate was higher than whites’ at 25%, but most kids grew up in two-parent families and had home lives. Then came desegregation.

Lefties talk about the sin of “white flight,” but they never mention that it was preceded by BLACK flight. As soon as they were able, those prosperous blacks got the hell out of the black areas and moved into white neighborhoods. Which removed the social structure in those areas (and probably lowered the aggregate IQ of those areas by a good 10 points, since the smarter ones were the prosperous ones). What was left for “role models?” Well, gold-encrusted obese “preachers,” pimps, drug dealers, and gang leaders. Thus began the descent of black America into the hellhole that it is. Now, 3 out of 4 black children are illegitimate, and you can bet that nearly all of those are in the ghettos. They run feral as their mamas run around breeding more. This has been facilitated by “feed and breed” welfare programs that encourage this behavior. The “talented tenth” left the ghetto, and the untalented nine-tenths are what’s left. What small social controls there are in the ghetto are now put there by the very police that BLM wants to get rid of. The nine-tenths are now destroying our cities nationwide for no reason other than they can and they want to fulfill their natural destructive impulses.

There’s a good case to be made that blacks, writ large, have DEvolved rather than Evolved in the last sixty years. You can see this culturally in their music. Sixty years ago, black artists sang about love and passion – now it’s killing cops and screwing ho’s. You can even see this in their crime. In the 70s and 80s, black gangs centered around highly organized gangs like the Bloods and the Crips. Now it’s just amorphous neighborhood gangs. Some – that talented tenth – have done very well from Affirmative Action, racial set-asides, college admissions preferences, and other programs. The rest – those who are really incapable of making anything of their brains – must either become athletes, entertainers, or thugs. Notice that the conversation is about “escaping the ghetto,” not improving the living conditions through better behavior. It’s been said that if you give white men a pile of bricks, they will build a city – if you give black men a city, they will turn it into a pile of bricks. Reality proves that.

So where does all this leave us? At some point, we must realize that we cannot now, nor ever, live side by side in harmony with blacks. Right now that is the most taboo of all taboos – “racism” is considered the worst sin in the world. But I wonder how many other people will be “awokened” like I was after Ferguson. I cannot tell you how many whites have said to me privately (always prefaced by “I’m not racist” of course), “Look, they are getting ‘justice for George.’ Why won’t they let it go?” The answer is simple. Because they lack the intellectual ability to do so. A couple of times I have voiced that, and those people have come back to me a few days later having done the same research I did six years ago. And arrived at similar conclusions.

The future will not be pretty, one way or another. But, ultimately, either we separate or they will destroy us.

All of which makes this generous offer sound better and better.

While tensions continue in the United States due to the ongoing problem of police brutality and racism, Ghana is reaching out to Black Americans. According to Newsweek, the tourism minister of Ghana recently encouraged Black Americans  to “leave where you are not wanted.”

Barbara Oteng Gyasi extended the invite during a ceremony in Ghana honoring George Floyd, one of several Black Americans who have been killed by police in recent months.

“We continue to open our arms and invite all our brothers and sisters home. Ghana is your home. Africa is your home. We have our arms wide open ready to welcome you home,” Gyasi said during the ceremony.

Before they leave, though, they must be made to sign an ironclad, no-loopholes contract foreswearing any right to ever return. Once out, out for good. And those who stay here should sign a similar one in which they pledge to shut the fuck up for good about how awful, how inhuman, how RAYCISS!! this country is.

13 thoughts on “Negro fatigue

  1. I have to say I disagree with Skeptic. The entire problem, IMO, can be laid at the feet of the welfare state and the progressive left that enables the deadbeats.

    Look at the white population and what is occurring. As the welfare state advances the number of white deadbeats increases. There is not a single metric I’m aware of that is getting better.

    Eliminate the welfare state that pays young women to have babies out of wedlock, that destroys family structure, that provides incentive to not work, and you will eliminate the black problem and the coming fast white problems.

    Stop blaming some perceived or real difference in IQ. The IQ of black folk has not gone down since the development of the welfare state. Look at the situation prior to the welfare state. It is night and day.

    In fact, if I’m going to blame anyone, it’s marxist whites that don’t give a damn about anyone, black or white. They caused all our problems and continue to cause our problems. Let’s send them somewhere.

    1. If that were true, though, then you would expect to see the same level of criminality, gang activity and social chaos in poor cities and towns that are predominately white. I’m thinking places like Rock Springs, WY or any number of other small boom-and-bust cities where a drop in oil or other natural resource prices, or the closing of the factory that moves production overseas results in mass layoffs, unemployment, and the explosion (both literally and figuratively) of meth labs.

      And yet – while these places are not pretty or pleasant, neither are they the urban hell-scapes that many of our inner cities are. Petty crimes (mostly theft and simple assault) are common but homicide, armed robbery and rape aren’t much worse than they were before the boom towns busted. Deaths tend to be the “deaths of despair”, i.e. drug overdoses and suicide, rather than gang related murder.

      1. No doubt the worst place to live is in the large inner cities. Run by marxists, dominated by government welfare. Remove the welfare and we wouldn’t have these marxist welfare ghetto’s.

        Look at the rate of out of wedlock births in the white population, it has risen at a very high rate and poverty, drugs, and crime always follow fatherless homes. I can’t speak to small town Wyoming, but in small town NC and SC industry has a hard time finding decent workers now. Drug use is rampant. Welfare is what sustains it. Why work when you are not hungry, and have a roof over your head?

        The government pays women to have children out of wedlock. You get what you pay for, black, white, red, or green.

  2. I think Skeptic has made a number of very valid points.

    The whole concept of desegregation which was a forced union of two cultures that have nothing in common. Each race has little to share with the other. Way of life and customs and mores are mutually exclusive.

    As with any “forced” union, it never goes well. Democrats like Kennedy, Johnson, etc. who suffered “white man’s guilt” or some other character flaw that prevented them from thinking clearly should be congratulated for the mess that we have today. People that spoke out against desegregation for whatever reason were and continued to be vilified today.

    However, this is a clearly RACIST and unenlightened view and I apologize for stating it here….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. I don’t see “desegregation” as anything more than what it was originally, the elimination of using the law to force people of one race to remain separated from other races. It allows the people the choice of who they associate with, nothing more. It’s not a forced union other than you cannot discriminate in the workplace or in commerce. You are certainly not required to be friends.

      I’m not ceding to the state the power to determine who my friends are, who I may marry or sleep with.

      You do not have to accept another culture, but as long as that culture is not criminal, who cares? It is the lawless criminal activity, the theft and assault that is the problem. And one can lay that directly at the feet of the welfare state.

      “Democrats like Kennedy, Johnson, etc.” had something else in mind and we have the results of that today. That is the problem, not skin color, IQ, or culture where culture is not criminal.

      Guess what, there are more bad white people than black, because the percentage of black folks is only 12-13%. Near 30% of this country are marxist/communist from what I see. And they are the real problem. They create the BLM bullshit to stir up trouble. They create the antifa to stir up trouble. They give the Sharpton’s and the Jackson’s, the Johnson’s and the Kennedy’s the cover to stir up trouble. The whole bit is orchestrated by white guys with help from the bad black guys. No real shortage of either set.

      1. They pay the BLM, Antifa, Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton, the LBJs and 0bamas and Ayers and Holders to do that.
        They funded the anti-Vietnam War movements. They funded the anti-War movement for WW II until Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.
        They funded the anti-W Bush Wars Movements.They were funding the Peaceniks for the Korean War too. (Because it was a “UN” operation their cover was less robust).
        They fund the riots at Colleges like Berkeley and the riots outside Trump Rallies.
        They fund, not just “support”. They encourage. They push for this behavior.
        I just want to make sure we understand how Marxists, mostly Commies, but some Nationalists, create the schisms in order to tear apart America.

  3. Fundamentally, middle class white people simply don’t want to live, work or go to school with poor blacks and as long as they have the ability to choose to do so, they will segregate themselves.  Even the “most wokest” of guilt-ridden white liberals will still choose to live in a mostly-white neighborhood, especially once they have kids.  They will choose professions that give them minimal contact with blacks (especially poor blacks) and they will choose to send their children to school at mostly-white schools.

    And the “non-woke” but also non-political whites – that is, the vast, vast majority of middle class white people who are just working, getting by, raising their families and building their homes – when they see the nightly chaos erupting in mixed-race or mostly black neighborhoods, what do they think?  Do they think “man, that sure would be a great place to live/work/start a new business?”  Of course not.

    When I lived in Charlotte, I noticed the phenomenon of the “ring suburb” and the “Ghost mall.”

    The “ring suburb” was what you got when the city decided they were going to start “busing” kids from the more affluent, suburban areas of Charlotte into the inner city schools (and vice-versa) to acheive desegregation.  I believe it was actually the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district that was the first one involved in a forced busing case some time in the early 70’s.

    So what happened?  Did middle-class white parents just shrug their shoulders and say “Oh, well, I guess they’re going to send our kids to an inferior school, nothing we can do?”  No, of course not.  They put their homes up for sale and moved to a shiny new suburb just across the school district line.   These suburbs formed a rough circle around the outside edge of the school district and were filled with new houses and prosperous businesses.   The homes the fleeing whites left behind left lost value (many of them sold to black families at cut-rate prices) and when they moved out, the businesses they supported moved with them,  often relocating to the same “ring suburbs” as the new houses.

    The shopping centers left behind then closed their stores one-by-one until they stood largely vacant, vandalized, overgrown with weeds and often the hangout of the homeless and criminal:  The “ghost mall.”

    Until and unless the “progressives” get the power to tell people where to live, middle-class white people will continue to segregate themselves from poor blacks, and the cycle will continue.


    1. Fundamentally, middle class black people simply don’t want to live, work or go to school with poor blacks and as long as they have the ability to choose to do so, they will segregate themselves. Even the “most wokest” of guilt-ridden black liberals will still choose to live in a mostly-white neighborhood, especially once they have kids. They will choose professions that give them minimal contact with blacks (especially poor blacks) and they will choose to send their children to school at mostly-white schools.

      Just as true. The poor blacks are generally in the inner city, run by the marxists. No one of means, white, black, red, or green wishes to live there.

      I was born in NC, moved to SC at the age of 12. Went to school in both states and moved to Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) in 1990. Mecklenburg County and the city of Charlotte are in the top five for population growth in the USA. They are not now, and have not been since I’ve been here, moving to the surrounding counties. Some exceptions of course. Property values are not dropping and have not since I’ve been here. I’m not sure how you arrive at your conclusions, maybe you speak of something occurring pre 1990.

      With that growth there has been growth in the surrounding counties of course. The school districts in those counties are integrated just like Mecklenburg. I sent four kids through the Mecklenburg county school system. It sucks just like most of the schools nationwide. Had my kids not been in the IB programs from middle school on I would have put them in private school*. Moving to the next county would not help much except on a case by case basis.

      *many of the privates are as bad as public schools

      1. Many of the privates are as bad as public schools.

        You got that right. The final straw in how i convinced my wife to move to America. The other being her misconception that I would only consider living in a suburb of NYC.

      2. Fundamentally, middle class black people simply don’t want to live, work or go to school with poor blacks and as long as they have the ability to choose to do so, they will segregate themselves.

        And fundamentally, whites don’t want to live, work, or go to school with blacks, and as long as they have the ability to choose to do so, they will segregate themselves. It’s called White Flight.

        Latinos don’t want to live, work, or go to school with blacks either, but they use different tactics to keep blacks segregated from themselves. It’s not “Latino flight”.

        1. Key adjective Barry used: poor and inner-city.
          Which is the key to Barry’s point.
          I can and have lived quite satisfied with 85 IQ White poeple.
          Low IQ does not automatically equate with violence.
          So therefore I can interact with 85 IQ Black people, as long as their upbringing is respect for other people.
          Which brings about another point. If “average” IQ is 85 that means 50% is above that IQ, which means I also have no problem with other high IQ people, ONCE again IF they are taught manners and resect for human life.
          The problem with the IQ=85 argument is that there are plenty of people 85 for Blacks and plenty of -100 for Whites.
          But that is also a point Barry makes. Many 100 IQ whites STILL support Commies. Why? They want to GAMP. Gain And Maintain Power.

        2. “And fundamentally, whites don’t want to live, work, or go to school with blacks, and as long as they have the ability to choose to do so, they will segregate themselves.”

          This is probably true. However, within my old neighborhood (I have few neighbors now) we had quite a few black folks and no one wanted to get away from them. Why would we? One family had 4 kids. The two oldest are now MD’s and the youngest has a masters in chemical eng from one of the best schools in the country. I don’t recall what the other kid is doing. Repeat that story several times over in my old neighborhood. What those family’s most despised – inner city welfare blacks that give all black folks a black eye.

    2. I went to school with some poor blacks. Not a problem. Some were bad apples but the system worked, just as it should work for bad apple Whites. Which it did. Some other poor blacks were my teammates. Friends at least. Not close friends, I do not kid you.

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