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The Police State Virus

Alex makes the case for defiance.

There is no other term for the COVID regime than a nascent police state. Governors and bureaucrats, without any legislative authority have demanded that people remain in the homes at their personal whim for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate. 

And then there’s the prospect of the vaccine, two versions of which will soon be available, if not mandatory. 

Could the coronavirus vaccine be “the Mark of the Beast?” One doesn’t have to be religious to see it as such. Public health officials are already boasting that no one will be able to work, travel or go to school without this vaccine that was rushed through approvals for political theater. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out making the vaccine mandatory, though the federal government will likely just punt enforcement to large corporations, similar to how they use Big Tech to manage information on the Internet and Big Finance to take banking services away from dissidents.

Bill Gates has called not only for mandatory vaccines, but also mandatory tracking of people who have received them. 

Are our elites deliberately conspiring to instill fear or are they just idiotic dupes? Probably a little from Column A and a little from Column B. But one thing is clear — the economic, political, academic, and media elites in this country are using a disease with a 99.9% survival rate to transform the country into a police state. Patriots and freedom lovers must resist this by any means necessary.

It never should have been allowed to get as far along as it has, and every day’s delay means a longer, tougher battle to reclaim the liberty so foolishly surrendered.

40 thoughts on “The Police State Virus

  1. “Are our elites deliberately conspiring to instill fear or are they just idiotic dupes?”

    Fear. In order that they have control, same as throughout human history.

    1. “Menacing it [the public] with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary” comes to mind rather strongly, doesn’t it?

    2. They are instilling fear in idiotic dupes and dragging the rest of US with them.

      1. Then plant your feet and refuse to be dragged. It sometimes really is that simple.

        Any number of us, myself included, have posted numerous ways to do malicious compliance and outright noncompliance with this crap. My county has been doing both all along, combined with just ignoring them.

        1. Karenville here where I am at. I just don’t go much where one is required now.
          School is still remote learning. For the second half they’ll be going in person two days a week, masks all the time.

          I watched a BBall game today and the the Coach had COVID earlier in the year. He couldn’t understand how he got it, the announcer said. “He always wears his mask very diligently!”.

          I felt like shouting at the TV “THEY DON’T WORK!!!” Luckily for my blood pressure I just shook my head and laughed at the folly.

          1. “Karenville here where I am at.”

            Is it the Karens or your local, county, and state gov’t that’s the problem?

            ‘Cause the Karens have no actual power.

            And if it’s the other, then maybe it’s time to bring back tarring and feathering where you’re at.

            “School is still remote learning.”

            If you still want the schools to open so you can send your kids back, then you’re compliant in your own destruction.

            Quit giving your kids to your enemies to indoctrinate.

            “I watched a BBall game today “

            You’re giving eyeballs to people who hate you and want to see you dead and your children indoctrinated and enslaved, and you’re complying with your own destruction.

            Quit giving money and eyeballs to people who hate you.

            Mask requirements?

            Get yourself a mesh paintball mask and a Plague Doctor mask. Amazon sells both.

            When they “require” a mask, wear the mesh mask.

            If they bitch? Swap it out for the Plague Doctor mask.

            “It’s a mask. It’s a face covering – it covers my face. You might be able to force me to comply – but you can’t force me to take you seriously.”

            Then breeze on past wearing the Plague Doc mask, and let them decide if they want to chase you down and make a scene.

            If they come after you and grab you?

            Call the cops and swear out charges against them for assault and battery. After all, you were wearing a face covering as they requested.

            Make a fucking scene. Make them make a fucking scene. Laugh at them.

            They hate to be laughed at. Malicious compliance.

            And maybe you’ll inspire your neighbors to do the same. Suggest it to them, even, while you’re leading by example: words don’t cost much, and actions are powerful.

            Get a pad of post it notes and a Sharpie, and stick a “Masks don’t work” sticker on store windows and doorways and over the “Masks required for entry” signs. And on car bumpers. Lampposts. Etc.

            I shouldn’t have to be giving out instructions on malicious compliance and rebellion here of all places, Kenny.

            If you can’t figure out a hundred little ways to kick sand in their faces and take the piss out of them just like these, then maybe you just want to bitch and hope that your chains rest lightly upon you.

            I’m not suggesting that you take up arms and overthrow City Hall. I’m just suggesting that you make it a pain in the ass for them to make you comply.

            1. The mask mandates were not in effect in March. I and about 20% of others in the stores would never wear one. You could see the visible FEAR on some faces and the disgust on others. I didn’t care. So of course the Karens called their Dem reps and then first the County went Mandate. The stores had people out there telling you mask up. So I said bye and went across the County line and shopped and I told them specifically I would keep doing that. Of course then our Dem Governor made the Mask statewide mandatory. He probably got the Karen calls although he probably didn’t need a big push. This was March. We had about 12 dead at that point in the whole State.

              I would walk in with a mask and then take it off while I shopped. Soon I had a store manager after me going “Please sir, they’ll turn me in and I might lose my job. Please wear the mask” I am not in a big city. It’s mostly like a suburb of a big city. So I see these people all the time. I don’t want problems every time I shop. I don’t think the store would call the cops but I bet the next step is some Karen will call the cops though. It’s much different when 90% of people are scared shitless. Stupidly of course but still there. I’m sure elsewhere in NC people are looking the other way and playing the game, but not where I am.

              1. The big stores now all require them but most of the smaller places do not hassle us over it. My #1 grocery originally said publicly that they would not enforce the mandate. I suspect the Cooper stormtroopers threatened the chain as they did an about face.

                I like Iron Bears idea though. Or maybe I’ll get some paper hole punchers and make myself a grid on the the mask I wear when required.

                1. I did think of using a fencing mask.

                  I refuse to wear the mask over my nose though. It really bothers me and I just don’t. No one hassles me on that at least.

                  Sigh. A small rebellion I suppose.

            2. My schools are good in that the teachers teach the subject and my kids learn and the propaganda is minimal.
              The minimal propaganda still is going on remotely but I think the learning is a matter of how diligent the kids are. Mine are good kids because we raised them that way and we always spent a lot of time teaching them right and wrong, facts from fiction and what it takes to be a productive member of a Free Society. My son cast his vote first time this year. He’s proud Trump won NC and furious at The Steal.

              I Commie Proofed my children. No matter how much propaganda they throw at them they will not be indoctrinated.

              You grew up in a different America. The propaganda was low or non-existent. I grew up less than a decade later, but I had to wade through a lot of subtle propaganda in school and media. Luckily my parents Commie Proofed me like I am trying to do with mine.

              It ain’t easy.

              1. “It ain’t easy.”

                No it’s not. The “system” is set up such that either you are wealthy or your kids go to public screwls. In my area, the largest in NC, going to a private may be worse than public. The parents push for the indoctrination and they get it. So you’re left with home schooling which simply isn’t a good option for many people. Easy enough when the kids are elementary age, a lot more difficult when you need to teach calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology.

                I’m glad my kids are grown. The kids are wrestling with the dilemma now with our grandkids.

                1. All the homeschool I see are parents instructing elementary age children.

                  I had straight A’s in HS and colleges. I haven’t used many of the HS level subjects since at least 30 years and some not in 35-39 years.
                  I’d have to full time study the subjects myself to actually teach a HS Honors Level my older one gets.
                  If he just asks me a question he invariably figures it out before I can even build the foundation needed to help him now. Mostly I prompt like “I seem to recall…” or “Have you taken into account perhaps…” and often that’s enough.

                  Like I said, they get 95% excellent education in their HS (we chose to live here for that reason) and just a little indoctrination.
                  They study Shakespeare and then some AA author next.

                  I give him books and readings on other subjects from Fiction to Economics and Philosophy.

                  The middle school one I do the same but I have to step back a little on the level. Still, he’s very sharp if the subject interests him. He’s turned his IPad and Chromebook together into a mini mobile workstation. He’s usually on both doing two separate things at once.

                2. going to a private may be worse than public

                  I’m putting my daughter through a religious private school specifically because they have a rigorous academic reputation (as measured by standardized tests and entrance to good colleges) and the staff explicitly reject about 95% of the nonsense peddled in public and most private schools.

                  ref Kennycan’s comment, I could teach any of the subjects normally taught in elementary or high school except for fine arts and foreign languages. The problem is that my worldview is not necessarily something to transmit to — inflict on — a kid. Some, yes, and I do mold my kid (and her brothers before her) and other kids I take care of, but my extreme distrust of anyone in a position of authority needs to be tempered by someone less cynical. Ditto for my impatience with fools, my refusal to just go along in order to avoid trouble, and so on. I’m not giving them up, but one has to be hard and strong to stand up to the world and teens are not that hard, nor would I want them to be. That said, if NYS requirements relating to the dempanic get more onerous, I have plans in place for home schooling.

                  1. I am smart and was smart in school.

                    IIRC SteveF you are a polymath.

                    I do not think I could do what you could do and I can tell you that if I can’t, then most parents wouldn’t be able to do that.

                    With the private parochial schooling and your property taxes how much do you really think your school costs you a year?

                    Like I said, I get that 95% good schooling for just my property taxes, which are probably higher than yours, but not by that much. (City services are also quite good too. I really can’t complain about that. What I worry about is how dumb my neighbors are in advocating for low cost aprtment style housing instead of encouraging tax base enhancing single family home building. If i calculate it correctly we;ll be able to bolt just before the housing crash screws us here. Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I and my wife are just astute, but I’ve gotten in at medium lows and out at highs in several property markets).

                  2. “The problem is that my worldview is not necessarily something to transmit to — inflict on — a kid.”

                    I hate government. I would hate good government if such a thing existed. So, yea, I had to be careful to not transmit too much of that to the children growing up. Best they learn it on their own I think.

                    There may be some exceptions, but even the religious private schools around here are some of the worst as I see it. They are all for illegal immigration, the government pays them to be so. Actual separation of church and state is a myth.

                    1. The “Christian Charity Guff” as I like to call it makes a lot of Christians who are living in a bubble very liberal.

                      They don’t have to live with their “charity cases” that they champion in their toney neighborhoods of single family houses and high Property Taxes.
                      They Virtue Signal as much as any Atheist Liberal out there. Sometimes they’re worse because they believe they have God On Their Side.
                      The execrable Pope we have now is one such example. A South American Marxist who believes he has Compassion. I don’t see thousands of Somalians being resettled in the middle of the Vatican though.

                    2. Sometimes they’re worse because they believe they have God On Their Side.


            3. Besides College BBall and Drag Racing I have no interest in sports. Drag Racing is majority pro Trump. So C Bball is my last guilty pleasure.

              Becoming a hermit is not for me.

              1. College BB / FB is OK to me. I know the kids I’m watching* are pretty damn good ones even if prone to wearing stupid shit at times. Once they leave I never watch again. I don’t watch any pro sports and haven’t for years.

                *not all teams are selective in who they recruit

                1. BTW what kids aren’t prone to wearing weird things.

                  My son’s a rebel. He dresses neat.

                  Still, remember the old show with Micheal J. Fox as Alex Keaton. Family Ties IIRC.
                  He dressed in a suit or business casual. Now THAT was a rebel.

                2. St. John’s cancelled their Texas Tech game because they were afraid of the Lubbock TX “surge” in cases.
                  They’ve always been a basket case of the liberal kind and I’m glad I have an advanced degree from another school that I can use when I am embarrassed for them.

            4. Sigh. It’s getting to the point where I need to rebel but I never had a desire to be a revolutionary and I certainly am not going to be a martyr. I despair because where I am there is no Rebellion.

              1. *shrug* I never had a desire to be a revolutionary either. Hell, I was on the other side from Revolutionaries in SA in my twenties. I’ve seen what revolutions are like.

                Being a revolutionary has been forced upon us, Kenny. We’ve been forced into a position where we either rebel, or we knuckle under. It really is that stark.

                We have the idiocy creeping in even here in the land of the Anti-Karen. Even Texas has state mask requirements just across the river from me. We haven’t had mask mandates here in OK, but we have had “Mask required” places like stores and medical facilities since March and April. It’s that bad all over.

                I’m too old and too obstinate to knuckle under. So I am and have been fighting back in all the ways that I can short of armed rebellion.

                It may not quite be Half Past Claire Wolfe Time just yet, but it’s damn’ close.

                It is what it is.

                Rebel in all the small ways so that, hopefully, we can still keep from having to do it in the big way.

                Admittedly, I’m lucky in that I’m not the only one in my area that’s ignoring them, laughing at them, and fighting back in the small ways. I get a thumbs up and grins when I take the piss at WalMart’s or Alliance Health’s or Sam’s Club’s mask requirements with my Plague Doctor mask, not condemnation from my neighbors.

                Sounds like you’re not that lucky.

                I’ll tell you, though: I’d still be doing it even if I got scowls and harsh language from the locals around me.

                I never wanted to be a revolutionary, but it is what it is. The universe doesn’t seem to give a fuck what I want.

                1. They must be watching me. Wernt to the grocery. Mask on off my nose.

                  Karen says, “you’re wearing it wrong, it doesn’t work if it’s not over your nose”.

                  I said, “it doesn’t work anyway, it’s a pice of cloth”. I kept shopping. She grunted.

                  It felt good.

                  Maybe this rebellion thing is worth it.

                  I will wait until the vaccine is available. Soon after I’m ditching the mask.
                  But that’s just the smallest part of the tyranny. Still it needs to be done.

                2. Slowly, but surely I walk my way into it.
                  If I had neighbors I could sit back and BS about this in a backyard and truly trust them. Well. Just sayin’.
                  I’m a terrible shot, farsighted and not coordinated. It wouldn’t be me picking off people from long range if that might happen.

              2. I never had a desire to be a revolutionary

                I did. But not in the homeland. Overthrowing tyrannical governments is something to do in a shithole. It wasn’t supposed to need to be done here.

                Make a list and check it twice. If the rule of law goes down, there’s a bunch of people who need to learn that choices have consequences.

  2. At this point, the situation calls for more than simple resistance.  It calls for fighting back.  And not with ‘peaceful protests.’

    1. Agreed. See above: sometimes fighting back doesn’t have to include guns and fists.

      1. The Staten Island Restaurant Owner opened his restaurant despite the NYC and NYS ban.

        They arrested him.

        Meanwhile Cuomo probably has his own personal chef.

        1. I had the manager of WalMart back down when I pulled out my phone and offered to call the Durant PD to settle whether I could go in with my paintball mask or not.

          I won’t lie to you: getting arrested for noncompliance may just be on the docket if this keeps up.

        2. And it’s cops like the ones who arrested him that have basically ruined my ‘back the blue’ mindset. If something horrible happened to those cops, I’d be pretty much okey-dokey with it.

          1. What is really weird is that the places most Gung-ho about defunding the Police are the places where the Police are most Gung-ho about supporting the Deep State.

            I smell a rat there.

  3. I do agree that ‘malicious compliance’ is the way to go. As a retired teacher, I found that – often – a noncompliant student will sometimes create such a fuss, that I would ignore blatant violations of the student code of conduct, in the interests of not wasting time (generally, the admins would NOT follow through on the consequences, meaning that I was spinning my wheels).

    The other course of action – while we (briefly) have a majority on the Supreme Court, bring a case that those in governments cannot offload compliance in violation of rights guaranteed under the Constitution, then CLAIM that the GOVERNMENT wasn’t responsible, it was PRIVATE actors that imposed the restrictions.

    A good case can be made for collusion of all actors, given the way that they leave email, text, and paper trails galore.

    1. Commies and Fascists are notorious for a cvompulsion to keep detailed records.

      Is that because they were in anal retentive societies like Russia, Germany, Japan and the PRC? Perhaps.

      The Commies in our government seem to have left an awful lot of evidence, like videos cliaming they got fired the guy investigating them, for instance. Just sayin’.

      I keep thinking Sessions and now Barr are traitors.

      The evidence trail for the Election Steal seems awful clear too.
      Giuliani was salivating over the evidence as was Powell.

      That was the days when they worked in real Courts.

      I had US bankruptcy investors who salivated over the chance to pick over PRC bad loans and go to court for recovery.
      Idiots didn’t know that Chinese Courts were rigged. AS was their foreign exchange markets. If they recovered anything, which was rare, they weren’t allowed to take it out of the country. THey also weren’t allowed to reinvest it in the country. It became dead money they never could do anything with it, and lawyers and bankers fees ate away at it inexorably.

      It was pathetic to see US investors invariably lose everything in the PRC. If only they had read Mr. China by Tim Clissold like I did.
      Available on Amazon in paperback. Good read. More true today than ever.

      1. “Idiots didn’t know that Chinese Courts were rigged.”

        I try to wrap my mind around someone at that level not knowing that communists rig everything. “Idiots” is really being kind.

        1. The story was “they were no longer communists, they’re capitalists now”.

          The Big Banks especially no longer have the shrewd minds running them anymore. Where I worked there were many brilliant people who saw the whole financial crisis coming, but there was nothing they could do except go with the incentives the non-financial CEO set, under pressure from an Arab shareholder, and the Banker Wankers (commercial bankers, a bureaucratic NPC bunch), chosen to run things by the non-financial CEO, just followed orders like good morons.

          House Prices never fell Nationally before!! One might add they also never tripled nationally before either so perhaps they were ripe for a fall.

          The real smart money is now running hedge funds and other Assets Under Management for Wealthy People type institutions.

          When an Investment Bank trained person runs things it got much better. They just left the Bank this year, since Virtue said a Woman needed to be CEO, and she’s from the C Bank side.

          I can just predict where that will lead eventually. It’s not with rising share prices and profits.

          Plus, those trained under an investment banking mindset are dwindling since most investment banks are part of Large Commercial Banks or defunct. Lehman, Bear Stearns gone; Salomon Smith Barney, and Merrill swallowed by Citibank and Bank of America respectively.

          Places we knew when growing up, like EF Hutton and Dean Witter were merged into banks years ago.

          Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are partially investment banks although Goldman has converted to a bank holding company and JP Morgan was always a bank with an investment banking arm they created.

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