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Out and proud, at last

Libs of Tik Tok doyenne Chaya Raichik has guts galore.

By now you may have seen my first in-person interview debut with Tucker Carlson. When I first started Libs of TikTok, I was anonymous like many Twitter accounts. As Libs of TikTok grew, I was relieved at the time that I kept myself anonymous because the Left was brazen with their threats of violence against people they disagree with, including me.

Even after I was doxxed eight months ago by Washington Post “journalist” Taylor Lorenz (aka Tay Tay), all of my media appearances were anonymous. Thanks to Tay Tay, Libs of TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed. I’m extremely grateful and humbled that we were able to use Libs of TikTok’s platform to protect childhood innocence and the disturbing reality of the Left’s agenda. Thanks to their desire to stop me and your desire to support me, we were able to give many parents a voice to speak up about the grooming going on in their children’s schools.

That being said, staying behind a screen and restricted to 240 characters on Twitter just isn’t enough anymore to counteract the rampant issues with the Left’s agenda in America. It’s not an easy thing to reveal your face to millions of people, especially considering the number of death threats I receive. Revealing my face is also a big middle finger to the journalists who accuse me of “hiding”: I’m not hiding, and I’m not scared of whatever they try to throw at me to stop me from exposing them.

I will be more effective out in the open, teaching others how they can make a difference in this cultural war. I decided it was time to be boots on the ground and volunteer every ounce of myself to fight back. Having run Libs of TikTok for nearly two years, I realized how deep, dark, and systemic the targeting of our children has become.

The Left calls me hateful, harmful, and dangerous when all I do is hold up a mirror to them and show them what they themselves are saying. Do you know what’s actually hateful and dangerous? Confusing kids about their identity, stealing childhood innocence, chopping off the breasts of healthy teenagers, mutilating and sterilizing kids, exposing kids to sexual content, and feeding kids porn in schools. What the Left is doing is actually hateful and harmful and I will never stop calling it out and exposing it.

Good on ya, girl, and hats off to you for your undeniable courage in the face of a veritable blizzard of shitlib rage and hatred for revealing them as the scum they so truly are, using nothing more than their own repulsive words as your weapon against them. Good on Ron the Great, too, for this brilliant and feisty move:

Beautiful, that’s what. Good on you too, Gov.

Update! Mo’ bettah yet from the Office of Da Gov.

Raichik was forced to go into hiding in April after “technology and online culture” reporter Taylor Lorenz released her name and address in a Washington Post exposé, arguing that Libs of TikTok had become a “powerful force on the Internet, shaping right-wing media, impacting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and influencing millions by posting viral videos aimed at inciting outrage among the right.”

At the time, the Florida governor’s then-spokeswoman Christine Pushaw blasted Lorenz for her hypocrisy.

“Taylor Lorenz is a crybully,” Pushaw tweeted on April 18. “She can dish it out but can’t take any criticism. The worst of the worst in journalism, and there is a lot of competition for that title.”

Pushaw explained why Libs of TikTok, a private citizen, had incurred the wrath of left-wing activists.

– Degenerate progressives posted public videos about how they have sexually explicit conversations with minors
– LibsofTikTok reposted those videos
– Degenerates faced professional consequences

Following her interview with Carlson, Raichik noted on Twitter that she had had the opportunity to thank the governor in person.

“He was so gracious. Brushed it off. He said ‘of course! You do great work!’ It wasn’t even a question for him. Genuinely a kindhearted person,” Raichik wrote.

Indeed so. There is currently an excess of mistrust for DeSantis in certain quarters, most notably over at Sundance’s place, due as far as I can determine to a nefarious campaign to sow discord between Desantis and Trump—a barbed, poisoned hook which, regrettably, Trump gulped down whole. Vichy GOPe charlatans have also been plumping DeSantis as their 2024 preference for POTUS, donating money and singing his praises to High Heaven in transparent hopes of discomfiting Trump, to date garnering no reaction whatsoever from the unflappable DeSantis.

Which, as far as I’m concerned, is precisely the correct response to these maleficent web-spinners and their base skullduggery. He ran for reelection as FLA governor, he won overwhelmingly, and is serving his second term in a most exemplary fashion, meanwhile uttering not a single syllable to date about any possible 2024 quest for the White House.

Who knows, maybe all this flattery and manipulation could yet end up turning his head, and he decides in the end to go along with it and run. If he does, well, there’s nothing at all wrong with that, actually; he has a perfect right to, although I do still fervently hope he won’t. He can do little or no real good for anybody if he’s besieged in the White House, exactly as Trump found himself: beset on all sides, betrayed by treacherous elements throughout the Deep State and within his own Party at every turn, his every least achievement undone on Biden’s first morning in office.

But as of now, there’s been no indication that that will be the case: DeSantis, to his credit, has said nothing whatsoever about any of it so far. Likewise, he’s said nothing whatsoever about Trump, even when Trump was actively snootering him in FLA a couple of months ago. He just keeps soldiering doggedly on, doing excellent work in the service of the people who elected him—taking aim at all the right Enemy targets; implementing all the right initiatives and programs; espousing all the right Constitutional ideals; achieving real, quantifiable progress for the people of Florida. I very much hope to see him continuing right on in that same vein.

Nobody has to agree with me on any of that, of course. Nonetheless, I maintain that We The People sorely need as many like Ron DeSantis as we can possibly get, in as many Governor’s Mansions as we can possibly get them into. With US national “elections” having descended entirely into low farce, the several States and localities are where the real action is now. Which is by no means a bad thing, being precisely in accord with the vision of our Founders and all.


1 thought on “Out and proud, at last

  1. There is currently an excess of mistrust for DeSantis in certain quarters…

    As one of those I’ll just note it has nothing to do with Sundance. He just picks up on the same things that people like me do. Excess? You should be suspicious of anyone getting pushed by the damn GOP.

    I’ll continue to hope I’m wrong, but when Karl Rove is singing your praises…

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