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Comic Rob Schneider waxes serious.

I believe we in western civilization have departed from “The Age of Reason,” and are now falling into “The Age of Emotion.” We are in the process of trading critical thinking and logic for the excesses of ‘how one feels.’ Rational people are the new heretics who dare question it.

This “Age of Emotions” has it’s belief systems and superstitions that act as a religion. You are not allowed to question any part of it or you are excommunicated. At the same time the world is experiencing democracy fatigue. Which opens the door to totalitarianism.

And now with the help of big tech, government has at its disposal new enormous powers to control narratives & crush any dissent & to destroy people who resist or fight back.

Crisis after crisis will continue to be used to eliminate individual liberties

Andrea Widberg follows up.

Many Americans remember Rob Schneider from his time on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s through the early 1990s, when he created several amusing characters. After leaving SNL, he’s had a decent Hollywood career, although he hasn’t had the fame his pal Adam Sandler has enjoyed. I hope, though, that Schneider will be remembered for something else. In a Twitter thread, he expressed his love for America and her constitutional values, especially when arrayed against the mindless emotionalism and techno-fascism that now threatens those values.

Schneider’s political trajectory was not foreordained. As a half-Jewish San Francisco Bay Area native and San Francisco State graduate (usually a sure sign of leftism) who then made his career in Hollywood, leftism would seem inevitable. Instead, Schneider is not just a conservative but also a proud American who understands and values America’s unique virtues and recognizes the forces arrayed against her.

Too many Republican politicians are afraid to say what Schneider said or, if they say those things, they don’t exercise their politics in line with those ideals or as a response to those threats. Many kudos to Schneider for his courage and wisdom.

Amen to that.


10 thoughts on “Exceptional

  1. The failure of Americans to speak up and defend freedom and liberty is not an accident. The marxist left recognized that a takeover in the USA was impossible in the short term and played the long game. They were aided by communists throughout the world and in a variety of ways. The #1 aid provider was the Soviets/Russians. That effort has been joined and superseded by the chinese.

    Scratch any green program and you’ll find communist roots.
    Scratch any LGBTqrz program and you’ll find communist roots.
    Scratch any gender program and you’ll find communist roots.

    Scratch at any deviancy and you’ll find communist roots.

    Scratch any “global warming / climate change” program and you’ll find communist roots.

    Scratch any economic deviations from an oil based society and you’ll find communist roots.

    We should have nuked Moscow at the end of WW2 and never done business with any communist regime. Hindsight is a powerful tool to guide your future. It’s called learning.

    1. ?Nuke Moscow? Neither Frankie nor Harry would ever tolerate any such thing. THAT is why they murdered Patton.

      1. Can’t say I buy into the Patton murder conspiracy, not any compelling evidence to support it. But it’s possible.

        He obviously was for “liberating” the entirety of the continent and said so. And Roosevelt was a commie, so…

        Patton had the same high opinion of russian military capability and russians in general that I have.

        1. Thinking about it, we should have given Patton free reign in eastern Europe (wipe out the russian commies) and then a few years later we should have let MacArthur take China.

          The world would be a different and far better place,

          1. In 1945 China was not Commie.

            Our State Department undermined Chiang and let Mao have it in 1949.

            But when Mac was at the Yalu we should have let him go ahead, if that’s what you meant.

            Which is the same reason they stopped Mac.

            There is no evidence to things because back then they dismissed things as Conspiracy and wouldn’t let anyone investigate it.

            Hmmm, the more things change…

            1. “…if that’s what you meant.

              Yes. I thought that it would be clear from a historical perspective and the “and then a few years later ” part of my sentence. But I see that it’s not. 10 years earlier we were busy recusing the chinese from the Japs, only later, just prior to the Korean war, did the communists take over.

              MacArthur was bigger than Truman, but he stood down, per orders, believing in the American way. Truman was the problem, as was the man before him. They were all commies.

              1. It’s funny how FDR switched to Truman from his Veep for the past election, who was an outright Commie.

                Did FDR think it was too obvious?

                Oh and that creep FDR knew he wasn’t going to live until 1948 and ran in 1944 anyway. Had to hold the reins of Power for as long as he could, right to the grave.

                1. FDR was a disaster for America. His perfidy is still with us and growing.

                  We were lucky that we did have real men and leaders in the military.

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