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We are all dissidents now

I’ve been casting about for days now trying to find a way to excerpt this wide-ranging, lengthy, and thoughtful tour de force from Sido and still do it justice. Best I could come up with was just to dive right in and get to swimming.

This post is something I started working on prior to the 2020 election which seems like a eternity ago, back when the outcome of that “election” was still theoretically in doubt. As we approached the “election” I could see the handwriting was on the wall and that Trump was going to “lose”, one way or the other. Gone would be even the pretense of a two-party system and I still believe that. The Afghanistan debacle, raging inflation, executive overreach, all of that stuff that is getting /ourguys/ into a frenzy right now? It will be forgotten by the 2022 election. My prediction right now is for some modest gains for the Dems in the House and likely a seat or two flipping in the Senate. The GOP has 20 Senate seats to protect in 2022 and the Dems only have 14. If the Left does grab enough to make a more solid majority, you can kiss the filibuster goodbye and that will mean the overreach and expansion we are seeing now will be recalled as the days of small government. 

With Trump gone, flawed and generally useless as he was, there is basically no one at the national or even state level who will represent heritage Americans. Perhaps we will receive the occasional platitudes but real representation? Not anymore. What passes for “conservative” politics in the future will be people like Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and Richard Grennell. A far cry from the days of Goldwater and Buchanan. What will that look like and what will that mean for people like me and other White working and middle class Americans, the people who still make up the backbone of America but who are also resisting the push toward a new, comprehensive globalism? Already we are seeing the Republican establishment declaring that what is needed is more pandering to minorities, especially mestizos, once again leaving White voters taken for granted. We have no home and we have no friends.

What this means simply is that we will be political dissidents, opposed by and oppressed by the ruling class and without representation or even a voice on the national political stage. That might suck for a while but it isn’t all bad as there is a long and honorable tradition of political dissent throughout human history.

The thing that really brought me up short was the realization that yes, the aforementioned Haley, Rubio, et al are indeed a quite far cry from Goldwater and Buchanan—a much farther cry than Goldwater and Buchanan were from Washington, Jefferson, Adams, et al. One doesn’t have to expend a whole lot of what Heinlein liked to call “skull sweat” to see that this, in contrast to the usual order of things, is a distinction with one HELL of a difference.

From the Founding era of the late 1700s straight through to the heyday of Barry Goldwater in the late 1960s—and to a certain extent even up to the apogee of Buchanan’s career as a conservative office-seeker, a span of well over two centuries—there was still a readily identifiable philosophical thread connecting the generations.

But then, somehow, over the course of only two decades (in Buchanan’s case, a couple more than that in Goldwater’s, more or less), the pace of conservative (de)evolution kicked into high gear and slammed the pedal to the floor: self-styled “conservative” leadership underwent a bizarre transmogrification which created a new generation of pseudoconservatives which was wholly unrecognizable to those that had preceded it—alien creatures that not only the Founders but also Goldwater and Buchanan would find intellectually repugnant, nothing but a pale, shambolic imposture of its once-proud line.

That says a hell of a lot, not a word of it flattering to our present-day Lions of Constitutional Conservatism (a-HENH!)™. At any rate, be sure to read all of Arthur’s magnum opus; whichever name we dispossessed and disgusted Americans decide to adopt for ourselves, I think you’ll find the piece well worth your while.


28 thoughts on “We are all dissidents now

  1. “With Trump gone, flawed and generally useless as he was…”

    And another fucking moron speaks out and proves he’s a complete dope.

    Apparently, prosperity, growth (real growth), lower taxes, fighting back against Chinese domination aided by our own, middle eastern peace process in the works (a real one), not starting foreign war/conflicts but ending them, when confronting a threat like ISIS actually doing it, are all “generally useless”.

    That’s a very short list of Trump “useless” accomplishments. I guess the moron didn’t get his pony.

    Our side is doomed. Not only does it not fight for America, it doesn’t even recognize what America is or when someone is working to keep it American.

    This place is sick, and it’s not the damn marxists I’m thinking about.

    1. Hey Barry, go cry into your MAGA hat you fucking fool. The “prosperity” was as fake and fleeting as a fart in a hurricane, created from even more debt to the tune of $8 TRILLION. The Middle East “peace process”? I couldn’t give two shits about the Arabs and Israelis shooting each other. The one thing he was elected to do, securing the border? He utterly failed, too busy sucking up to Our Greatest Ally and being led around by the nose by his son-in-law and played for a sucker by Schumer and Pelosi.

      Trump was better than Hillary of course and was better than the other options the GOP offered up but that is being the tallest kid on a team of midgets. Try thinking for yourself instead of placing your faith in a egomaniac.

      1. Arthur stands up and shows his NeverTrump face.

        Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck Arthur Sido, the horse’s ass Biden rode up on.

      2. Mike, a better title for that article would have been, “Arthur Sido discovers that the Red Pill is a suppository.”

        Gotta give you some small props, Arthur, for being willing to step into the shooting gallery your piece locked and loaded.

      3. Your just another stupid SOB that doesn’t know shit about America or what it means. You are why we have lost.

      4. In the history of the Fed there has been only one time when they raised rates and DID NOT initiate a crash.

        That was Trump’s first two years in office.

        Because Trump’s economic policies were working despite the opposition.

        I spent the last 35 years studying economic cycles form the last 500 years, much of it while working for brilliant minds in the investment business, studying under other brilliant minds, and reading history upon history about it as well. As well as trying to maneuver through the credit cycle as part of trading desks around the world.

        Only Trump pulled it off. Why? He cut regulations, bureaucracy and made the Mideast less volatile, as well as bolstering domestic energy markets.

        All the while he was opposed by EVERYONE.

        What we need is Trump. Not NeverTrump who in hindsight want to make us abandon Trumpism. It’s the same assholes who convinced us to abandon Reaganism.

      5. The one thing he was elected to do, securing the border? He utterly failed…

        You and Ann Coulter, dumber than a dog turd. Trump secured the border better than any president since Ike. Contrast with the person you helped elect, the retard Biden.

        Nope sorry, it isn’t that he didn’t secure the border that was a failure. Try vomiting up another dog turd and see if you can get it to stick.

        Hey, I know, you could tell us about the high unemployment under Trump, or how the stock market fell, or how job growth was low. Well you could if we listened to you, but we didn’t and the opposite occurred. In fact, you have nothing except your own failure to keep the prosperity Trump brought us. The failure is yours.

        The problem we currently have – Trump isn’t the acting president.

        Try thinking for yourself instead of placing your faith in a egomaniac.
        You have a peewee mind.

      6. The Middle East “peace process”? I couldn’t give two shits about the Arabs and Israelis shooting each other.

        As I said, peewee mind thinking. YOU may not give a shit but the middle east WILL bite you in the ass. Trump is about 75 IQ points ahead of you and understood that if you didn’t get it under control it would drag us in, and it would be American blood getting spilled. What Trump did was to get the nations with $$$ to align with Israel and against obama’s favorite terror state, Iran. That was huge, but I understand you’re not smart enough to understand it.

    2. He got all that done despite the fact every single Dem and 90% of Republicans opposed it with every fiber of their being.

      McConnell wouldn’t even let the Senate go out of Session to stop Trump from picking anyone he didn’t approve. We saw how that worked, 99% of who they approved was a Traitor.

  2. It isn’t just their politics. The people who have been our “choices” to lead us for decades have been a steady stream of weak, soft men I wouldn’t trust to manage an Arby’s, much less the (formerly) greatest nation on Earth. No decent person wants the job, not since Patrick J., so we get the worst dregs of humanity.

  3. Dissident my fat ass.

    I’m a full-fledged unreconstructed unapologetic bomb-throwing terrorist revolutionary, not some middle-finger fist-waving irrelevancy.
    Anything less is weak sauce, at this point.

    As I’ve memed multiple times, Adams and Jefferson would have burned the Capitol to the ground long since, and strung up every member of the government, down to janitors and parking lot security guards. And then gone after their families.
    If it were Sam Adams and Patrick Henry, the families would’ve been dealt with first.

    1. I’m a full-fledged unreconstructed unapologetic bomb-throwing terrorist revolutionary, not some middle-finger fist-waving irrelevancy.

      *nod* One of the things I fully agree with you on.

  4. I agree that Trump is flawed, but absolutely disagree that he was useless.

    Saying that, he was our last chance to get things done peaceably, at least, it appeared that way at the time.

    Now, I’m looking at late Roman republic.
    I just hope we get a Pinochet before we get an Augustus.

    1. Meant to say
      our social, moral, intellectual and political betters are such utter morons that there is no way they’ll be able to ride out the economic crash we’re cruising toward.
      All they know to do is buy votes and take bribes from people who get gov’t contracts.
      What happens when they can’t afford welfare? Which they’ll try to put off until after they stop paying social security, VA benefits and the military.

      So they’ll be taking money from the ants to give to the grasshoppers while not paying what they owe to the ants.
      After kicking the effective leaders out of the military.

    2. *shrug* My view is that I never expected Trump to fix things – to be able to fix things – because they were unfixable before he came along, and that I never expected him to accomplish even 10% of what he said he would, and I was pleasantly surprised that he consistently did more than I’d expected.

      And even so, I wholeheartedly supported him from late 2015 all through the 2016 election while assuming that he wouldn’t manage to pull off a lot of what he said.


      Because he managed to thoroughly piss off a LOT of the Right and Left people on both sides of the aisle that needed to be pissed off, and caused all of the masks to be yanked off to show everyone the festering reality of both the Left and the GOP.

      At that, he was a rip roaring success. Most entertaining President of my long and misspent lifetime. Best President evah! 🙂

      So Sido sounds to me like yet another fair weather Trump supporter who’s butthurt because Trump didn’t prove to be a savior or someone who was capable of fixing the unfixable. Wahhhh!

      And I’m with you on the Pinochet, Veeshir, with the caveat of Fuck a Pinochet: what we need at this point is a Vlad the Impaler.

      Vlad Tepes for President for Life. It’s the only way to be sure.

      1. Vlad the Impaler

        That would be a refreshing change around the DC area.

      2. Agreed, IB. Our system of government has been rotting and increasingly corrupted for many decades. People claiming Trump was “useless” because he did not single-handedly reverse all of that in a single 4 year term, while facing total and hysterical opposition from the entirety of the entrenched Uniparty and Deep State, are idiots.

        Trump accomplished more than I expected he would. Certainly I would have loved to have gotten even better results from his term, but that was never a realistic possibility. It was important that such a final ‘working within the system’ effort be made, and Trump gave it a tremendous effort and exposed huge numbers of people for who they really are. I suspect that we are going to end up with someone who makes Trump look like a fluffy kitten, since the establishment refused the opportunity to compromise and reform peacably.

  5. Trump was always the weapon, not the solution.

    We elected him to blow things up, not fix them. Starting with the Rethugnican Party Elite.

    Anybody not clear on that obvious truth from the get-go is not tall enough for the internet.

    1. And yet he became the solution.

      That’s why they got rid of him.

      Besides, stop telling me what I thought about Trump. He was my last chance for a peaceable solution.

    2. I agree Trump was a weapon. I use weapons to solve problems. And Trump was doing a damn fine job, better than I ever expected. He did everything the right way, IMO. His worst “flaw” was caused by trying to build the country up without tearing it apart first. Thus, making nice with enemies ostensibly on our side. The failure was ours for not stopping the steal, for not recognizing Trumps biggest flaw: He fell for the china/fauci/virus/scam. I forgive him that as I’m not sure any president faced with the data* he was given by supposed medical people could just be ignored.

      *100% lies, but how could he know this with absolute certainty?

      1. Y’know, one of the worst things about the whole Chink-pox scam is how nearly the entire medical establishment destroyed their entire credibility and all of the good will and trust they had built up over decades for it. An awful lot of us now will never again trust doctors the way that we once might have, and it’s all because of their gas lighting on the Coof and the fake vaccine.

        I like my PCP, but the one area we don’t agree on is the relative risks of the Corona, and relative value of the precautions against it. We just kind of mutually agreed to not discuss it when I go in for a checkup.

        It’s really bizarre because on any other topic than that one, he’s just as Red Pilled as any of us here. It’s just that one thing where he swallowed the Narrative on it like a starving bass with a plastic worm.

        Well, the Coof and the “Health Care Heroes!” B.S. I nearly made one nurse practitioner cry because I refused to wear one of the stick-on IDs, you know, the kind you get as a one-day-guest at a Con sometimes?, that had “Support your Health Care Heroes” across the top. (Back when they had a questionnaire checklist at Alliance and did the temp thing etc at the door on every visit) I refused to put it on until after I took my Al Mar and sliced off the top strip where it had the Health Care Heroes crap printed.*

        I told her that a soldier running in under fire to haul out a wounded companion, or a civilian bystander with a gun stopping a robbery or mass shooting was a Hero – going above and beyond the call. Going in to work at a profession that required you to deal with ill or infected patients was called, “Doing your damned job”, not “heroism”. No more than a fireman going into a burning building or a cop facing an armed robber or a bull rider facing 2200lbs of mean Santa Gertrudis: it’s what you get paid to do and it comes with the territory.

        *I can be a real asshole sometimes.

        1. Heh, my wife understands now what I mean when I say doctors are not the sharpest in the drawer. Educated, yes. Highly intelligent, no. Way too many doctors are simply gobbling the “plastic worm”* without thinking.

          OK, I couldn’t wait to use that 🙂

        2. Now they’re firing the “heroes” for refusing The Jab.

          The real illness is of the mental kind with the Masked Cult of the Covidians.

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