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Day late, dollar short Eyrie update

The Monday Substack post—”NEWS FLASH: Gander not fond of Goose’s sauce“—is finally up and running, delayed due to my mom having been whisked off to the hospital late yesterday for emergency treatment of all kinds of serious issues. After a night spent hallucinating and literally screaming in pain, she’s stabilized for the moment, so I put together a quickie but still top-quality post while I await word that she’s conscious and able to take phone calls again. Thanks for your patience, gang; depending on developments, blogging might be spotty over the next several days.

PROBLEMATIC update! What DeSantis really said, and what he did NOT say.

DeSantis: ‘Soros Attorney’ Alvin Bragg is ‘Weaponizing His Office’ to Prosecute Trump
DeSantis, who is expected to declare his 2024 candidacy against Trump this Spring, broke his silence on the impending indictment during a press conference in Panama City, Monday morning.

I’ve seen rumors swirl, I haven’t seen any facts yet,” DeSantis said. “What I do know is the Manhattan District Attorney is a Soros-funded prosecutor, and so he, like other Soros-funded prosecutors, they weaponize their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety.

The governor stressed that the DA’s soft on crime policies have been a disaster for New York City.

“He has downgraded over 50 percent of felonies to misdemeanors. He says he doesn’t even want to have jail time for the vast, vast majority of crimes, and what we’ve seen in Manhattan is the crime rate go up, we’ve seen citizens become less safe,” DeSantis said.

The governor noted that while he couldn’t speak to the hush money allegations, he could speak to Bragg’s job performance as Manhattan’s District Attorney, where he has been “ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction” only to “go back many, many years” to investigate a political opponent’s alleged hush money payments.

“That’s an example of pursuing a political agenda and weaponizing the office and I think that’s fundamentally wrong,” the DeSantis declared. “These Soros district attorneys are a menace to society and I’m just glad that I’m the only governor in the country who’s actually removed one from office during my tenure.

DeSantis told reporters that he would not be involved in a “manufactured political circus” regarding the possible extradition of Trump from Florida to New York.

Bragg “is trying to do a political spectacle. He’s trying to virtue signal for his base. I’ve got real issues I’ve got to deal with in the state of Florida,” DeSantis explained.

“I’ve got to spend my time on issues that actually matter to people. I can’t spend my time worrying about things of that nature, so we’re not going to be involved in it in any way. I’m fighting for Floridians and I’m fighting back against Biden,” the governor added. “That’s what I do every single day.”

Well, you can’t say fairer than that, to quote the timeless wisdom of one Hamfast Gamgee.

Bold above mine, for reasons which should be fairly obvious. Since the DeSantis statement and the way it plunged the OnlyTrumpers into a fit of the screaming fantods for whatever reason was the topic of the day’s post over there, I could’ve easily appended this to the earlier Eyrie post. But it seemed like a better idea to put it out here instead, so that’s what I did.

The Gov’s remark about not being able to speak to the hush money allegations came across to me more like a bit of self-deprecating humor than anything else: Hey, I’ve never been a billionaire playboy-type myself, nor will I ever be mistaken for some kind of dashing, daring ladies’ man either, so how the hell would I know anything about screwing hot porno-chicks and then paying them to keep their mouths shut about it? Something along those lines, I think.

But who knows? For those who sincerely want to believe Trump is their knight in shining armor, riding in on a snorting white war-horse to save them from Whatever, the Last Best Hope for all that’s Good and Decent, I guess it’s hard to refrain from seizing on just about anything at all as grounds for Outrageously Outraged OUTRAGE!!™ I never did see him that way my own self, so I couldn’t really say, and would never bother trying to.

12 thoughts on “Day late, dollar short Eyrie update

    1. Thanks, Mark. Her younger brother was just brought home from the hospital himself, dying of cancer, barely even aware of who or where he is. I told my mom last week we oughta make him President. My mom is in her mid-80s and up until lately has been pretty damned spry, but starting with a case of pneumonia she can’t seem to shake, it’s all been piling up on her of late. As I’ve joshed with her for years now, getting old is truly a terrible thing.

  1. Best wishes to your mom, Mike. Mine is close to the same age and has a raft of health issues of her own, so I understand.

    I’m just glad that I’m the only governor in the country who’s actually removed one from office during my tenure.

    I see what he means but he shouldn’t be glad of this. He should wish that he was one of a dozen governors to have done so.

  2. Hoping for a recovery for your Mom, Mike.

    Getting old sucks, but the alternative is final. Hopefully she can recover and have some good years.

  3. Ron DeSantis, a man paid off by Rupert Murdoch (now owned by), has Paul Ryan’s vote! And Jebs!

    I’ve told you from the beginning this was all scripted, every bit of it. DeSantis knew all about this just like he knew ahead of time about the illegal FBI raid on Mar a Lago. Every thing, every damn bit of it, has been scripted right down to the words used by the deep states Government Man.

    When you get paid millions by Murdoch, and are endorsed by Bush, Ryan, Rove, and Cheney, and your funding comes from the Wall St billionaires, exactly what do you think they expect in return for their investment?

    1. I lean towards your assessment, but I can’t be totally sure.

      That said, I also take Mike’s point. RDS, if he is truly MAGA, is needed in FL. As I commented elsewhere, it’s almost an impossibility that a MAGA GOP candidate can get to 270 unless the Cheating is stopped.

      So, how is RDS going to get the cheating to stop in States he doesn’t control? Answer: since the GOP is Just In On It™, either directly or indirectly, by simply looking the other way and not doing anything about it, then it isn’t going to stop. UNLESS, RDS is not truly MAGA and is a Neo-Bush (HW and W and Jeb) and really just Dem Lite. Which means we head Left albiet slower.

      So how does running him in 2024 get us anywhere? He should just stay in FL and keep shaming the other GOP Governors into following his lead on things. Like the Soros DAs.

      As the President he couldn’t fire the Soros DAs at the State Level anyway.

      1. Understood. I just report the truth, as I see it. I have rarely been wrong when it comes to these things. My glaring omission, one shared with countless others, is missing just how bad bush is and was. I figured it out, but it was too late.

        I cannot know what is in the heart of Ron DeSantis. If he is playing along with the CCP owned GOP and turns on them once in office, well played. But I know better. He’s already receiving his personal payoff in checks from Murdoch. It’s how it’s done. Billionaire book publisher pays big advance for a book written by a ghost writer and that no one will ever read. Sales will be to dumpster fillers.

        This is all the same as every other deep state GOP operation, it all comes from the same playbook. Nothing changes except the name. McCain/Romney/Jeb!/DeSantis. Not a dimes difference in that bunch when it comes to foreign policy, trade policy, immigration, China policy – in short all the things important to Americans that need fixing. Things that are not decided at the state (governor) level. All you have to do is look at DeSantis’s votes on these items during his house tenure, all bad, all anti-American IMO.

        Jeb! was a fine governor. He would be another American sell out as president. Just like the latest GOP selection.

          1. Ummm, and who purchased those books?*

            Bitch Clinton published a book with nearly the same sales volume just before running against Trump, so thanks for pointing out which end of the equation those book sales favor.

            *to quote myself from up thread, “Sales will be to dumpster fillers.” That’s how it’s done. It’s a payoff, all nice and legal. I’m really surprised a “Skeptic” can’t figure this stuff out. Maybe change your handle to “Been Had”?

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