Catching Up

Greetings Y’all

Been talking with Mike, he sends regards and all the ‘usual froo-froo’ if’n you will. Think the man is a mite -peeved- at the whole “Winderz versus Apple” thing as, as I stated before, Fearless Leader apparently enjoys the “Dark Side” and usually does all his work on an Apple. The lappie I sent him was a Spawn-Created Winderz machine, which, after that one poast before this apparently yet another loooooong poast he’d been working on got TOTALLY ate the fuck up, so he’s been in a “Fuckitall” mode til he gets out and back on his Apple.

Which brings me to the next. Mike’s gettin’ sprung from ‘durance vile’ inside of oh shit, what about 5 days from now? He texted me at the beginning of the week (we haven’t talked much what with the torture sessions they’ve been legit putting on him) saying he had like 7 days left.

Not that I’m ignoring him nor y’all, I just been busy AF lately. Like everyone else, I’ma bit more’n nervous ’bout the whole Krainian thing, and I’ve been actually working on assisting Mike and his Brother with some defensive suggestions for the new compound…well not ‘new-new’ but now fully refurbished thanks to y’all’s donations (Thank Billy for getting the funds to Mike on the DL… good dude there… bit of a smartass, but a good dude). Mike’s brother has a “couple of acres and a mule” so to speak that the cash helped refurb to ‘cripple friendly’ and is going to be Mike’s “Hunker in the Bunker”

Hope he’s got room for me, Wifey and Sapper.

But otherwise, he’ll be back in a short-short. Like I said, he’s busy giving name, rank and serial number only to the torture specialists, and it’s only a matter of a few days til he gets sprung.

My apolly-olly-geez for being remiss in the updates… quite literally, shytte at MY A.O. has been off the chain stupid with Dumbunny to the point I… I had to call the fuzz in, which is a violation of Rule #1 “Never call the fuzz, deal with it yourself and have a shovel on hand”.

Problem is, Dumbunny is Wifey’s only Spawn, and I’m -not- allowed to ‘terminate with extreme prejudice.’


So, stay tuned and we’ll see what happens

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Gonna Smack That Boy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

OK, so that latest and greatest is we got the monies rolling out to Mike in a short-short. Doing it ‘properly’ so that we avoid the earlier mentioned “Imperial Entanglements” sos to keep things on the cool side. Now, as to the update on Mike, he’s doing very well that I can tell. He’s busy as hell what with The Physical Abuse/Rebuild he’s got going on, but he has graduated from “bedridden” to “wheeling around” in his own wheelchair.

He also may be slacking a bit. I sent his ass a Dell Laptop that I know arrived ‘cos I was tracking that sucker, and Big Mike called me all excited. Now, part of the issue is probably a learning curve, primarily as I didn’t know this, but Mike, he’s been drawn over to the “Dark Side”, i.e. he’s an Apple man.

Maaaaan justt when you think you know someone huh?

And since he IS an Appleman, and I’m a Winders sorta guy, whelp the spare Lappie I had Spawn put together was a Winders 10 with an bogus-build on it, read non-licensed version. It works, it’ll just keep asking for the activation code and pissing him off. He’s probably having to learn the ins and outs of the Microsuck Universe.

So, I’ve been blowing up his phone telling him to GTF Back to work here, but then again, he just may be composing a bit of a Magnum Opus sort of poast like he’s been known to do. He’s been essentially cut off from the news and shenanigans that’ve been going on, and I’m sure just having the ability to surf again is like giving a Crackhead a baggie of Rock after a long absence.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Many thanks to Steve for the as-of-late poasts… I’m barely capable of keeping up with MY house these days, so my thanks brotherman!

More Later


Update To The Update and Whatever

Greetings All Y’all who still give a shit!

OK literally got off the phone with Mike right now. He’s in GREAT shape mentally, wore the fuck out physically, and happy AF in general.

Now, Mea Culpa here. The laptop I put together for him suffered some ‘issues’… (Dell Inspiron L3350) and I had to replace a new memory stick in as one of them wasn’t working proper… Then, outside of the memory issue, Spawn had me replace the regular HDD. Per Spawn’s influence, and the fact that he’s a mad fan of Mike, I ordered, waited and then plugged a brand new 256 GB what do you call it, a Solid State Drive which may or may not survive the transportation to him… either way…

Now he’s got Win10…

And after the fact I find out his normal OS is Apple


I -do not- want to spend the $$ on a fucking apple. No joke Aye? He’ll get the Win10 and deal with it, as he said in the humorous “get better or I’ll beat you” conversation I had tonight.

So, otherwise, shytte goes out NOW in the next 24.. and Mike should be back in charge.

Apple or No Apple Aye?



Update Time

Greetings Gang!

OK seems Mike is doing good and bad. Good in that he’s alive, bad is that he’s -still- not answering the phone, nor texting. His brother Jeff called today to give me the name of a trusted folk up around yonder to get the cashola that we raised to Mike and avoid any ‘imperial entanglements’ i.e. the Tax Doodz and Medicaid Arseholes.

Seems that the biggest problem is that Mike has to be completely financially busted ass broke to make sure that he get allllll this medical ‘stuff’ taken care of, so’s we got Billy up thar to be the bagman. Many thanks for that Bro! After talking to him n’Jeff, I guess it’s literally be a bag full of cash being parceled out…

Sort of reminds me of how I paid the internet bill back in Bagdad.

Literally $10k USD in a brown paper bag, handed to a dude named Mustapha in a back alley out of the regular line of sight from most folks… Made even MOR entertaining in that I was usually a rolling death machine, All body-armored up, armed with my MP-5, 3 or 4 frags, and my Browning Hi-Power…

Good times, good times.

So, anyways, they’re getting Mikey walking/stumping and kitting him out with a peg leg, and he’s being ornery as all get out. He’s bored to death, and still pretty demoralized, so his location is here:

Now I just checked in and when I mentioned Mike by name, the on-duty nurse started giggling and said “Oh Mike!!! Oh he’s a character!” so it’s pretty clear that he’s keeping everyone on their toes around him… I’m shipping out a laptop to him either tomorrow or the day after as they have wireless there and he’ll be forced to get back in Ye Olde Bloggsaddle ‘cos I know y’all are tired of my sorry ass, that and he’s bored to death what with only the TV to keep him entertained.

So, show him some love and make sure you put HIS name on any mail going there, and the staff’ll make sure he gets it.

Good news… ’bout damned time Aye?
More Later


Thank God…

…I didn’t fuck up getting us (well, the page) out of what Mike would be sure to call the “Horrordays Theme of 2021” and back to the Classis Cold Fury… Whew… Thankfully Mike has the majority of the stuff save TO the site… I’m sure I’ll still catch hell, but fuckit…

More Later Yadda Yadda



Another Update (5 Jan)

Greetings Evvabody!

Again, it’s been a loooong couple of weeks for our Fearless Leader. He was doing good, then not so much, then good, then back to not so much… well, it would appear, leastways on it’s face that he’s finally getting around to where he’s being transferred tomorrow to start his full on PT and Rehab. The whole Omnicrom or whatevz caused a brief delay, as well as some more cuttin’ on Mike… sounds like he’s “Frankenmike” these days, stitched up like a rag doll… BUT

He called me tonight and we got to talk for a few before Nurse Ratched showed up to enforce the ‘no laughter’ rules.

He is, in his own words “…ready to put this shit behind me and relearn how to do -stuff- again!” I won’t go into details, but without going all graphic, I think his idea of heaven right now would be to use an actual toilet bowl as opposed to the bedpan brigade that he’s been stuck with. The whole ‘learning to walk ‘ thing is scheduled a bit down the road, but for now, and pardon the pun, one step at a time.

Now, other things is Wifey is going up thataways in the next week or two. She’s got to go visit a very old and dear friend who’s in similar circumstance… this ole girl though broke her leg and has nobody (fambly speaking) in the immeadiate A.O. to assist, so’s Wifey is dispatching up there to help out for a week or so. She’ll be passing by Mikey’s Torture Palace, and as I told him point blank:

“You’ve been on vay-kay long enuff. I’m sending you Wifey with a laptop for you to start getting back on here… the Cold Fury regulars are sick of me, and it’s getting ugly(er).”… and considering this crowd, that’s pretty damned ugly. He’s looking forward to it, and his mood is much better. For a while he was really down, but it looks like the light at the end of THIS particular tunnel ain’t a train.

Lastly, I thought I mentioned it but Mike opened for, played with, and knows Brian Setzer of “Stray Cats” fame, and he’s got a new album and tour going on, so I reached out… not for a donation per say, but to see if he could at least use some of that serious star power to help out Mike a bit. We shall see.

So it’s -finally- looking up. More as we go I’m the Intrepid Reporter



Way Behind the Power Curve

Greetings Evvabody!

The horror-days took up an inordinate amount of bullshytte as one can well imagine. Much to my professional chagrin, I’ve been behind on updating everyone on ye olde Fearless Leader of the Peg-Legged variety. According to sources, the infection in his spine didn’t get the full rinse and clean, and they had to cut on Mike again… I’ve been out of the loop, most embarrassed, but I still have to make the donuts Aye? He’s alive, and ready for rehab but still…

Still makes me feel like a shit tho…

The good news is that we’ve raised over $36K for Mike

The bad news is it’s only $36K.
Anyone got some Hollyweird contacts out there? FFS we should be able to hit up Brian Setzer… anyone who gets a line on that motherfucker and gets this ball of slow moving wax moving again, I’ll set up with an Autographed set of Charlie Mike Comix starring moi… and yeah, ego trip… y’all haters can suck it.

Yeah, NOT a shameless plug tho, it’s out of print. Not that it’s a OMFG thing, just nice to have some of my antics illustrated and published… I have two editions, #1 and that one #4 that I’m a featured story in. And yeah, that pic above is Marc’s rendition of me LOL… The main ramrod in it is Marc Baker who’s famous Army Wide for his “Private Murphy Comic” which was featured for years in Stars and Stripes. been friends with him for a minute, and he came up with a cathartic way for us Iraq Vets to tell our stories via a comic book… very cool…

So, whoever can get the moneyball rolling again, I’d surely appreciate it. Win 2x signed comix… I raised a hair over $1k with my raffle $$$. And that’s now complete (drawn today). Maybe another raffle in the future, ‘cept for some serious prizes, like a handgun or shotgun? Have to see… all comments and suggestions are welcome and yes, it’ll go to Mike, despite Mister “Royally Stupid” Commenter before…
I’ll let you know when I hear from either Mike or Jeff… it’s been slow though as I figure evvabody be in the post horror-daze mode…
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


Update to the Update

Hey y’all!
Mike’s Brother Jeff called, and gave me the latest. Seems our Dear Leader is doing very well. He’s in surgery today, as they’re sewing up all the pieces parts that they didn’t before. For those of you who don’t know, when they get all hacky-hacky-wackity with the axes and scalpels, they have to plug in a drain to get all the nasty out, especially in light of how much infection he had riding shotgun on him.

Also, his carcass responded to the meds exceptionally well, and the infection they were worried about in his back is going away nicely. He’s being moved OUT of the ICU here too to Room 6219 in the next 24-48 when he recovers from this round of stich-bitch sewing.

All and all, most excellent news.

Jeff also pulled rank on him so to speak, and actually got him to choke down Ye Olde ‘Ospital Gruel that most of us who’ve been in a ‘ospital know of… I’d rather be on the Omelet and Ham MRE than hospital grub. BUT it’s utterly necessary to get him back up to speed and strength. Jeff -also- got him some resistance bands for him to start working out and he did, so fear not gang, Mike’s now on the mend. Jeff said it’s be about another 7-10 days, and they’ll be transferring him to a rehab facility where the real fun begins…

So, as I gets intel, I’ll keep throwing it up here. Also, I’m using some of the donated cash to send Mike -something- as Jeff said no flowers nor Big Tiddied Whammenz has shown up. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d have a Doordash deliver a Double Bacon Greaseburger and a cold beer, but the docs might have issues with that… I’ll let y’all know when that goes, and get Jeff to take a picture or something if Mike’ll allow it.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
And I did this as well, we’ll see what happens?


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

So a bit of a clarification is in order:
Some dood over at Gab burned me a new asshole over the poasting of my Raffle at my house.

Thing of it is, since the whole “Mike Thing” started, I A) Had a complete drop off the cliff on the Raffle, and B) I’ve wrapped up every. single. donation. that I’ve gotten for the Raffle since the “Mike Thing” started, and put it in Mike’s Kitty so to speak.. right now, about $500 from me in dribs and drabs.

The reason I poasted about it is also, the fundraiser has staggered and like had ZERO Movement.
I figured the incentivization of “Donate/Raffle” gets you cool shit. If anyone misunderstood, them me most ‘umble apologies.

And for that guy? Thanks for making me aware of that I didn’t communicate clearly enuff… but by the same token, stay in yer own fucking lane if’n you ain’t stepping up to the plate Aye?

Now, as far as Mike’s condition?
Mean as a snake still. He’s supposed to call me tonight. This time I’ma gonna be ‘good cop’ as what he’s been through is some seriously traumatic shytte and I’ve sorta-kinda dealt with stuff like this over the years. His biggest question is “Why me?” which is a natural reaction.

Now, ‘other biddness’
Chris Muir drew this up for other/all the webpages to Poast on their Bleggs as a free download to use in conjunction with any fundraising:

TBH, the face on that there hottie has a MOR than passing resemblance to Wifey, but I ain’t sayin shytte as her ego is already at “Hindenburg” levels.

So, that’s whats going on. Any Ideas for Blowing Up this campaign? I’m by no means a marketing specialist, and my mags have run dry. Any suggestions in the comments would be welcome!

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


Good News

Ok Gang, Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Mike a.k.a. “Stumpy” or “Peg-Leg” as he shall be known as is doing very well currently. He’s still got -some- infection but the croakers (doctors) are no longer worried. Only thing they had to do was on his right foot it seems that his Big Toe didn’t get the message and got eighty-sixed with the rest of the bad bunch.

His mood has not improved but they have brought his clothes, and his cell phone so he can get calls, for those of you close enough to be in the ‘inner cool-kid circle’

I’m broke but if’n someone, in lieu of a donation can send a titty-strip-o-gram it’d probably make things better.

Get the chickie to make Mike to literally eat his veggies and be a Good Boy
He’s been protesting the grub in the hospital ‘cos it ain’t Greaseburgers and Fries, with an extra side of cholesterol. I told him that right there is why we’re where we be at Aye? She’s also have to tell him to be nicer towards the staff, as they’re doing their level best to wrangle an angry redneck shy a leg and a toe. Then and only then should he get the titties.

I told him he should be grateful as fuck instead of ornery as Wifey’s friend? He had a similar experience, but unfortunately for him (God rest him, he was a nce guy) the Gangrene went allllll the way up and done ate his junk… like complete package elimination


So yeah, he needs to stop giving shit to everyone. Especially the nurses and Physical Tortur… errr Therapists.

Now, other things Big Country done fucked up:

Namely Mike’s PayPal, which I swear to God as my witness, I had no idea existed on this here place. The link is listed as “Shameless Begging” and is on the right hand side. It’s for y’all too fucking lazy… Y’all who want to donate that way, go for it. As far as I know, the shit is good… if not, please let me know, ‘cos a lot of this ‘stuff’ I’m finding out via bits and pieces here n’there… Swear to Gawd if Mike survives, I’m ’bout to purely kill his ass done dead Aye.

So, good news all around, and if’n you get the urge to come over to MY place and throw $$$ for the raffle, I’ma ’bout to -sweeten the deal- with an additional 27 rounds of M855A1 62grain with an additional 3 rounds of XM856 64 grain tracer… and two brand new PMAGs in the wrapper to load ’em into. $10 a chance, with the Two Damascus handmade boot Knives and two autographed Charlie Mike Comix. Total now is 6 rounds of Tracer, and 54 rounds of Green tip ball, plus two mags and the ka-niffs and comix…

Oy Vey! Whadda deal I’m offering!

I’m announcing that at MY house tomorrow, so y’all Furians get a jump on the rest of MY criminal scum.

MY PayPal is LOL.
$10 an entry, to be drawn on New Year Eve by Wifey or some other suitable piece of fluff from her friends in bikinis.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


Cards, Flowers and Big Tiddy Strip-O-Grams

Got the addy of where they go Mike stashed. I actually talked to him today and boy-howdy, he’s in an especially ornery mood, as well he should be. He’s also high as all get the hell out on the good stuff. Bad news is the infection is now on his spine… they’re working it, and it’s ‘minor’ for the sake of minor, but he’s still kicking, and as I told him only the good die young…

So He’s at

 CaroMont Regional Medical Center 2525 Court Dr, Gastonia, NC 28054

I know I’ve annoyed y’all enough but any love you can show him is much appreciated, as he said “I’m trapped here naked, eatin’ shitty food, and for some reason one of my legs is missing!!!”
The ‘good stuff’ indeed.

So yeah, no calls to him however. He’s got to rest and get better, so don’t be blowing up the fon there Aye?

Much Love to Everyone and Prayers for my Brother From Another Mother

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

“….One Red Shoe”

OK, so and update to the update. To answer some of the questions out there, The root cause of this was Mike had food poisoning, barfing whilst at the same time shitting hisself to the point you don’t get off the shitter, you just get a BIGGER bucket to hold the puke.

Seems he has the diabeetus, which when the infection ackchully spread to a body-wide dealio, his left foot essentially died… like gangrene.  The infection started working it’s way up his leg, and in order to save his life, the sawbones did just that. Incrementally to save -as much- of his leg as they could. They kept at it, hacking AND Massive Medications, and from what I’ve heard, they got ALL the shit (the infection itself) handled, but now?

Well, lets just say Mikey ain’t gonna need a “Left” Air Jordan anytime soon…  His shit ends just above where the knee -was-

Now, to be utterly honest, not a bad spot to stop cutting.  I know me personally at least three guys (Infantry/SF and ALL still on active duty last I heard) who’ve had legs lopped off, blown off or generally ‘removed’ in unnatural incidents… (although one we never speak of, as it involved three Mexican chicks,  a Tijuana Donkey Show, a jelly donut and some –serious– depravity… ugly doesn’t begin to describe the scene)

Anywho, new stump-covers are really fucking good these days, hence my fundraiser.  And he’s gonna need a LOT of drinks too….  Wars tend to seriously advance our know-how when it comes to traumatic Limb Injury… ask Aesop aboot it….

Jes’ Sayin’

Now, at this point the GoFundMe seems to have slowed a mite. We’re a hair under $20K as I saw this A.M. If you’ve already tagged it, then coolio. Claire Wolfe sent me a Cee-Note which I donated for her (it had to go as an ‘anon’ name but it’s in there, and I thank her as well.. Thanks for the support also to Normal American who runs the eeeevil Aggregator “News to Keep You Out Of The Camps” where he’s ‘pinned’ the GFM to the top of his page.

Now, Any suggestions to ‘kick it up a notch’ would be appreciated and to all you bloggers who jumped on the promotion train, I do indeed thank Ye All.

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredlywe shall all hang separately.”

We got to watch out for each other, and to all y’all who stepped up… y’all are the best.
So that’s the lastest… Pass it on!
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country

Update on Mike and Other Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So far, so good!  Mike’s brother hit me this A.M.  He came out of surgery and is actually doing well.  ‘Cept missing his leg and all… better a leg than the junk however amiright?  So they –think- they got ALL the problematic infection out, and that he’s stable.  ICU’d but stable.
And you guys gals and -whatevers- out there, y’all are fucking awesome.

21 Hours in and we’re at almost 10K for Mike.  And as one reader suggested, I’ma gonna see about doing a trust or something as the medical bills are going to be phenomenally stupid as fuck so’s having Mikey ackchully not having -anything- as of now might be a good idea?

Lord knows I’m still worried AND praying.  No lightening bolts yet but man, I’m usually not too hard of praying type.  Biggest concern is the medical folks theyselves… these days the trust I have of a croaker is near-to-nonexistent.  Their own damned fault too.  

Wasn’t it the Aztecs who used to tie the patient to the doctor if they died while under care and stake ’em out on the beach at the low tide?  If the doctor wasn’t guilty of malpractice, he’d survive, and if he fucked up and WAS to blame, he’d drown while tied to the carcass of the person he done kilt’.

Sometimes I think that our ‘primitive ancestors’ had a better view on how to deal with some of the shitheads that inhabit this lil ole ball o’mud.

So… just got off the phone with the IT Department.  One of the doodz, he’s a reader here and was instrumental in getting me on with Glorious People’s Tractor Factory.  I mentioned him before as the IT Commissar.  Seems H.R. showed up in the IT office and told him and his partner in crime that there was a problem in the Server Room that they needed to rectify.  A Spock-Like Single Eyebrow lift, followed by “What’s the problem?”  I mean what could have raised the ire of HR in the server room?
Well aboot that….

Seems that the server racks and switches, well if you’ve ever worked IT, they’ve got labels on them.  Apparently the “Master” Switch and the “Slave” switch, labeled as such was “problematic”.

Peak. Clown. World.

The two of them stared down the HR chick until they literally both exploded in laughter.  Like Howling pissing-in-pants levels of ‘lost their shit’ laughter.  HR Karen then pretty much hustled out of there.  He then called me still barely under control when I lost MY shit as well.  My sides still hurt.  Best part?  The Assistant Commissar came up with a new labeling idea… what was “Master” is now going to be labeled “Daddy” on a piece of Black Leather, and the “Slave” is going to be labeled “Sub” on vinyl.  The idea if the HR Lunatics complain about that, they’ll go after them for ‘kink-shaming’

I almost pissed myself I was laughing so hard.
Appreciate that man… I really needed that Aye.

So, Please let me know in the comments -how- we can get MOR folks onboard to spreading the word about Mike.  Tons of /ourguys have stepped up… All the usual suspects.  Wirecutter, Phil, Miguel, Borepatch, Claire Wolfe no less!  Peter at Bayou Ren, maaaan all the greats got on board… cept you Art?  Whaddup with that?
Oh!  Speaking of Art, over at his place, seems he dug up disturbing info aboot Ye Olde Paedo from CNN.  His Link here:
Looks like the fucker was on the radar.  As in the psycho-child-abusing Mom?  Yeah, she got busted for essentially selling her 9 year old lil girl to this fucking fuck

Maaaan, when I called it the other day “Resting Paedo Face” I wasn’t fucking wrong.
Seems the headlies have this info-nugget: “Nevada complaint alleges 9-year-old was left with Griffin alone when mother was hospitalized after BDSM tryst”
Uhhhh. say fuckin’ what?!?Then it gets even MOR fucked:
“It also reveals that authorities first became aware of Griffin’s depraved proclivities 18 months ago – yet the FBI didn’t arrest him until Friday in Connecticut for allegedly soliciting three mothers and their underage daughters for “training” on fetish sex.

The third count in the federal indictment out of Vermont is based on the encounter with the 9-year-old in July 2020, for which Griffin paid the mom $3,500 via Venmo.

After the woman’s arrest in August 2020, federal investigators seized “computers storage media, devices, phones, cameras, MicroSD cards, images, and video” from Griffin on Sept. 2, 2020, according to court documents.”
Time to bust out a quote:

Yah.Root and BranchALL them FBI cocksuckers
Ain’t one of them worth a fuck.
Spare me the “one apple” line too. 
They’re the modren-day STASI and they know it, and obviously have zero fucks to give.  I henceforth think that IF I were to ever receive a visit by Ye Olde Glowniggers and whatnot, I’ma telling them to pound sand as they –obviously– fake, ghey and co-opted to the point of absolute irredeemability.  As in no, go fuck yourself, and sideways for that matter.  Illegit DotGov, Illegit DotGovLaw.  Get fucked, die in a fire.

Where the fuck do we go?  I mean Jeebus… it’s readily apparent that we’re surrounded by Demonic Forces (((everywhere))) and that thankfully, I appear to be in a ‘safe state’ 

For now.

Ain’t moving unless it’s post-apocalypse.  Doc Mississippi who’s a reg’lar here, he’s a boobie-doc for rebuilds post cancer shytte… he’s told me he wants me at HIS place as the de-facto head of security.  My only issue there is that he’s in Jackson Mississippi, which for the values of such, that place is positively drenched in “Muh Diversity” and IF I head that way, it’s only ‘cos he figured out where to get 400 plus Claymore Mines we’ll need to get his defenses hardened to the point that I’m satisfied.  Guns?  He’s got guns… the term I use is “metric fucktons” and I mean that literally…  and his missus is a wonderful chicka who Wifey’ll get along with like gasoline and a housefire… it’s just the ‘muh Diversity’ that has me… shall we say… squeemish?

I mean when it hits, shit’s gonna be ugly.

I ackchully volunteered and submitted my shytte to the Florida Defense Force that DeSantis announced, only to find out it’s to augment the Nasty Guard.  200 people only.  However, between my Intelligence, Logistics, and Security background, nevermind the whole ‘master gunsmith’ thing…

OK Holy fuck my balls
Between “fambly drama” and shytte, I’m ending this NOW.
I started this Poast at 11:00 A.M. ESTIt’s now 19:30.Fuck this… I’m done.
More later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter, (outta gas so to speak)
Big Country

Mike’s in Deep Shit (UPDATED)

Ok Y’all

All bullshitting aside.

Mikes in the Critical Care/ICU. I’m waiting to find out -where- exactly.

Hit me up if’n you have wants needs questions and I’ll do my best as the ‘gatekeeper’ to keep y’all up to date. Currently, they got him in Caromont Regional Medical Center. In lieu of flowers and other assorted phaggotry, donate at the GoFundMe I set up for him. Ladies, Nude pics and such will be forwarded as deemed appropriately, as well as panties and other such ‘morale boosting’ stuff.

I just got word that my brother-from-another-mother Mike Hendrix, late of the famed rockabilly band The Belmont Playboys and more recently of the Blog “Cold Fury” has gotten seriously hemmed up medically speaking. Last Thursday after a slightly prolonged absence from his blog, I reached out to him to find out WTF was going on and I heard back that he’d come down with a nasty case of food poisoning.

Since then, apparently something faaar MOR serious happened.

His brother (actual) Jeff called me tonight as I left one of my more ‘colorful messages’ on his phone (in possession currently by his sainted lil ole Lady Mom) who apparently when she recovered from my diatribe, had Jeff call me to fill me in on what’s up.

Essentially Mike’s seriously fucked up.

Food Poisoning turned out to be a MAD infection. His diabeetus didn’t help the issue, so they had to lop off his foot, then his leg, as the infection was/is spreading. They’re fixin’ to make it even MOR stumpy as the infection still isn’t under control. He’s in critical/ICU level condition, but NOT COVID related thank the Gods.

So, My brother-from-another-mother, henceforth now known as “Peg-Leg Mikey” is gonna have some serious medical bills and life altering needs. So hence Ye Olde GoFundMe Fundraiser.

I’m starting the ball rolling with the remainder of my ‘raising Christmas’ fund, and ask you please to help in any way, shape or form. Mike is damned fine people and has entertained people from all walks of life, either musically or through his magnificent acerbic writing and wit.

As they say, step up and help a brother out.
Spread the Word gang. Mike needs us and has never asked for anything.

The Go-Fund-Me is here:

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter,
Worried as all get-the-hell-out
Big Country

Been a While

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been a minute since I heard from the Esteemed Proprietor of dis’ here place, so I figgered that I best put -something- up. I texted him today requesting ‘proof of life’ lest I have to go full covenant and roadtrip up there to either rescue him and/or kill him, because for all we know at this point, he may be in the clutches of some big tittied Rockabillie Chicky-poo who’s all razzled dazzled by his gives no fucks attitude.

That or I’ll find his ass dead of the plague or something…

At which point it’ll become a “Weekend at Mikeys” with lots of lowbrow hijinx dragging his corpse around to every dive bar we can find, loading up on shitty PBR beer and whatnot… Maybe finish off with a “Viking Funeral” right out of Blake Edward’s “S.O.B.”

Dunno if you ever saw it, but HIGHLY recommend. Literally “S.O.B.” which either stands for “Same Old Bullshit” or “Standard Operating Bullshit” which was par for the course in Hollyweird back then. It’s a funny flick… the scene where they steal the corpse and the shit that goes on is some of the funniest stuff you can see from a back-in-the-day movie… and has one of the wildest things that Hollyweird had for ‘back in the day’ Julie Andrews whipped out her titties in it! Yep… “The Sound of Music” broad, Polly Pureheart if there ever was one whipped out the jugs… not that they were all that, but moreso the fact that the “good girl” of Hollyweird ‘took it off’ so to speak. A -really- good movie IMO… it was one of DeadDad’s faves.

Hopefully our fearless Leader hasn’t shat hisself to death. I’ll keep popping in occasionally to harangue and harass y’all as I mean what the hell? It’s what a good right hand does for a person. That and help clean up the crime scene and dispose of the body(s)… pluralized as needs be Aye?

Jes’ Sayin’

So, not much going on, at ‘my haus’ you can read ’bout my adventures with the Trash Truck From Hell if’n you want. I -do- have an update and Lord knows I got a break… the 85 degree weather just went to RAIN thank the Almighty… THAT should put paid to the issues I was dealing with. It’s here:

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Guest Reporter fillin’ in for Mike

Big Country Expat


It is… Alive…


BCE here. I heard from Mike today, our Glorious Leader of this here Den of Iniquity, nay dare I say, a Right Thinking Hive of Scum and Villainy (that I am proud to be part of mind you) Well, he’s OK… sorta-kinda…

Seems Mikey done got hisself some bad food and is doing his best to imitate a M72 L.A.W. Rocket Launcher.

For those of you ‘not in the know’ here’s a sample:

The backblast is almost as bad as the rocket going out the front… You dig the imagery I’m supposing as the crew here, albeit of Lowbrow Humor (why else you here?) are some of the more highly intelligent of the species (also why you’re here). Needless to say, some Pedialyte and some Pepto is in order so Our Munificent and Benevolent Leader of the aforementioned Scum and Villainous persons to recover and eventually kick the sickness to the curb like a bad habit.

No idea how Mike feels about Disturbed, but I think this’s apropo:

Feel Better Dude… you -are- missed. (Bullets from bad-shot Ex-GF not included)

So, More Later I Remain The Guest Intrepid Reporrter

Big Country


Heads Up! New Food Shortage!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Poasted at my house, but this needs max distro: The long term storage food is about to vanish methinks, so Bit of a heads up.  Augason Farms, a competitor and slightly less pricey version of Mountain House has ceased production for the next 90 days due to ‘supply line disruption’ i.e. ain’t no food available for them to freeze dry and make the vittles.  Now, not sure but the YewToob viday from a chick called AlaskaGranny has the lowdown and letter she was sent.

I went to their website and there’s a notice: 

“Due to an extremely high order volume through all sales channels we are currently not able to receive any orders through our web site. “

So yepper they’re out.  For 90 days.  Now, to some that sounds like a “Meh.” situation, and for a lot of people it is.  However, that’s three months and a LOT can happen is three months.  And IF things go to “Sporky” that’s a problem, and the issue is going to be local local AND local.  It’s funny because not fifteen minutes BEFORE I found out about this, Sapper came is to ask my opinion of whether to buy some new clothes (his wardrobe is either Carhartt workwear for his job or basic bachelor “I don’t give a fuck” t-shirt and shorts) so’s he can look a bit more civilized outside of the usual ‘bachelor scrub look’.  So his question:  New clothes or use the extra bucks to get MOR Mountain House up at Wally World.

He was up there the other day and said that the “Good” Wally World (in the nice part of town, and mostly Whypeepo live there) had a fully stocked selection of the Mountain House meal pouches, as well as the “Weekend Adventure” boxes that have 6 meals, 4 main entrée and 2 breakfast for $40.  Told him that I wasn’t sure but that he does need some better duds for the rare occasion we hit the bar for a beer or three.  Then I saw the poast on the food sit-rep.

15 minutes later I had showered dressed and hit the Walmart with him.  We cleaned out the Mountain House as far as the budget would let him.  Me?  I plan on payday of re-hitting it IF it gets restocked, and if the “Good” Wally World is still oot, then we’ll hit the two that’re in “Muh Diversity” locations.  It’s not the people per se, but the selection there is really shitty at BOTH places, and usually never gets a restock.  But he added it to ‘the house food’ which I keep in a medical DotMil equipment box.

With MREs included (12 meals) and a bunch of them steaks and other dehydrated goodies, that’s about 45-50 pounds of Mountain House ALL in the pouch variants and flavors.  Only flavor that we’re heavy on is the Beef Stroganoff… I fucking love that stuff.  I have a pile of the MH “Pro-pack” ones as well as they’re waaay compact like a LURP and smaller so’s to be better on patrol in the ruck and whatnot.  One pouch is one light meal for two people. So that box represents at least a month of grub.  Maybe more maybe less.  Now with DumBunny and GranBebe#2 onboard for a while, file it under “less”.  I need to unload it completely and re-inventory and get that listed on the box top, as well as portions.

The case I can’t recommend enough.  I have two I shipped home for the price of mailing from Affy.  They have 10 locks (all intact on mine), perfect rubber seals and wheels.  And it holds a PILE of food.  Plus the interlock when you stack them together on the roof of the Putt-Putt on the roof racks.  Then a cargo strap and nice, weatherproof, waterproof and almost indestructible.  When emptied, fill them with sand for a nice bullet stopper.

So, wanted to give y’all a heads up.  Other observations at the “Good” Wally World was that it was full-to-overflowing with ‘stuff’  Meats were good, hell they had Gatorade, not all flavors but it WAS in stock unlike Publix.  All sorts of shitpaper and the only thing I noticed which was amiss was the aisles in this place were chockablock full of still-in-the-shipping boxes… like WAITING to go on the shelves.  TONS of shytte Aye… whoever is running that particular store obviously knows WTF is going on, and took precautions to have TONS of extras on hand to put on the shelves.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


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