Maaaan the Fun -Never- Stops

Greetings Gang!

Just the ole I.R., BCE jumping in. Figgered that me Host Mike has been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest, so I figgered on Jumping In and keep the party jumping. Not much going on ’round Casa El Grande Campesino… just trying to unfuck the unemployment sit-rep. Even the people at the bureaucracy at the Employment can’t figure out -why- I’m not getting paid. Go figure… the geniuses of “our” civil servants… IQ must be less than or equal to 70. Must be female or trans, and must be from a sub-Saharan country.


So, doing a blegg here at Mike’s, I’m not going to bore the hell out of you all. I did however through the gloriousness of Private Email, get a feed on something that I and y’all will prolly find interesting.

I find it that, and worrisome

Not so good Aye?

So, seems that and according to all the sources I can find, NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organism, and yeah intentional misspelling) got a sign installed at Norfolk International Airport proclaiming that Norfolk is now part of NATO. Now, ordinarily? No BeeEffDee. Lots of ‘Commands’ allllll over the world and places that one would expect and NOT expect. Norfolk? What of it? BIG naval shipyard, and every single time there’s some North Atlantic Wargames, ALL the aligned DotMilNav tend to dock and party up and around.

Hell… true story. MomUnit said when they raised the Hunley in Charleston Harbor, and held the funeral for the “First Submariners” killed in action, something like every single country, outside of North Korea sent a sub into Charleston Harbor for the festivities. Told me that shit was lit like a motherfucker with all the bubbleheads drinking the Bowery dry… would have loved to have seen that… anywho.

Not uncommon for our ‘theoretical allies’ to be ‘in town’ or ‘representing’. What is unusual is that in October of 2020, we put up signs welcoming them. OK, fine, no biggie. Then in July of this year:

Wait….. Whut?

‘Scuse me?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


“By: Web StaffPosted at 9:56 AM, Jul 15, 2021 

NORFOLK, Va. – NATO’s newest headquarters is now fully operational in Norfolk.

Joint Force Command Norfolk, has reached Full Operational Capability (FOC) and held a ceremony on Thursday at 10 a.m., to mark the occasion.

This new command is part of the allied command operations structure, the Navy said. It will provide a United States-led, joint multi-national operational command, supported by component, Allied and partner commands, responsible for the North Atlantic and the High North.

Its mission is to protect the Strategic Lines of Communication across all domains, and enable the reinforcement of Europe, according to the Navy.”

OK… did we all miss a meeting or something? I mean last time I looked, we –might– have foreign advisors temporarily attached to our DotMil, or OUR guys attached to another locale, but a “Joint” command? What the fuck over? NOT what I ever expected. See, as a DotMil, the rules of the game are that in foreign countries, we advise, assist, but in no way, unless it’s where the ‘host country’ is more fucked up than a Football Bat, does there ever get a point where the ‘visitors’ get carte blanche on the ‘home team’s’ DotMil.


I ain’t so sure. Especially in light of the ‘who’ the ‘visiting team’ is from so to speak. Seems that the head of NATO currently? At least the DotMil arm of ‘rape and pillage’ NATO? Well, that’d be General Philippe Lavigne, one of France’s big wheels so to speak. Currently in charge of the French Air and Space Force (LOLZ, get the fuck outta here!) as the French Air and Space Force Chief of Staff. He’s been now nominated to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. Meaning this frog motherfucker is going to be Numero Uno NATO wise in the Estates Uni…

Why is my Spidey Sense tingling?

Now, they can ‘blow all the happy smoke’ they want up our fourth point of contact, but man, NATO Troops… on US Soil… with overall joint command of both US AND NATO forces? They can try and sell it that this’s a strictly DotMilNav thing, but we ALL know how that particular song and dance goes these days. Remember kids, “Just 15 days to flatten the curve” equates to “NATO Troops will only being assisting in civil disturbances temporarily” Not a far jump to that Aye?

Add on how the Frog DotMil has been called out over the scamdemic to crush the protests on numerous occasions it means that Froggy the Admiral probably has less than a hesitancy to unleash his Congolese or Nigerian Armed Forces here in the States IF and WHEN the need arises. It also give Slo, Hoe, and the Gin Hag ‘clean hands’ when it comes to the nut-cuttin’. “We disavow any actions taken against our glorious and helpful allied DotMil troops…”

Yeah, not that I’m overly worried, BUT the fact remains that Slo and The Hoe and the Gin Hag signed off on this particular shytteshow? I mean it’s been in progress since 2018, but at the same time, seeings that Orange Man Bad was in the dark about lo oh so many things somehow I don’t think his Orangeness was made aware of these particular shenanigans.

Yeah… might get ‘sporty’ soon

I hope

One of those will look good on my trophy shelf… Jes’ Sayin’

So, things to think on.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


What’s the Rush, Bub?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
BCE here for a non-hostile takeover for a poast. Couple o’tings mon. First, I’m hitting the NonVax. Me n Sapper been bouncing some ‘stuff’ off of each other on the daily-daily. Usually it’s like a mini-intel confab here during the Koffee Klatche in the A.M. Nothing like a good cuppa to get the brain juices flowing, and usually during my normal a.m. ‘get up to speed’ on the news. One thing that stuck out today was over at Vox Day’s place, where he’s got a Soon-to-Be Doctor emailing him on how the Medical Industry is putting the screws on the docs to get the shot.

The Link to it is HERE

The thing that hit me though is the updates at the end of the writeup.

Seems to me that there’s strange things afoot at the Circle K so to speak. Word -I’m- hearing is that anyone with the NonVax are the ones getting sick. Mike has even hit on it, and a whoooole lotta others, Borepatch, Miguel, Pete at WRSA and Peter from Bayou Ren have been asking “Why the rush?” I mean as far as we know, yeah yeah, “Winter is Coming”. Cold and Flu bugs mutate and usually if a pretty nasty bug is out there floating around, Round #2 is usually worse than Round #1.

Now, consider this. COVID-19, IMO and FWIW, was a ‘wet fart’ of a bug for like 99.3% of the population.
They however, in order to secure control and oust Orange Man Bad and stop the nasty tweets ramped up the rhetoric to 11 on the Amp. Shit… they actually dialed that fucker up to 19. Scared ALL the old folks…/ and then sucessfully stole the election… shit, we’ll call it the ‘selection’.
But for -some unknown reason- they then started rolling out the NotVax.
Even though it, by all past measures, shouldn’t have been rolled out.
The Swine Flu vax rollout in the late 70’s? Kil’t aboot 100 people, numbers fluctuate depending on sources,


100 deaths was enough to shut that shit down cold
The NonVax? We can’t get any sort of straight answer, but we -do know- either by their own slips and or anecdotally from personal experience (my ex-nephew being one) that this NonVax is dangerous and is fucking up ALL sorts of people across a VAST demographic. And yet they’ve been ramping up the rhetoric to MOR Vax Hurry Hurry Faster Faster!!!!

So, this begets the question of “What’s the rush Bub?
Think I have an idea, lemme bounce it offa ya.
Reason they’re now in full on panic mode is they (Our Madmen/Powers That Be) know that Joe Chink made AND released a manufactured bio-war weapon, designed to fuck us up during the election. I think it was done as a ‘slap on the wrist’ for Orange Man Bad’s Economic Sanctions against them. What was unexpected (I think) was that the fact that everyone (including meselves) bought in initially so hard and were scared silly.

This right there, then gave those fucking guys, whoever or whatever you want to call them, call ’em the “Ones who Want to Rule”… that Gates geek motherfucker… Soros… all the suuuuuuper billionaires who think that the world is theirs to be ruled over, and we’re useless eaters and dammit, there’s just too damned many of them.
Well, to fuckers like that, who have made no secret of their wishes to depopulate significantly?

This became the Golden Opportunity

Run with me on this a bit more. They saw a perfect chance to start the process, and make it look like it was a natural event, much like the in real life Black Plague which damned near wiped out Europe back in the day. Numbers vary because of time, but at least 30% of the world population got aced out, and upwards of 60% bought it. Now, we know and they know this ain’t and wasn’t no gorramned Black Death.
In order to make sure there’s a BIG wipeout later, they made and designed a NonVax, and have been using it to start the process. They used the fear factor to get as many people on board as possible, and set a date to ‘trigger’ it off. Reason I say that is, they’re currently freaking the fuck out because ONLY 56% is supposedly vaxxed. And right now? Part of the freakout is that the naturally occurring mutation (Delta Variant) is starting to activate the kill shot too early.

People ain’t completely stupid
And as I like to say God is an Absurdist
Don’t Fuck with Mother Nature
She too, is a bitch
It’s becoming MOR and MOR obvious that the NonVax ain’t working and wasn’t supposed to.
That the “Delta” variant IS a -bit- more lethal, but mostly to those who’re supposedly now vaxxed

CDC Guidelines and Definition for Immunization and Vaccination: “Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. … Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination.”

To me peepers, the NonVax is just that… a non-vaccination.
So then just what the fuck is it?
Telling ya, it’s a depopulation plan. And the reason for the near-psychotic race to get ALL the people NonVaxxed is because those who aren’t are gonna start to realize that bad things were/are planned, and that the nebulous “They” are responsible for a whoooooooooole lotta deaths.
And as Mike n Me both say payback is a stone-cold furious Motherfucker
Tell you what. Hope I’m wrong.


If around what should be the ‘normal flu season’ comes, and the Lambda or whatever fucking variant comes out and starts mowing down people in wholesale lots, I’ma thinking ‘enemy action’. What say you? Discussion please in the comments. Am I right or do I need to get the tinfoil adjusted again?

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Let Them Starve

Greetings Fellow Furyans!
Gawd… that sound like that meme: “Greetings Fellow Whypeepo/Patriots!”… Lets try something else…
Greetings to the CF Gang! (better)
This may or may not cause some butthurt out there, but hey, Fuck you if’n you can’t take a joke.  Thing of it is, the truth hurts.  As does stupid.  And there’s a whoooole lotta stupid going on worldwide out there.
How stupid you ask?  Wait til 00:15 seconds into this:

Stereotypes are a stone bitch sometimes Aye?

Seems Sou’Frica has been going through quite the spell of bullshit.  Now, I have my own theories on it.  Mainly that they did this intentionally.  Ostensibly, the -reasons- for the riots were that the Zulus were rioting because ‘their guy’ got convicted of being a piece of shit… corruption in Sou’Frican Poly-Ticks is like corruption everywhere in Africa.  There are no legit and honest politicians –anywhere– in Africa. 

Motherfucking Diogenes?  Rots O’Ruck there buuuuuuuuuddy.

For the less informed visitors, “Diogenes the Cynic, also known as Diogenes of Sinope, often resorted to theatrical devices to demonstrate a philosophical point. According to Diogenes Laërtius, Diogenes once roamed the streets of Athens carrying a lit lamp. When asked what he was doing, Diogenes said, “I am looking for a human being.” This quote is more commonly translated as “I am looking for an honest man.”  Hat Tip Quotesfromthepast dot com for that… Either way, an “Honest Man” nor “Human Being” is NOT going to be found in Africa among the melanin-supreme.  

So, according to the BBC: “The catalyst was the arrest last week of Zuma, with his supporters blockading major roads – the economic arteries of the nation – as they demanded the release of their political hero.

Low income levels and unemployment – standing at a record high of 32.6% among the workforce and even higher at 46.3% among young people <bold mine>  – are seen as the ticking bombs that have exploded.

Many South Africans have been shaken by the riots that have swept through Zuma’s political heartland of KwaZulu-Natal and the economic hub of Gauteng.

And many feel that his successor as president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has failed to provide decisive leadership – either to calm anger over Zuma’s imprisonment or to reassure South Africans that they will be safe.”

Now, MY analysis:  Ramaphosa had Zuma locked up a full week before this shit kicked.
LOTS of Sou’Fricans are saying that this was planned waaaay in advance.
Nothing– spontaneous about it.  
Very specific targets were chosen, mainly food distribution and logistics hubs

I think that they’re looking for a bailout.
The ANC (Apefrican Nutjob Communists) ran South Africa completely and utterly into the ground
Took a metaphoric Concorde Jet going Mach 2, and aimed it at the ground, screaming “Equity” and “Equality”, nevermind “We wuz Kangz and sheeeee-it!!!”  And of course, that finely tuned, highly sophisticated metaphoric Jet plowed into the ground at warp factor 5, leaving a smoking fucking crater.  And, methinks that Ramaphosa and HIS goons, well, they’ve been watching the Untied States and the Burn Loot and Murder chimpouts, and figured “Hey, they ain’t done sheee-it to stop their own, and they love- to be “The Great Whyte Savior”… IF we BLM dis place, the Liberal Whypeepo of ‘Murica will come to our rescue!!!  ‘Member ‘We are th’ Wurld?’  

See, I think, and this’s me, and I haven’t seen anyone else talking aboot it, but I think Ramaphosa wants to ride the ‘nigger guilt train’ back to some semblance of economic stability.  After all, we paid for, well, shit… everyone, everywhere, whenever decimation happens, us moronic guilt ridden Whypeepo seem to step into the breech to pay for and assist everyone.

‘Cept this time.

I say

After all the shit the fucking ANC has done?
Fuck those guys
I look forward to the vidya of 2023 being chewed on by 2024.  ‘Cept word is that it’s already in progress.  MANY tweets from various black retards who rioted now complaining that “Dere ain’ts no foods”.  Uh, yeah… you fucking thoughtless jungle bunnies done destroyed ALL the infrastructure and food distribution… 

Let. Them. Starve. 

Of course they won’t though.  Back in the day, The Congo had some ‘supply issues’ and first thing the natives did was went all in, back to cannibalism.  Let ’em eat each other.  Fuck ’em.  And tell you what, usually I do not get involved in any sort of letter writing or shit to any asshole in DC, but if they start and “Aid for Apefrica” and NOT for the Whypeeo?  I’m all in on stopping that retarded shit.  Only thing I’d do if I had the wherewithal is help sponsor a Whypeeo fambly OUT of that shithole.

In fact, ANOTHER factoid being left out, which also, leastways to my thought process was that the ANC was just about to remove the ability for the common folks to own a gun ‘for self defense’… meaning they were in-progress to eliminate private ownership.  They’d already started by making ALL the people who owned guns get ‘training and/or retraining’ from my understanding, with the intent of collecting up the non-compliant folks guns… that was suppose to happen in a few weeks.

Instead, everyone who got retrained used that training and the places that saw the least looting/pillaging were the places defended by the gun owners who self-organized, as the Police were either out of ammo, outnumbered, or, most commonly part of the looting and pillaging.

Takeaway Lesson:  NEVER. EVER. GIVE. UP. YOUR GUNS.

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Guest Deviltry

Greetings… hmmn… dis ain’t mah house, so I guess ‘Droogs n Droogettes’ is off the table. Guess I’ll just have to use the term “Furyans” mebbe?

What else you gonna call The Cold Fury Gang?

Me and Mike been talking quite a bit, so he done went and gave me permission to throw one out into the wind here at his house. Mucho Gratitude Bossman. Hope you like it.

Subject of the day goes on about the “P-Resident” Grampy Fingerbangs plan to have his ever-loyal and well meaning Believers of the One True and Just Church of the Branch Covidians doing the door-to-door dirty. Knowing the way things really work out there, there’s a couple of things aboot it that have me a bit of the concerned side, over and above the whole “Your Papers Please” STASI-State actions… I mean shit, THAT in itself is bad, but I also saw a recent TikTok vidya of a team of these clowns -somewhere- (looked like Georgia, judging on the terrain/trees weather), but the ‘former intel squirrel’ side of me, well, let’s say I’m worried.

Part of the reason is that there were Three people in the vidya. One of whom, well… there were two chicks and a dude. I can’t find the Vidya unfortunately… it was on Gab… (that and I’m a moron on embedding vidyas like TikTok on a blog) Anywho, the three, two chicks… standard Issue Covidians. Fat, short, out of weight, one of them all tatted up, and BOTH with the “Karen” haircut.

Do they have a central casting when it comes to looking for these people to do this sort of shit?
Methinks Aye.

Dude on the other hand. Tall, and what I’d call the standard issue DotFed/DotMil/DotPD haircut. Was also in shape. Not round like me, but “run-and-gun” shape. Raised my hackles when the guy shooting the vidya yells at them: “Git the hell offa mah propert-tie!!! Y’all are tres’pahssin’!!! Call yor boss!” (Like I said, Georgia methinks…) is yelling at them, and Dude, Dot-whatever Dude… he starts talking about, and gets his voice trampled a bit by yelling dude, about him knowing “‘former’ law enforcement buddies who live in the neighborhood…” or some such, after which Old Curmudgeon cuts his rant, tells the broad to “get the hell out of there but you can stay” to Dude. Makes me wonder IF they’re going to embed a Dot-Whatever Law Enforcement as part of the intel Gathering.

‘Cos that’s what the entire process is. Gathering Intel.

It’s obvious that the shirts and ID cards that the three were wearing/carrying is some sort of door-to-door outfit. Much like the solar power people who regularly, despite the big “NO SOLICITATION” signs in my A.O. entries, come in and bug the fuck out of us. Now, unfortunately, the leaked intel out there is that the Believers of the One True and Just Church of the Branch Covidians who’re doing the intel gathering, well they’ve been told to ignore that sort of thing. Go and bother people despite being told and or warned to “Fuck the Fuck Off” thankee very mucho. Hell… after all MY hassles before, my doormat, no shytte sez “You Better Have a Warrant”. Which then gets me to the next level of How do we deal with this?

Well listen Linda, we got an Idea. Might not be the best, but go with me.

There’s an app and website out there that years ago, I got sucked into it. It’s called “Nextdoor”. VERY annoying.

It’s literally a “Karen App”
Now it does have some useful aspects. It’s where I found Bob-the-Cat on it. The people who found him were desperate enough to put out pics of him to find him a good home, and I jumped on the frag, and he’s been a great part of the fambly ever since. Now to join, your neighborhood has to be in it, and the registration is a pure suckfest.


The “Karens” use it like ALL THE TIME to rant and rave and bitch, piss and moan at each other, the neighbors… man… soooooooooooooo much drama on that motherfucker… Reddit can’t even touch it sometimes. Now, that being said, I proposed we weaponize it. Use it against the Branch Covidians doing the door-to-door. One of the things is, if you allow it, and load it on your fon, you get alerts. And many times I get the alerts that there’s some ‘shady motherfucker’ (my words) going ’round ye olde neighborhood… anytime someone shady comes round too… and invariably, the local Sherriff/PD get called in by all the Karens to investigate…

Karens purely love to call the Sherriff/PD

Not that you’d be calling the fuzz, but say IF you spot the Believers of the One True and Just Church of the Branch Covidians going around or entering your A.O. (oh yeah, new house, forgot to define A.O. for the Furyans… it means your ‘Area of Operations’, be it your house and/or hood… your ‘turf’ so to speak… sorry ’bout forgetting that… I’m a guest and not all y’all are familiar with DotMil terminology). SO, as I was sayin’, if the BOTJCBC kids look like they’re rolling in, put them on blast on Nextdoor.

‘Cept don’t say they be Believers of the One True and Just Church of the Branch Covidians.

Say that they are suspicious people casing houses.

Possibly to do dirty deeds later

Yeah, they may look legit but how many times have we had a home invasion/break in here by people wearing ‘official’ looking electric company, water company or cable company uniforms (here it happens quite a bit unfortunately)
Down here in Flor-ree-duh! That all it’ll take. There are whahmyns who literally sit and WATCH for alerts like that and call in the ‘suspicious characters’ in their A.O.s.

Now, Imagine if every. single. time. the Branch Covidian Investigators get hemmed up by the Nextdoor App and the local PD, never mind the fact that some folks tend to be a bit more, shall we say reactionary? (i.e. a salesman here in my AO was held at gunpoint til the Sheriffs showed up to unfuck the sit-rep.) and viola… they’ll have to stop this bullshit lest someone gets capped (perish the thought! < /sarc >) or the local PD bans their asses, as there ARE covenants stopping door to door in MY AO, and a lot of others…

Hell, quick true story time, just to be irritating. 2006. Had a no-shit $25,000 bounty on MY head by Al Queda In Iraq. Preferably dead. Not uncommon for some of us contractors who’re a bit better known. I was on R&R… Went home to the new house here in the HOA Run neighborhood… (had no idea what an HOA was, and another curse on my XBitch for ever getting me stuck with that shit (spits).) So, I’m in the living room, and I notice a car pulls up. Sort of kinda parked where you really can’t see ’em unless your head is on ball-bearings after being on high alert for 9 months in a war zone. Passenger, well he rolls the window down, and starts taking pictures with a camera… sort of medium sized lens.

I naturally freaked the fuck out.
Screamed at the wife to get the kids and her ass in the safe room (internal closet I had set up in the master bedroom that was reinforced with liberated Kevlar Blast Blankets) and call 911. I told her “No fucking around get it done!!!” and I scrambled like the Flash to my gear. Yeah… I know… paranoid doesn’t even touch on how ‘live-wire’ I was back then. I’m much better now but then?
Nutjob Nonpareil.
I doffed my battle rattle (level 4 plate carrier vest, with 9mm and mags) Helmet, grabbed my ready M-4 (civvie semi auto only version but hot loaded with a full rigout), went out the slider at the back of the house and assaulted through to the vehicle. I had visions of AQI doing surveillance on the crib to ‘get me’… we still believed there were sleeper agents possibly in the US back then… around every corner was a fucking Haj amiright? So, I quickly, quietly slipped up on the drivers side and yanked the fucker out.

Now, mind you. Nice hot Florida Day. ALL the neighbors out, everyone WATCHING the local merc coming out in ‘combat mode’ to include the Serbian War Criminal. He sees me, does the math, and without my asking, he shows up like two minutes later as I was pulling the driver out and flex cuffed him (the driver) with his AK and HIS battle rattle. He snatches the passenger and I then hear the approaching police sirens… Only then did he ask in thick assed Eastern Euro Accent: “OK man, what we do this for?” Told him I thought they might be Haj (one was dark enough to be for damned sure) and the two of them, well… driver and passenger were sort of babbling and freaking the fuck out. I didn’t say a word when I pulled the driver out except til his ass hit the concrete while I kneeled on his back while holding the passenger at rifle point… then it was “DON’TMOVEDON’TMOVEDON’TMOVE!!!”. Sherriff showed up in force and had been told that the ‘good guy’ was in tac-rig. The Serbian with the AK, that was a touch and go for a minute, but he’d already put it down before they showed, so a plus there. Gawd I miss that dude…

Took a few to unfuck the situation.
Seems they were with the HOA.
Apparently my garbage cans were placed in the wrong area.
Thank Christ I didn’t get sued. Or arrested. That being said, it would have looked bad all around. PTSD was just becoming a ‘thing’ and the local PD were cool, as were the guys who I snatched up. Needed to change their underpants I think, but very understanding once I explained everything. The HOA company, in all seriousness quit doing our neighborhood… the HOA board had to get a new management company, and for like 8 years no-one came even remotely near mi casa.

Win-Win in my book. So, anyways…

Now, don’t do anything illegal… like I did when I was crazy-(er). Just alert your neighbors to the possibility and let the Wild Karens run their natural ways.

I’m pretty sure a couple dozen or so times of the local yokels getting ‘suspicious person calls’ and being hustled out to investigate the Believers of the One True and Just Church of the Branch Covidians that they -might- put a blanket ban on that shit. Hell, I’m thinking in some areas after someone gets the treatment I gave the HOA kids that it’ll get shut down toute le suite.

Either way… my worthless 2 cents. Hope you enjoyed. To my host Mike, I thank you sir. Been an Honor and a Pleasure (and he’s gonna pull my privileges… any bets?) Hope not and hope I didn’t bore ya to tears. To Ye Olde Furyans, I thank you for the opportunity.
More Later I’m the Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


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