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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

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48 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

  1. Start the new Daily with a Storm.

    Tropical Storm Ophelia that is, currently flooding portions of Hatteras Island while the wind whips by. Gusts to 40 from my measure. Not much of a storm in reality as we get some Noreasters with a lot more impact.

    The attached shot of Ophelia as she made her way near the coast of NC taken just before 2PM today. Ophelia is now just SE of Wilmington and will make landfall in the next 3-4 hours I think.

    Well, no. We’ve lost the ability to imbed an image without a URL. I’ll try using administrator rights and see if I can add after posting.

      Nope, don’t see a way.
    1. Sorry, Barr, that was one of the plugins I disabled when I was dicking around with themes a cpl weeks back. I thought it was redundant, since there’s a similar plugin enabled, but apparently I was wrong about that. Let me see what I can do about it here.

      Speaking of, one of my best friends is at Myrtle for the weekend with his family. Talked to him on the phone earlier, and he said it was raining, but really no worse than your ordinary summer t-storm. They’re in a hotel that has an indoor pool, waterslide, putt-putt course, and all kinds of other crap, so he didn’t seem very worried about the situation there.

      1. As with all storm rotating like these, mostly the effect depends on where you are in the path. It was like a noreaster here from the wind direction, so the surf is rough and big waves. Myrtle would have the winds blowing west to east, knocking the surf down a bit.

        Edit: Just to add to that wind direction stuff – Since we have the sound to our west and the Atlantic to our east, one of the typical effects we get is the tropical storm or occasional hurricane comes in under us and a bit west of us, just like Ophelia is traveling. The winds push the water in the sound away from Hatteras Island, piling up the water on the mainland coast. As the storm passes by our wind direction shifts until it is now coming from the west, so it pushes that water back towards the island. So wind push, plus momentum, and we get a rather sizable flooding on the sound side or west side of the island as the water returns. For almost every storm of this type, with the rotating CCW circulation, the sound side see’s more flood damage than the oceanfront…

        Lets add a pretty pic. Note the star with the wind traveling east to west. That is Hatteras Island. And then the rainbow just off Myrtle Beach, wind is west to east. As the storm travels up the inner coast to the west side of us we will see a shift in the wind direction as noted above. This pic is from just a few minutes after midnight.

  2. “In the last few years they had a few bad shocks. Trump’s vote totals after all they did was one of those. Heck, Trump winning in 16 scared the crap out of them. Our not disavowing the Jan 6 political prisoners was another. Only the senile and the brainwashed even believe that the best armed group in America tried to have an insurgence without guns. Our not disavowing Kyle Rittenhouse was another. The lack of riots — and I suspect, in REAL vote count, the lack of women running to the polls — when Roe vs. Wade was upended, except for their curated and paid for groups horrified them. They still think “the youth” and “the educated” are the same scum-sucking idiots they commandeered during the Vietnam war. That they’re something quite different terrifies them, because it might mean the arrow of history is wrong.

    The measure of their fear is their armoring DC and calling all the national guard units. They really expected us to march shoulder-to-shoulder and tear them limb from limb.”

    “They’ve tried. Oh, Lord, they’ve tried. Night and day they’ve tried. And Obama tried before them. But every time they try the gun industry goes brrrrrrt and another mega quintillion of guns are bought by the population.”

    “Despite their debasement of our armed services, I think they’re starting to get the feeling the rank and file isn’t with them. And their attempts at bringing more of their kind by having a drag queen do recruiting haven’t worked. (I TOLD you they don’t understand people.)”

    So…. in their minds, they’re bringing in an army.

    The last, the illegal hordes, they truly are an invasion force.

    Read it, it is good.

  3. “This puts the margin of voter fraud needed to defeat Trump in 2024 at a level that cannot be achieved.”

    Just an opinion but he is known to be right about many things political and it comports with what I have been saying / preaching – VOTE.

    The *effective* cheating occurs in a handful of places within a handful of states. There is a margin they cannot exceed without it being obvious to everyone. If everyone opposed to the cabal currently occupying or controlling the White House gets out and votes it will be overwhelming. There are only so many votes in Philly…

    Make them steal it and make it obvious. They are desperate enough that they may try it anyway.

    OTOH, biden will not be running. Who will be we don’t know. I’ve been saying it’s Newsome, but we shall see pretty soon. Early November is the latest I think.


  4. I wish Tucker would say HOW the feds stopped him from interviewing Putin.

    Did they threaten him? Did they physically stop him?
    What keeps him from making a phone call from an undisclosed location?
    What keeps him from traveling to Moscow? I can, can’t Tucker?

    How they are stopping him is just as important as the interview itself, so why is it not disclosed?

    1. They wouldn’t let him back in when he returned would be one way.

      Declare him a “Snowden”. Of course, it would be ridiculous, but hey, Biteme is in the WH and Fetterman in the Senate and Trump faces 4 indictments for questioning an Obviously Fraud Election and doing his jpb. So how much more ridiculous can they get by now?

      1. Can’t say you’re wrong, but, Tucker is well known. Stopping him from returning will be somewhat difficult other than a delay. Telephones still work. It can be set up quite easily in fact.

        Snowden was someone no one knew. Tucker is a different kettle of fish. Sure, like Trump, they can charge him with some false crime, but he has the means to fight back and make it public.

        In any event, why doesn’t Tucker Carlson tell us?

        1. I can’t fathom why except to think that his best defense is keeping quiet about it.

          Reverse blackmail?

          At this point we can only speculate.

          1. Some things are just inexplicable to me.

            Hi Jaybo. Still hiding behind the emoji I see. Children do the darndest things.

    1. We should not be led by the children.

      Neither the little children or the “adult” children” as is the case…

  5. Mike, is it no longer possible to place an image with a comment? The image icon in
    the comment box seems to have disappeared.

    1. Should be able to, Henry; at top left of the comment box, above the toolbar, there ought to be an “Add media” button. It’s a feature of the toolbar plugin, making the other one redundant, so I disabled it. If the “Add media” button doesn’t work for ya, shout back and I’ll reactivate the other one.

        1. Works for me. Try it Henry.

          As a note, Mike – The weather pics I put up after you fixed it a few days ago are now gone. I presume this is because you changed the function. No need to care about those pics, just want to mention in case it helps solve any issues.

      1. I’m not seeing an “Add media” button, only a spellchek and a broad screen buttons.

        1. Okay, Henry, I reactivated the old attachment plugin for ya, and left the other running also. Still can’t figure out what’s up with the blasted Visual editor tab, that one has me stumped. Sometimes it works for me, most times it doesn’t, no idea why.

          1. Thanks Mike. I seem to be giving you extra work of late. Hope you enjoy the image:

          2. Mike, of note, I “discovered” over in the latest Eyrie post that a reply to a comment has the visual editor disabled, but in a new comment it works just fine.. I’m going to do a further test…

  6. “Trumpism without Trump is like Diet Coke without the Coke. Comportment doesn’t matter. Results do. To get those results, you need Donald Trump, not some spelling bee champion or a groovy governor. Maybe in 2028 we can elect one of them president but we need Trump now to remove the bananas from the Republic.

    I want my country back. I want 1.4% inflation back. I want the car dealership in Kenosha back. I want my no wars back. I want my liberty back.

    And I want those 20 million illegal aliens sent back.”

    Via: Instapundit


    1. Visual doesn’t work as a reply to either an originally visual or text generated comment so it doesn’t seem to matter what the parent comment is.

      Of note, when Kenny first mentioned this I stated that when I comment the default is always text. And that was true. But now the default has become visual. Odder and odder…

      1. There is that. Having slept on it I realize the answer:

        The order was given to Newsome. The order must be carried out if he wishes to be the dem nominee. My guess anyway. How Harris figures into this is up in the air, but the obama cabal has some plan they are carrying out.

        1. My own feeling is that whatever plan they may have in mind for ol’ Hot Lips Harris, it won’t be one she’s gonna be happy with.

          1. Probably. OTOH, whatever they do will be anti-American so she may approve.


    Got your attention? Uranus is visible to the naked eye tonight if you have good vision. I have to put my glasses on but I could just make it out. It’s in a direct line between the moon and Jupiter (the real bright spot) about 2/3 of the path from the moon to Jupiter. Shows up quite well with the binoculars of course. Pretty neat IMO. I haven’t seen Uranus with the naked eye in at least a decade, partially because I haven’t tried I suppose.

  8. Attn Mike or Barry or any other “authors” or “admins” on this site: All day today I’ve been getting email notifications of comments on Mike’s posts. It’s normal to be notified of comments on my posts but not on others’. Have you been seeing the same?

    1. I got email notification of the comment above, even before the CF page finished refreshing.

      And I was going to edit the above comment with that note, but I’m unable to save my changes. Very strange. Global warming. Gotta be global warming doing this, right?

      1. Hey Steve, I’m getting the same thing since last night and have emailed Mike but no response. I’m going to give it a little longer and try the phone.

        Edit – my edit function works, it’s just that I’m getting email notifications for every comment on Mike’s posts…

        Edit 2 – yes it’s global warming. Or Trump.

        Edit 3 – actually I’m getting a notification for every comment it seems, including my own…

        1. Ok, heard from the boss, so he’s still breathing 🙂
          He’ll have a suggestion on the email deal soon enough I think.

  9. It may or may not woirk for you fellas, but Porretto was having this exact same problem last week, and it did for him: Log in under your username/pass and go to the WP Admin section. In Settings/Discussion panel, look for the “Email me whenever…” heading, and if the boxes are checked, uncheck ’em. Let me know if that does it or not…

    1. And scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes”…

      testing now…

      Nope. Still getting the notifications.

    2. OK, thanks. From what you, Fran, and Barry say, sounds like someone broke something. Wasn’t me, I know that much. Could it have been… Trump?????

      1. Certainly Trump.
        I don’t think I’ve done anything 🙂 I try to stay away from any wizzy bits, not having studied the wordpress manual…

      2. It was brought on by the theme-swapping and tweaking I’ve been doing over the last cpl-three weeks, I’m thinking. I uploaded an old version of the usual CF theme I’ve been running for years now, one which didn’t have you fellas registered as admin-level users. That must’ve confusticated the WP database, which then went back to either the WP defaults or the settings I’d had in place at the time I downloaded the old theme files as backups.

        Once upon a time, I had a software application on the old, now-retired iMac that allowed one to set up a MySQL database and basically just turn the infernal machine into a web server–MAMP, I believe it was called. VERY handy for road-testing WP setups locally, I must say.

        Now that I think about it, I need to check and see if they have a version that will run on this new(er, -ish) iMac I have now.

        1. Don’t know if it helps or not, but it seems this particular peculiarity began last night.
          Now, what’s really weird, I sent you emails with no response, but now I cannot find the emails I sent. It’s as if they disappeared, not in my sent folder. I know I sent them. Did you get anything from me? It is why I sent the text…

          Ah ha – I didn’t send a new mail, I forwarded a couple that came in as the notification, and added some comments of mine. And the first notification I got was not last night but this morning.

  10. A new test. Logged out and back in, checked to make sure the “email me whenever” was still unchecked, and it is. Also unchecked the email for a comment held in moderation.
    So, lets see…

    Edit, no luck.

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