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A Wokester military

Is a Weakster military.

Stephen puts the (GI) boot in.

Raichik added, “There’s so much more where this came from,” and I don’t doubt it.

There is only one reason to teach soldiers that the country they’re supposed to be willing to fight and die to protect is irredeemable.

The U.S. military has had its ups and downs, but since ending the draft half a century ago, it has been the most expertly trained and exquisitely armed force the world has ever seen. Even during the draft years immediately before World War II to the end of Vietnam, we paid for and usually got the best weapons and training the country could afford.

And unlike those militaries in all those shi*hole countries, our forces were apolitical. They didn’t serve a president or a party, but the country.

In the last several years, wokeness has come to infect our military just as it previously had our universities, news outlets, and the entertainment industry.

Our readiness now is about what you’d expect: “U.S. military is only ‘marginally’ prepared to defend America’s interests at a time when adversaries are ramping up military capabilities.”

I’ve begun thinking of our postmodern military not as a useless Woke Force but as a Third World military: a force that isn’t any good at fighting foreign wars but is perfectly suited for putting down domestic undesirables.

Do I exaggerate? In 2021, Woke Army Sgt. Cindy Bronson had a message for her fellow Americans in case martial law is declared: “Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.”

“If you do not get in your house when I tell you to,” Bronson warned, “you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?”

Roger that, Bronson.

Yep. Duly noted, SGT Cupcake; anytime you’re feeling froggy enough, do feel free to jump. One more time, I’ll just let Canuck punk rockers DOA say it for me.

Update! Steyn gives us the lowdown on the hoedown.

The decadence and unseriousness revealed by (self-styled “transgender” Manwoman) Lieutenant-Colonel Dram ought to be deeply disturbing. The planet’s most lavishly funded fighting force took twenty years to lose to goatherds with fertiliser, and on the way out the door gifted them with enough hardware to make them the world’s eighth or ninth most powerful military. That should surely occasion a certain circumspection. Instead, the Pentagon doubled-down on the wokery and the wankery – and, after a twenty-minute tea-break, started up the usual racket all over again, this time in Ukraine.

How’s that working out for the Ukrainians? Unlike Afghanistan, it’s a demographic wasteland. In 2001, the census counted 48.5 million people in the country. A year ago, it was headed down toward half that – just 29 million. Lindsey Graham and Boris Johnson may be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people, but even they must have noticed there are fewer and fewer Ukrainian shoulders to stand around with, at least if you go to Kiev rather than Poland or Hungary, Germany or Ireland. On the present rate of population decline, after the war there will be insufficient Ukrainians left to rebuild the economy – or, indeed, maintain basic demographic viability. Right now, thanks to Washington, Ukraine is flush with cash and weapons, but all out of fighting-age men.

Well, that’s what happens when you have the honour to be made the site of the Pentagon’s next Designated Fiasco. And yet back at home, thanks to the likes of Lieutenant-Colonel Dram and without benefit of Russian invasion, the US military is trending in the same direction:

Critical Staffing Shortage Prompts Air Force to Recruit Retirees

As goes the Air Force, so goes the Army and the Navy. Apparently, out in Flyoverland, there are few takers for a woke military that enriches generals-turned-lobbyists while you get blown up by Ahmed the “translator”. “Walk a mile in my heels” doesn’t really work when you’ve lost a leg in Helmand.

We are in the end-stage of a bad soap opera, when characters and plot have jumped the tracks, and there is no Bobby Ewing waiting in the shower. Three decades ago, it was pointed out that in the end Soviet Communism proved no more lasting than the span of one human lifetime: 1917-1991. Yet America’s blip of global dominance is looking just as fleeting: 1950-2020something – that last date being whenever the ever metastasizing brokeness causes total implosion. And, as things stand, the only thing the great republic (in Churchill’s affectionate designation) will be remembered for is that the entirety of western civilisation slid off the cliff on America’s watch. All the rest is details.

Pretty much, yeah. On the upside, though, when the fecal matter hits the rotary impeller for reals and the Great American Schism grinds ever on to the closing stages of its long, slow evolution from “Probably, someday, I think, very possibly” into “Current events, live and in color,” Amerika v2.0’s extravagantly broken Wokester military is going to find itself ensnared in yet another conflict it’s hopelessly incapable of coping with to tack onto its steadily-lengthening list of humiliating defeats.

4 thoughts on “A Wokester military

  1. Funny thing is bullets etc can go both ways, so that bitch better be careful who she points that weapon at, can never tell who is watching them through an optic. 120 yds, 350 yds, 800 yds, doesnt matter, not like they are a prize bull elk, so punching holes in em anywhere will do, i really hate traitors

  2. Every officer who received that course of instruction and didn’t make a formal written complaint about it should be required to attend corrective training, and receive a permanent letter of reprimand in their official file.

    The officer(s) who wrote that codswallop, any and all officers in their chain of command who approved it, and the Commander of the C&GSC should be court-martialed for
    Article 80: Attempts
    Article 81: Conspiracy
    Article 82: Solicitation Of Committing Offenses
    Article 78: Accessory After The Fact
    Article 92: Dereliction of Duty
    Article 93: Cruelty and Maltreatment
    Article 117: Provoking Speeches Or Gestures
    Article 133: Conduct Unbecoming An Officer
    Article 134: General Offenses Against Good Order And Discipline

    That should be good for forfeiture of all pay and allowances, permanent reduction to the lowest enlisted rank, levy of the maximum fines allowable by law, and a Dishonorable Discharge. Anybody who does anything but roll over for that should get correctional confinement as well. Anything from 1-5 years should suffice, based on commissioned grade at the time of court martial.

    Everybody in the chain of command above the Commander of C&GS, up to Chief of Staff of the entire Army, should receive a permanent letter of censure, be reduced two permanent ranks, and be cashiered out of the military, on the spot, for cause.

    Any civilian member of DoD up to SecDef who had oversight and approved it should be impeached for cause, by the Congress, unless they resign or are fired sooner, and barred for life from any position or employment whatsoever within the federal government, or any contractors with same.

    Pour encourager les autres.

    1. We are in the Age of Oughta.

      There Oughta be something done about this. These people Oughta be punished. Shouldn’t we Oughta do it like normal?

      We should be in the Age of Not Happening That Way.

      That didn’t Happen That Way because the last bunch of YoYos that tried it are still serving Brig Time and for a long time to come…


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