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WHOA, big fella

Somebody really, really needs to sit The Donald down for a serious talk about this. It’s a severe mistake he’s making, one that’s highly likely to come back and bite him on the ass good and hard before all is said and done.

Supporters Blast Trump on Truth Social After He Takes Credit For COVID Jabs
Former President Trump is facing fierce blowback from his own supporters on his social media platform after taking credit for the vaccines that “saved us” from COVID-19.

Trump posted a “live, play by play” of Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech Thursday night to Truth Social, blasting his remarks on a number of issues and describing the address as “angry” and “polarizing.”

At one point in the speech, Biden boasted that the “vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to beat cancer, turning setback into comeback.”

PRO TIP: If Faux Jaux Biden is praising a thing to high Heaven, then no sensible, decent soul ought to touch said thing with a barge pole—verbally, bodily, or as part of some fleeting, idle daydream, purely in his head. Period, full stop, end of story.

Trump responded to Biden’s remarks on Truth Social.

“’The Pandemic no longer controls our lives. The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer – Turning setback into comeback!’” Trump wrote, quoting Biden. “YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!”

The post was considered problematic for several reasons.

Since the COVID mRNA shots were rolled out, western nations have been dramatic increases in myocarditis, blood clots, neurological disorders, and many other previously rare ailments.

Cancer rates, alarmingly, have also risen exponentially and researchers think they have discovered why.

Last April, Microbiologist Kevin McKernan, a former researcher for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Human Genome Project, discovered the presence of DNA contaminants in the products, which can affect unintended parts of the body and lead cancer, including mesotheliomas, lymphomas and cancers of the brain and bone.

Many of Trump’s own supporters are very aware of these links between the mRNA jabs and the increase in excess deaths in the United States and don’t believe that “Operation Warp Speed” is anything to brag about.

That’s because it’s, y’know, NOT.

Most of these commenters indicated that they still support the former president, but voiced dismay that he continues to promote the COVID jabs.

“Mr. President…Please stop promoting these vaccines. They are killing and injuring 1000s of us,” one follower wrote on Truth Social. “I fully believe they are causing the uptick in cancers. I fully support you on everything except vaccines! With all due respect…it’s a hard NO for me sir!”

“I stand with you on most things but DISAGREE COMPLETELY ON THIS! The #DeathJab MURDERED MY FATHER AND 20+ of my friends!” another supporter wrote.

“Sir, please drop the vax. There is more evil and ill wrapped around the vax. The bad actors behind it must be held to account. I believe you were fooled and have not seen nor understand what has been done,” a commenter wrote respectfully.

“I love and support you on most issues, but I strongly disagree on this one. The covid vaccines are NOT safe, Mr. President. Please do more research!” one woman advised.

Some Truth Social users were not as polite.

Trump stopped bragging about the COVID shots at his rallies in 2022 after he was repeatedly booed by his own supporters. 

On X, lawyer Viva Frei, a Canadian Trump supporter, said the blowback against the former president is justified.

That’s because it, y’know, IS.

Of all Trump’s mistakes as President—yes, there were indeed a good few, starting with his puzzling, uncharacteristic failure to make good on his oft-repeated campaign pledge that he would “hire only the best people”—passively allowing Deep State homunculus Fauci and the rest of his perfidious band of grant-grubbing FederalGovCo rumpswabs, charlatans, and white-smocked hangers-on stampede him on the Plandemic hoax/panic and the follow-on fake-Vaxx fiasco has to rank way up high among the verymost devastating of them. Even some on Our Side, including quite a few who had been solid Trump supporters right along, have been calling it “the Trump vaccine” for a goodish while now, which appellation is NOT to be taken as in any way, shape, or form complimentary.

Never having been the kind of man for whom admitting error comes easily, doing so here would be an especially bitter pill for Trump to swallow, or so I’d imagine. Nevertheless, he does himself no favor by continuing to resist owning up fully and frankly as all the facts about this grievous national catastrophe emerge, rather than hitching his big-boy britches up and just getting it over with. He’ll be forced to do so one way or another, and the sooner he bites the bullet and puts the whole sordid mess behind him the better off he’s going to be, in all sorts of ways.

Surely there must be someone in Trump’s inner circle that has his ear and is possessed of balls, integrity, reputation, and self-assurance enough to discreetly pull Da Boss aside for what senior NCO-types used to call “a real no-shitter” on this situation. If so, he will win immediate renown amongst his Team Trump confrères as “the man who saved Trump from himself,” as well he should.

16 thoughts on “WHOA, big fella

  1. Trump’s smart when he talks to people who know more than he does on a topic.
    Where he went wrong was trusting idiots who thought they were smarter than they are (Fauxci, 3000 official @$$clowns, et al).

    Somebody he listens to needs to sit him down and explain why he effed this up by trusting nefarious incompetents’ advice, and get him to stop quoting it as a win.

    The people he picked last time around for subordinate posts, including all the Obozo leftovers who should have been fired immediately, and replaced as necessary from a better pool of folks, were the people who from Day One, were the exact people who obstructed, buddy-f**ked, and backstabbed him, right up to the moment he left office.

    He needs a chief of staff if he gets another crack at it, who will wield a battle axe and lop off heads at any sign of disloyalty or failure.

    That failure was his Achilles Heel his entire first term.

  2. This is where we are supposed to forget Aesop’s pathetic conduct during 2020. You were all in on all of that bullshit, and some of us won’t ever forget it, just like we won’t forget how Trump basically gave up the country to the enemy in that year. Now go back and cower in your basement while wearing a mask and calling those who knew the truth “Gilligans,” you fucking fraud.

    1. You do not have to forget, but good people do learn to forgive. One hell of a lot of good people were fooled by the virus scam. Of course they were. We’ve been paying the CIA psychological unit billions to game out these scenario’s.

      They know what they are doing. They have prepped the population for this scenario for years with the help of hollywood.

      No one other than perpetrators knew what we were dealing with for several moths when it became clear something new was being transmitted.

      And any president that didn’t take the world medical community’s guidance at that point would have been derelict in his duty to the American people. The president was responsible for 350 million people unlike all the drive by after the fact punditry.

    2. Skeptic,
      You’re quite simply full of shit.
      And probably one of the Gilligans.

      Pandemics are driven, throughout history, by stupid people, and the covidiocy was off the charts. Before, during, and after.

      But instead of the kneejerk pronouncement from ignorance, cite chapter and verse, or put a sock in it.

  3. Now, to Mike’s point. It’s astounding that Trump would STILL take “credit” for the clot shots. He should be trying like hell to make everyone forget that he was in office in 2020. It just demonstrates that he is not what one might call a deep or incisive thinker, nor one bound to anything deeper that his own ego and the whim of the moment. Clearly he has not taken five seconds to reflect on how he failed his supporters or how to not fail them the second time around. It’s really sad that our offerings are these two old fools.

    1. What’s really sad is your Trump Derangement Syndrome that continues from 2015 to this day. Trump is no fool and comparing him to Biden says everything anyone needs to know about you.

      You are a marxist handmaiden.

  4. One thing* you get with Trump is his honesty. He speaks what he thinks or believes regardless of the polling, regardless of what so called “conservatives” think, and regardless of what any of us may believe. That is a fact and a huge bonus. Every other politician just lies, blatantly.

    Of course Trump is wrong on the vac, but he tells you what he believes and he has gotten the shots himself. He does not want mandates and in fact wants to punish those who require the shots by withholding federal funding when they get it.

    *among many

    1. True dat, Barry. As I’ve always maintained, he’s human like the rest of us are, and as such is bound to make mistakes now and again. Expecting otherwise is no more reasonable than believing the man’s a total dolt, borderline retarded. Nobody even remotely stupid could’ve started with a million bucks and wound up with several billion, competing in the most cut-throat real estate market on earth.

  5. I’ve been wondering for a while now, why don’t the Democrats pivot on the vaxx?  If they can just bring themselves to admit the vaxx is bad, it’s one baby step to blame Trump and “operation no-time-for-questions”.  If I was Trump I’d be prepping the “Fauci lied to me” battlespace rather than resting on those explosive laurels.


    It’s not just Republicans who don’t know where the political capital is.

    1. “why don’t the Democrats”

      Because many, nearly 50% of the democrats, are not rainbow haired marxists that are mental cases. They are your next door neighbors that believe the democrat party is for “helping” the poor and downtrodden. A “pivot” of that magnitude blows the lid off the democrat party, your neighbors will know they are being lied to.

      Telling the truth is not something they can do. About anything.

    2. Because just as Trump was our weapon, the Not-A-Vaxx is theirs.
      They’re still pimping that poison. It’s killed more people than the disease did, and it’s going to be killing people for the next 50 years.

      The Left loves it, because they took Auschwitz, and invented a way for people to essentially Zyklon B themselves, voluntarily, at home, in their own shower. And brag and virtue signal about it. (Until they die of Suddenly™).

      You don’t need boxcars anymore, you just do drive up injection lines for idiots.

      Next time around, they’ll only have to come for the refuseniks, which will be a far smaller subset – a literal fraction – of the general population.

      For all those reasons, they’ll never disavow the Jab. They cannot.
      It’s their gateway to whittling the population down to a fraction of the current levels.

    1. Yea, Trump is dangerous. Dangerous to the corrupt deep state marxists Anyone that believes it is Trump that is dangerous and not those perverting the rule of law with their corrupt Soviet style prosecutions of Trump is either on their side or dumber than a dog turd, or both.

      He is so dangerous to them they pulled off a coup in 2020 to stop his 2nd term.

      Trump is dangerous to them because of his first term accomplishments:

      1) stopped ISIS cold
      2) EO stopping the drug companies from charging medicare more than what they charged foreign countries
      3) EO forcing hospitals to disclose their prices
      4) Move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
      5) ENERGY INDEPENDENCE for the first time in my lifetime of 70 years, and record low energy prices
      6) Started no new wars
      6A) Abraham Accords, bringing peace to the middle east instead of war
      7) Elimination of regulations, required to eliminate 8 to add a new one
      8) Cut Taxes across the board
      9) Increased the individual tax credit eliminating the need to file more complicated returns
      10) Started the space force, sorely needed today
      11) Replaced NAFTA with an agreement better for American workers
      12) Put tariffs on china, starting the process of moving American production out of the enemy’s land
      13) Brought back massive amounts of money saved in foreign countries
      14) Withdrew from the farce know as the Paris Climate Accords
      15) Withdrew from the Iran deal
      16) Increased the $$$ of the average family by over 5K
      17) Started the process of fixing the VA
      18) Increased the spending by other NATO countries
      19) Killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
      20) Created several million jobs, actual creation not bafflegab bullshit
      21) Economic growth rates were going up, somewhere around 4% before the marxist killed the economy with the scam chinaVirus
      22) Lowest rate of unemployment ever, across the board for blacks, hispanics, asians, veterans, etc.
      23) Opened ANWAR and had the Keystone pipeline being constructed

      There is much more of course.

      1. And he hired Milley, and Haley, and Barr – and a score of others who proceeded to do lots and lots of damage. Yeah, he did good things, but his judgment was too often way, way off, it made me wonder what the hell was going on. And the lawyers he hired were – still are – beyond incompetent. And he set out policy, and then let insubordinate appointees sabotage it – like Esper refusing to call out the Marines from Anacostia when the WH was under siege. Esper should have been fired on the spot. Same case for Milley, he got away with tons of DEI stuff that should have gotten nipped in the bud, DEI is divisive and destroys cohesion where it is needed most. And so forth, so many crazy decisions and (apparent) self-sabotage. And yet, he’s orders of magnitude better than Biden. The fact is, in terms of national leadership, I can think of very few on the hill or close to it who come close to being worth their salaries, it’s the lowest common denominator coming home to roost with a vengeance.

        1. Afterbirth.

          Show me where you called out Sessions before the hire. You can’t because you had no F’ing clue. Zero. You don’t know who the good men are and the bad men are, but you can pick them real well after the fact.

          Then there is politics and some of the people Trump picked where part of the process of trying to get the feckless and anti-American republican party to do the right thing. That it failed is not Trumps fault, it’s ours for sending the POS republicans to DC in the first place. He.Had.No.Help.

          Mistakes? Fuck, yea, by the boatload. Just way less than all the others up there and 1000% better than the last POS republican in that office that was on the other side. Bet you supported that Bush piece of shit like the rest of us did because we didn’t know.

          You get to have your opinion, I get to have mine – all neverTrumpers are outright liars. They always, every time, point out mistakes, and never give credit where it is due. Trump faced a dire situation with this country on the precipice, and had no help in righting the direction. The republican party actively worked against him. He had to do it on his own with backstabbing after the fact afterbirthers running their damn mouths every single day.

          You are the problem. Trump is not the problem. He has put himself on the line, facing jail, facing losing everything he ever worked for,
          getting illegally raided by the FBI, corruptly prosecuted by the DOJ and by AG’s in the states. He’s been spied upon by the CIA, by the FBI, by our so called allies.

          And with all the hat they found nothing, not an unpaid parking ticket, not an overdue library book, just nothing. So they make it up, and you support them.

          Go look in the damn mirror if you want to see the true problem.
          This cycle there is no one else. You can wish all you want, but the R party has engineered this crap for the last 50+ years and they are good at it. There was no one else running that wasn’t bought and paid for. No One. And in spite of the corrupt $$$ opposing Trump he walked right over them anyway.

          You can spout utter nonsense all you want, the American people saw how easy Trump turned the country in 4 short years even when the entire federal government was opposed to him, and us. It isn’t theoretical anymore, there is a track record, warts and all, and we see the reality. And we see those who are opposed.

  6. Good place to reprint the following:

    One man is hated and feared by the marxist democrat party.
    One man is hated and feared by the GOPe.
    One man is hated and feared by the deep state.
    One man is hated and feared by the CIA.
    One man is hated and feared by the FBI.
    One man is hated and feared by the DOJ.
    One man is hated and feared by nearly the entire Senate and House.
    One man is hated and feared by 90% of the residents of the DC area.
    One man is hated and feared by the Federal government so greatly they cooked up a fake investigation of four years running accusing the man of collaborating with Russia to steal an election.
    One man is hated and feared by the Federal government so greatly they lied to the FISA courts in order to pursue a fake investigation.
    One man is hated and feared by the Federal government so greatly they appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the man, with no basis for doing so. A fishing expedition.
    One man is hated and feared by the Federal government so greatly they loosed a virus upon the world and created fear so great the people allowed them to shut down the economy and lock them out of their places of work and worship. They murdered old people by spreading the virus to them intentionally, all to create hysteria.
    One man is hated and feared by the Federal government so greatly they stole the 2020 presidential election, and they laugh in our faces and didn’t even bother hiding it.
    One man is hated and feared by the republican party so greatly they worked to elect democrat party members over anyone that didn’t disavow that man in the 2022 midterm elections.

    One man, just one man, is hated and feared by the foes of liberty.

    One man, just one man, did everything on the list I posted earlier, and much more, and that man did it almost entirely on his own.

    One man, just one man, is risking his life and his fortune for his country.

    If you are opposed to that man, then whose side are you on?

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