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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

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73 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

  1. Carlson tells the author that he believes Pence purposely sabotaged the Trump Administration over the entire course of his tenure. He believes that the Pence insubordination campaign went into overdrive during the covid hysteria era, when he stood up the infamous White House Coronavirus Task Force, and delivered unprecedented power to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  2. Corporate bullshit that needs to be condemned and punished.

    Lowe’s fires long time employee trying to protect her store from thieves.

    What I sent to Lowe’s where I spend a lot of money keeping up and remodeling two different houses:

    “Donna Hansbrough, Georgia
    You know who she is. I purchase between $300 and $1000 per month using my Lowe’s AmEx credit card.
    You fired a 13 year employee for trying to stop your store from being robbed. I don’t care what your policy is, this is WRONG. I will no longer spend a dime at Lowe’s and there will be thousands just like me. And I will use the power of the internet to help rally the support for boycotting Lowe’s.

    You need to rethink your decision. It was wrong, and you know it is wrong.”

    I suggest you make this known on the Internets and send a comment to Lowe’s corporate:

    1. Not coke IMO. (just no history)

      Clot shot a very high possibility. Athletes do have this happen occasionally pre scamdemic/clotshot era.

      I almost guarantee we’ll never know.

  3. War on America? – of course it is:

    Escaping from China is not easy. What routes are used to leave China and land in the Americas? Who finances the trip, which can cost thousands of dollars? The CCP has declared unrestricted war against the United States. It is entirely reasonable that the CCP would insert sleeper cells into the U.S. to cause havoc in the event of hostilities between the CCP and the U.S., such as an invasion of Taiwan.

    Simple fact – you do not leave China unless you are approved as a loyal CCP person. People keep stuff hidden of course, but as far as the government is concerned you have proven your loyalty.

    The antidote – round up and deport all illegals, chinese or otherwise.

    1. He Gets It.

      He’s the Only one that shows He Gets It.

      He’s probably the Only One who isn’t Just In On It™.

    1. It’s simple. The Soviet Union was the First, but not the Totality, of International Marxism.

      So, of course it collapsed. That’s a matter of History. It is no more. Then again, OF COURSE Communism went on.

      Communism is not distinctly Soviet nor Russian in Nature.

      It was promulgated by Germans (Marx and Engels) working in and observing Industrializing Countries like the UK and Germany. Czarist Russia was the LEAST likely place Marx and Engels expected the first Communist Revolution to succeed. In fact, it was a conundrum that gave rise to two alternate paths of Thinking about how to Spread Marxism.

      One was Mussolini’s Path. Change the calculus that Unites from Class to Ethnicity/Race. National Socialism.

      One was Gramsci’s Path. Rejection of the Violent Overt Overthrow of existing Governments and subversion from within the institutions so that the Societal Values passed on to the Next Generation are more Marxist than Capitalist. International Socialism that subverts the Nation State from Within.

      The Soviet Union collapsing was obviously not the Defeat of Gramscian Marxism/Communism. It wasn’t even the center of it, because it was based upon the violent overthrow theory and still trying to focus on Class, even if that was merely Propaganda almost as soon as they took over. That Class was apparently not the crux of the matter in the Soviet System was all too obvious. They had merely replaced one Ruling Class for Another Ruling Class. Meet the New Boss, Same as The Old Boss. Instead, they simply held Power through Violence and Threat of Violence.

      We are seeing the ascendence of the Gramscian School of Thought that started working in the 1920s or earlier in the US. Gramsci’s subversion would always continue. Driven by the ChiComs now through asymmetric warfare, and the Western European Fifth Columns in the EU and the CPUSA Fifth Columnists operating in America for more than 100 years.

      Of course, Marxism as a Theory is merely a new Twist on the ultimate battle of Ideologies in this World since the Enlightenment.

      The Sovereignty and Freedom of the Individual with Rights Endowed by The Creator vs The Collectivist Society in which the Individual Exists only to Serve the Collective.

      This fight shall ALWAYS be with us and we must be ever vigilant.

    1. Seems to me the Judge wants future charges like a Foreign Agent FARA charge to get the same sweetheart deal from Prosecutors.

      If I read correctly, she wants the Prosecutors to go back and make this sweetheart deal all-encompassing and NOT harsher.

      1. Hard to read it but I can see your point.

        In the end biden Jr serves no time for any federal crime. Sr will pardon him. They’re just trying to avoid it prior to the election.

        The real story is Joe. Among other things, he’s guilty of treason and sedition. And the selling of this country to the chinese is all provable from the laptop and banking records. That’s what they are trying to keep on hold. Of course, you knew that.

  4. DeSantis (DeSarray, florida) campaign in full meltdown as it becomes clear who he is and the donor class drys up:

    Box shows up blank, just click inside for the story:

    Somebody has been telling you this for months.

  5. If the National Review “Never Trump” editorial didn’t get you clued in on what a worthless waste of pixels NR is, perhaps this real editorial will help you:

    “The latest headshaker is Kathryn Jean Lopez tut-tutting that “Jason Aldean Isn’t Helping,” presumably by not being the kind of cerebral invertebrate that some at NR confuse with being a proper conservative. WFB went to Ft. Benning to become an Army officer and fight Nazis; the current NR leadership seems committed to fighting against anyone else on the Right man enough to fight back. A song hailing communities that come together to defeat crime and chaos? Apparently, that is not who we are. Oh, well, I never. That sound you hear is my pearls being clutched.”

  6. Wondering why these doddering old fools that are physically, mentally, and morally bankrupt are still serving in office without the more able members pointing out this truth?

    They are the puppets, and the puppeteers like known quantities that they have a hold (blackmail) on. Those surrounding them are also compromised and will never tell the truth.

    Biden was selected for precisely this reason. As it becomes more evident, they will replace him with someone else compromised. It’s how they work.

    Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, Obama, and Biden are all compromised men, corrupt to their very core. They were/are owned.

    Thus the reason they hate Donald Trump. No stranger to how the corrupt work, he managed to avoid the corruption, the lure of easy money, and still succeed. He is the most investigated man ever, not one facet of his life has not been put under a microscope and examined, hoping, praying they could find some dirt.

    And nothing. No overdue library books, no unpaid parking tickets. When they illegally obtained and published his tax returns look what happened – nothing, because they are legitimate.

    They make stuff up of course. Those with an IQ above freezing know it’s all made up.

    They fear him. They are afraid he might unleash the Americans. They are afraid of you, the honest American men and women.

    1. Who is coming to save the day if Trump is in prison? And Trump is 79 at election time.

      Why don’t you and Chasten just meet and talk over some hard seltzers.

      1. Why don’t you just use your dildo?

        Your pathetic fake christian, Pence, has already gone down.

        Tell us some more lies, jaybot.

        1. Bozo you have called me every name in the book. You are a “REAL” Christian?

          I am not for any of the candidates in the upcoming fake election. You are so frightened of what is coming you attack everyone who disagrees with you. You are pathetic to say the least and dishonest with yourself to the core. Go hide reality is coming!

          1. Lies by the liar.

            I have never, not once, claimed anything about my religion.

            You pretend to be a Christian, and tell lies about anything and everything. You might want to brush up on the Ten Commandments.

            Go ahead and prove you’re not a liar with the most simple one of all – You claim ECU puts out more pro baseball players than any other school. I claim they are not even in the top 50. Prove you are right and I am wrong or you are just a liar.

            Another lie today – “I am not for any of the candidates in the upcoming fake election.”
            You were a Pence supporter and you said so.

            You don’t want to be called names you poor pathetic pussy? Try not starting fights you can’t handle. 90% of your comments here are aimed at myself or Kenny, because we exposed your outright lies. And the truth is I didn’t call you a liar after each of your lies were exposed, but only after you refused to support your false statements. Most people when confronted with the evidence that they are wrong admit it, admit they were incorrect. In those cases they are not liars but just misled/stupid/ignorant/whatever.

            General Motors is 1/3 owned by Shanghai motors according to you. It’s a false and ridiculous statement, and in your case it is a lie because you can provide no evidence to support the statement and I have listed the owners of GM which do not include Shanghai Motors. In your next claim you tried to change the original claim, that GM had built no new plants in the USA in 50 years and everything new was built in China, and claim that “proves” your statement. I then posted up information about multiple new facilities built in the US over that time period which you did not respond to, because you are a liar. All the new factories built as joint ventures in China? Those are partnerships and do not convey any ownership of GM to the chinese partner.

            There are just two of your lies you can straighten out. Perhaps you could try being a man and telling the truth, but we know you wont.

            So, keep directing your comments to me and I;ll keep hitting them out of the park. Your lies are so easy because you have a simple mind.

            And lose some weight fatso.

            1. Pence supporter bullshit. I support NO candidates or elections. I said Pence would be the nominee

              You are a pathetic old man and by the way running the empire is a little more taxing than doing yard work.

              I’m 5’11 175

              You tube the President of GM stating that GM future is China 80% of all out put. SM owns 50% of all China factories which exceeds 30% of assets. It is a dying company

              The only thing you have hit out of the park is dishonor, cowardice, and delusion.

              1. More lying. Joint ventures are not ownership, period. Shanghai motors owns nothing of GM and it is a lie you continue to tell, just like all your other lies.
                You are just plain stupid in addition to being a liar.

                Remember when you said Soros funds the ASPCA? Another lie.

                Remember when you claimed the Chernobyl nuclear accident killed millions of people, parroting anti-nuke groups? And then when called on it switched it to reindeer killed by the millions, also absolutely a lie.

                Lie after lie, keep trying fatso.

                1. ASPCA LOL I have never written anything about them . You need to modify the meds your cognitive decline is showing hahahahah

                  1. The problem liars have is keeping up with their lies. And when they lie on the internet it’s pretty easy to find, like a 10 second search:

                    “You might also want to check out what else the ASPCA supports. Soros is a big donor.


                    You tell one lie after another, pile lies on top of lies.

                    Got anymore you want to tell? How about correcting that big lie about ECU putting out more pro baseball players than any other school? It’s a lie, you know it’s a lie. Just like the others.

                    “I’d say you need to do a little research on Chernobyl deaths friend. It was in the 100’s of thousands.”


              2. I said Pence would be the nominee

                Evidence of pure stupidity, or devotion. He will never be the nominee and while your statement was that he would be the nominee, it’s because you supported him.

                Remember how you stated everyone that didn’t agree with you on this were “rocket scientists”?

                Who was right, us “rocket scientists” or the ignorant buffoon, Jaybot?

                “Rocket scientists are all here. You still think there is going to be a fair election LOL Mike Pence will be the nominee. He is not going public for nothing”

      2. And Trump is 79 at election time.

        So? I’m 70, it’s 99 degree’s outside and I’m out working in it all day* moving/placing 6000 pounds of landscaping rocks and moving several cubic yards of mulch from the 15 cubic yards I had delivered this morning. Already moved 15 CY of mulch over the last couple weeks.

        Age ain’t the problem, it’s how well one ages, and Trump is ageing pretty well from all the signs I see.

        One doesn’t need to be perfect to serve as president, mostly just have a clear working mind. I’ve developed a knee issue over the last several months, between sports injuries/impact and racing wrecks that impacted the right knee, it has decided it’s payback time…

        *I’ve come in to eat and had to get the keys and go get gas for the lawn tractor, but otherwise out all day

        1. “Age ain’t the problem, it’s how well one ages”

          And WOOT, dey it IS! Age is very much an individual matter, although I’d very much like to see a younger cohort in charge of running the goobermint.

          I’m 63, but I tell people I’m actually 104 in dog years. I feel as if I’ve earned every wrinkle, every grey hair. But the bad thing is, I FEEL ’em too. At 79, Trump could easily run rings around my tired old ass, all day every day, whereas Biden couldn’t so much as FIND his ass, with both hands and a compass.

          1. I’m pretty lucky and it certainly isn’t something I’ve done, just the opposite. Both sides of my family seem to age pretty well.

            I finished up the yard work this evening as the thunderstorms were threatening. Got everything put up and sat down to smoke a cigar and have a drink. I got up out of the chair and walked a few yards and a damn bee buzzed right out of nowhere and stung me on the ear. I didn’t even get to see the damn thing to know which kind of bee to hate this evening.

            Y’all are lucky though. If my wishes came true there would be no more honey and no more pollination from the little bastards. Funny how age changes things. When I was a kid we would get stung multiple times because we purposely riled the bastards up. Didn’t seem to hurt all that much then. Now, one sting, and my ear is swollen and hurts like hell.

                  1. we?

                    You and who else? You and the retard brigade?

                    All the liars in one place?

  7. Meant to put up a link earlier this week, the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) annual airshow is on in Oshkosh. This is the worlds largest put on by the membership.

    Airshow begins right about now:

    1. GREAT fuggin’ video, B! The legacy flight with the F22 and the two Mustangs is a thing of beauty. I saw my cousin Reggie fly one in Hickory, his F18 with a Mustang and an F4U Corsair. Afterwards we walked over to meet him as he was climbing out of the cockpit, and he just bitched and bitched about how slow he had to fly so’s the two piston-engines could keep up.

      But then again, at the end the two vintage warbirds broke off so Reggie could come in low and hot for a blistering solo runway pass before they all got back into formation and brought ’em down for a landing. All in all, it was just too cool for school–as ALL airshows are.

      1. Hey, glad you liked it! I meant to put up the link earlier.

        Wish I was there…

  8. Obstruction of Justice

    The entire democrat party and 75+% of the republicans are guilty of obstructing justice and should be jailed for a minimum of 10 years.

    They are protecting the regime that has a puppet at it’s head, a deeply corrupt puppet named Biden. The exposure of the biden crimes, going back decades, will expose everyone involved. In addition to showing the American people how deeply corrupt the two party’s are, it will expose the democrat house and anyone that voted to impeach Trump as obstructionists of the worst kind.

    Anyone involved in the attempt is obstructing justice. Nearly the entire political system needs to be tried, convicted, and jailed.

    1. As we saw with Sessions, even those allowed to vote “correctly” consistently can really be Swampy and Just In On It.

      At this point I trust Rand Paul more than the rest, but not completely. They’re ALL suspect.

    1. There is really one “most important thing of all”, which is the economy and only Trump addresses it to the benefit of Americans.

      Ramaswamy is just another deep state plant to try and derail Trump.

  9. Why did Devon Archer appear before the committee and give incriminating testimony? He could have pled the 5th and forced them to provide immunity at the very least.

    So why?

    I think the puppeteers know they have a big problem and need to sweep biden aside. So it is actually the deep state telling Archer to take biden down, and we will take care of you.

    My thinking remains the same – Feinstein resigns, Newsome appoints Harris to replace her and she resigns the VP spot, a new VP is selected, then biden resigns due to health/corruption and no prosecution will occur. The new pres will simply pardon him for any and all crimes.

    Who will the new President be? Some suggest Newsome. Could be. I can never predict what the marxists may do in that respect.

    Or maybe they just leave Harris in place as the first hooker. They just need enough actual votes such that the cheating isn’t to obvious.

  10. Found in the comments of this article:
    It’s a Sundance article on Pence attacking Trump. Beats me why it shows up as an empty box, but just click inside it.

    “The Koch brothers have been long time friends and financial supporters of Michael Pence.”

    “Pence is our 21st Century Benedict Arnold…he stabbed the president in the back and the Republic in the heart.”

    “Few people know that America’s Front-Line Doctors headed by Dr. Simone Gold who is also an attorney, went to VP Pence in July of 2020 and told him that if President Trump made Hydroxychloroquine and over-the-counter drug as it is in so many other countries, that lives would be saved as well as the President’s second term.

    She told Pence, “Once it’s Over-the-Counter, there’s nothing Congress can do, there’s nothing the doctors and pharmacists can do to stop it…They were going to hold this coronavirus thing over him [Trump], so if the death rates went down to zero, it would have been beautiful.”

    She said she met obstruction at every turn.

    Mike Pence truly is a modern-day Judas.”

    1. For all that Trump accomplished, his greatest one may have been showing America how deep and wide the Swamp really is. None of us could truly fathom that long time firebrands like Sessions and Mattis, or mild mannered supposedly “morally sound” people like Pence, are really simply snakes and vicious people and out to harm America. We understood it coming from all the Dems. We could always be assured the “mavericks” like McCain and Mittens and Collins and Murkowski would Fail US at crucial times.

      But we never imagined that in excess of 90% of the GOP are vicious snakes and weasels and enemies of We, the People as well.

      Trump undertook to reveal their true selves in The Great Unmasking.

      Now, #WeKnow.

      1. Agreed. Trump exposed them by defying them. And he is doing it right now in the face of their indictments.

        And no help from the “republican” party. None. Anything you see is just kabucki theatrics.
        If the R party actually cared about this country, about freedom and liberty, they would start shutting down the corrupt and bankrupt government. They don’t because they are part of the corrupt.

  11. “Firstly, 65 percent of those who died with Covid were over 80. By that age, the average person has passed away; the bodies of those who’ve survived are wearing out. Secondly, the CARES Act strongly incentivized hospitals to overcode for Covid and families to accept death certificates blaming Covid. Thirdly, and anecdotally, though I directly know many hundreds of people, I know zero who were said to have died of Covid. I indirectly know—i.e., people I know have told me about—eight people they knew who were said to have died of Covid. Four of the decedents were over 90, two more had Stage 4 cancer, one was over 70 and very overweight with congestive heart failure and one, in his forties, was morbidly obese. Thus, eight out of eight reported “Covid deaths” that I know of involved distinctly unwell people.”

    Kenny and I knew this, said this, in March of 2020 or earlier.

    1. And on Insty I’m STILL hearing revisionist History.

      The old saw is that if everybody who said they were at Woodstock really WERE at Woodstock then Woodstock would have had 10 Million attendees, not half a million.

      Same thing here. If everybody who today says they KNEW WuFlu was overhyped and nothing to fear actually WERE of that opinion in March 2020 there would never have been Lockdowns as tens of millions would have been protesting in the Streets demanding the Governors keep things open.

      Instead, it was the other way around. Most people were cowering at home demanding the Governors stop those few people Unmasked and Unafraid and Going to Stores and Restaurants from exercising their Freedoms.

      We were making the rest of them look bad!

  12. Fuck NASCAR along with the government. And every one of the race teams, every damn one. They all have bent over for the marxists.

    And then along comes Elon Musk. He may be the most exasperating man of consequence on the planet. I am unable to tell if he is on the deep state side or 100% against it, and then he vows to foot the legal bills for ANYONE treated unfairly by their employer over a tweet. UNLMITED funding.

    So, for today at least, Elon is on my savior of the West list.

    1. Yes, I don’t know what to make of him.

      Makes a fortune riding subsidies from the government for a boondoggle, but then plows it all into The Space Race, Sure, he’ll end up making another fortune if successful, but he does get Humanity out there into Space.

      That’s just one Fer Instance for ya.

      1. Yep, an exasperating man. Of course, he shouldn’t be blamed for the government subsidy’s on EV’s. In fact, I’m pretty sure he has said he is against them.

        1. It’s like tax breaks. You’d be crazy not to take advantage when you’re against government crazy spending.

        2. Yep, my take all along was good on him for grabbing what he could from the goobermint asswipes. Sort of a reverse Cloward-Piven thing, you might say.

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