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Go ye and read of it, for It Is Good

Russ’s promised follow-up to the Cavuto/MS post below is now up:

Within a week of that last linked post, though, I had to start using a cane… not for support, as much as for an aid to balance. A “third point of contact,” if you will. My late father’s cane is about four inches too short for me, though, so I eventually ordered one a bit taller.

Think about that. I have purchased a cane. For my own use. Not as a gag.

I’m 44 years old.

Later, he mentions Prednisone, which both my dad and aunt were taking for a while; it’s some seriously strong stuff. But enough from me; y’all know what to do. One more thing: my fingers will be crossed for ya on Monday, Russ.


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