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Questions, questions Vol MCLXVIII

Our old bud Jeff Goldstein, via his posh, dee-luxxe new Substack joint Protein Wisdom Reborn, has ’em.

You are being told that your hate speech is the proximate cause of a politically motivated attack on the husband of the House Speaker. Simultaneously, you’re being condemned for not simply flagellating yourself for your sins of believing in deregulation and lower taxes.

But something wonderful is happening. The accused here are clapping back. Without contrition, and with pro-active venom. They are asking specific questions that a coordinated narrative driven by legacy media / Democrat party in lockstep, collaborators not used to being challenged without the ability to simply cancel the challenges, has proven ill-prepared for.

Early reporting of the attack included a few details since walked back by media outlets and SF police — from the number of people in the house, to the state of dress of the attacker, to the relationship, if any, between the attacker Paul Pelosi was able to identify by name, according to dispatch records, and Mr Pelosi himself.

Pelosi called police from inside his bathroom but then went back out into the house where the attacker was. Why would he do that? And what attacker gives his prey a bathroom break?

The offender — whom the legacy media insists represents all Republican voters — appears to have been living in a hippie commune, complete with a Rainbow BLM flag and a dilapidated school bus, known to neighbors as a drug den. He’s been described as a drug-addled nudist and sometimes male prostitute whose erstwhile life-partner, a self-described “progressive,” is in prison for stalking a 14-year-old boy. Is the attacker even a citizen? Is he in the country legally? Can he vote in US elections? If he’s simply crazy, how does that comport with legacy media reporting that those of us who haven’t attacked Paul Pelosi — or anyone else, for that matter — are responsible for his actions? If he was truly motivated by politics, and he was lucid enough to express that fact, how is he any different from a Bernie Bro who shot up a Republican baseball practice? Or the guy who ran over and killed a teen he suspected of being a Trump supporter after Biden’s speech from Hell’s mouth? Or the person who traveled across the country prepared to assassinate Kavanaugh? Or the monster who severely beat a young canvasser for the Rubio campaign? Why is one instance considered by the legacy media and Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, fully representative of a political party, while all the others are….not?

These are all legitimate questions, many of which could be answered with video and police body camera footage. Or even a press conference — which, as we saw in the wake of a Texas school shooting, we should still take with a grain of salt. But none of this has been forthcoming. Why is that? And how is it, in lieu of these questions having no clear, agreed upon answers, that the legacy media feel confident enough to report on the attacker’s motives? Or even what actually transpired that evening?

What we don’t deserve are unfounded generalized recriminations based on our political affiliations.

What we do deserve are answers.

And in the post-fascist Twittersphere, we’re going to keep demanding them.

Threatening to cancel our speech is off the table now. And we have zero fucks about the progressives’ phony outrage left to give.

The times, they are a-changing.

Thank God.

Kuenstler has a few questions himself, for which he provides some speculative answers that comport a hell of a lot better with Occam’s Razor than any of the cockamamie crapola they’ve tried to get the more gullible among us to swallow so far.

If David DePape didn’t walk fourteen miles from Berkeley to Pacific Heights, or take a cab (expensive), how did he get there? Here’s a theory: he rode the BART subway from Berkeley to the Church Street and Mission station in the city, a five-minute walk to the Castro, San Francisco’s fabled gay district. Sometime before 2:00 a.m. closing time, he met up in a bar there with Paul Pelosi, who drove DePape to the Pelosi house in a car not equipped with an interlock device. That is to say, David DePape was let into the house by Mr. Pelosi.

The police and the news media have theorized that DePape broke into the place by smashing a glass door in back. Uh-huh…. Ask yourself: would there not be an alarm system at least on all the ground floor windows and doors in the house? Would there not be security cameras on the back side of the house — the side that burglars might prefer, if they could get over the wall? Would the Speaker of the House, with a discretionary budget on top of a $300-million fortune, and in a time of epic political rancor, not have a team of security guards in place at her private home?

Initial news media chatter had both DePape and Paul Pelosi dressed in their underwear, struggling over a hammer which turned out to belong to Mr. Pelosi. Not until the police entered the house did DePape wrest the hammer from Mr. Pelosi and commence to brain him with it. What does the arrest report actually say about the two men’s state-of-dress? It is not public information. How and why were the police just watching until DePape assaulted Mr. Pelosi — who was hospitalized afterward and had surgery on his cracked skull? (Uh, how did a blow that literally broke his skull not kill the elderly Mr. Pelosi?)

The news media initially suggested that somebody — a third person on the scene — opened the door to let the police in. Now they are saying no such person was there. Was the front door unlocked? (Weird, considering the general threat level for a public figure of Nancy P’s stature.) Or, did police break the glass door in the rear of the house to get in? (However, photos of the door show the glass being broken from the inside and shards spread over the outside.) Odd, also, that such a wealthy and powerful couple would not have hard-to-smash security glass on such a door. (It’s easy to buy.) Odd, too, that there was not one human security guard on the premises. The house had security cameras all over the exterior and interior. No mention in the news media or from the SFPD of what might have been recorded by these cameras at the time of the incident.

My assessment of this bizarre episode as follows: Paul Pelosi was out drinking late the night of the incident. He hooked up with David DePape, a hustler he might have been previously acquainted with, and took him back to the house in Pacific Heights. Something went wrong with the transaction. Considering that DePape exhibited psychotic behavior at times, it might have taken little to set him off. All the authorities involved are playing it coy, but failing to construct a narrative that adds up.

Nope, because they can’t—it’s all just too convoluted, too bizarre a script for suspension of belief to ever hope to cover all of it, featuring a cast of jaded, Dionysian, über-wealthy sexual deviants American Normals can’t relate to at all, and have no real desire to. Which speaks well of THEM, at least.


7 thoughts on “Questions, questions Vol MCLXVIII

  1. I got home and saw the San Sicko District Attorney give her press conference whitewash. It was of course, a complete lie. We will never know for certain what occurred, but we know lies when we hear them, and lies are told for a reason.

    And I’d really like to take a life insurance policy out on Depeepee.

  2. Sundance has the federal “criminal complaint” up. What a fairy tale. It doesn’t require much brain power to know that it’s 100% a lie.

    They really, really, really don’t want you to know the truth. The truth is, Paul Pelosi is gay. That is not the problem. The problem is pelosi “hooks up” with male prostitutes. It was another male prostitute that was in his car when the drunken wreck occurred.

  3. San Francisco is MAGA COUNTRY!

    That’s all you need to know to understand the rest of the story is 100% Grade D(em) Bullshit.

    1. What, you don’t think parading in San Sicko nude and living part time in a yellow school bus with LGBTxyz and BLM flags is an indicator of MAGA?

      What are you, a member of the VRW?

      1. I’m also an Election Denier, Deplorable, Trumpkin Q supporting Untermensch in some circles.

        Aside from Q, which I think is a Deep State Psy-ops, I resemble those remarks, but not in the way they think 😉

  4. It is excellent that pushback has been coming from multitudes of different sources. Hopefully we are getting near the red line, and we stop the Alinsky bs

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