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Of COURSE they did it re-redux

As I keep saying: Cherchez le cui bono.

Biden’s Bombing

The deeper meaning of the American attack on the Nord Stream pipeline.

On September 26, 2022 Joe Biden unilaterally declared war on both Russia and Germany. This, at least, is the only logical conclusion if the allegations by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh last week are true. Hersh maintains, based on claims from an anonymous source within the White House, that Joe Biden skirted congressional notification while ordering the U.S. Navy to plant remote-controlled explosives on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic last year.

The anonymous source business I covered here already, at least to my own satisfaction if no one else’s. So ‘nuff said about that for the nonce.

Now, I’m as distrustful of both Sy Hersh and his erstwhile employer, the execrable NYT, as anybody else. That said, the one thing we can bank on from Hersh is a reflexive, relentless anti-Americanism. Amongst his breed, the America-hate trait is so deeply bred-in-the-bone that it can even override the standard-issue, Mark-1 Mod-0 partisan desire to protect someone like the Biden marionette, so long as genuine damage to America will be the result. I think that’s almost certainly what we’re seeing in this case. Anyways. Onwards.

The Nord Stream undersea pipelines, when fully operational, could supply over a third of Europe’s energy needs by shipping cheap Russian natural gas from the Arctic into the heart of Europe. The mysterious explosions that ripped through both pipelines last fall, forcibly cut off Germany from cheap Russian natural gas—an outcome openly favored by the United States for years. As long as Europe remained dependent on Russian natural gas, the major continental powers had a powerful reason to maintain relatively cordial relations with the Russian government. Nord Stream had been one of Putin’s most potent diplomatic bargaining chips with Europe during his war in Ukraine.

The American foreign policy complex well understood this dynamic. In February 2022, just weeks before the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, Joe Biden told a journalist at the White House that if Russia were to invade, it would mean the “end” of the Nord Stream pipeline. When pressed on how he would accomplish this, Biden simply stated that he “promised” the pipeline would no longer be operable.

Hersh argues that Biden kept his word. The U.S. Navy, working with its Norwegian allies, was able to identify the ideal spots for detonation and then planted explosives under the cover of a large-scale NATO sea exercise in the summer of 2022.

Western journalists in the immediate aftermath of the explosion speculated that it had been the product of a Russian attack. According to this theory, the Russians had, for unknown reasons, blown up their own pipeline. This claim always rang hollow. Why would Moscow destroy its own infrastructure when it could just as easily turn off the flow of natural gas at will while pursuing a strategy of geopolitical flexibility?

The United States, on the other hand, had the motive, the opportunity, and the capability to carry out the attack. Biden and his lackeys openly displayed hostility to the pipeline’s continued existence. Hersh’s reporting simply validates what any common-sense observer could already see: the ostensibly “neutral” United States had launched an economically destructive attack against a geopolitical rival and a major European ally.

Motive, opportunity, and means constitute reason enough, in law enforcement circles, to make an arrest and proceed to the trial phase.

In U.S. criminal law, means, motive, and opportunity is a common summation of the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can possibly be determined in a criminal proceeding. Respectively, they refer to: the ability of the defendant to commit the crime (means), the reason the defendant committed the crime (motive), and whether the defendant had the chance to commit the crime (opportunity).

A reasonable argument can be made that Amerika v2.0’s thoroughly de-boned Woke military, along with its haplessly inept political “leadership,” lacks the means to successfully pull off skullduggery as audacious as this. Nonetheless, I find the Biden junta guilty as charged. As always, though, YMMV. Either way, the author of the AmGreat piece is hunting bigger game here, and it’s pretty intriguing stuff.

There is a deeper truth at the bottom of the Batlic, amidst the Nord Stream wreckage. It isn’t just Germany that is no longer a sovereign power—in fact, the very concept of the nation-state has been destroyed. All of Europe is an American satrapy. France, England, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg—these petty powers have no real existence as independent entities. They are neither economically nor militarily self-reliant. They cannot even secure their needed energy requirements without outside intervention. 

Africa and South America, as a whole, are little better. Will anyone pretend Nigeria or Peru are independent nations that could stand up to a concerted American assault? In Asia, the Gulf States are little more than American-sanctioned outposts. Would Bahrain exist without America? Would Kuwait? In the Far East, Japan is still occupied by American forces. India has no meaningful modern military tradition worth mentioning. China became the manufacturing capital of the world because of explicit policy choices made in Washington, D.C. 

This is not a new development. The nation-state died in 1945. The mid-20th century Anglo-American-Soviet alliance made sure of it. American liberals and Soviet communists at Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam marched in complete lockstep on the future of the world order. There were tensions, of course, but there was no doubt in the minds of either Franklin Roosevelt or Josef Stalin that the postwar order would be fundamentally leftist.

Even after my copious excerpting there’s plenty more yet, of which you should read the all.


19 thoughts on “Of COURSE they did it re-redux

  1. Unsubstantiated hyperventilation is still unsubstantiated hyperventilation.

    Hersh, and that entire assertion, is simply full of more shit than a Christmas goose.
    It was ass-gas when it happened, and having no proof months later hasn’t sweetened the odor any.

    When someone has something substantive, give a holler.

    1. Second that.

      As I’ve said, I don’t doubt we did it, but I don’t doubt that others, including the russians that had already shut it down, did it either.

      There is absolutely nothing written to date that provides any evidence of who dun it.

    2. All your arguing is “it didn’t happen because I say it didn’t happen”. How about refuting some of the specifics in Hersh’s expose? Show us your work.

      1. Horseshit. There is nothing new in that pile of horseshit other than an unnamed source. Double secret source.

          1. You’re dumber that a dog turd. Every bit of it is old news and already speculated upon.

            1. Give us links, which you often demand when somebody dares to stand up to your nonsense. Or as Aesop would say, show us your work.

              1. which you often demand

                Yea, no, more henryKaren bullshit. You do nothing but come on Mike’s website and tell lies. Go ahead and show where I “demanded” a link.

                Requests are not demands. I have requested some substantiation from a commentor here when his outrageous and false claims were proven untrue. That’s about the extent of it. And even that was to give him an out that maybe he bought a falsehood rather than just made it up wholesale.

                You’re a fraud and a liar.

          2. Of course it’s new.

            Why don’t you tell us what is “new”, not new to you as an ignorant that hasn’t seen the info, but something that was not ever reported on prior to the anti-American Hersh’s reporting?

  2. Additionally, shouting “J’Accuse!” because this was supposedly done “under the cover(!) of” a NATO Baltic Sea exercise” is like alleging that Al Capone would walk up to a guy’s house, twirling a gun, and shot that guy in the face, with five cops watching from the sidewalk.

    No sale.

    The first rule of magic is Stop Looking Where They’re Pointing: It’s NOT there.

    True for sidewalk three card monte games, true for geopolitical games.

    1. The NATO Baltic Sea exercise was a distraction, akin to the first rule of magic.
      It was to keep the Germans and Russians, and any other interested parties, in the dark about the nefarious adjunct operation being carried out.

      1. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
        Because no one would ever suspect US Navy divers would deploy from a US Navy fleet. Unpossible!
        And a carrier battle group virtually right ovber the explosion site a day or three beforehand wouldn’t look the slightest bit suspicious to anyone, and the fact that Hersh is hyperventilating, gesticulating wildly, and running to and fro like a headless chicken over that clever coincidence is nothing anyone, anywhere, could have ever foreseen.

        And Nicole Brown’s killer just happened to wear the same size boots as her ex-husband O.J., right, Inspector Clousseau?

        1. Who says they deployed from a US navy fleet. The fleet was the distraction, the deployment was from somewhere else.
          Sort of like Patton’s DDay invasion force across from Calais.

          1. Oh. Damn. Thanks for the information. Could you provide a bit more about the deployment, something you don’t pull out of your fat ass?

            That’s so clever, using the US Navy fleet to distract from the US planting bombs on a pipeline.

            1. It seems Barry is starting to hyperventilate.

              The WW2 allied military command used Patton’s phantom invasion force to distract from the real allied DDay operation.

              I label that as so super clever, you fuckin’ dumbass.

              1.  you fuckin’ dumbass.

                Yes, you are, since you don’t understand the most obvious difference:

                The germans knew we were going to invade, they just didn’t know when or WHERE. Thus the diversion.

                One is not like the other, You GD moron.

                Go back to jerking off.

                1. More hyperventilation.

                  Putin knew that the US and the rest of NATO were scheming against him going back to the overthrow of the Ukraine’s pro-Russian president. And now the over-the military support and undying love for the clown Zelenski speaks volumes you brainless jerkoff.

                  1. What pukin knew has nothing to do with your stupid assertion/comparison. Nothing, you fucking idiot. You have diarrhea of the mouth.

                    Not only are you a fraud and a liar, you’re butt ugly as well.

                    We all await your newest lie. As soon as you finish sucking putin’s dick I’m sure will hear it.

                    1. It’s obvious Shemale Barry is off its gender-affirming meds, with the screeching female side of his brain coming to the fore.

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