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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

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40 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

    • Ramping up ideological screening for legal migrants and nix applications from anyone deemed ‘Marxists’ — likely determined by probing social media accounts
    • Deploy a Coast Guard and Navy blockade to stop drug smuggling boats from Latin America
    • Revive and expand the ‘Muslim Ban’ from the first administration to block more people from mostly Middle Eastern and African countries
    • Designate Mexico’s drug cartels as ‘unlawful enemy combatants’ and deploy the US military against them
    • Move to end birthright citizenship for children of migrants without papers — possibly setting the stage for a battle in the conservative-loaded Supreme Court
    • Extend the floating barrier of buoys along the Rio Grande.
    • Speed up deportations of migrants with criminal records
    • Complete the border wall that Trump started, but current President Joe Biden halted
    • Make undocumented migrants ‘remain in Mexico’ while they await a court date.
    • Make it harder for legal immigrants to enter the US — with stricter financial requirements and hefty bonds to deter visitors from overstaying
    • Revive the Title 42 public health order to expel illegal migrants for non-COVID illnesses
    • Expel child migrants in a bid to deter the trafficking of minors

    Who could it be?

  1. Obama crony Eric Holder (commie) doesn’t like us North Carolinian’s very much.

    That’s alright with me, because I despise the marxist bag of puss myself.

    The commie Cooper will veto the bill and the republican legislative super majority will overide the veto making this law.

    Remember how this works when you think voting is a waste of time. It most certainly isn’t and the twin Carolina states prove it. Yea, we get some shit wrong, like all 4 of our damn worthless senators, but overall our outlook is improving.

    Obama Crony Eric Holder Disingenuously Claims NC Republicans ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ About Democracy Because of Voter Fraud Prevention Measures

  2. There seems to be some issue with the Edit button.

    I can get in and edit the comment, but then it won’t Save the edit.

  3. UNC Chapel Hill on Lockdown. Armed and Dangerous Person in Campus. Not much details.

    Oddly I just saw police escort three people with their hands up. Two were in lab coat like outfits. One was a young hippy looking type and the other was a young Oriental woman. The third guy looked like a Hispanic or ME person but only saw them from the side. Weird.

    1. It appears they’re evacuating some buildings in the area including a lab building. Perhaps the three I saw coming out were students or workers and simply were using caution as they left and holding their hands up to show they’re unarmed.

    2. Yea, wife’s been staying up to date on the news. They supposedly have someone in custody. EDIT: my wife informs me that there is supposedly a picture on facebook put up by the police with a pic, so maybe they don’t have the perp.

      I imagine the current Chapel Hill police are even more incompetent than average.

      1. All the news channels are showing a picture of a Person of Interest.

        An Oriental male that looks like a mainland Chinese. One channel had a name TaiLei Qi which is mainland Chinese name.

        But the other channels say a name has not been released.

        So it’s difficult to know what is true right now. But the Person of Interest is an official release from Law Enforcement.

    3. The evacuations are very calm and unhurried now. Also the law enforcement don’t feel insecure on the perimeter.

      It would seem to indicate that they have contained the suspect in a building or buildings and have a perimeter established.

      Every few minutes a group is led out. Sounds like they are going room to room searching and then getting the occupants to safety.

      1. The area K-12 schools are in Lockdown just as a safety precaution.

        The reports are that the Suspect is still at large.

          1. He seems to have been a doctoral student. He shot and killed a faculty member. The shooting occurred inside the Lab Building.

            He was caught in a residential complex about 2 miles north and a little West of the campus.

            1. Sorry, was out for a bit and missed the comment. I saw that, and I think it has been mentioned he is chinese from Wuhan of all places.

              Caudill Labs, a chemistry laboratory, right next to Wilson Library is where the shooting occurred apparently. Have not seen a name or position for the deceased faculty member.

              1. Notice the difference of how this was handled.

                The MSM is upset because no one came out giving them breathless minute by minute accounts of the manhunt while officers risked life and limb with a crazed killer loose. No scenes of frantic students crying hysterically and fleeing the scene running for their lives. The guy was caught in a residential apartment complex near the school.

                This was most likely a personal dispute betweens tudent and faculty and was treated as such. My guess is the suspect was seen fleeing unarmed and he probably went straight to where he lived. Maybe to pack and make a getaway.

                So, no Circuses for the Media to play up.

                I think this is a better way to handle these things.

                1. You’re right. The handling, press wise was near perfect and there was little to no panic.
                  I think I sold the CH coppers a bit short as they seem to have done a rather good job here.

                  My apology to you folks in blue in Blue Heaven.

                  1. A Wuhan Institute graduate student kills his faculty advisor. They’re working on a project called Group Yan. The faculty advisor is also Chinese. The suspect is an expert on nanotech and light-matter transfers.

                    Was the suspect dealing secrets to the CCP and the advisor found out? Or the other way around?

                    1. I’m always mindful of the fact that these things happen for “normal” motives pretty frequently. I suspect there is nothing more nefarious about this murder than some personal squabble, but you never know…

                    2. If its normal motives they SHOULD tell us it was a “personal dispute”.

                      If they try to simply make it go away, there’s a chance there’s more to this story.

                      Far too many foreigners of origins not friendly to the US are working in these labs and colleges.

                      Today Insty had a story about a former Nuke Engineer and Negotiator for Iran is now a Princeton Professor and has been meeting with our top Military people.

                    3. Oh, I acknowledge there may be something nefarious going on. It’s just not a certainty at this point.

  4. BTW Mike. I still have trouble with the Edit function.

    When I edit a comment and try to save it I get the message that “You are posting too fast. Try to slow down” and the Edit won’t save.

  5. More evidence piles up that Biden is being taken down. I’ve predicted this for what, a year or more now? I’m waiting on the Kamala shoe to drop. Or perhaps they are just going to remove biden from the 2024 race, no 2nd term and “suprisingly” Kamel toe decides not to run either.

    1. Kamel Humps was always expected to be POTUS.

      They can’t control the Clintons, especially Crooked Hilliary. Any way they can damage her from coming back seems to be to them a good idea.

      Sure, First Woman President that way would leave a technical opening in that she was never elected.

      If Biteme “drops out” like LBJ did that leaves everything wide open for anyone. Newsome? Kamel herself? Someone else?

      1. The bet is Newsome.
        Kamala replaces Feinstein if Joe has to go before the election since they will not run her as a presidential candidate. One caveat – a deal could be made where she serves as first female but only the remainder of the potato’s term. She will do what she is told to do.

  6. One of my favorites and a guilty pleasure, Mr. Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffett has passed away.

    Frankly it’s a little surprising. He was 76. Not exactly a spring chicken but not really old either. He was touring in the Spring. In a May concert he was said to have said that he’d be starting his Summer Tour in July. AFAICT that tour didn’t happen. Not a good sign as Jimmy’s Summer Tours were never skipped.

    My guess is some form of aggressive cancer. His website says he passed away peacefully with his family around him. So, probably not a suddenly occurrence.

    The 90s, before the Left went completely unhinged, was a fun time and he was a Master at the Soundtrack for Fun Times.

    Well, it usually is our own damned faults. RIP Head Parrothead.

    1. My better half just told me that. I was never a big fan, just not my type, but I know plenty that were.

      76 isn’t “old” if you are fortunate to be in good shape, or can replace the worn out parts 🙂 But it is an age where nature is conspiring to eliminate you and your stay here is on life support.

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