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Afraid of us?

They sure ain’t acting like it.

January 8, 2021. As a conservative political writer, which I’ve been for some time, Friday night had the weird feel of a surrealistic, conservative-thought-purging Kristallnacht.

First and most surreal, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter permanently banning the account of the President of the United States. Not for some singular awful thing Donald Trump did, said, or tweeted — but for what he might do, say, or tweet in the future. That is profound.

For that reason, Dorsey, in all of his smug, left-wing arrogance, said, in effect, “F**k you!” to 74 million Americans who supported and voted for Trump, “You don’t matter.

But that was just the beginning.

As the day and evening unfolded, we learned that Google had suspended conservative-leaning Parler from its app store, pathetically citing an “urgent public safety threat” as its reason, and Apple had given Parler a 24-hour ultimatum to, in effect, clean up its conservative act. Coincidence? Not a snowball’s chance.

A few hours later, Google issued a similar ultimatum telling Parler that its app’s listing in the Google Play store would be suspended until it implements a moderation plan that will address “this ongoing and urgent public safety threat.”

Clearly, this was a planned, coordinated attack. Just as clearly, it was an ominous harbinger of more to come. In a word, conservatives, I’m afraid we ain’t seen nothin’, yet. As Friday evening continued to unfold, I found myself pondering the answer to one question:

Why are they so afraid of us?

They aren’t. They’re in the process of subjugating and suppressing Real Americans—brazenly so, defiantly so, right out in the open, without a care for anything we might think, say, or do about it. That is NOT the kind of behavior associated with one who fears those he’s attacking. It’s behavior you’d expect from a confident, secure antagonist who believes victory is all but certain.

Which is why taking any option imaginable off the table, up to and including physical violence against the enemy, is such a huge mistake. By pre-emptively foreswearing weapons and tactics he has no compunction about using against you himself—because BETTER THAN THAT, NOT WHO WE ARE!!!™—you only reassure your opponent that his assumption of victory is correct.

The Enemy’s commitment to winning is absolute; he is ruthless, untroubled by doubt or conscience. He acknowledges no boundaries of any kind to limit his campaign to destroy us. If our own resolution is even one iota less firm than his, then we might as well surrender now and save all involved a lot of pointless hassle. We were conquered well before the first shot was fired.

76 thoughts on “Afraid of us?

  1. Gotta disagree, Mike. The events of the 6th had a bunch of congress critters pissing their pants. I think that they are afraid of us. But more than that –

    They’re afraid of Trump.

    Afraid of what he might say if they leave him any single outlet to communicate to us.

    Afraid of what he might do if they don’t wrap him up before the 20th.

    Afraid of what we might do if Trump does call on us.

    This isn’t the behavior of a confident and secure antagonist. If they were secure in the knowledge of their victory, they wouldn’t be frantically trying to impeach and/or 25th Amendment Trump out of office before he supposedly leaves in 12 days or less.

    They’re acting like someone who’s afraid that he might not leave, and they might not be able to stop him.

  2. The left’s mad scramble does seem very, very odd, IB. They are certainly afraid of something. But I have to agree with our host that they are not afraid of us, in the least. And watching the supposedly sonservative establishment rush to pre-emptively surrender and grovel before their new overlords, they certainly have nothing to fear from the ‘official’ right.

    1. “supposedly conservative establishment”

      As I know you are aware, they are on the other side, not ours. We just weren’t aware of how many there were.

  3. They are afraid of something.

    It’s not the Cuck bloggers. It’s not the average Joe. I still see too much “that’s not who we are” from the average person and in the comment sections.

    But there are people who wouldn’t bother with comments sections and won’t be walking around blabbing about the coming armed revolt.

    They are certainly still afraid if Trump. If it were just Trump I think they wouldn’t so fearful. So it has to be more than just Trump.

    Whatwver happened Jan 6, 2021 in the Capitol Buildings, it certainly talked them about something.

    1. They stole several laptops during the Capitol breach, including Pelosi’s – remember the pics from her office of her laptop left on and logged in?

      Maybe there was something on those that they’re panicked about. Have to remember that these people are stupid and arrogant enough to think they’re invulnerable, and it wouldn’t occur to them to not keep incriminating shit on their laptops any more than it did Wiener or Hunter Biden.

  4. The other alternative, they truly are not afraid anymore, are assured the marxist party will be in power, and so now are simply carrying out their long term plan.

    We have to collectively stop providing them any monetary support for starters.

    1. That is true and a real possibility.

      All I know is one thing. At noon Jan 6 Trump was still fighting mad and they were still somewhat restrained.

      Then the Capitol Building was breached.
      Something happened there. First Trump concedes but doesn’t concede in a weird video and then they launch a censorship attack on Trump. Then they go for Impeachment and it’s getting crazier thereafter.

      So in the four hours between 2-6pm EST Jan 6 something happened. Either Trump Lost whatever leverage he still had or he got even more dangerous to them.

      It’s not that video because nothing on that video said anything that couldn’t be reversed later if Trump wanted.

  5. One thing about Impeachment and Removal is that Trump is barred from holding office again.

    They might find that appealing. But it HAS to be Removal. Impeachment alone is not enough.

    Here’s the thing. Trump couldn’t run for President until 2024. Be would have to serve until Jan 2029. He will be 78 at the start of the campaign and 83 when he leaves office. I’m not sure the plan would be for him to run. He could CAMPAIGN for someone though. Even if he couldn’t himself run for office because of removal.

    So what does Removal get them in this case? A little insurance Donald himself would not run himself, when that is unlikely?


    1. *shrug* Doesn’t matter. Elections are a dead issue in this country as of November 4, 2020. No one on either side will ever trust another election. And there will never be another even semi honest election here.

      If they pulled out all of the stops to keep Trump from winning in 2020, do you think they won’t cheat to the limits and beyond to keep him from winning in 2024?

      Everyone holding out hope for election comebacks on 2022 or 2024 is pissing into the wind.

      Besides: Trump is dead if he doesn’t pull something out of the hat by the 20th. They’re going to kill him.

      1. I agree.

        That is why Julius crossed the Rubicon with an Army. Riding back alone was a death sentence.

        I don’t think that is Trump’s main concern. They will also destroy his family and his business. Especially Baron. The kid is basically innocent.

        I hope Melania and Baron are already heading for a safe space.

  6. I agree.

    That is why Julius crossed the Rubicon with an Army. Riding back alone was a death sentence.

    I don’t think that is Trump’s main concern. They will also destroy his family and his business. Especially Baron. The kid is basically innocent.

    I hope Melania and Baron are already heading for a safe space.

    1. Especially Baron. The kid is basically innocent.

      That won’t stop them from making an example out of him and publicly executing him if they can’t get him to disavow his father.

      The Covington kids were basically innocents, too.

      They’d probably rather have Barron Trump disavow so they can parade him around as an exhibit, but they won’t hesitate to kill him if needs be.

      1. It has been amusing (in a black comedy kind of way) watching the GOPe helping their “good friends across the aisle” set up the guillotine for President Trump. It takes amazing short-sightedness to not realize that the Dems have already penciled in the GOPe’s appointments with the blade, but they aren’t called the Stupid Party for nothing.

        1. I’m enjoying seeing *all* of the masks coming off. No more pretending, you know?

          We see you now. And we know you for what you is.

        1. I think there are more deserving places than my neck of the woods…but I hope you are right.

          1. Probably not in mine, either. What few Democrats we have here in the Okie side of Texoma seem to be keeping a *real* low profile.

            Could get a bit spicy down the line about a hundred miles south of here down in DFW, though.

      1. That’s been my point since the lockdowns started last March. They are already disarmed.

        1. I keep hearing from a lot of talkers if 2a over the years saying they’ll only defend them and theirs.

          That just serves the divide and conquer strategy of taking them bit by bit over a few years and THEN doing a mop up operation.

          1. Bit by bit is hard to do when 40% of US households own a gun. You’ll have to hit several hundred thousand a year just to get it done in half a century.

            1. The premise that they have disarmed themselves means most won’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late.

              Deplatforming gun sellers. Debanking people. Making ammo impossible to get. Many other ways they can essentially grab thousands of guns a week without having to actually show up.

              1. There’s never been an all out effort at confiscating guns and rounding up gun owners in this country. All previous incursions, including Waco and Ruby Ridge, have been ATF going after individuals and small groups and scattered across a number of years – isolated enough to not provide a major causus belli for the 2A movements.

                And even then, Waco and Ruby Ridge came real close to kicking things off. The Bundy Ranch standoff came even closer – a shooting war was only averted because the Feds blinked.

                At this point, I wouldn’t care to try to call it either way, but we’ve never been in a political situation this fraught with potential for widespread violence before in the modern era.

                1. Agreed. The tinder has piled high for decades. Any spark may set it off.

                  I don’t believe the Dems here understand that. Too many of our side are reluctant to go outside the Law, and still think things can be resolved from within the system. When the Preference Cascade goes the other way it will be swift and a conflagration will result.

              2. “The premise that they have disarmed themselves means most won’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late.”

                I don’t understand the premise apparently.

                You cannot effectively confiscate guns of any type in a short period of time without a massive program that would be evident to all.

                1. By refusing to use their guns under the 2A they have unilaterally rendered their guns useless.
                  It’s like telling other nations that using Nukes is always off the table.

                  That means the need to come for all of the guns all at once is not an urgent priority for the Left. They will slowly bleed the gun owners through red flag laws etc. and by restricting ammo, denying bank accounts to dealers, denying bank accounts to red flag violators.

                  By the time the hard core realize they’ve been taking the guns away it will be too late.

                  Of course that requires that the Left show some discipline and stealth here and lately they’ve been blindly running through their Agenda like a bull in a China Shop.

                  1. “By refusing to use their guns under the 2A…”

                    You mean since gun owners are not in the streets shooting at somebody, that makes the guns useless?

                    Perhaps I’m slow, but I don’t understand this thinking. Guns are there for when we choose to use them. Not finding a current target is not the same as giving up the 2nd.

                    Now, regarding the slow slipping of the 2a rights. I can see where it is the old frog boiling method. Will that work? Maybe, but that is a long process in this country.

                    1. As Skeptic and I keep telling you, we are hearing from an awful lot of people that they will never use the guns unless they are literally at their property’s edge demanding they be taken away.

                      That stands in stark contrast to the Minutemen who pledged to come out and fight if ANYONE of their Countrymen were threatened with disarmament by the British.

                      Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride and the subsequent raising of first a Militia to conduct a Siege of Boston and then the Raising of a Continental Army are all legends of America’s Founding and it was no way, no how “Every man for himself” type of an attitude.

                      We are not hanging together so they will hang US separately.

                      That will probably be metaphorical these days, but the same ends.

                    2. I’ve not heard one person that says this. But they will not go out in the streets and start shooting randomly.

                      Skeptic doesn’t even own a gun, his choice, but lectures from non gun owners are laughable.

                      And I’ll just add, one more time, they have not come for the guns. They make a lot of noise and nothing more. Judging gun owners as being non respondent when there is nothing to respond too is a bit much. When threatened, Virginians stood up.

                    3. I am not saying it is prudent at this point to go off into battle guns a blazin’ at this time.

                      But your friend who went to DC on Jan 6 is an example. The mere thought of going there armed wasn’t a point of prudence on his part. It was that he didn’t think using armed resistance was what Americans should be doing. He has not Accepted that America has been Stolen and no longer exists. He believed mere vocal Protest En Force in DC on Jan 6 would shame the Congress into Doing the Right Thing when they saw how committed voters were in wanting Trump as President.

                      It didn’t work.

                      The question is this. If the time for prudent armed resistance did occur would your friend recognize it as such? Or would he still think taking up arms against the Government of the United States was something he couldn’t do?

                      Will he, and many others, ever recognize a situation where the Government of the United States of America is no longer Legitimate and Prudence suggested taking up Arms?

                      What do you think would be the triggering event for such a thing? Is there a triggering event is what I am asking.

                    4. “But your friend…”
                      I think you’re getting me confused with others. My friends are both intelligent and well armed. None of them went to DC to participate in an event that had an unknown purpose.

                      I have constantly said two things:
                      1) we need a leader and Trump does not appear to be interested in the job
                      2) Economic warfare should be applied. 100 million people stop ordering from Amazon, stop twitter, stop facebook, stop google. THAT will get their attention and put an end to much of the nonsense.
                      Quit trucking into the cities that stole the election. Stop supporting the thugs, grifters, and corruptocrats. Quit the R party if you are a member.

                      There is so much that can be done before shooting starts, just like every other revolution/civil war in history including our own.

                    5. There is so much to do before the shooting starts.

                      So, in essence, the trigger for anything is a long way off. Can’t actually be seen from here. Perhaps you’re right but I have my doubts.

                    6. Everyone’s trigger might be different. But assuming because 2a supporters are not in the streets shooting says anything definitive about gun owners as a group is a mistake.
                      We have a long way to go IMO. OTOH, events may transpire that changes this. I personally think the republicans are looking to try Trump to get Trump supporters in the streets, armed, where they can justify shooting us down like dogs. Don’t let the marxists gaslight you.

                    7. I’m not sure if a 10 year time frame is correct, but yes, very few are ready to go all out shooting when you still have the right to move about freely, leave the country should you wish, etc. The country has been going downhill, Trump was but a speed bump (unless he decides to be a roadblock). I expect the downhill slide to accelerate and it will be unknown events that will trigger a hot civil war. Before that happens we should stop doing business with the enemy IMO. Might be surprised what will come out of that.

                    8. A majority of gun owners are normies. Normies are just now catching on to a lot of the stuff here that we’ve been talking about for years.

                      Remember: all of the stuff like ATF abuses, militarized policing, 2A activism, and gun rights advocacy was the province of hard core 2A activists until fairly recently.

                      Stuff like “We’re not voting our way out of this” and the idea that the voting process was rigged and broken was the province of hard core fringe people like me and Billy Beck until fairly recently. So was the concept that the Left is evil, not “misguided”. Normies don’t think like that. It doesn’t occur to most of them.

                      The months since November the 4th have been a hard, sharp, slap in the face to an awful lot of normies, normie gun owners along with them – on top of the months of the Endless March and the COVIDiocy and lockdowns.

                      All of these people out there are just now catching up to where people like us were eight years ago, and most of them haven’t even reached where people like me were on this thirty years ago.

                      Give it time and more provocations.

                      And believe me: the provocations will be coming along very soon in a steady stream.

                    9. I’m not sure how people went through 8 years of 0 and then 4 years of the TDS Insanity and are just now waking up because of Nov 4, but that’s possible.

                    10. I think Ironbear has it right.
                      The one was voted in office by white people, or so they thought 🙂 They bought into having the first black president proving they were not racists. Let’s face it, obama could have been far worse in the first couple years but they held back. As for the rest, 90% of people pay little to no attention to real politics.

                2. I’m not sure how people went through 8 years of 0 and then 4 years of the TDS Insanity and are just now waking up because of Nov 4…

                  I’m not sure how people went through eight years of Clinton and then the Bush years and are just now waking up, but here we are.

                  Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Murray building FF, the Clinton AWB, Whitewater, and the Patriot Acts were the wakeup call for me and a lot of others.

                  But, as I’ve said: I’ve been increasingly Red Pilled since my late teens. I started to wake up a long time ago.

                  Most people – the legendary “normies” – don’t make the effort to become historically literate and seek out alternate information sources, Ken. Even if they’re skeptical, they still absorb their information from conventional sources. So they still get the Narrative via osmosis if nothing else.

                  It takes a massive shock like the past three months and the events of the COVID hoax to shake a lot of people loose from their complacency and wake them up.

                  And some still haven’t made it: I still get blank looks from people when they say something like “hen we return to normal” and I tell them, “They’re not gonna let us go back to normal, they’re getting far too much mileage out of all of this.”

                  Some people won’t wake up even when they’re being herded into the Right-winger reeducation camps.

                  1. “Some people won’t wake up even when…”

                    Trains full of Jews come to mind.

                  2. How the Bush Klan and The Establishment started things for me. Then HW Read My Lips reneged on his No New Taxes. I wasn’t red pilled enough yet to support Perot but looking back we’d have been much better off with Perot than either BJ or HW.

                    The 8 years of BJ really cheesed me off, but the Gore Attempted Steal got me really Dem Angry. Still, I bought the W schtick that he was more conservative than his Dad ’cause TX.

                    Once W flipped on The Axis Of Evil and made it into the War on Terror that would last for Decades really started selling me on the Uniparty idea, that was first floated during W’s second term by Codevilla.

                    Then I witnessed the Disaster that was the Financial Crisis up close and personal inside one of the largest Debacle Banks that crashed and burned.

                    Everything since has just been one long confirmation. The reaction to Trump in the second half of 2015 just cemented my Red Pilling to the point that I not only saw the spoon bend, I saw that “there was no spoon”.

                    1. I meant to say:
                      How the Bush Klan and The Establishment went after Reagan in 1976 and 1980 started things for me.

                    2. Hell, Ken: even among us, it still takes time and sometimes a rude sudden shock.

                      I’ve been consistently stating flat out for the past six years since I’ve been back online, here and at DP and Insty, that “We’re not voting our way out of this” and “There are no political solutions to the problems created by politics.”

                      And people in our own little group still consistently harped on the Vote Harder! and political solutions buttons.

                      It took the massive, blatant, overwhelmingly obvious fraud of November the 4th for everyone to realize that political solutions aren’t an option, and no, we’re really NOT voting our way out of this.

                      And there’s still people on other blogs out there saying “We’ll just vote HARDER next time!” and looking at Constitutional and legal remedies… as if they won’t cheat the next time, and as if the courts will suddenly decide we have “standing”, and as if the Dems and Republicans will suddenly discover that the Constitution means what it says.

                      Some people will resist unto death accepting a fundamental shift in reality like this, because it means accepting that the fundamental underpinnings of their world view are in error. And that’s just a conceptual leap they just can’t make, because it means their entire outlook in life has been based on a fraud. Null input. They can’t process it.

                      It’s like trying to convince a CivNat that the melting pot is invalid, and that the Civil Rights movement was the worst thing that ever happened to Black and White society and race relations. Null input. They can’t process it. They can’t even contemplate it on merits.

                    3. Most of us bought into believing in W as a conservative. Eyes opened slowly at first, then widened. What I still don’t know – is W corrupt and evil or just a left patsy? Doesn’t really matter I suppose.

                      It’s not so much when you knew it as you know it now.

                    4. Most of us bought into believing in W as a conservative.

                      Some of us operated on the simple principle: If the Left is agin’ it, I’m for it.

                      The Left hated Bush. While I didn’t develop the visceral personal dislike of the man that a number on the Right now have for him until 2016, I never thought that he was particularly conservative.

                      I defended Bush against Leftist attacks because it drove the Leftists I knew into frothing insane incoherence. Simple as that.

                      “I’m anti-Leftist” is still as close to a political party identity as I have.

                    5. Well, it’s a decent principle.
                      I also defended, in words, Bush from the left for a long time. I wish I never had.

          2. I had a pro 2a friend tell me that exact thing. I said, “By the time they come for you and yours, it will be too late.”

  7. To summarize my.losition then:

    The Uniparty/Deep State has basically been eliminating our Unalienable Rights since McCain-Feingold and The Patriot Act. That is essentially a 20 year process ongoing. The past 4 years that has been accelerating. Their plans, having Stolen a Landslide Victory from our Hero, is to complete the destruction of the Republic, end any democratic foundations we had within it, shred the remainder of the Constitution still left to us, and the American Experiment which started 230 hears ago. As they do this to us, we, except a small minority such as the commenters here and a few other blogs, have been blissfully unaware this has been happening and are just waking up to the possibility that anything untoward is really transforming America for the worse.

    So just about the time that we become the ChiComs’ Bitch most Freedom Loving Americans look around and say hopefully “Well, we still have our guns”.

    You guys have NOT cheered me up.

    1. “You guys have NOT cheered me up.”
      🙂 Not our job. That is your job and there is plenty to be cheerful about.

        1. I’m still waiting on the check 🙂

          Look around. Lots to be cheerful about. Perfection is an enemy.

          1. That’s because we had 4 years of Trump. Of course things could be worse. They could also be a helluva lot better.

            Let’s talk 6 months to a year from now.

            140,000 jobs LOST in December and almost a Million Initial Jobless Claims just THIS WEEK.

            We are heading for a very Dark place. How would you feel if your children lost their jobs and 8 years later were still basically unemployed?

            It may not get around to US for a while, but Biteme and the Bubbles are not a good combination to be watching right now.

            1. Kenny, I see things this way –
              A thousand years ago almost every human on the planet worked there ass off every day just to get enough food to eat and a have a place out of the rain. Ten thousand years ago the expectancy was that your life would be over by age 30-40. 100 years ago you suffered from bacterial infection constantly. Bad tooth, chop off my head please.

              It’s hard, but one can be cheerful with the right frame of reference. I’ll fight the motherfuckers when the time comes. I’ll put my life on the line for Americans and freedom when it’s needed. But I will not let the bastards take away my cheerfulness. When I slit their throats for trying to enslave me, I’ll be smiling.

              1. And I feel like I’m watching the descent from Rome back into those Dark Ages.

                The fragility of the House Of Cards of our economic and financial systems are really showing a LOT of strain.

                What Trump was doing was healing. So much so that we were even starting to raise our interest rates back to a normal level.

                0% interest rates are a sign of a very sick system and the negative interest rates they have in Europe and elsewhere are a sign the patient is pretty much comatose and near death.

                If we did hyperinflate things would get very ugly very fast and there is no real way to protect against that.

                Even if you own your house the Property Tax rises would wipe you out.

              2. A thousand years ago? Try sixty.

                My dad worked his ass off every day, sometimes seven days a week, just to make sure we’d have enough to eat and wear, and a roof over our heads.

                Dirt poor and working poor were realities all through my childhood for an awful lot of people I knew. And this was in a big metropolitan suburban area in the sixties and seventies.

                Our current nation wide affluence is recent.

                1. As my dad did*. But there is quite a difference from a thousand years back. Heat when it’s cold, cold when it’s hot, food without suffering the elements and the possibility you become the food.

                  My Grandma was rich** and had next to nothing. No running water, no inside toilet, wood/coal stove for heat. She wouldn’t allow the grown children to change that, until she broke a hip and they put in the bath and running water while she was in the hospital.

                  *but we certainly were not poor. My dad worked three jobs when I was a kid. He had his regular day job as an electrical eng, then had two evening jobs, one repairing TV’s and the other teaching electrical eng at the local college night school. Sometime around ’62 he took a new job and that was the only one from there on.

                  **richness comes in ways not monetary. There was always food and shelter, even when raising over a dozen kids in a two bedroom house. They managed. Others would say they were poor.

                  1. It can all collapse very quickly. Millions homeless in the downturn from 1930-1933.

                    But that was a cakewalk compared to Weimar.

                    Hyperinflation affected the German Papiermark, the currency of the Weimar Republic, between 1921 and 1923, primarily in 1923.
                    …A loaf of bread in Berlin that cost around 160 Marks at the end of 1922 cost 200,000,000,000 Marks by late 1923.[14]

                    By November 1923, the US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks.

                    Look at your savings accounts and imagine if a loaf of basic bread went from $0.99 to $99,000,000,000.

                    1. After my last threading catastrophe, I’m not sure that I dare comment again.

                    2. “It can all collapse very quickly.”

                      Conditions are vastly different. Wealth, huge amounts of it, tend to insulate us from that type catastrophe. Same thing I said (along with nemo I think) back in the 2007 runup to that fiasco. It caused huge problems but look at what we have gone through in the last year. In 1930 that would have produced a full blown depression worse than the ’29 fall.

    2. We didn’t have air conditioning until I was in my teens, Barry. No color TV until I was around ten.

      We still depended on the annual deer hunt for meat in the winter when I was growing up. So did a lot of my friend’s families. Opening Day was big in my area.

      Both my dad and my mom were farm and ranch kids. Places in Oklahoma and West Texas still had outhouses and pump handles on the sink for running water. Some places only got electricity and telephones in the late 60s.

      The prosperity we have is recent. The “My Grandma”‘s day you mentioned is recent, historically.

      1. Huh. This threaded in oddly. It was supposed to fall in as a reply to Barry’s comment above.

        I do have to amend this to “the material prosperity we have today is recent”, as you’re right, Barry: actual wealth is more than just money and goods.

      2. As I just posted, Hyperinflation can send us back there quicker than Biteme can say tempurnjwkwmddn. It would be even worse here though since we already have run up Trillions of more debt this year.

      3. You had heat, which is the more important of the two. I grew up reasonably well off and we didn’t have AC until 72 when we built a new house. We did have a window unit in the kitchen prior.

        There is no comparison to a 1000 years ago.

        1. We got out of the 2006-2010 crash by having 0% interest rates 9 of the last 12 years and The Fed taking their balance sheet from $500 Billion to 6 Trillion and the Federal Budget Deficit pretty much at 6-7 Trillion over those 12 years. I think we might have hit a 2 Trillion deficit in 2020 alone.

          Unprecedented money supply juicing the world had never seen.

          1. Yes. Wealth averted a meltdown, for a time at least.

            My entire life of almost 68 years I’ve been told the economy is getting ready to crash, it can’t go on, yada, yada, yada. After 68 years I’m starting to think those folks *might* just be wrong. Which isn’t to say Biden will not put us into a recession, which he will eventually, like all democrats.

            1. In 1978 what saved us was Volcker raising interest rates to double digits.

              In 1998 what saved us was Greenspan dropping interest rates to 1%.

              In 2009 what saved us was 0% interest rates and Trillion dollar deficits.

              Last year we shut half the economy. What saved us was 0% interest rates and 2 Trillion deficits and Fed buying 3 Trillion in securities.

              Are you seeing a pattern?

              We’ve crossed into a new system that everywhere in history has destroyed the Country that went down that path. Now Trump’s healing in three years was killed last year and now we will get Biden with no restraints.

              One day it will collapse and we have assured that when it does it will be the biggest collapse in History.

              1. None of that would be possible absent wealth, extreme wealth. Which is why I said “Wealth averted a meltdown, for a time at least.”. I agree it should collapse but it never does.

  8. To summarize my position then:

    The Uniparty/Deep State has basically been eliminating our Unalienable Rights since McCain-Feingold and The Patriot Act. That is essentially a 20 year process ongoing. The past 2 years that has been accelerating. Their plans, having Stolen a Landslide Victory from our Hero, is to complete the destruction of the Republic, end any democratic foundations we had within it, shred the remainder of the Constitution still left to us, and end the American Experiment which started 230 years ago. As they do this to us, we, except a small minority such as the commenters here and a few other blogs, have been blissfully unaware this has been happening and are just waking up to the possibility that anything untoward is really transforming America for the worse.

    So just about the time that we become the ChiComs’ Bitch most Freedom Loving Americans look around and say hopefully “Well, we still have our guns”.

    You guys have NOT cheered me up.

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