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Going asymmetrical

Progress, if you like.

In 1337 the “Hundred Years’ War” started. Great armies marched to meet each other in the fields of battle. They fought and 2.3 to 3.3 million men died.

In 1792 the French Revolutionary war started. It lasted 7 years and between 1.2 million and 1.4 million men died in the fields of battle.

In 1803 the Napoleonic wars started. Somewhere between 3.5 million and 7.0 million men died in the fields of battle and in the misery of being on campaign.

Between 1955 and 1975 somewhere between 0.9 million and 3.8 million people died in the Vietnam War. There were around 300 thousand soldiers killed in Vietnam, 58 thousand Americans and 254 thousand South Vietnam.

What was the significant change between the previous wars and Vietnam?

Asymmetrical Warfare.

During the 20 years of “The Troubles” in Ireland 8 to 10 thousand people were active members of the IRA. By the 1980’s it was believed that there were around 450 active members and 300 support members. Yet this small number of dedicated people were able to keep the British at bay.

This equates to around 9/100,000 at the low point and 10/100,000 at the high point. If there was this level of asymmetric warfare in the US that would be around 30,000 active participants every year. Even with people rotating in and out.

In 2021 there were 38.5 million hunting licenses issued. If we assume 12/100,000 this would be 4632 people with the right equipment in hand to take a deer sized target at 100 to 200 yards. Not to mention all the other firearm owners that don’t hunt but are proficient with their firearms.

So at a low end we would have somewhere around 5000 and at the high end about 50,000 actives in the such warfare in America.

All of these people look just like the people they are living with. We saw what this was like in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition there is a higher probability of members of the resistance existing unseen within the government/military complex.

We look at what people with minimal industrial knowledge were able to accomplish. Their ability to make hand crafted firearms, their ability to create IEDs. All of that knowledge from people that don’t have the same level of education as most of the people that read this blog.

Do not take counsel of your fears, do not despair, no matter what. As history tells us, even at the lowest ebb, when the situation looks bleak and all seems lost, hope endures.

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Just remember that, if it DOES start, there is NOTHING worth “saving” in any shithole hive. Expect that every resident therein will be glad to tell the pigs just exactly WHERE you are in their hive.


Where are you? Asking for friend lol


That sort of cement-headed black-and-white thinking is a superb way to unite every single occupant of every shithole you imagine to exist, including the ones that might otherwise have provided you with personnel, intelligence, and financial and material support which could shorten your struggle and ensure your ultimate victory, into blood-feuding fanatics that will see to it that you and yours are hunted down and exterminated ruthlessly and with extreme prejudice to the last man, because you’re a greater threat to their existence and well-being than Uncle ever was.

Own goal.

The South was mostly rural folks. The North had most of the industrialized “hives”. So, how’d that work out for Jefferson Davis et al? Asking for a friend.

The guerrilla moves amidst the sea of the people.” – Mao

The shark that thinks he can take on all comers gets harpooned and blown up by a wimpy marine biologist and a police chief of a one-horse town who’s afraid of the water, and the carcass provides a feast for seagulls.

One can live by those examples, or die by them.

The world isn’t black and white. That’s why you were given color vision. Learn to use it. Otherwise, expect an interesting but short and unsuccessful struggle.


Not an argument with your larger point, but “The South was mostly rural folks. The North had most of the industrialized “hives”.

The north population was the predominant factor, a nearly 4 to 1 advantage (not counting the slaves in the South). The North was the industrial base, among other things manufacturing nearly 100% of the firearms in the country.

And yet, with a little bit more luck, the South might well have won. The point – losing had nothing to do with “rural folks”.

Skyler the Weird

The South didn’t lose. The guerrilla war in the South during Reconstruction caused Hayes to withdraw the occupying army. The Planters took control again and the North had to send troops down again in the fifties to enforce th e same Civil Rights laws from Reconstruction.

Skyler the Weird

The planters learned their lesson from the Northern Industrialists who practiced wage and debt slavery. Their sharecropping system enslaved farmers of all races until after WWII. They were free but had no money to move West.


The South didn’t lose.

I’m not sure how you figure that. One might say both sides were losers in the larger sense, given that it was the deadliest war ever fought in the nations existence. WW1 & WW2 together had lower deaths then the “Civil War”.

But yea, the South lost, a horrible loss. The estimates are that 20+% of Southern men between age 20 and 24 died. That’s a pretty big loss felt through many years. The South had a ravaged landscape thanks to that fine Christian man, Sherman (spit).

For many years that conflict served as a lesson. One that I’m afraid has been forgotten today. In a war of that type there may be a winner, but there are no winners, just dead.


You need a bigger boat lol


Do us all a small favor: look up the percentage of the US population in cities, and the percent not in cities, and tell us what you find.

You’re gonna need a bigger shark.


No argument from me.

OTOH, I love the Jaws reference. Having studied sea creatures I saw Jaws as a comedy when everyone else saw a horror show. I laugh with one exception. The opening scene where the skinny dipping girl gets eaten. That scene turns my stomach, still does.


The invasion of the South was won by the blockade. That war is not relevant to any future conflict. It will not be regional


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