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The 2nd gone, the 4th on its way out, the rest to follow

Hazel is, as she puts it, grinding her teeth into powder over this one. As long as it ain’t gunpowder:

A crackdown on guns is under way in the District. Police are asking residents to submit to voluntary searches in exchange for amnesty under the District’s gun ban.

The program is starting in the Washington Highlands neighborhood of southeast Washington on Monday and will later expand to other neighborhoods.

Officers will go door to door asking residents for permission to search their homes.

I only wish I could say I was the least bit surprised by this, or by the meek compliance with which it will for the most part be met. Looks a lot to me like a desperation strategy to grab all the guns from law-abiding citizens they can before the Supreme Court hands down its DC gun-law decision this summer, honestly.

A Nation Of Cowards, indeed. But I’m curious: anyone out there heard a peep from the usual Lefty grievance-brigades, who have been so shrilly OUTRAGED! about government encroachment on liberty when it dares to listen in on overseas phone calls between terrorists?


8 thoughts on “The 2nd gone, the 4th on its way out, the rest to follow

  1. They just can’t bring themselves to use metal detectors on the likely suspects walking on the streets, can they?

    Those who meet the criteria of someone who can be metal-detector frisked on reasonable suspicion … and then very gently … so as to not mess with their self-esteem and all that … ask those dudes if they can pretty please search THEM.

    Where do these imbiciles think the guns will be found?

  2. The wiretapping program allowed listening to more than just terrorists. But that’s a distraction from your question.

    The program described sounds god awful. I love when the police seem to have so little crime to investigate that they have to go look for things to do.

    (to be fair, though, isn’t this consistent with the 4th amendment? If they ask permission first?)

  3. I agree…..I would think that the only problem with this program for those who support warrentless wiretapping of Americans would be the part of asking permission to conduct a search.

  4. And even as the judges declare the WASHINGTON D.C.(DISTRICT OF CRINIMALS)gun ban unconstitutional the eletists are now forcing the citizens to surrender their guns just like the typical tyrants WHATS THE NAZIS GOING TO DO NOW?

  5. “Any man who would give up his essential freedom for temporary security deserves neither security nor freedom.” Ben Franklin

    If that’s what the lefty f**ktards in DC want. I say “let ’em have it”. The problem is that once the precedent has been set, this crap will try to spread everywhere else too.

  6. Then the mayor and police cheif should face imediate removal from office this is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution

  7. From the article:
    A police spokeswoman said that if evidence of other crimes is found during voluntary searches, amnesty will be granted for that crime as well.

    “Chief Lanier has been clear,” Traci Hughes said. “Amnesty means amnesty.”

    Sounds like a good time to off that spouse you can’t stand then let the cops find the body during your voluntary search. “Amnesty means amensty” after all.

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