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Ultra über mega MAGA Express derailed?

Our old friend Stephen says Trump is toast.

Gut-check time: Donald Trump is now 0-4 in elections held since his big win in 2016, and he could go 0-5 if his man Herschel Walker loses the Georgia runoff in December.

There’s enough blame to go around, this isn’t all on The Donald. All the Washington leadership failed us. A few state legislatures probably moved too far, too quickly after the Dobbs decision, scaring largely pro-choice GenZ young adults to vote in defiance of the polls.

But as the de facto party head, Trump can’t escape his share of the blame. So it’s my unpleasant duty to examine the rot at the top.

Trump’s man in Pennsylvania, a TV celebrity doctor of questionable ethics, lost to a stroke victim who can barely speak. Yes, there was cheating in Philly — there’s always cheating in Philly. That didn’t stop Trump from winning Pennsylvania in 2016, and it wouldn’t have stopped any other GOP candidate against John Fetterman, except for Trump’s hand-picked candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Despite rising wages, energy independence, and no new wars, Trump lost the House in 2018. He lost the White House two years later the Senate in Georgia’s double-runoff the next January, and his slate of Senate candidates underperformed on Tuesday night.

There’s been so much losing, I’m tired of all the losing.

If you still want Trumpism, MAGA, and all that, fine. So do I.

But we won’t get it from Trump.

I’ll always be grateful to Trump for showing the GOP how to fight, and particularly for the slate of justices and judges he and McConnell pushed in such numbers through the Senate.

But those wins are forever ago in political time, and there have just been too many unaccountable losses in between.

Once again, if GOP primary voters select Trump as the nominee, he’ll have my full support. But for all the reasons I’ve just given you, I don’t expect him to make the comeback I once hoped he would.

I’ve slowly come around to that same conclusion myself, albeit reluctantly. At this point, Trump appears to me to be a kinda-sorta inverse Gen Sherman: if nominated, he won’t be allowed to win. If elected, he won’t be allowed to serve. I’m seeing much chatter out there from disappointed, frustrated, and/or disgruntled 2016 Trump voters flatly renouncing their previous support for him, swearing they won’t bother voting for him again. I don’t necessarily share the sentiment, mind, but I do understand it.

Yes, Trump will almost certainly run for Prez in 2024, right enough. Much as I do hate to say it, however, I see the odds of him overcoming the margin of fraud to win (a non-negotiable prerequisite in all US “elections” going forward, after having two (2) consecutive elections stolen without repercussion), taking office, and accomplishing much of anything that won’t be totally undone before lunchtime on Jan 21, 2028 by his incoming DemonRat successor—exactly as took place in Jan 2021—as being mighty slim indeed.

Like I said, I do hate to say it, I truly do. But, well, there it is.

On the other hand update! If disagreeing with reliably-execrable, ten-pounds-of-dogshit-in-a-five-pound-sack “Crunchy Con” nitwit Rod Dreher is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I woke up this morning in London hoping — not just hoping, but expecting — to see news of a Red Wave having crashed upon the shores of an America sick of the woke Democrats. I was disappointed. The Red Wave talk turned out to be bullshit. As I write, we still don’t know the outcome of control of the Senate. We do know, though, that the Trump-endorsed candidate in Pennsylvania was beaten by a brain-damaged Democrat. That tells you something. That tells you a lot, actually.

What a contrast between DeSantis, a conservative who actually gets things done, and wins (even a majority of Latinos!), and Donald Trump, a has-been whose candidates — with the exception of Sen.-elect Vance — fared poorly on Tuesday. The underwhelming election results on Tuesday, in a country suffering from high crime and high inflation, ought to send a big sign to the conservative electorate: the more the Right stands by the fatmouthing loser Trump, the further behind we will fall. I concede that Trump’s endorsement likely carried JDV over the line in the Ohio GOP primary, and for that I’m grateful. But the future of American conservatism is not with Donald Trump.

It has fallen to Matt Walsh, Chris Rufo, Libs of Tiktok, and others to take on the scourge of gender ideology. With the exception of DeSantis, no other major elected Republican politician has wanted to touch wokeness. I cannot understand why. The country is falling apart, the libs are becoming totalitarians who are coming after children, and most of the GOP just sits there with its thumb up its backside, running on the thrilling platform of “hey, at least we’re not the other guys.” No, forget it. That’s over.

To the MAGA diehards, I say: is this really what you want? A Republican Party that can’t decisively whip the Democrats even in an extremely favorable year? Because this is what you are going to get if you keep sticking with Trump. Like it or not, a lot of independents just hate the guy, and that’s never going to change. Conservatives like me would vote for him in 2024 just to keep the Democrats out of office, but in that case I would vote knowing I was checking the box for a big mouth who won’t get much done, because whereas Ron DeSantis would actually govern, Trump would do nothing but preen and talk about himself.

Oof. So much to dislike there it’s difficult to know where to start picking it apart. So I ain’t gonna bother.

(Via Ed Driscoll)


15 thoughts on “Ultra über mega MAGA Express derailed?

  1. It’s really amazing how, the minute the election results look like a loss for Trump, all the Never-Trumpers swallow the election results as totally legitimate – hook, line, and sinker – and practically leap into the net, then gaslight the entire (R) Party as they flop around gasping for air.

    They’re not RINOs.

    They’re Judas goats.

    1. Agreed, with the caution that we need to beware of falling for the opposite easy belief, that any defeat of a Republican was probably fraud. Sure, there’s a lot of evidence suggesting that at least some of the elections were stolen this time around, too, but we need to make sure to get evidence as best we can and not just assume.

      1. FL counted 7,500,000 ballots in a few hours.
        AZ couldn’t count 400,000 in a day.
        There’s already video of vans bringing ballots in MI late late on Selection Night.
        This isn’t sour grapes; the fraud is strategic, systematic, and about as hard to find as fleas on a hound dog.

        1. And let’s remember that the only party that hates Trump more than the Democommunists, is the RINOpublicans, starting with the 16 douchebags he beat for the nomination in 2016, and Bitch McConJob, the most worthless (R) leader in the Senate in living history.
          Their crocodile tears and weepy “Trump is toast; Republicans must re-think their strategy, and start nominating M.O.R. wafflers like Mittens, Grahmanesty, and ScrewYoubio” pronouncements should be taken with a grain of salt.

          If Trump tripped, they’d be nailing him into a coffin alive and kicking before anyone could even check a pulse.

      2. Sure, there were some elections, in blue states, that wouldn’t go our way. But when there is cheating on the scale we see now I don’t know how you would tell.

      3. At least 5 Drop and Roll vote dumps in AZ (against Lake), GA (against Walker) MI (governor race), MN (governor race) and VA (House race hotly contested – the one where a late vote dump in 2020 won it for the very same person).

        Read Gateway Pundit. They have several

  2. “Gut-check time: Donald Trump is now 0-4 in elections held since his big win in 2016”

    There’s the first bit of horseshit. Pure horseshit. 0-4 horseshit.

    “What a contrast between DeSantis, a conservative who actually gets things done, and wins (even a majority of Latinos!), and Donald Trump, a has-been whose candidates — with the exception of Sen.-elect Vance — fared poorly on Tuesday.”

    And then we get more hoseshit from a second shitter.

    What’s sad is intelligent people buying horseshit by the buckets and pretending it’s Chanel No 5.

    DeSantis didn’t have any candidates to speak of. he didn’t back any American first candidates. And DeSantis hasn’t done shit outside the state of Florida. Trump on the other hand:

    1) stopped ISIS cold
    2) EO stopping the drug companies from charging medicare more than what they charged foreign countries
    3) EO forcing hospitals to disclose their prices
    4) Move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
    5) ENERGY INDEPENDENCE for the first time in my lifetime of 70 years, and record low energy prices
    6) Started no new wars
    7) Elimination of regulations, required to eliminate 8 to add a new one
    8) Cut Taxes across the board
    9) Increased the individual tax credit eliminating the need to file more complicated returns
    10) Started the space force, sorely needed today
    11) Replaced NAFTA with an agreement better for American workers
    12) Put tariffs on china, starting the process of moving American production out of the enemy’s land
    13) Brought back massive amounts of money saved in foreign countries
    14) Withdrew from the farce know as the Paris Climate Accords
    15) Withdrew from the Iran deal
    16) Increased the $$$ of the average family by over 5K IIRC
    17) Started the process of fixing the VA
    18) Increased the spending by other NATO countries
    19) Killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    20) Created several million jobs, actual creation not bafflegab bullshit
    21) Economic growth rates were going up, somewhere around 4% before the marxist killed the economy with the scam chinaVirus
    22) Lowest rate of unemployment ever, across the board for blacks, hispanics, asians, veterans, etc.
    23) Opened ANWAR and had the Keystone pipeline being constructed

    There is much more of course.

    That’s just a short list. Trump did this by himself, with little to no help from the republican party opposition from the republican party and the democrats. He did this while the deep state through the FBI, intelligence agencies, congress, and the DOJ were conducting illegal surveillance and investigations. But Trump didn’t falter, didn’t stop. He just kept on working.

    No one else was capable of doing this, no one else has ever done this, no one else will.

    1. I rate that as 23/0, and also mention that no one else is packing out regular 200,000 person rallies two years after leaving office.

      Trump is a once-in-a-generation political rockstar, and he scares the shit out of the namby-pamby thieves and crooks he bypassed for four solid years to get things done, for exactly that reason.

      He was not a conservative, based on any list of what he said before election, but he governed more conservatively than any Republican president since Calvin Coolidge, and that includes Ronald Reagan.

      1. He was not a conservative, based on any list of what he said before election…

        I disagree. It’s all cherry picked. If you actually read it in context or listened to the whole statement, or read his books, then you would have been able to say what I said before he was elected –

        That he would be the most effective conservative president since Eisenhower. Words are worthless. Trump put it in to practice. And I was right. Those (not you) that now want to experiment have no clue what they are doing. They talk big and are just waiting for the next do nothing man.

  3. Two things can be true at the same time. One, that elections are crooked. No fucking kidding. And two, that Trump is dangerously close to jumping the shark if he has not already. He exhibited incredibly bad judgement by picking Dr. Oz as his candidate to run against Fetterman. I mean, one of the core principles of the MAGA movement was immigration control and restriction – so he picks a fucking Turkish dual citizen who has never been a resident of PA to run for the goddamned Senate? Leave aside the fact that a dual citizen shouldn’t even be allowed to run for national office. The only reason that Trump went for Dr. Oz is his well known fascination with the cult of celebrity. Whether a better candidate would have beaten the margin of fraud we’ll never know, but we do know that Oz lost to a fucking mental defective.

    Also not a big fan of him taking shots at DeSantis, considering that DeSantis is basically carrying the ball for the MAGA movement amongst all elected officials right now. Yes, he has huge rallies. Great. Have them. Get his ego gratification from them. Raise money. But stop trying to play kingmaker and for God’s sake do not run for President again at the age of 78.

    1. DeSantis is the deep state candidate, owned by the wall street donors, and the wall street donors are owned by the chinese.

      Which makes DeSantis the Chinese candidate. Look up the DeSantis foreign policy and his china policy.

      Oh wait there isn’t a real one, just big words about not getting entangled. Nothing of substance. Granted, not much a gov can do, well except not accept money from the china donor class.

      DeSantis is the GOPe candidate. That’s all you need to know. He’s McConnell’s boy.

      What choices were there in PA? All bad IIRC, making Oz about the only one. Not my choice and I agree it ought to be illegal to hold office as a dual, but it’s not. OZ is better than any of the dems, especially the brain dead ones. That election is 100% fraud, so the results mean nothing.

      And two, that Trump is dangerously close to jumping the shark if he has not already.
      How many times have you made that basic statement?

      Read the damn list. and then tell me who you think could accomplish that on their own.

      1. There’s a very short list of people who WANT to accomplish any of that in Politics today.

        Because they all OWE someone.

      2. DeSantis’s is the billionaire candidate. Some of his supporters:

        Julia Koch (Yes one of the Koch’s, wife of deceased David Koch)

        Ken Griffin (CEO of Citadel, Hedge funds)

    2. Cmon Skeptic, Oz WON.

      No way PA chose Climate Change, Abortion and Trans/Pedo Grooming over Inflation, Energy Jobs, Crime, The Economy, Education and other bread and butter issues and even the gaslit polls admit that. THOSE were the hot button issues and Frankenstein Two Headed Man was on the WRONG side of every one.

      Oz. Won.

      Another place they stopped counting after manufacturing a lead and took three more days to stage manage the counting of the last 6% (are they even done by today?). Because they’re busy filling out the ballots they reported beforehand, once they know how many they needed.

      Do the math. If Ozx really won by 2% and they’re calling it by 4% for Fetterman, they needed to stop at 94% and work through the paperwork to support their Fake Counts.

      Unless the GOPe contest this, and they won’t, what can be done? The GOPe is NEVER going to go to bat for anyone Trump endorsed.

      They’re not even helping Lake and Masters in AZ and we saw the Maricopa Cheat Machine go into action ON Election Day. Machine malfunctions, my ass. Seems AZ Republicans were smart and took their mail-in ballots and submitted them ON Election Day, end running the Machines…

      1. They’re not even helping…

        Well, they are. They are helping the marxist party cheat MAGA candidates. It’s not just they will not contest the stolen elections, they are an active part of it.

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