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Just wondering

SO: any bets on which of the so-called “major” TeeWee networks will call it for Biden around, say, 8 PM or thereabouts—before some polling places are even closed, in other words—as yet another ludicrously transparent tactic aimed at suppressing Republican voter turnout? Or, perhaps, will they ALL do it?

I’ll just use this as my all-purpose election-night thread, and update accordingly as, when, and if I have more to say. Which, I may very well not; unless we get a tremendous Trumpslide, a shellacking of truly historic proportions, I figger there isn’t going to be a final verdict for weeks, if not a couple of months, even. We shall see what we shall we see.

Update the First! Okay, just a personal anecdote for y’all here; doesn’t necessarily mean anything, take it for what it’s worth, ‘kay?

Whilst driving around Belmont/Mt Holly bootlessly trying to make a buck right before sunset yesterday, I noticed a simply unheard-of volume of traffic coming west out of (c)Harlotte. Basically, there are three main arteries providing a direct route into Gaston County from MecklenTurd: I-85, Wilkinson Blvd, and Freedom Drive/Highway 27. I am no way no how kidding about this, people: as bad as traffic heading our way can often be, this was something else altogether. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen plenty over the years.

I happened to be on or around all three of those main arteries, and they were all nightmarish. If I had to pick a prize-winner, I’d say Hwy 27 was the champ. Only two lanes most of the way, with a solidly-packed mass of idling vehicles that stretched from Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd (which 27 dead-ends into, on the CLT side of the river just outside of Mt Holly) all the way back well into Paw Creek, a place that’s always been referred to hereabouts as Tank Town (so-called because of the huge fuel tanks at the various gas-and-oil depots located there). Not sure exactly what that stretch of road might amount to mileage-wise—call it, say, eight or ten miles, maybe? Anyways, the line was every bit of three-four times longer than it would normally be, possibly more.

Then it occurred to me: Charlotte was basically emptying out. The urban rats were fleeing their thoroughly-fouled nest for somewhere—ANYWHERE—else, most likely in dread of the predicted election-night rioting and violence to be visited upon kind, loving Biden voters by hordes of white supremacists, Nazis, Kluxers, and those gnarly and ubiquitous Right Wing Militia types. Put-upon Charlotteans, worn down already by the summer-long Black Lies Murder festitivies downtown—however mild those doings had been in comparison to other Democrat-Socialist bastions—were voting with their feet at last, heading for the hills with utmost alacrity.

Naturally, I could very well be all wet with that little guess. Probably am, at that. But I happened to be in and around Charlotte earlier today also, and I tells ya, the place was a fucking ghost town. Traffic was incredibly light everywhere I went, more so than I’ve seen in years and years of making deliveries and driving trucks all over the place. Pedestrian, scooter, and bicycle traffic was simply non-existent. The only things missing from the scene were tumbleweeds blowing by, and a spooky Ennio Morricone soundtrack for what the pros call incidental music.

So I dunno, make of all that what you will. It may well NOT have been a desperate, last-ditch attempt to avoid having some Mostly Peaceful™ violence rained down upon their heads, right enough. Could be any number of unknown explanations for the mass exodus I saw. But whatever the backstory, Charlotteans en masse were damned sure getting the hell out of Dodge yesterday. And as of late this afternoon, they hadn’t come back yet.

Update the Second! Another one of those times when I’m just gonna have to break my No Twitter vow.

They MUST be held accountable for what they’ve done. Because what they’ve done—Enemedia, the Democrat-Socialist Party, the Deep State conspirators, and the whole degenerate-Left freak show—is to wantonly destroy a proud two and a half centuries-long tradition upholding the peaceful transition of power, essentially devolving the US into a third-world nation.

Merchants and other storefronts across the country are boarding up windows in anticipation of a highly polarized Election Day, according to reports.

Reports of businesses taking action have emerged in Boston, Washington DC,  St. Louis, San Francisco and other large cities.

In the Los Angeles area, the city of Beverly Hills has already declared its Rodeo Drive shopping area will be on lockdown for two days starting on Election Day. Reports from various sources say merchants on Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue are also preparing their businesses in anticipation of trouble.

Kruiser notes a puzzling coinkydink:

None of those cities are known for their thriving right-wing militia communities. All are, however, familiar with Black Lives Matter and antifa “peaceful” protests.

Virtually every city named (there were more) in this article is overwhelmingly Democrat and has been run by Democrats for years. Elected Democrats spent the summer falling all over themselves to show solidarity with protests that, despite the mainstream media fable-spinning, usually turned violent. The belated, half-hearted “condemnations” that were issued months into the rioting rang hollow. The miscreants had already been emboldened by their elders.

Fascist violence is always blamed on the Right but perpetrated by the Left, to modify an old phrase.

Update the Fourth! Not to imply that the presidential race isn’t of primary importance or anything, but the Senate outcome could end up mattering every bit as much.

Democrats expect that they can win the U.S. Senate, taking the majority from Republicans. The Senate currently has 53 Republican senators and 45 Democratic senators, with two independents who caucus with Democrats. Thirty-five seats are up for grabs.

And more of those contested seats were held by Repubs than Dems: 23 being defended by the ‘Pubbies, 12 by the Demoscum, with 14 of the total “considered competitive,” according to Bloomberg anyway.

So what, you say? Well, grok ye this, brothers and sisters, and grok it fully: if the Demonrats DO flip the Senate and hold onto the House as well, be assured that impeachment proceedings will begin in the House the moment the final syllable of Trump’s oath of office is uttered. Only this go-round, the Demonrat Senate will have the votes to convict and remove him from office.

Don’t any of you kid yourselves that they wouldn’t dare to make such a raw, outrageous move, however ramshackle a pretext they’d need to cobble together to get the dirty deed done. Just…don’t, awright? Because we all know by now that as soon as they think they can, they most certainly will, and right straight to Hell with trivial considerations like ethics; probity; the faith and trust of the American people in their institutions and leaders; the stability of said institutions; whether such a nakedly obvious power play complies in even the smallest conceivable way with Constitional requirements, and etc.

And while y’all are over there trying to convince yourselves that Democrat scumwads will be restrained by the teeniest, tiniest smidgeon of shame, conscience, or basic decency from actually following through on such heinous effrontery, they’ll be busy having Trump frogmarched out of the Oval Office in irons, and working out a scheme to oust Pence in similar fashion most ricky-tick. Meanwhile, Peelousy will be in her chambers rehearsing the oath of office herself, getting all set for the Coronation. Count on it.

Update the Fifth! As of now, it seems sadly apparent that Trump did NOT get the overwhelming victory required to head off an extended vote-finding, manufacturing, and “counting” process, tainted by shenanigans aplenty and shady maneuvering both overt and covert. No, Biden’s “we’re about to go into a dark winter” doomsday prophecy, although no longer easily dismissable as an off-putting joke, is still not an inevitability just yet. But there’s no denying it: difficult as it is to get one’s head around, this thing is way too close for comfort. And unless something changes radically over the next few hours, I don’t see much chance of avoiding a grim, grey autumn.

82 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. Very curious indeed. And not long after a similar mass exodus from Paris as the French attempted to flee the coming clamp-down by their COVID lords and masters…which certainly was NOT about the recent Aloha Snackbar beheadings going on here and there in the muslim nation formerly known as France. No, sir, nothing to do with that at all.

    I live in a pretty peaceful suburb, but near to the blue stain known as Austin. I prepped for election day as I would for an incoming hurricane. And somehow, despite a clear and mild day we have lost power twice so far. I am feeling prescient.

  2. All I know for certain at 9:45 EST is that I’m ashamed of the my state, North Carolina. Trump may yet pull it out, but for it to be this close, well I think I’m hoping for an earthquake that takes somewhere near half of NC out.

  3. OK, I nominate the “Just Wondering” thread the official CF election thread.

    Chines yuan is tanking. Betting markets flip to Trump winning. And Donald John Trump has taken the lead in North Carolina, dammit, Thank God.

    Looking better and better.

    1. Well, crap. You would post that right *after* I posted election updates in response to your NC Bitching comment. You bastard.

      1. Oh. Never mind. I’m *in* the Just Wondering thread. Oops.

        I thought I was still in the Daily Donnybrook Thread after replying to Haz.

        I take it back. 🙂

          1. Hey, if you think it’s mad in here, I’ll bet the Young Turks are going insane. Er. 🙂

            1. Nope, the commies of Mecklenburg county are all in for the fellow commie hidenbiden.

              NC has re-elected governor faceMask Cooper (marxist), so keep the schools shut down. Suck it soccer moms in the suburbs.

              1. They are in the process of stealing NC for Biden though.

                THey haven’t counted a single vote since 10PM last night.
                Manufacturing the 150,000 – 200,000 they’ll need probably.

                I don’t see how people went to the polls and voted for Trump and Tillis and noT forest.
                If I were him I’d contest.

                Trump is going to probably contest NC if he loses.

  4. Have y’all noticed that Trump has been consistently leading in the Sacred Popular Vote?

    If he continues to do so all the way to the end, I’m gonna laugh my ass off tomorrow watching all of the states signatory to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact coming up with excuses for why they’re suddenly weaseling out of awarding their electors and ECs to Trump. 🙂

  5. So, tonight I went to an early dinner at one of the better restaurants on the island, Hatteras Sol. In the mixed company of Biden democrats and Trump/Americans. We stayed away from politics other than the local to the island stuff. After dinner, drinks on the ocean front with the past full moon beautiful in the sky. I saw nothing news wise until near 9:30. 11pm as I type and the night is looking damn good for President Trump.

    Oh, and I don’t drink so often these days but I am now on beer # 6 with several shots of brandy thrown in.

    Perused my friends gun collection after dinner, very nice. The island is in good hands on my street.

  6. Been watching them play a lot of games with calling and not calling states on the various election sites, like calling several Blue states for Biden with 0 votes counted, and not calling Georgia and North Carolina with over 90% counted.

    Admittedly, California, Washington, and Oregon were gonna go for Biden anyway, but it’s irksome when Trump’s clearly won NC, Michigan, PA, and Georgia and they’re refusing to call it.

    You can really tell where they’re hoping the margin of fraud will pull Biden out and dragging their feet to the bitter end.

    1. It’s a helluva lot closer than I had hoped for though. It gives the assholes known as the media an opportunity to promote the communist.

      1. What is going on in NC?

        Trump up 1.4% with 94% reporting. That was almost 3 hours ago and nothing has changed. Did they go home and stop counting.

        Tillis is saying he won.

        What gives? Anyone know?

        1. They’re refusing to call it, IMO, hoping they can somehow “find” enough votes to pull it out.

    2. The media has acted exactly as expected. The bias has been so blatant, even the low-info types can’t miss it. Fox especially has made it very clear they are just as leftist as the rest now.

      The coming storm of recriminations and blame-shifting among the Dems is going to be hilarious to watch. Let’s hope for lots of casualties. I am sure they will go with the Russia-Russia-Russia excuse yet again.

      1. Yeah. I’m starting to hit burnout. I’m going to try to hang in there until 1:00 and then I’m hitting the hay. I’ll see where it stands in the morning.

        Short of truly massive fraud, though, I don’t see Biden pulling it out for a win.

        I do see them dragging it out forever and refusing to call Georgia, NC, Michigan, PA, and Wisconsin until they absolutely have to.

      2. I’m not sure what you’re watching Haz because to me it looks like they are trying to steal 3-4 of the following States to put Biden ovber the top: AZ, GA, NC, PA, MI, WI, NV.
        They’ve already flipped WI to a Biden lead.

        1. Yeah, it has clearly become a straight-up steal. I guess we now have confirmation that Team Hillary in 2016 really did believe their own hype and only lost because they did not crank up the fraud machine to max.

          Kind of sad to realize the last real election in American history was four years ago. The left will never permit another loss of power. I hope Trump has everything lined up to get his family safely to exile in a country without extradition. Got to give the Chicoms recognition for a game well played — the planet is theirs.

          1. Yep, the 2016 marxist version thought it was in the bag. This time they were ready before election day to steal it.

            1. The big difference was the ability this time to send out 20 Million or more mail-in ballots without anyone requesting them.

              They basically straight up voted any ballot not returned to them. The overnight stop in counting was to check their prepared Biden ballots against the election rolls and find the right amount needed that didn’t show up by Election Day. Then to fake the “mailed” part.

              The ChiCome and Dems rigged this “Pandemic” in a classic Con Game and too many here got fooled.

              Has anyone mentioned COVID since Tuesday? ANy daily “Surge” counts? Death Tolls reported breathlessly.

              It was all a Scamdemic Con.

              I Trust in Trump. He is Fighting. Giuliani and Ric Grenell are filing motions all over the Country.

              NV are resuming their count today.
              Biden is going to give a Victory Speech tonight. I guarantee.

              Screw Fox for calling AZ too. They are in on the Coup.
              Even RCP won’t call any of the 7 contested States now, including AZ, MI, and WI.
              Fox has called all three for Biden. Shameless.

  7. Well, nothing changed overnight. The election is within the margin of fraud.

    North Carolina voters for Trump & Tillis and then vote for the damn communist governor? I live in a state of stupids.

    1. I’m unsure what that means.

      Trump AND Tillis are not out of the woods yet. Tillis says he won and so does Trump and absent Fraud they definitely did.
      But they haven’t counted a single vote since the 10PM hour last night. So they’re definitely filling out ballots and stamping the postmarks as we speak.

      Cooper keeping control was key. They probably screwed Forest first. Now all the vote counters and USPS know if they don’t follow Copper’s orders he’ll have 4 more years to mete out retribution.

      See, in 2016 you let a highway funds issue lose the Governor’s race and now we’re all paying for it.

      I am very close to wishing I could go back and vote McCain instead of not voting. Still, in NY it would not have made a difference, so that’s why i do not yet regret doing that.

      But 0 weaponized everything and we paid a big price with the CDC this year Hitting the Lockdown Panic Button.

  8. I suppose the news is not so bad. If we stop them from stealing it, Trump wins. The senate remains in R control and it looks like we have gains in the house, but not enough to flip it.

  9. If Biden wins he does not need to get a single legislation passed.

    He’ll use regulations to kill the Energy Sector and punish US deplorables by opening the Borders wide open.
    NC will be flooded with illegals at Cooper’s request.

    Trump MUST win this one or we have very little chance of ever winning again.

    1. Well, I said “if we stop them from stealing it”.

      The senate, even if they were actual conservatives in control, is not enough to prevent massive damage from a Harris presidency. On that we will agree.

      DD is now showing the vote count in Michigan favoring Biden. So, there theft is simple, get Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and no chance. NC and Georgia and Penn are not enough unless we get Nevada. And that cuts it thin at 270 from the 213 we now have. 213 15 16 20 6 = 270. So we really need Nevada to be red. Those 6 are key.

      Alaska Maine(1) will put it at 274, but Nevada’s 6 must be there. Otherwise you have to win it in court.

      1. Just checked on the Nevada elections. Votes coming in (manufactured) may be from democrat county, mail in, and same day registration/provisional. As a dem state that’s going to be a tough one. Maybe Arizona where Trump is behind some 90K has more R votes…
        I think it’s going to be decided by SCOTUS.

        1. The biggest number of votes in AZ are from Maricopa County that includes Phoenix. They’re stealing AZ.
          MN is gone Barry. Called last night for Biden by 6%.

          As I said elsewhere, Biden is on top in MI, WI, AZ. NV would put him over the top.

          Then NC is still stealable if he can’t get NV. Then PA and GA are still stealable although Trump leads in GA is pretty good. But not if a 100,000 votes turn up.

          1. Yes, I’m aware MN was gone some time earlier in the evening. Given the cheating will steal Mich and Wisconsin, the only non court path to a win is as I stated above. That means not enough manufactured votes to overturn Penn. Once Penn is out there is no chance other than the courts overturning the fraud. The swamp owns the judicial system at least until SCOTUS and they probably own them as well.

            1. Without MI, WI and AZ Trump needs GA, NC, PA, and NV.
              That’s 16, 15, 20, 6 = 57.
              Puts Trump at 271 + 3 for Alaska. 274.
              Doable but just barely.
              If he loses NV he has no way to 270.

              So the Election will come down to NV.

              Get the lawfare going because the cheating is slowly closing the door on Trump.

              1. Or Arizona. The Trump group thinks that is not a done deal.

                But you have to keep Penn. And that isn’t over. I think they wait until Nevada/Arizona are known and then they might put that one away as well.

                1. Looking at the votes to be counted unless Trump did extremely well in Maricopa he has no chance.
                  He needs to get about 55% of the remaining votes there and it is Phoenix and a very good chance to get Fraud + A Dem Stronghold to extend Biden’s lead there.

                  We need NV.

                  We have to fight MI and WI. Trump can’t win if he loses those three and AZ.

                  I trust in Trump so I hope you are correct.

                  There are mobs lining up outside the WH as of early in the AM. “Peaceful Protests”.

                  1. It will be settled in court. The marxists always cheat and they have no fear of being prosecuted. They aren’t even trying to hide it.

                    1. Hell, they even telegraph what they’re planning to do.

                      This is the line that was running all night on the NYT’s “Election Needles: President” page:

                      If Joe Biden wins one of these three states, he is likely to win the presidency.
                      If President Trump wins all three, it could be days or more before a winner is declared.

                      So if Biden wins one, the election is probably in the bag for him, but if Trump wins all of them, it could take days to figure out who won?

                      Gee. Let me pull a rhetorical question out of my ass here: Why, pray tell, would that be?

                2. Trump Team has filed motions now in both AZ and NV.
                  He’s asking PA to stop counting because they’ll mingle the fraud votes in with the regular votes.
                  They ahd committed to keep all mail-in votes on ora after Election Day separated for audit purposes.

                  It’s going to get ugly. Real Ugly.

  10. Okay, now I’m pissed. When I went to bed, Trump was on line to win at 295 ECs to Biden’s 243 despite the efforts at fraud.

    Now I wake up to find out that Biden’s on track to steal it overnight? Fuck this noise.

    1. I knew when they stopped reporting NC and other STates they were tallying how many Fraud votes they needed.
      I stayed up until Trump spoke at 2:30 AM EST. He’s a Fighter and isn’t going to take this lying down.

      I just wonder how much help McConnell, Graham and Tillis will be since they feel they won and are safe for 6 more years of slopping at the trough.

      1. I think you know the answer to that one.

        Zero is my guess. They’ll throw some fancy words around though.

      2. They “found” over 200,000 votes in the wee hours in Wisconsin. They suddenly “found” over 100,000 votes in Michigan shortly after. PA stopped counting votes around 10pm. Arizona apparently has, ah… “irregularities”.

        You know as well as I do that if Georgia, NC, and Pennsylvania had 99% in and a 1.9 lead for Biden, they’d have called it long ago for him.

        The cheating can’t get much more blatant than this.

        I didn’t 100% agree with prognosticators who were saying that this was the last even remotely legitimate election in the US. I do now. 3rd world shitholes manage to have more orderly and aboveboard elections than this one.

        “There are no political solutions for the problems created by politics.”

        “There is no voting our way out of this.”

        “All politics in this country now are but dress rehearsal for an all out civil war.”

        I never thought I’d actually live long enough to see Billy Beck proven so decisively correct on those quotes.

        1. Unfortunately, absent Trump pulling out one more Miracle, thatis the truth.
          It’s probably the truth anyway.

          1. *shrug* Even with Trump fighting it and even if the Supreme Court overturns the vote fraud in PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona… It’s gonna get ugly.

            We’re at the point where no one on the Right except for the Cucks are going to accept a Biden/Harris win, and the Left won’t accept a Trump win no matter how blatantly the fraud is exposed.

            I owe Sarah Hoyt an apology: she was right to be terrified that this was the way it was going to play out. I was wrong.

            1. I agree. I’ve been talking it out with my wife and son and came to the same realization.

              If the Courts rule in favor of Trump and he wins on a contested ballot, will they even comply? Like how the Judge refuses to dismiss the case against General Flynn.

              What if they certify the results and refuse to allow their Electors to go vote for Trump.
              What if the Electors go rogue?

              Then waht.

              We’re down the Rabbit Hole now and what to “expect” is out the window. Just know it won’t be sunshine and roses.

              Thank God we have Trump and Giuliani on our sode. That Rudy is one tuff sumbitch, and plenty smart to boot.

              I also hope Trump is quietly taking the temperature of the Military Leaders he can trust.

              1. Well, America as we knew it and our parents knew it was dead and gone long ere now, but this puts the final nail in the Republic.

                For all of me, I hope that if you scenario(s) happen, that Trump simply refuses to accept their choice and refuses to step down in January.

                If they’re gonna run elections like a banana republic, they may as well be prepared to deal with the gorilla.

                1. “If they’re gonna run elections like a banana republic, they may as well be prepared to deal with the gorilla.”

                  Good point. Don’t accept the cheat. Don’t step aside.

            2. Very much this. The social compact has been broken and there is no going back. There is now no possible outcome that will not be seen as illegitimate by at least half the country.

      1. It was a modest amount. I’ll have plenty of money as I slim down to fighting trim again.
        At least for now.

  11. The thing that infuriates me sometimes is the people who think I am supporting ChiComs because they supported Lockdowns and Masks and now won’t admit they were part of the problem.
    Support Tyranny in the slightest and it’s a slippery slope.
    BTW not any people I respect for 20 years now, but Insty people who are asshoe Useful Idiots who STILL won’t admit they were wrong and instead call me a traitor.

    My wife’s family was wiped out, every one of them from the extended family, by Commies and only two sisters escaped to the West.

    To think that I and my wife and my children would support Commies is reprehensible to me. I loathe people like that.
    If I ever found out who they were…
    SteveF is my inspiration.

    1. I’d not worry about assholes like those. They are probably real chinese commies anyway.

  12. Many individual threads on here to keep up with. So –

    We all know the election is being stolen, and it was planned in advance. As soon as they had the counts and new what was needed to put the marxist party on top, they stopped the counts and then started back with the fraudulent votes.

    Team Trump will litigate to stop them. The judiciary has been owned by the marxists to a large degree, and especially so in most of the states cheating.

    On a national scale Trump had coattails. The house is picking up seats, small chance it even flips. Senate likely held with maybe a loss of 1 or 2 seats and that probably due to the ongoing fraud. State level wins across the country. All those people also voted for Trump.

    I suspect it’s going to be a long battle that ends up in the hands of SCOTUS. Maybe we have a chance there. If we loose there then America has the final nail in the coffin and the only resolution is a breakup.

    1. Good luck. They screwed Forest and now Cooper gets 4 more years.
      No way NC is going with any split for the Good Side.
      Forest should file a suit.
      He got 300k less votes than Tillis, than Trump Why?
      Even a Republican won Lt. Governor and got more votes.
      What gives?

      I Trust In Trump.
      Jordan from OH and a PA SDenator were just on with Dobbs supporting Trump but where is the rest of the GOP Leadership?
      What about Cruz?
      He should be on with Varney or Dobbs etc 5 times a day decrying this.
      If he doesn’t I don’t see how he could ask for our votes in 2024.
      Any way, apres Trump there’s no fair Elections again anyway.

      1. “They screwed Forest…”

        Of course they did, as I pointed out earlier, no way Forest got such a low vote total compared to Trump/Tillis.

        10 governor races this cycle, and 8 of 10 went R, even Vermont and NH. And every R won by a substantial margin. Trump coattails.

        1. Then why doesn’t he file lawsuits?
          THere is definitely something odd about them not calling Trump the winner so shenanigans are obvious here.
          That’s why I keep reminding people that Trump should be doing something in NC here. He could use NC and GA called for him.

          1. There is nothing Trump can do in NC unless you can show and prove fraud is involved, and for Trump at the moment he is the winner. Forest would have to make the case. And I can’t answer for him. Maybe he thinks voters did split the ticket in favor of comrade Cooper. I don’t believe it though, not that amount.

            “Calling” it for a candidate is meaningless. That’s just the media.

            1. There is supposedly 6% more to count Barry and Trump only has 1.4% lead.

              He hasn’t “officially” won anything in NC.
              Neither has Tillis.

              1. I don’t know why you keep telling me plain facts Kenny. I know nothing in NC is official. There’s nothing anywhere “official” at the moment. The marxist media isn’t an official body.

                So back to the actual point – What would you have Trump do in NC?

                Forest on the other hand should be calling for an investigation, and allege fraud occurred. I don’t know why he seems almost silent.

                1. If Forest was cheated then Trump was.
                  Trump should demand an audit of the vote in NC and ask why the remaining vote has not been counted.
                  He should have a team here tracking down where that last 6% supposedly remains to be counted and making sure we have observers looking directly at the ballots, not 20 feet away.

                  Pelosi is on Fox right now declaring Biden/Harris won.
                  I don’t know which State they supposedly called but they think they have 270.

                2. The final move to would be to demand a recount if the count goes to Biden.
                  Where have these ballots been for 3 days now?
                  Anything could have been done with them.

                  1. To be clear, I’m not suggesting the vote in NC isn’t crooked. But until Trump can show harm there’s nothing he can do IMO.

                    1. OK IANAL so I can’t explain it perfectly.
                      He filed lawsuits BEFORE the election contesting any changes in Election Laws that were made through executive orders rather than through legislation, which makes the changes illegal.
                      He should at least file that here.

                      I have a sneaky feeling in my gut that after all else fails he will use these suits as prima facie evidence that the Dems colluded Nationally and ask the SC to “freeze” the Election results at the point when he came out and said “I won”. He will do this since they continued to count mail-in ballots despite injunctions to stop and/or keep them segregated and the audit trails intact.
                      If they can’t separate mail-in from regular ballots then he will argue that that was part of the Collusion to mix in and therefore hide the provenance of the votes.
                      He was leading in a whole bunch of States then, including NC.
                      However, they may only recognize this in States where suits were filed.

                      Either way Forest should then ask for a recount based upon probable cause given the SC ruled there was Dem Fraud National Collusion.
                      It would help if NC was included as one of the States where this applied.

                    2. We lost the NC suit at the SCOTUS.

                      That does not preclude other action.

                      There may be federal law that one can use, but most election law is state law.

                    3. Ok I guess I am not explaining well.
                      The State Election laws are State Laws.
                      Which means they were passed by the State Legislature.
                      The Governor can not unilaterally “change” the law.
                      That would actually be a violation of the State Election Law.
                      When the State Officers break State Election Laws is when that can become a Federal Issue.

                      I believe that at some point The Trump Team will tie it together that multiple violations across various States in the same manner is a RICO violation and the National and Local Dem Parties are acting like a Criminal Organization.
                      Subject to RICO.

                      We want the NC Dems tied in to that.

                      Remember, Rudy Giuliani was the original Prosecutor at the Federal level in NYC to use the RICO Laws to go after the Mafia. He is an expert at that.

                    4. Maybe I’m not understanding…

                      OTOH, it was not the governor that “changed the law” it was the elections board. And SCOTUS refused to stop them.

                      Now, if you can prove there was a conspiracy and it involved NC, then great. We know there was and did. But I don’t know how you prove that one.

                      In my mind there is one chance, that SCOTUS rules the fraud occurred in the worst case states and remedies by turning the clock back to when the states stopped counting. That would result in a landslide victory for Trump which is exactly where an honest vote was going.

                    5. Doesn’t the Elections Board merely carry out the laws the legislature passes.

                      I don’t they have any more Power than the Governor in changing procedures on such a broad basis.

                      At least that is what I had been reading was the basis for most of the pre-Election lawsuits filed.

                      Well, at least we know Trump has better lawyers than you and I. 😉

                    6. “Doesn’t the Elections Board merely carry out the laws the legislature passes.”

                      That’s what they are supposed to do. In NC, the elections board decided mail in ballots could be accepted* until Nov 12 and SCOTUS upheld the lower court ruling that it was OK. ACB was not involved. It’s not clear if it failed with 3 dissenters or was a 4/4 tie.

                      *Still had to be postmarked by Nov 3, but that is meaningless as they can postmark it anytime with any date.


                    7. C/mon Barry, that was without Barrett and it was decided in PA. No one went to the SC with it from NC.

                      So it’s legitimacy is in question because the lower Court’s ruling is still question. A 4/4 ruling just means they didn’t make a decision Fair/Unfair or Constitutional/Unconstitutional either way.

                      We both know the lower Court ruling is wrong. It lets unelected individuals overturn Laws done by proper process through the Elected Legislature.

                      If they took it to the Republican Legistaure in NC they would have rejected it.

                      So they did it anyway.

                      It’s a clear violation of the laws of a Republic. The Executive Branch and unelected bodies cannot enact law. They can propose law and ask the legislature to undertake the process to pass the law.

                    8. “C/mon Barry”

                      I have no clue what you are trying to say. The comment I made is 100% accurate. It is North Carolina, not PA. My reporting on the corrupt process should not indicate approval.

                      I provided a link. The headline is “Supreme Court Upholds North Carolina’s Extended Mail-In Ballot Deadline” Go read it.

                      I struggle with why you read anything I write and think I convey some sort of approval. I am responding to your “Trump should do something” and I ask what? Do what? They already tried to stop it and got steamrolled all the way up to the SCOTUS level.

                    9. I read the link.

                      How can a SC Ruling be so opaque as to not even be able to tell whether the vote count was 4-4 or 5-3 and not explain the reason why ACB didn’t vote?

                      When was this brought to the SC? I assume it was before the Election but after ACB was confirmed?

                      It raises more questions than it asnswers.

                      My point is this. It is obvious, regardless of how our corrupt institutions rule, that changing the Election Rules unilaterally is wrong and especially since the change allowed the Election Day voting to be counted but then another 12 days to accept new voting.

                      The Networks etc aren’t allowed to say anything about how the voting is going until the polls closed.
                      Telling people the Count and then allowing further voting is just plain unlawful.

                      You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand this.

                      I would think, or at least hope, that if presented to the full 9 in the SC today a 5-4 or 6-3 ruling against it would result.

                      It’s like 0Care. The minutiae of the law was easily overwhelmed by the layman’s understanding of the common sense of how the ruling should be. Lawyers are now just Pretzel Logic manufacturers and Roberts is a Pretzel Maker par excellence on the order of the other 4 Liberals on the Court.

                    10. ACB was confirmed on Monday evening Oct 26. This was denied* at SCOTUS on Oct 28, two days after Barret was confirmed. SHE chose not to participate, probably because she didn’t have time. I’m not reading much into that.

                      There are some non corrupt reasons which may have led to the decision to let the lower court rulings stand. There was the theory that the legislature granted the election commission the power to enact election law guidelines. I personally find that a stretch. The other is that no harm had yet occurred. Now that harm has occurred, that fraud is apparent, SCOTUS *might* rule differently.

                      *They denied the request to strike down the voting deadline extension.

  13. OK to summarize what Barry and I discussed.

    laws are passed by the legislature. A divided Court (I believe it was 4-4) somehow understood laws to be made by Executives as well, and by fiat no less. Even worse is if laws are made but unelected Election Boards.

    IANAL but I do understand the basic concepts of the American System and it is designed to protect our Rights, inalienable and bestowed by our Creators O(which id decidedly not a Board of Elections), first and foremost and limit Government in the most basic ways.

    Having a Government change the Election Laws on the fly without the consent of the governed and in a manner that ensured the integrity of their Elections were supremely compromised by the opportunity for massive fraud certainly doesn’t fit within the American concept of government as promulgated by the Founders.

    In other words, this stinks on ice.

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