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The biggest question

To ask is to answer.

There is one fundamental question that any candidate vying for the Republican nomination for president of the United States in 2024 must answer — but that as of yet has gone largely unaddressed, at least publicly, as the field spars over significant but ultimately subordinate issues.

The question is this: How will you win the general election under the present voting system?

A: Unless he’s a Deep State-approved Vichy GOPe collaborator/co-conspirator, he won’t.

As Americans well know, we are lightyears removed from the election days of old — singular days when people voted in person, on paper ballots, after presenting identification. Now, we have mass mail-in elections, conducted over weeks, where those voting in person often do so on electronic machines, and with lax identification standards.

Democrats largely developed and long fought for this system, willing it into existence under the cover of Covid-19. Naturally, they have successfully manipulated and exploited the voting regime they made.

Ballot harvesting is becoming an accepted norm. Candidates not only have to earn votes but figure out how to collect as many votes as they possibly can. Are Republicans overnight going to out-harvest their opponents, or figure out some new means to identify and turn out voters otherwise sitting on the sidelines in sufficient numbers to overcome Democrats’ ballot-harvesting superiority?

The Biden administration is working to leverage federal agencies to mobilize presumed Democrat voters as well — also potentially in conjunction with the same NGOs — under a March 2021 executive order, “Promoting Access to Voting,” that has remained shrouded in mystery as the bureaucracy stonewalls over inquiries about its implementation. Republicans have started to engage in election administration, but largely in the context of monitoring over execution. What is the plan to combat Democrat control over election machinery?

Lawfare is also now an integral part of our election system. Republicans have started to devote significantly greater attention and resources to the litigation game, but to catch up to Democrats will require a long-term, sustained effort, backed with real money. And filing suit over election policies and practices after votes have already been cast of course has proven a losing proposition, as demonstrated by courts’ unwillingness to grapple with fundamental issues around the 2020 election largely on technical grounds.

Meanwhile, Democrats have engaged in efforts to ruin the lives of Republican election lawyers — in their own words to “make them toxic in their communities and in their firms” — seeking to kneecap their competition before it ever reaches the courtroom.

Are Republican candidates devising comprehensive election lawfare strategies right now to both aggressively target existing election chicanery and stave off that which is to come — with the courage and intellectual heft behind it needed to win in the face of an unrelenting and calculating opposition?

These in-built challenges exist before even discussing election fraud, and the imperative for a Republican candidate to exhaust every available means to prevent it, and in the absolute worst case to detect and mitigate it — this at a time when voting happens at further remove from the election booth than ever before, making finding and proving fraud all the more difficult.

Layer on top of these issues the broader forces any such candidate will be up against, and the prospect of winning becomes even more daunting.

Aw, even with all that, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait til they’ve finally achieved their longstanding dream of eliminating the Electoral College once and for all, that’s when the REAL fun starts.


14 thoughts on “The biggest question

  1. While I agree the election will be rigged just as it was in 2020 (and other times of course), it’s still important to vote.

    MAKE them steal it, MAKE them work hard to steal it, MAKE it obvious they stole it. I know people who do not believe the elections are rigged and it’s not because they like the outcome. They need it demonstrated, so make sure it’s overwhelmingly clear that the election was stolen.

    If you* cannot do that why would I expect you’ll ever do more?

    The 2016 election was rigged, but they were surprised by the turnout for Trump. They didn’t rig it enough.

    *a generic “you”, applies to everyone

    1. Vote. Besides the local and State Elections, there are these points to bear in mind.

      Unless it is in your face egregious cheating the murky middle is not going to accept that the Election was Stolen.

      Unless we TALK loudly about how 2020 and 2022 were Stolen it simply gives cover to those who deny it.

      Plus, when they do it again in the same exact manner anyone who DID NOT SPEAK UP has no standing then to question the Fraud. After all, they said 2020 was Free and Fair or at least did not say it was Fraud then. So, how could the same evidence today point to Fraud?

    2. Also, I now believe that 2012 was rigged and that Mittens simply looked the other way.

      He took a Dive.

      He probably rehearsed the Debate “Gotcha” with Crowley ahead of time.

      What Incumbent for President LOST votes and still Won the Election?

    3. There’s one thing though that I worry about.

      What if they obviously Rig the Primaries against Trump?

      Should we still vote for DeSanctimonious?

      I pray I don’t have to make that decision. Right now Trump is cruising. Would they be so brazen as to Steal The Nomination?

      1. IMO, the deep state GOP plan all along was to deny Trump running for the R nomination due to the felony* indictment(s).

        They had no clue what the level of support for an actual American would be or the fact that the same had opened their eyes to the perfidy routinely committed by them. Many that didn’t know, now do, and thus their plan is a failure. To exercise that option is to kill the R party, kill it completely, so I judge they are not going to carry that out.

        If DeSantis was just a lesser American, I’d vote for him. But he’s not, he’s “their” plan. If they deny Trump I will never vote for another republican for any office. A new party will have to arise from those ashes, should we not descend into civil war first, which I think is highly likely.

        Of course they could rig the vote in any number of ways to make it appear the R’s are still getting votes, but we’ll know it when we see it, just like we know cooper was elected by cheating.

        At some point the ballot box isn’t enough. But that doesn’t mean you stay home and not exercise that option.

        Staying home and not voting just means the deep state no longer has to cheat, they beat you with their psychological manipulations. The CIA has gamed this stuff out for years. Don’t fall for it.

        *I realize I misspelled baloney

      2. DeSantis’ numbers are sinking like an OceanGate sub tour of the Titanic.
        He’s his own worst enemy, and the more people see him, the less they like him.
        Let FL keep him. He seems to be less idiotic there.

  2. “Ballot Harvesting” is simply Fraud and if We did it, they’d catch us and prosecute us under the Laws they themselves break.

    Yet we watch everyone on their side, from Crooked Clinton to Bribehim Biteme, break laws brazenly while Trump is the one getting Indicted for Fake Crimes.

    If someone other than an Election Official collects a ballot, the Chain of Custody is broken.

    There is no way to know whether there was coercion, or deception, to vote a certain way, or whether the ballot was tampered with, or even whether the “collector” didn’t simply fill out the ballot themselves. We also don’t know whether the “collector” didn’t simply toss ballots where people voted “incorrectly”.

    1. That’s the hell of it, Kenny: they DIDN’T really break the law, they made ballot harvesting and such legal. It’s the creme de la insults, a brazen slap in the face to any law-abiding patriot. And, true to the usual form, Repugnicants at all levels have talked themselves purple in the face about “election reform” without doing a damned thing about it.

      1. Legal ONLY for them…

        As I have shown in two instances, there are two levels of law. For THEM and for US…

  3. Vote? Sure. Whatever.
    Expect any real change? Are you fucking insane??

    The Revolution Will Not Be Voted Into Office.
    Except by ballots cast from the rooftops.
    At about 3200fps.

    You can quote me on that.

    1. The recent experience here in NC suggests you are wrong.
      At a federal level it may be much more difficult (or impossible) since the corrupt to the core states will remain so.

      But no, “whatever” doesn’t suffice. It’s important to make them steal the election and to do so blatantly. There are people that just “can’t believe anyone would cheat” and they need to see it.

      If you wait on the rooftop action you’ll be waiting a long damn time.

      1. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all in favor of the trip to the ballot box, to rub their noses in it. But if it worked, they’d make it illegal. Look how hard they spazzed over 2016. They’ve been prosecuting Trump for literally 7 years, non-stop, merely for having the temerity to throw a turd in their party punchbowl.

        Absolutely nothing is going to change until we get to the “shoot the m*****f*****s in the face” stage.
        Recidivism, at that point, reaches 0%, and learning finally occurs.

        This was demonstrated conclusively in 1776, as well as every day since when we haven’t done the same thing to our domestic tyrants.
        Jefferson wasn’t speaking idly when he mentioned watering the Tree of Liberty, he was speaking from the bitterest firsthand personal experience.

        1. I understand.
          The problem is, with all the negativity about voting it dissuades people from doing so, and some use it as an excuse not to do so.

          Which makes the cheating a double win for the marxist left.

          Short of an outright civil war, which ain’t happening anytime soon*, keeping the states as free of corruption by voting is the best we have. And it is working here in NC and SC. If we get enough states with absolute freedom and liberty people in control then they can ignore the feds, and the states can do it a lot easier than individuals can.

          *we are still free to move at will, leave the country at will, own firearms, etc. In short, while we may not have the people we elected running things, the thugs in office are afraid to go all out at this point. When that changes the shooting will begin, but not before, IMO.

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