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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

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48 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

  1. A clue?

    On the post “9-Zip…” I made a comment and did not get an email notification.

    So when I comment on my own post, nada, but any comment on any other post and I get notified, so the system recognizes my post and comment as the same person.

    Edit: and I immediately get notified of this one… (edits never cause the notification by the way)

  2. Well, I got my vote in for Trump and Robinson today!! Results should be soon after polls close at 7:30 in NC (if I looked it up correctly).

    1. Good Deal!
      I’m headed to my polling place with my tiny cheat sheet in about 15 minutes.

      1. That was easy. Slow day, but it usually is for a primary, especially with early voting.
        One thing I did this year was type a list of names in the order they appear on the ballot. Printed it is just about the size of a postage stamp. I was in the voting booth maybe 20 seconds…

          1. Halftime 🙂
            Best I could I selected MAGA folks – Lt Gov I picked Page, SOS Villaverde, and treasurer was a tough one, throw a dart I picked Briner

            1. it wasn’t easy to really identify the MAGA. I went with Briner too.

              I hope I didn’t pick anti-MAGA on the other two. Douthit and Brown looked ok to me.

              1. I agree, with the exception of Robinson it was tough to figure out. Page is an outright* MAGA man though, so I think that one was safe. But I doubt that vote mattered as I’m not sure anyone beside me ever heard of him.

                *at least it appears so. I did find some video a few days ago where he hesitates when asked where he would stand should Trump be convicted of one of 7,832 false charges he’s accused of.

            2. Looks like Weatherman is in the lead. Not sure if this will go to a runoff.

              his campaign website says the right things. Supports Trump, The Wall, Deporting Illegals, 2nd Amendment, Pro Life, Election Integrity, School Choice.

              I do notice that most of them don’t talk the Economy though. “Fair Trade Globalists” and CoC types? That’s my worry.

              BTW I’m all for making in NC for Export. That is what the Chamber of Commerce are SUPPOSED to be working towards.
              They always seem to be working towards making it elsewhere and selling it here.

              1. I noticed the same thing and assume they are mostly economic illiterates, like 75% of the econ majors I have ever known…

                The CoC (spit) always works for putting $$$ in their pockets and against the interests of the American people in general.
                That is primarily the fault of the political class and the legislation passed that gives away every piece of the USA.

                1. Last in the class head for the Cuck CoC.

                  That’s also why I majored in Finance instead of Econ. Practice Real World vs The World Of Textbooks.

                  Trump World vs Krugman World.

            3. Briner won.

              Any idea when the runoffs will take place? There were a couple races going to runoff and I’d like to vote and research more than I did.

              1. May 14
                The top vote getter must get 30% (+1 vote) and if that doesn’t happen then the person in 2nd may request a runoff. If 2nd place doesn’t ask for it then 1st place is the winner.

  3. NC results coming in:
    Trump clobbers the Indian witch by over 3:1
    Robinson nearly matches that at 64.4% with two opponents
    My choice in house district 14 is a winner, Tim Moore
    Lt Governor race with 11 contestants and only 31% of the votes counted is open, but my choice, Page, is way down
    Briner for treasurer ahead at the moment in a close race
    Auditor is very close, with my pick, Boliek currently in 2nd
    SoS is still a battle but my choice, Villaverde is currently behind by almost 14%
    Other races, but those would be the major ones IMO.

    Congrats to TRUMP and ROBINSON, a MAGA PAIR.

    1. One other note, the turnout for the R primary was about 50% greater than that for the marxist party. What that means I’m not sure, most likely the democrats have an enthusiasm problem.

      1. I saw several results in various States for the Dems were a variation on None of the Above and as much as 10% or so!!

  4. Not everyone that reads here is NC, or BB fans, or cares about UNC so skiperoo if that is the case 🙂

    Carolina obliterates Notre Dame tonight to stay one game ahead of dook in ACC 1st place, playing at dooks Hansbrough Indoor Stadium on Saturday in the last game of the regular season.

    Saturdays game will be the 50th between UNC and dook when both teams were ranked in the top ten. The next closest pair of teams is at 14 times.
    The record in those games is UNC 25, dook 24. Pretty even split.

    Over the last 101 games played, UNC leads 51-50.

    11 NCAA National Championships between them, Carolina 6, dook 5

    Should Carolina win Saturday it will be a season sweep having won the first game in Chapel Hill and will be the 3rd sweep for the Heels in the last 6 years.

    Now you know 🙂

  5. The tide turns slowly, and then suddenly it is low tide and you are left high and dry –

    Birdbrain is out. The GOPe has lost it’s initial battle to STOP TRUMP. They are now left with supporting the democrat, just like normal.

    DC appeals court overturns sentencing of 100 J6 convictions. Some will be out shortly. This is the result of seeing what’s coming, not the actual rule of law.

    OOps, forgot some news: In Texas where the Bush clan (spit) is aligned with democrats to defeat MAGA and conservatives in general, the Texans obliterated that clan in the R primary.

    EXCELLENT NEWS FROM TEXAS: Ken Paxton Endorsed Judges Defeat Horrible Rove-Bush Backed RINOs – Supreme Justice John Devine Leads His Race

    “Speaker Dade Phelan, R-Beaumont, was forced into a runoff with a well-funded challenger, David Covey…”

    Across the board, state by state, Americans continue to stand up.

    You cannot stop the tides, and they do turn.

    “We shall go on to the end…whatever the cost may be…we shall never surrender…”

    Winston Churchill (1/2 American!)
    House of Commons, 4th June, 1940

    1. The British were dumb enough to kick him out TWICE from office when he shepherded them through tough times. Both times of course they screwed the Pooch and were back in Tough Times again. One time he came back and did it all again, only to have those dumbasses drop him again. The next time he was too old and that was that.

      They ain’t been the same since except for the Thatcher Years. That was a Long Time Ago and they’re really sliding fast now.

      1. Both times of course they screwed the Pooch and were back in Tough Times again.

        This is known as Bad Luck.

    2. Birdbrain wasn’t going anywhere, but now she’s going somewhere. Obscurity!!

      She’s second to none!

  6. Remind me again how intelligent the average German is…

    “According to the most recent data published by the German Federal Statistical Office, consumers have been paying an average of 46 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity. For comparison, the average price of electricity in the United States during December was just under 13 cents per kWh.”

    46 / 13 = 3.5
    Germans pay 3.5 times as much for electricity as Americans, and 6 times as much as I do at my current rate of 7.5 cents per Kw.

    I’m going to suggest they are the dumbest damn bastards on earth.

    1. What is the cause of this?

      High Government tax on electricity use?
      Ending cheaper Russian Gas imports? Biteme blowing up Nordstream?
      Ending nuke generation?

      IIRC Yurpeens pay more for energy for a long time partly because the governments levy punitive taxes on it and probably the EU in the act.

      This though is a new high afaik.

      How are France’s costs? Since they have nuke plants aplenty.

      I now know HK people living in the UK and energy costs are higher but certainly not 3.5x.

  7. If you are in the Raleigh NC area and need car repair/maintenance, here’s your place:
    Avec Service Center

    On my trip from Charlotte area to Hatteras Island today I had a severe overheat alarm while traveling on I-540 around Raleigh. It’s Friday afternoon and a couple places I called (Thank you Cell phone gods) could not get to it today. I called this place, told them it appeared to be a bottom hose with a leak and they told me they would work me in. They ordered the hose before I got there and the hose was delivered just as I arrived 10 minutes later (having managed to get water into the radiator to get a few miles). Turned out it was the bleed line from the thermostat housing to the tank, which has a fitting in the center (#$^#% ARGH) that broke and the hose was then emptying down near the bottom hose. I drove up, the mechanic looked under the hood, saw the problem, and put in a new fitting. The $ charge was way more than reasonable and they said no problem sending the hose they ordered back. Pretty fine people and I got really lucky as otherwise I would be sitting in a parking lot changing the bottom hose (well, if that had been it, as it turned out it would have been an easy fix in the parking lot). Highly recommended.

    1. It has taken me most of an hour to come back down to earth…
      #7 Carolina never trails, beats #9 dook for the season sweep, at dooks place on their Senior Day!

        1. Neither side of these young people should act like this. I’m sort of surprised the UNC players don’t show more restraint. You Won. That’s taunting enough.

          Wait until sports betting starts today. Gambling in college sports is one way this whole new crazy “pro” rules are going to ruin the college game.

          First off because eventually it won’t be a college game. Just a branding exercise.

          1. The dook administration with the full support of the athletic department and coaches orchestrate vulgar and hideous coordinated actions along the floor, all aimed at the opposing team and often individuals. This is what is not the norm in college athletics. Having several thousand morons screaming “fuck you” in unison, “retard”, or similar epithets and almost always vulgar in some fashion is not tolerated anywhere but dook. And at dook it’s not just tolerated, it is orchestrated.

            Every player that ever played in that building not wearing a dook jersey see’s that video and goes “hell yea”.

            From tripping players (again) to throwing punches, it’s always one side that does that and it extends to those watching the game. Fuck dook.

          2. “Multiple cameras caught Duke fans hurling water, cups, and other objects at North Carolina players…”

            “Media at the scene reported that most of the Cameron Crazies’ insults and trash were directed at Cormac Ryan. The transfer forward poured in a career-high 31 points against the Blue Devils. His six 3-pointers tied for the most by a UNC player against Duke.

            “This was my 10th Duke-UNC game at Cameron, and I can’t remember another UNC player who received as much disdain (as Ryan),” The News & Observer’s Andrew Carter posted to social media after the game. It was some nasty stuff. Sister, age, heritage (Irish) all targeted.””

            Dooks a nasty place

    1. “laying off 60”
      A good start…
      They’ll probably all be hired by the DNC…

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