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Turnaround, in the wrong direction

This. This right here.

RUSH: So, I checked the email during the break (I always do that), and there was a great question. “Rush, what is it that’s really bothering you about this? I don’t think you’re actually telling us. I don’t think you’re getting all the way there. It seems like you’re holding things back. What’s really bothering you?”

I’m not holding anything back, but I did… I thought, “Okay. What do they think I’m holding back? Why do people think that I’m not saying what I really think about this?” So I began to analyze that and I have an answer — and here’s what it is? You know what bugs me about this? We’re just sitting around waiting!

We’re not in any way attacking this. We’re not on offense at all. We are being entirely defensive, and that doesn’t defeat anything. “But, Rush! But, Rush! We’re talking about a contagious disease. We must avoid the spread.” Let me tell you something, folks. There is so much about this that I don’t think we have been truthfully told.

And I don’t know whether that it’s purposeful or not. I’m not gonna go into Conspiracyville. But Governor Cuomo yesterday was now telling us that far more people have been infected than they knew — and we know this is true in Santa Clara, California. It’s probably true in California at large. We know it’s true in LA County.

What Governor Kemp is doing is going on offense. Governor Kemp says, “We’re not gonna let this think destroy us. We’re not gonna let this thing…” I mean, we’re sitting around and allowing this to happen! It’s actually worse than that. We are doing this to ourselves. This is the thing that just grates on me under the guise that we’re trying to do what?

Keep people from getting sick. The recovery rate remains 98%. You’re probably sick and tired of me saying that. But overall, what bothers me, folks, is that how long are we gonna sit down? How long are we going to shelter in place? To what end? “Well, Rush, we have to bend the curve, my man.”

Yeah (sigh), and we’re bending the curve for what reason? Make sure the hospitals are not overrun with a bunch of people infected at the same time. But we’re eventually gonna have come out of our hovels, aren’t we? The hobbits are gonna eventually have to start looking for the ring.

It just seems like this is an entirely defensive posture, and I know the people in charge of it can make the case for that, but it just… (grumbling) “How would you attack the virus, Rush? We can’t even see it.” Well, I’m not an epidemiologist. But the things that we’ve been told, like, “We gotta wait for a vaccine”? We may never get one of those!

Believe it or not, Rush’s rant precisely mirrors a conversation I was having with my brother recently, although we were discussing Trump specifically as having somehow been forced onto the defensive by the Chink-N-Pox bait and switch. However such an unwelcome reversal may have transpired, if the Prez doesn’t quickly come up with a way to turn things around and get back to throwing punches instead of covering up, it will cost not only Trump but the nation itself quite dearly.

A very large part of Trump’s appeal to fed-up Real Americans was his eagerness to take the offensive, rather than the usual defensive crouch we’d all grown so frustrated and disgusted with after years of perennial-loser GOPe frauds swirling willingly down the drain. Trump can hardly afford to back into a neutral corner for some rope-a-dope action now; with a miraculously-revived US economy being brought to unexpected ruin all around us, what was an all-but-a-gimme 2020 reelection suddenly looks one hell of a lot dicier as it is.

“Defensive” is not a good look for Trump; that same tired old shit is readily available from any garden-variety GOPe hack in arm’s reach, any time we feel like squeezing his bulbous head for some. We need Trump back on track banging away at his/our enemies relentlessly, making them react to him instead of the other way around, now more than ever.

27 thoughts on “Turnaround, in the wrong direction

  1. I have thought and continue to, that the American people went along with this lockdown crap because they thought they were doing the right thing. They are waking up now and beginning to realize that at best a big mistake was made and at worst they were sold this for diabolical reasons, but that either way the progs are now attempting to use it to tank the economy completely. So, I think we’ll keep seeing more people wake up and fight back.

    1. I hope you are correct and we will see more people start fighting back, Barry. This entire disastrous shutdown nonsense has already caused massive harm, and the longer it lasts the worse the total damage will be. Far too many people have bought the official narrative and think any contact with other people is risking a horrible death, everywhere in the US is “just a couple weeks” from being as bad as New York city, etc. Cowering on their knees, begging the government to lock the slave collar around their necks, no price too high for an illusion of being kept “safe” from the nasty virus. It is depressing to watch the last remnants of America That Was get crushed into dust under the heel of government jackboots.

      1. Yea, Haz, I *hope* I’m right. I’m seeing more and more stirrings on the intertubes and there are protests getting more support. So, we’ll see. I’m just afraid it’s too late to get back quickly. It may take years…

        1. I hope we have the years it will take to recover. Every dictator and jihadi on the planet has just seen how soft our underbelly truly is. Forget nukes and missiles and challenging America’s mega-expensive carrier groups and air power — no need! Home brew bioweapons labs are being set up in a thousand basements. While COVID-19 may (possibly) not have been an intentional attack, you can bet your last roll of precious precious toilet paper that the next one WILL be. And my guess is that the next one will not be long in coming. We have a lot of enemies and they now have proof that while America still has some bark the seemingly mighty oak tree is just a hollow shell, rotten to the core. One solid blow will bring it down, and there is a long list of people eager to deliver that blow.

          If the supply chains get back to something resembling normal it will be time to stock up and prep for more and worse than this little COVID-19 business. More and worse will be coming, and soon.

          1. “Every dictator and jihadi on the planet has just seen how soft our underbelly truly is.”

            Just my observation, but the problem with bioweapons is you need the antidote/vaccination ahead of time or it gets you as well. Those basements *might* manage to turn out a bad bug, but can they turn out the cure to save their selves? Not likely.

            People get used to bad conditions. The soft underbelly will turn nuclear if needed.

        2. My biggest fear here is that some Dolt of a Dem will succeed in beating Trump in November. It is looking pretty likely that at least some battleground States with blue Governors are going to string this out for mail-in only voting come then. Minnesota people are already started to smell a rat and MI is definitely a possibility too.
          Heck here in NC our own Cooper is extending the Shut Downs and moving the Goal Posts already.

    2. For me the turnaround point was when they tried to tank the TrumpCure. It had been known to be effective and safe for a while then but they spent a week trying to paint it as harmful and then they tried to tell us that a 12-18 month double blind trial had to be done to “make sure it was safe to use”.

      In other words, they WANTED people to die rather than save them with a completely safe treatment we have been using for 65 years, in order to hurt President Trump.

      1. There is now a study from Italy showing an almost zero rate of infection for lupus and arthritis patients taking the drug, and no ICU cases or deaths.

  2. (This is meant as reply to Barry’s reply above. I see reply buttons to other comments but not that one — nesting limit, maybe?)

    The 12th Imam types and the radical greens would see wiping out everyone including their own side as a feature. So no need for any cure, just tinker to get the most virulent bug you can and set it loose.

    As for nuclear response, maybe a President Trump would do it _IF_ there was rock-solid evidence of where it originated. A Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney type GOPer, or any democrat? Not a chance. The official narrative would be that America “deserved” it. They would probably try to launch another “boots on the ground” nation-building invasion, if they did anything at all.

    1. Could be Haz, but I notice the “upper echelon” of the radical muslims always want someone else to die for allah.

      The only way to be certain you’ve killed the bug is to incinerate it… I suspect we won’t need much incentive if we get an ebola like bug spreading around.

  3. If you want any more proof that Fauci is a Deep State lying POS and the Vindman of the CDC/Healthcare Cabal then read this:

    Of course HCQ plus Zinc is a perfectly good treatment for WuFlu but it’s way off patent and so Cheap and Effective.
    So of course he questions that TrumpCure to high heaven.
    But Resveratril or whatever is a patent drug costing a $1000 a pop so of course he wants to talk that up as the Next GREAT CURE!
    People like Henry have been sold a bill of goods and not only that, their VERY LIVES have been put in danger because these people don’t want to Stop Deaths. They want to Enrich Their Cronies.

    1. “They want to Enrich Their Cronies.”
      And get Trump.
      Oh, and Henry doesn’t care. He likes seeing the economy of the United States destroyed.

  4. What do “people like Henry” have to do with what Fauci says and promotes? In my wife’s hospital and others throughout Spain they have been giving HCQ plus zinc to China virus patients for several weeks now.

    By the way, my wife was infected by the China virus back in March. An initial test she had back then was a false negative but she, as many other medical folks did, took the Trump cure anyway just in case.

    Also, show me where Henry said he likes seeing the US economy destroyed.

    1. “Shut up” he said when numbers about the economic destruction to come were presented.

      1. A Fed official is saying unemployment at the end of this year could still be as high as 10%.

        That’s 10.5 Million people unemployed for at least 9 months.

        But it’s nothing. Move On™

  5. I think I’m witnessing Hank Derangement Syndrome.

    Correction: I know I’m witnessing Hank Derangement Syndrome.

    1. Your utter lack of thought is stunning.

      GDP CONTRACTED 4.8% in the First quarter. Remember, this 4.8% drop was 2.5% growth in mid-March.

      The actual contraction in just 2 weeks is 7.3%

      We’ve had a further Month of this crapola and we’re STILL just tenderfooting any reopening in just a few places.
      One third of the second quarter is in the books and it was worse those 4 weeks than it was the first two weeks.

      We may be seeing a -15% quarter when they report it at the end of July.

      Does that sink in? The 7.8% fall reverses ALL economic growth under Trump.
      Another quarter of the same fall wipes out another 5 years of 0’s tepid growth.
      -15% would wipe ALL economic growth back to the end of the Great Recession.

      30 million people thrown out of work and the Fed says to expect that to still be 16.2 Million people out of work by Dec 31, 2020.

      Thanks for the great Depression 2.0 Henry. I hope you feel secure.

      That’s JUST the US.

        1. You’re seemingly ok with it because If It Saved Just One Life.

          Please don’t try to pretend a month ago you DIDN’T support the Lockdowns. Because I wash your comments out with Soap for 20 seconds and I still can’t them rid of your BS.

        2. You supported the nazi’s, still do. You’re incapable of causing anything of value.

          Your sneering at people revolting in Gaston county was noted.

          1. Accusing me of stuff I haven’t said or done is just another manifestation of Hank Derangement Syndrome. It truly is an appalling affliction.

          2. You’re a truly appalling human being.

            Do you beat your wife?

        3. Any time I made a comment that DIDN’T mention the people dying you came after me about NOT CARING ABOUT PEOPLE DYING.

          Now you’re chasing me over here. It’s time to look in the mirror and discover real Hank Derangement Syndrome.

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