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No, I do not mean the kitten these 50-IQ mouthbreathers were torturing. I mean the fucking niggers.

A couple is facing charges after they were filmed torturing a small kitten while swimming at a local beach – throwing the helpless animal feet in the air like a pool toy and into the shoulder-deep water.

When approached by outraged onlookers, the suspects, 27-year-old John Laguerre and Jamarria Wayne, 22 – joked and demanded $1,000 from the Good Samaritans just to stop.

‘They were throwing her like this into the water,’ Miami resident Natalia Martin recalled of the abuse, which spurred her to rise up from her towel and confront the kitten’s attackers. ‘They were trying to make her swim and the cat was so scared, she was passing out already. She was half alive.’

However, upon approaching the young couple – who was filmed wading in the Florida waves as Laguerre clutches the limp kitten with one hand – Martin was rebuffed by the couple, who allegedly began to intimidate the woman.

‘The guy started being so aggressive towards me,’ Martin told Local10 of the ensuing standoff.

‘He starts stepping up,’ she said of Laguerre’s response to being reprimanded during the episode, which occurred on September 24.

‘He says, ‘Hey, look, this is my cat. This is not your business. I can do what I want,’ she said…

And that right there should clue any intelligent person in to what the underlying problem here is: ‘Sh’zwnq’uel’le and Twanzaleekwa have gotten away with doing “what I want” far too many times, and have become accustomed to it as if they had a perfect right to, that’s what. They need to be checked on that attitude, and I mean good and fucking hard, too.

Eventually, police approached the couple about breaking the ‘no animals on the beach’ rules, and asked them to leave the premises.

And from there, the whole scene went down exactly as you would expect: resisting arrest, cursing and threatening the cops, then face down in the sand with 5-0 knees in their backs while the goddamned cuffs were rassled onto the two worthless baboons.

Yes, Van der Leun has pictures, and they’re horrifying. At the moment, I’m so enraged I could tear the two perps into Kibble ‘N’ Bits with my bare hands. Remember last night, when I said I was conflicted concerning the death penalty? Not when it comes to subhuman fourth-grade dropouts like these two, I ain’t. I’d gladly pull the trigger or throw the switch on those soulless thugs mydamnedself, and do it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart, too. “People” like this will never be anything more than a drain on society, a millstone around the necks of better men and women than they’ll ever be, and quite frankly do not deserve to live among decent people.

And yes, I said nigger up top there. And I damned well meant it, too. Go ahead, call me a RAYCISS N SHIT, YO, call me whatever the fuck you like, I don’t give a tinker’s damn. Sometimes the only good option is to just call a fucking spade a fucking spade.

(Via Bill)


23 thoughts on “Animals

  1. I absolutely hate it when you sugar-coat things.

    Just come right out with it and tell us how you really feel.

    <sarc off>

  2. My question, for more than a decade, has been “How open, obvious, and irrefutable does the problem have to be before the shouts of ‘Racist!’ lose their effect?” If Arthur Sido’s figures are correct, the matter can’t get much more open, nor more obvious, nor more irrefutable than it already is.

    Remember, friends: I consider this outcome to be the most beneficent one possible.

  3. This is what happens when a group is told everything that does not work for them is someone else’s fault. The do gooders worshiping them and overlooking all their misdeeds is the other half of the equation. Jared Taylor is speaking to this.

  4. I hate to bring up the obvious, but cats, including kittens, have been the target of torture by people for as long as I’ve been alive and clearly much further back. I’d wager far more cats have been tortured by white assholes than any other group, at least in this country. I had a fight with a kid in my neighborhood at the age of twelve because he thought it was a cute idea to put a cat in a bag and dip it in the pond. He no longer thought that was a good idea at the end.

    1. You’re right, Barry, this kind of mindless cruelty is by no means exclusively a Black Thang. A strain of visceral hatred for cats runs through the veins of all too many entry-level Southern redneck males to this very day for reasons I’ve never really understood, including some relatives of mine on my Mom’s side (from Kannapolis, which might help explain it somewhat, if you know K-town at all). Being an animal lover all my life, I have absolutely NO tolerance for that horseshit.

      In fact, years back when I was a teenager I was riding around out that way with a cousin of mine when a little cat darted across the two-lane blacktop in front of us, whereupon my cousin swerved the car trying to run the poor thing over. When he had regained control of the car again (we were doing around a hundred and ten at the time, the fucking moron), I turned to him and promised him just as coldly and solemnly as I could manage that if I ever saw him do such a thing again, the next time he came within arm’s reach of me I would assuredly kill his ass for it. I was in no wise joking, and he knew full well I wasn’t. Fuck all that stupid noise.

      1. Yep, and it’s not just cats of course. I’m an ASPCA donating member for a reason. No excuse for harming an animal, especially the defenseless ones.

        1. Cats??? The ferals have been torturing and killing people because of their race. How many white folks are pushing poc’s in front of trains.

          You might also want to check out what else the ASPCA supports. Soros is a big donor.

          1. What the fuck are you talking about dumbass?

            The article is about the torture of cats. You’re a fucking idiot. Probably torture little animals as well. Fit’s your profile.

            Go peddle some lies somewhere. It seems to be all you’re capable of.

          2. By the way, idiot, the ASPCA is far from perfect, but it’s still worthwhile if you care about the well being of animals. A lot of dogs and cats get neglected and abused, I’ve seen it. We have several local organizations that rescue abused animals and as with all things, they are closer to the problem and their funds are better spent than a national organization. That doesn’t mean the national is useless.

            So since you are good at casting negatives without stating what they are, why don’t you tell us “what else the ASPCA supports”?

          3. Soros is a big donor.

            Funny, no account of Soros donating to the ASPCA can be found online. Either you are a liar or you will put up the proof.

            I wouldn’t hold my breath. Maybe while you’re digging you can find us the proof that Shanghai Motors owns 1/3 of GM, another of your apparent whoppers.

      2. I am familiar with the rednecks in Kannapolis. The PtB want to get the Charloot yuppies but No amount of Ballparks and Craft Beer halls downtown are going to change perceptions that the city is redneckville.

        Ignorant people torture animals and there are way too many of them both black and white.

        1. I like Kannapolis just fine myself. But then, I find most “rednecks” are much better people than 90% of the city dwellers.

          “Ignorant people torture animals and there are way too many of them both black and white.”
          That’s the damn truth.

          1. Having spent a significant portion of my entire life in K-town visiting the fam and whatnot, I can categorically say that I have never been anywhere on Earth quite like it…and I’ve been almost everywhere. Me and my brother concluded years ago that Cannon Mills must have been spiking the drinking water with some mighty strong stuff over the years to keep the lintheads showing up for work and relatively docile, except for the weekends when they’d begin to shoot and cut one another pretty freely. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

            Speaking of, Barry or Skyler, either of you guys familiar with the West A Tavern, right on the corner of West A and Oval Street, at all? That was my uncle Foy’s joint for years: he started the place, owned and ran it for a good long time. Made a pretty good nickel out of it, too.

            1. Never been to the West A Tavern. I mainly go to KTown for the Gem Theater and the YMCA when the West Cabbarras Y has closed its pool. Oh and Sam’s Club and Editions Coffee/ used books. I’ll have to try it sometime. I mainly hang out at Little Roberts place in Concord. Wifey and I will grab a pint or two after she closes for the Weekend.

              Kannapolis has the shops and Concord has the restaurants downtown wise.

            2. I’ve seen it but never have been there. My business partner moved to Kannapolis about 5 years ago, so that’s why I’ve spent any time there. Plus, Canon mills I called upon on occasion. It was a big time textile mill town as you know. I still find it hard to believe all of those companies are gone, even though I predicted their end as early as the late 80’s.

              The interaction I’ve had with people from Kannapolis is just typical of any small Southern town.

              1. Cannon told the threadheads if they voted for UNITE that was it but they listened to the Yankee Union Organizer anyway. None of the scams that replaced the mills needed Mill Workers so they ended up at Wal-Mart and AutoZone.

                1. The mills are still in operation, even the equipment. It’s just located in Asia with Asians doing the mill work.
                  This is courtesy of the United States Federal government that cared nothing about an industry located primarily in the South.

                  Roger Milliken once shuttered a plant in South Carolina that voted in the union. Never reopened it, never had another vote to bring in the union either.

      3. Scary, that is.

        My Mother was born in Kannapolis.

        Never had much of an issue there myself.

        Oh, by the way, please refer to those folks as Ruby-Throated Bigots in the future please.

        jus’ kiddin

        1. Heh. It may seem strange to some, but the fact is I’ve had plenty of good friends whose friendship I did/do treasure throughout my whole life who just happened to be black people, and I still do. It’s as one of those fellas, my boy Mel, told me a cpl-three years ago: “If you’re white and you believe there ain’t no such thing as a nigger, then you ain’t met enough black people yet.” Wisdom like that you just can’t argue with.

          1. I think most of us that grew up in the South have had and have black friends that are just plain normal human beings. The problem the black folks have is democrats that have sold corruption and poverty dressed in a tuxedo. Welfare was a stroke of genius if you wanted to ruin a group of people and lock up their vote at the same time.

            Seems corrupt old Lyndon Johnson thought so.

            When I was in my early 20’s and just getting started racing, and building my own engines, it was the black guys in the machine shop that took the time to teach me how to run the machine tools to rework parts. And provide the expertise that they knew worked. Those were some good guys, hard workers, from the days when black families hadn’t been destroyed by the government. Those were guys that grew up with a Mom and Dad in the home, ones that worked for a living.

          2. Not strange to me.

            And if’n you meet enough white people, you’ll find there’s more than one out there deserving of the n-word descriptor.

            And not necessarily like Stern’s descriptor for a wanna-be.


            Good and bad in every ethnic category.

            Me? I’m a spotted caucasian myself.

            Rare breed we are, but exceedingly friendly.

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