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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…


32 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. From the previous “Daily” comment about the probe striking a meteorite 6.8 million miles away:
    Congrats to mean and women at NASA!

    Ha, ha. Slip of the tongue?

    1. I commented elsewhere about this mission: How hard up must those NASA nerds be, to see a photo of an asteroid and say, “I’d smash that!”

  2. 4th quarter, Carolina 41, Va Tech 10, 10 minutes to go.
    I do not like Va Tech football. Go Heels, Beat VT!

  3. Back on the island. Drove here Sunday so today was the first full day. We always wonder what the house will look like after 20 rental weeks, and it always looks pretty much like the day we left.

    A bit windy and chilly today with a light drizzle. I actually like this weather though. They closed Hwy 12 today due to ocean overwash south of Oregon Inlet through Pea Island. Expected to open again this evening, haven’t checked to see if it did. Ok, so checking, and it opened back up around 8pm this evening. Hurricane Ian didn’t cause much damage here, just a bit of higher swells.

    Picture is from earlier today, around noon I think, just south of the Oregon Inlet bridge. Another day in paradise.

  4. Another bloody day in paradise 🙂

    Battling the sticker vines today. Some of them are 1/2 inch diameter with thorns 3/4 inches long. The tree’s along my pool fence are heavily infested with them and the tree’s are actually on my neighbors property. I spent 8 hours cutting them, up on a ladder, then pulling them down out of the tree’s. Plus trimming up the limbs growing over my property and pool fence. Those things are fierce and I have punctures all over my arms and one nice gash in the forehead. Huge piles all along the fence, so I went to start dragging the vines and limbs into the back and as I came around the corner something jumped, and then I jumped. I had startled a good size doe that was munching on my pile of debris. Two other deer were a bit further away, one a pretty spotted fawn. All are food grade should the need arise 🙂 I never come down without a deer gun, just in case.

    Anyway, the vines should be manageable now. They grow back but a couple hours each spring should keep them at bay. The whole backyard was covered when I bought the place.

    Well, the point of this was to post some pretty deer pictures, but I’m getting a never before seen message telling me the maximum upload size is 2mb, and the pics are around 6-7mb. Not sure resizing will get the same impact…

  5. Don’t know any of you gentlemen’s theology but here is a thought:

    Revelation 8:11

    The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.

    What makes it more interesting is the word wormwood translated to Russian, that would be CHERNOBYL

    1. How many is “many”? The immediate Chernobyl deaths that occurred were 30, with another 60 added after for radiation exposure. All other numbers are just guessing at the effect. As far as deaths go, seems like a pretty small disaster.

      Now if you could translate Fat man / Little Boy to Wormwood you might have something.

      What was the original Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek meaning of the name of the star? Why would the giver of names name the star after the highly sought after wood with worm holes?

      My theology is that what the russians name a nuclear power plant is meaningless as far as the creator goes.

      We’ll just have to wait for SteveF to tell us…

      1. I’d say you need to do a little research on Chernobyl deaths friend. It was in the 100’s of thousands.

        1. Link to it or it’s false. I’ll quote myself:
          “All other numbers are just guessing at the effect.”

          I can more accurately say that drinking water and breathing air are 100% fatal.

          Research? I’ve done the research. And I’m not making false claims based on unprovable assumptions made by parties with an interest in mass deaths.

          I’ve been very close to Chernobyl. After all the people left the area the place blossomed with wildlife. None of it is two headed. The effects of radiation below a certain level have been wildly exaggerated. That’s the research you should look at.

          Nagasaki and Hiroshima are thriving cities.

          1. I am not going to weigh in here either way, although I think Chernobyl being a big deal is more advantageous to us at the time.

            But here’s the thing. The No Nukes movement here in the US was bolstered by Chernobyl. So there is a “cui buono” aspect here to how this worked out.

            Remember, the Media at the time was just as much Hatred Towards Reagan as they were towards Goldwater back when and Trump today.

            1. It was absolutely used politically, against the russians (me) and against nuclear power (by the left that want you in the dark).

          2. Oh yea it blossomed that is why they are worried about the second sarcophagus failing. It killed over a million reindeer.

            It is still a live danger zone.

            I might add the name is not of the facility it is the name of the city, since 1282.

            1. It killed over a million reindeer.

              It killed everyone on the planet. Seriously. Look it up. Everyone died.

              The reindeer in the Scandinavian countries were effected because the radiation was wind blown to those areas and fell out contaminating the plant life the reindeer eat, IIRC. I’m not going to bother searching for bullshit. A million reindeer didn’t die. You can’t prove it, you just fall for the propaganda.

              So, your “100’s of thousands” of deaths were animals?
              You can’t prove that either.

              Fact is, as a nuclear disaster it was way overblown for political reasons.

              And it pointed out the fact the the russians are a bunch of incompetent drunks that would kill everyone on earth if allowed free reign.

  6. The point I was making was that bitter described in the Bible references radiation poisoning 1900 years ago.

    1. Your point is the one you choose to believe. It was understood even before the birth of Christ that there were poisons. Transferring a reference to a poison as proof god exists is just your need.

  7. I swear, if it were up to me every republican in the state of North Carolina would be strung up and hung from lampposts, or, as my late friend Ironbear would have it, impaled on the capitol fencing.

    East Carolina. Fucking East Carolina. What the hell. I have two friends from ECU that visit here on the island pretty frequently, both successful and substantial ECU supporters. I believe they will get an earful soon.

    No excuse whatsoever for the republican legislature to not be all over this with legislation covering that campus with 50 feet of water.

        1. Attacking me by proxy is childish and petty. If you want to talk about universities, knowing what I know now, I would not have attended ANY state university. They are ALL in the hands and control of pedos, communists, and homosexuals.

          …I suggest you add Abilify

          1. If you are an administrator at ECU I didn’t know it.
            EDIT: Or a republican legislator.
            Otherwise, how do you figure I’m “attacking” you?
            Seems it’s the other way around.

              1. You’ll need professional help to recognize your inferiority complex.

                And just for the future, If I were to “attack” you with words on a blog, there would be no uncertainty about it.

                Keep standing up for mutilating children at ECU though. It goes right along with your character.
                Maybe you can work “wormwood” into that with millions of mutilated children on the ECU campus.

                  1. That goes along with all the other fake bullshit you spit out.

                    Tell us once again that ECU has more pro baseball players than any other school.
                    And then I’ll post the list were ECU isn’t even in the top 20.

                    Every comment you make that gives data is 100% false. And here you stand up for the mutilation of children.

                    Apparently your religious fervor is fake too. Or it’s one that includes torturing and mutilating children. Do you eat the parts when your done?

                    1. Like I said you are a joke and everyone on here is laughing AT YOU.

                      Just for the record ALL state universities are run by perverts, communists, and traitors including my own. I would not attend one today.

                    2. And still, no denunciation of the ECU child mutilation factory.

                      Frankly I don’t give a damn where you went to school or if you would go again. It’s immaterial, dumbass.

                      ECU is a North Carolina university system school and as such it should be reported on a NC based blog when children are being mutilated, by ECU, or any of the other schools operated by the NC government.

                      You’re the only laugh. No one called your name to start with but you decided to make a fool of yourself. Keep digging though, eventually you’ll hit bedrock or water.

  8. Mike put up an article about Tulsi Gabbard a few day ago, and today she announces she is leaving the high marxist party (democrats). Doesn’t say if she is going to join the lower marxist party.

    She speaks well, calls the D’s warmongers (among other things), but fails to mention the R party has many warmongers in it as well.

    As I recall she supported Bernie Sanders, so unless her eyes have opened to the evils of socialism/communism, the package is defective. OTOH, perhaps the Trump presidency has awoke some truth even in democrats like Tulsi. It would be a nice trend.

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