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Tucker on Twitter

Episode 6 dropped the other day; apparently, this new show will be a Tuesday-Thursday happenin’ going forward, or so it would seem if the current trend holds. Bayou Pete graciously posts a transcript which he says came from ZeroHedge (I haven’t checked the ZH site to see if it’s posted there, or whether it might be an ongoing thing for the ZH consortium, but I will). Rather than embed the Tucker Tweet here, this time I’ll just excerpt the first part of the transcript Peter ran as an appetizer, although having already established a separate and distinct category for the Tucker show I’ll most likely go back to the embedding next time. To wit:

There’s never been a candidate for president the media hated more than Robert F Kennedy Jr. You thought that title belonged to Donald Trump, of course it must. But go check the coverage: Trump got a gentle scalp massage by comparison. When he announced when Trump rolled out his presidential campaign in 2015 the New York Times waited until the 17th paragraph of the story to attack him. But as well-known as he is, the paper said at the time Trump is also widely disliked then they cited a poll to back it up. That was the attack on Trump.

Eight years later the Times attacked Bobby Kennedy in the very first sentence of the story:

“Robert F Kennedy Jr” the paper declared “announced a presidential campaign on Wednesday built on relitigating covid-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans faith in science?”

Shaking Americans faith in science – imagine if you’re an ordinary New York Times subscriber reading that over coffee in your pre-war rent-controlled duplex on Columbus Avenue. You’d think Bobby Kennedy just declared war on the enlightenment: ”my fellow Americans I have come to shake your faith in science. Join me as I drag our nation back to the medieval period.”

You’d be appalled; CBS News viewers likely were appalled in its coverage of Kennedy’s announcement. CBS denounced the candidates views as “misleading and dangerous.” The LA Times called him “a threat to democracy.”

At the offices of national public radio in Washington a full-blown Category 5 hysteria typhoon broke out. NPR devoted an entire segment to savaging Kennedy not just as a candidate but as a human being. NPR described him as someone who – for his own perverse reasons – has made “debunked and false and misleading claims that undermine trust in vaccines and who in his spare time provides moral support to crazed extremists Who rally under the banner of what they call Liberty or freedom.”

People magazine didn’t even bother to report a single word of anything Kennedy said at his announcement and instead wrote an entire story about how his relatives hate him. Kennedy’s younger sister Carrie, the magazine reported solemnly, does not approve of Bobby Jr’s harmful views…his harmful views.

Bobby Kennedy’s thoughts alone are evil enough to hurt people – that’s been the tone of the media coverage around Bobby Kennedy Jr for the past 18 years since July of 2005. That’s the moment that Kennedy published a magazine article suggesting there might be a link between the rise in diagnosed autism cases and the ever expanding schedule of mandatory childhood vaccines.

The day that story was published Kennedy’s reporting was considered so solid that two outlets ran it simultaneously: Rollingstone and Unfortunately neither one of them understood what they were up against. The Pharma Lobby rolled out the most ferocious public relations campaign in memory and both publications swiftly caved; both pulled the story and then disavowed it, groveling as they did.

No one in the National media bothered to explain why autism diagnoses had skyrocketed. If it wasn’t the vaccines – and maybe it wasn’t – then what was it? To this day there has not been a convincing explanation. Instead reporters just attack Bobby Kennedy. They’ve called him a lunatic and a Nazi. Instagram shut down his account. YouTube just last week pulled down a perfectly reasonable interview he did with Jordan Peterson citing unspecified misinformation.

And so on – Kennedy became the most censored famous person in the United States. At this point most Americans have heard a lot more about Bobby Kennedy Jr than they’ve heard from him. He doesn’t get many offers to speak from Big platforms.

Just checked over at ZH and sure enough, the transcript is available there, although the incredible proliferation of posting at the Hedge necessitated a bit of digging on my part to unearth it (the very last item on page 3, it was). Kudos to Tyler Durden for his fine work on what must have been a Herculean task of transcribing.

And then it hit me: ZeroHedge is neither in my browser bookmarks or Ye Olde CF Blogrolle, a most egregious lapse in diligence that has now been sheepishly rectified in both places.


9 thoughts on “Tucker on Twitter

  1. It was big on RFK, good analysis as always.

    I see today that RFK is out and mentioning that Trump shut down illegal immigration to near zero levels, which is true. Hardest hit, the so called conservatives complaining Trump didn’t build the wall…

    A wall is a tool*, one the republican party campaigns on, then refused to fund it when the man in office would sign the bill. It is the R party that failed to build the wall, not Trump. As RFK correctly notes, Trump found an alternative way.

    And Mexico paid for it since it was their Nat Guard that implemented it.

    *And a tool that is useless if the people in power don’t enforce the law, as is done now. The wall will slow illegals down, giving the border patrol time to respond. That is it’s entire value.

    1. Know what amazes me about RFKjr? He seems to be honest, for the most part. Gotta be a first-ever for a feckin’ Kennedy.

      1. Honest commies are few and far between, but yea, he may be an actual honest communist. Or not, commie I mean. He’s a difficult one to get a handle on*.

        He appears to be honest. There is much I disagree with him on, but there are some important agreeable area’s as well. He seems to be high on fundamental freedom, which place him head and shoulders above the democrap party and 90% of the R party. He supports the 2nd, which is a rock solid support of freedom and liberty in my book. Hard to imagine a commie supporting the 2nd…

        *I haven’t really ever paid much attention to him, truthfully. But I am now. Anyone hated by the democrap party is worth a solid look.

            1. Global Warmenist?

              Strike three.

              Listen. He may secure the border. He may be better on guns. But Global Warmenist is the biggest Scam of the Commies taking control of our whole Economy.

              The guns and border are to lull us back into complacency.

              He’s a Hide It Better Commie like Tulsi Gabbard.

              1. Not telling me anything 🙂

                I’m just acknowledging he’s a thorn in the democraps side, and it’s seems he’s not being controlled by the deep state cabal.

                As far as that goes I’ll root for him to do destruction to “them”. but that’s it. I don’t want him anywhere near the presidency.

        1. I just can’t seem to find a way to trust him on what he says.

          A Kennedy. A Democrat.

          That’s two strikes he’s starting with.

  2. re: Zero Hedge.
    Hey Mike, I’ve been going to ZH since the beginning, heck, I even have 2 ZH t shirts, one with the old ZH moniker on it, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”.
    Anyway, I still visit everyday, but … you have to keep an eye on old “Tyler”, I think he’s a libertarian of the slightly squishy shade. Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I visit everyday as I have for the last 14 years and I will continue. It’s just sometimes he disappoints me. But that’s a mild complaint, ZH is the 2nd site I go to ed, after a glance at Vox’s (AC’s mancrush) site to see if he’s playing that day.
    Just sayin’.

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