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Don’t believe a word they say. Not EVER, about ANYTHING.

The theme of the bumbling Russians was clearly preconceived and coordinated, and commenced in earnest within the first 24 hours of hostilities. CIA/MI6 fronts like Oryx, Bellingcat, and the war-mongering Kagan family propaganda mill The Institute for the Study of War have pumped out this narrative so relentlessly that it has now been almost universally enshrined as “received wisdom” in the western state-controlled corporate media and among large numbers of clueless, arms industry-compromised former generals – even to the point of entering into the body of assumptions embraced by many “experts” who I expected to be more discerning.

One of the more inexplicable narratives included in this disinformation package has been the allegation that Russian troops are poorly trained conscripts who are thrown into the meat grinder with antique weapons, little ammo, and so little food they are literally starving.

These tall tales are then woven back into the main strand of the narrative: the Russian army is a disorganized mob of demoralized “orcs” whose only real talent is plundering household appliances, raping young women, and randomly gunning down old folks on the streets.

Attached to this constant refrain are repeated comparisons to the allegedly incomparable professionalism, organization, training, and weaponry of US/NATO forces. The implication is that any undersized company of exceptional American soldiers would be more than a match for an entire oversized battalion of incompetent Russians.

I’ve concluded this unrelenting narrative must have as its aim the persuasion of the general public and policy-makers in NATO countries that western militaries are so vastly superior to their Russian counterparts that no one should entertain reservations about making war against them.

Well, I mean, DUH, of course they’re superior! Drag queens; dumpy, out of shape broads utterly incapable of meeting physical-fitness standards, necessitating continual relaxation of said standards for their benefit; “transgenders” only in it for the free dick-chopping; outdated, poorly maintained equipment and/or vehicles; air-“superiority” fighters that can barely even get off the ground occasionally; PC Wokesterism running rampant throughout the higher ranks; militant feminazi officers demoralizing the grunts under their command by making them parade around in spike heels publicly—C’MON MAN! With all that and more besides going for it, why on earth wouldn’t Amerika v2.0’s military be the most fearsomely powerful fighting force in the entire multiverse, striking terror deep into the hearts of all prospective adversaries?

And with that preface, let’s turn to the primary question: could NATO fight and win a war against the Russians on this same battlefield?

My answer is an emphatic NO – for three distinct but equally disqualifying reasons:

  1. There is zero persuasive evidence that NATO soldiers, weaponry, training, logistics, and command are superior to that of the Russians.
  2. Sufficient NATO forces could NEVER be assembled, equipped, and sustained to defeat the Russians in their own backyard.
  3. The very attempt to concentrate sufficient US forces in the region in order to take on the Russians would very likely result in the disintegration of the global American Empire and its massive network of overseas bases – thereby rapidly accelerating the already-in-progress transition to a multipolar world.

As to point #1 above, it bears repeating what I have argued multiple times in recent weeks: this war has seen the Russian military quickly evolve into a battle-hardened and quick-to-adapt fighting force. The US has not faced such a force since World War II.

Many believe the US is a “battle-hardened” force. This is utter nonsense. Of the many thousands of troops currently manning US combat units, only a minute fraction has experienced ANY battle whatsoever, and NONE have experienced high-intensity conflict such as is taking place in Ukraine.

Honestly, I consider point #3 more feature than bug, myself. Regardless of whether Russia is or is not really All That with a Cherry On Top militarily, unless and until

  • The US has thoroughly unfucked its own military, and
  • Its populace has outgrown its girlish squeamishness regarding war in general and evinces the will to not only fight, but to win, and
  • Its moronic political class is entirely forthcoming about US war aims, and what “winning” might and might not consist of

…Amerika v2.0 has no business whatsoever attempting to wage war against anyone at all, let alone any near-peer nation. Period fucking dot, end of fucking story.

Plenty more dispiriting but incontrovertible stuff in the linked article, all of it every bit as condemnatory of the idiotic notion of further escalating Bribem’s Needless and Futile War as I just was.

(Via WRSA)

Update! Scion of a family with a tradition of military service explains why he’s decided he’ll have none of it, yielding several priceless quotes in the process of so doing.

‘Eroded patriotism’: Teen shares why he now won’t follow in father’s footsteps as military recruiting lags
‘Symphony of sewage’ out of White House deters veteran’s son from military service amid recruitment shortfalls

Aden Gilbert grew up watching war movies, fighting enemy combatants in video games and listening to his dad’s Marine Corps stories. He considered following in his father’s footsteps but changed his mind as he saw the country and its leadership heading in a direction antithetical to his values.

“If we’re prioritizing being woke, and we can’t actually protect the majority of American people  . . . what’s the point of having a military?” Gilbert asked Fox News. “Is it really worth joining and putting our life on the line for ideologies that we don’t agree with and that we don’t want to necessarily protect?”

Military children have historically been more likely to serve their country than their peers. Ten years ago, more than a quarter of new recruits had a parent who had served, and around 80% reported having at least one family member who had done so, according to a Pentagon survey.

“It was something that a man of honor would do, to serve and protect his country and serve and protect those values that existed back then,” Gilbert, 18, said. “But I think things are a little bit different now.”

Indeed they are, son. Astute of you to notice.

The military is struggling to fill its ranks as young people like Gilbert forgo service. The Marine Corps and Space Force are the only branches that anticipate meeting their enlistment goals this year. The Army, Navy and Air Force expect to fall a combined 26,000 enlistees short in fiscal year 2023. The Army also fell short in 2022 by about 15,000 soldiers (25% of its goal).

Military officials have pinned much of the blame for lackluster recruitment numbers on a competitive job market and a dwindling pool of qualified applicants. Only 9% of young Americans are interested in serving their country, according to the Department of Defense.

“I would rather tiptoe around literal landmines than have to tiptoe around people’s pronouns,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert has always considered himself a patriot, but said the left has “successfully eroded patriotism” by pushing restrictive laws, “woke” ideology and “celebrating satanic themes in music and Hollywood.”

“It just angers me seeing our president as the conductor of that symphony of sewage,” he added.

You’re by no means alone in that sentiment, me boy. Not by a long yard, you ain’t.


35 thoughts on “Dezinformatsia

  1. The war has been a disaster for the United States, a disaster for Ukraine, and a disaster for Europe. And it could have been prevented with a single phone call.

    1. And it could have been prevented by a single phone call.
      To SAC Norad.

  2. That “analysis” is mostly the anal half of that word. As in pulled out of their underpants.
    The problem with the counter-narrative propaganda, unsupported by any facts in evidence, that the Russian military has been able to “quickly evolve into a battle-hardened and quick-to-adapt fighting force”, is literally a wagonload of horseshit, still green and steaming, as evidence by their failure to accomplish initial objectives against a force 1/4 their size and 1/10th their capability at the outset, their failure to accomplish revised objectives, their serial retreat since last August, unhindered in any way by competency at pretty much anything but hey-diddle-diddle, straight-up-the-middle tactics, their universal inability to learn and accomplish anything within twenty miles of combined arms maneuver warfare, their serial requirements for ever larger, yet ever dwindling, conscription drives, and the loss, both in combat, and from Putin-cide, of somewhere between a baker’s dozen to twenty generals, including every single commander tasked with this Russian goatfuck, since Day One. Rumor has it the Russian commanders are now given Star Trek red shirts the day they’re handed command, to emphasize their likely end.

    “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

    The Russian army commanders gun-decked efficiency and readiness reports since 1946, stole the army blind with both mitts, and wiped out their airborne forces -the only shred of competency in the past decade – almost entirely, within days of kicking off festivities in late February 2022. And then they got worse. Their only other competent – by dint of sacrificing literal waves of convicts for inches of ground – paramilitary formation was Wagner, who revolted last month, and are now non-existent, except as a future mutiny threat. In Russia, “military competence” is exactly the oxymoron “military intelligence” is on this side of the world.

    Bullshit and propaganda abound on both sides, but nobody faked dozens of Ukrainian farmers towing abandoned Russian tanks and BMPs back to their barns after the cream of the Russian Army ran out of gas on Day Three, and deserted home empty-handed, and on foot.

    Nobody faked the Russian front lines backing up 60 miles last fall, and the only thing that’s changed since then has been the total lack of anything like a Russian counter-offensive, and the slow but steady and inexorable retreat towards Moscow.
    All while their vaunted Air Farce has been all but MIA since the 1st of March 2022.

    They make the Mexican and Zimbabwean Armies look professional and competent by contrast.

    Could NATO take on Russia successfully? No.
    Denmark could take on Russia successfully.
    NATO would probably stop this side of the Urals, and let the Chinese deal with Siberia, unless and until it went all canned sunshine, at which point Russia still ceases to exist, as does most of the Northern Hemisphere.
    They’re a Turd-World country with obsolescent nuke forces, and have been since 1989. None of that has changed, and Putin has wiped off the map any modernity he accomplished in the last twenty years, at a single ill-advised stroke of his half-witted and half-assed plan.

    None of that should be a comfort to those who think the current woketarded, can’t-meet-recruiting-goals bunch of slack-jawed faggots masquerading as the American military since 2021 is anything close to battle-ready either, but elections, especially faked ones, always have consequences, and the destruction of the US military has been by considered design and malign intent.

    People like Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants, who think their F-15s and nukes will somehow save them from the wrath of the people indefinitely, are going to have a Putin-Prigozhinesque Come To Jesus moment one day, like all tyrannical dictatorships, and it isn’t going to be pretty for them. With any luck, in a Ceauçescu sort of way.

    We yet live in hope, and stack canned goods for the day. Both #10 cans, and olive drab ones.

    Those paying close attention would be well-advised to do likewise.

    1. Aesop already said what I was going to say.

      As evidence that the russian military is an incompetent group of conscripts led by an incompetent command given orders by an incompetent Putin, I simply point out they can’t even handle the Ukraine, a country that is a fraction of the size of Russia. I have always predicted the russians would “win” in the end, but even that is now in doubt. We are coming up on year three soon enough.

      Biden and the puppeteers suck and are corrupt to the core.
      NATO is pathetic and sucks.
      The Ukraine is a 3rd world country with 3rd world resources and corrupt as hell.

      And the russians are still the most incompetent country on earth with nukes. Period.

        1. No, russians are less competent than the pakistani’s.

          Idiots with vodka.

      1. So, since even Ukraine can take them, we can disband NATO and sell our weapons at Full Price and let the European Union Nations pay for them themselves, as well as prop up the Ukraine Government as well.

        1. No where will you ever find anything I’ve said suggesting Ukraine can defeat the russians. In fact, as you should know, I’ve repeatedly said the opposite.

          Noticing the truth, that the russians are incompetent drunks that can’t manage their special operation right on their border in what has stretched into a year and a half is just using your brain and eyes.

          It is a simple fact that it has been 1.5 years. It is a simple fact that I have said from the very beginning that in spite of their overwhelming superiority in numbers and munitions, that the result of their “special operation” in Ukraine would go about as well as the one they spent in Afghanistan, a country with a couple of other ‘stans between them and russia, but accessible by land. You know, a country of “ragheads”.

          While others have repeatedly stated the russians will overwhelm the Ukrainians any day now, I’ve been blunt in saying the russians are incompetent conscripts with poorly designed and built equipment. And the proof is in the year and a half special operation.

          One can acknowledge the corruption of the Ukraine and the US government and be opposed to sending men, materials, or dollars from our country to the Ukraine and still recognize that Putin and russia are evil and incompetent.

          Putin is an evil sick twisted KGB bastard. I hope the MFer dies in severe pain that lasts for months. I hope his entire staff surrounding him goes the same way.

          Damn near every problem in the world can be traced back to the fucking russians. From Vietnam to Iran, they were, are, and remain an evil empire.

          As far as NATO goes, the entire operation is a joke and has been since the later 1950’s when the European members discovered they could rely on the shield with little effort on their part. I would withdraw from NATO today if I could. I would also create the

          Nuclear Shield Doctrine of America:

          Should our country be attacked by any nuclear weapon, should any country we consider our allies be attacked by any nuclear weapon, the United States will destroy every nuclear capable enemy country immediately with a massive nuclear retaliatory strike, including Russia, China, North Korea, and Pakistan.

          1. I see someone stole Iran from my list of definite includes, so adding it here.

          2. No one said Ukraine can “take” Russia”.

            YOU said Russia can’t take them.

            1. No, I did not. I’ve never said anything remotely like that. I have said, over and over, the russians are an incompetent bunch of conscripts in a war of their own making that should have been no more than a few months long. And here we are 1.5 years later and I’m still listening to and reading folks claiming the russians are a first rate military.

              1.5 years and counting. I may have over estimated the incompetent bastards.

              1. Quote:

                As evidence that the russian military is an incompetent group of conscripts led by an incompetent command given orders by an incompetent Putin, I simply point out they can’t even handle the Ukraine,

                So, if they are no threat to even get past Ukraine, there is Zero, Zilch, Nada need for NATO now.

                1. You’re assuming, incorrectly, that once they realize the lemon in Kiev isn’t worth the squeeze, they won’t try for the Baltics, Poland, or Eastern Europe.

                  All of which they’ve expressly stated designs upon.

                  Now let’s see if we can guess why the NATO nations most fervently anti-Russian and pro-Ukraine are Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, all beneficiaries of previous warm Russian embraces at the head of columns of Russian tanks.

                  Quite the poser there.

                  1. Who cares?

                    Let them try.

                    Then Denmark can kick their ass. They will fuck around, they will find out.

                    It’s NOT our business.

                    Why should I care?

                    I understand WHY Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary want NATO. WHY does the US want it? Let those countries form an Alliance and beat up on Russia! Denmark Uber Alles!

                    I just don’t understand what WE, America and Americans, get out of it.

                    BTW Poland/Lithuania rolled armies all through Eastern Europe several hundreds of years ago. They sacked Moscow in 1610.

                    Perhaps the Russians just want payback!

                    THAT is why we should not get involved in 600 year old feuds amongst Tribes that are basically the same Slavic peoples.

                    I guess with the exception of the Hungarians. I do not believe they are Slavic. The Magyars seem to have come from even further East (East of the Urals) than most Slavs!!

                2. Kenny, that quote is precisely what I have stated and does not say russia can’t take Ukraine eventually.

                  I can’t figure why you will not address 1.5 years. Maybe because it makes my point clearly correct.

                  This is exactly what I told you a year ago and it is exactly what I will be telling you a year from now.

                  I have no clue what it is you are even arguing. I’ve stated over and over that I’m opposed to aid for the ukraine because of the corruption on our side and theirs. Were it not for that I’d support helping them fight off the evil empire.

                  So what is your argument here? Are you saying the russians have a highly effective military? Are you saying NATO help provided to ukraine is of no value to them? There seems to be a clear answer to those questions.

                  I’ll be damned if I know other than your opposed to aiding them.

                  1. It’s you who contradict.

                    Russia is incompetent. Right?
                    Russia has not taken Ukraine? Right?
                    Can Russia take Ukraine? Given their incompetence and their failure to do so after 1.5 years, you indicate that Russia CAN’T take Ukraine. Your initial response to Aesop was:

                    Aesop already said what I was going to say.

                    Well, Aesop said:

                    Denmark could take on Russia successfully.

                    You went on to say:

                    And the russians are still the most incompetent country on earth with nukes. Period.

                    It is pretty obvious you are saying that Russia cannot take Ukraine. That Denmark could kick their ass.

                    That clearly means this is not a threat to the US and we should not have gotten involved there. NATO should not exist. You yourself said:

                    Biden and the puppeteers suck and are corrupt to the core.
                    NATO is pathetic and sucks.

                    The Ukraine is a 3rd world country with 3rd world resources and corrupt as hell.

                    Right there in a nutshell is the Core of the argument against America aiding a Corruptocracy 5000+ miles away against a Nation that poses no threat to the US.

                    1. NATO helping Ukraine is exactly why the russians are struggling.

                      The Denmark comment is tongue in cheek. You know, like your “So, since even Ukraine can take them… “.

                      What’s obvious is you have backed up to the wall. It’s the same argument from a year ago, and the facts are that the russians have now been there 1.5 years with no end in sight.

                      You keep telling me we shouldn’t help them because they are a “Corruptocracy” and I agree. So what is your argument other than that?

                      Lets move on since we both agree on that. Answer the following question, don’t avoid it –
                      Why are the russians mired down in ukraine for 1.5 years with no end in sight?

                    2. No, it’s NOT. You and Aesop agree that Denmark could take the Russians.

                      WE don’t have to be involved at all.

                      The UK and France and Germany could pony up the 100 odd Billions of dollars, and THEY can buy the weapons at full price from US and THEY can take responsibility for their own Defense.

                      And if they did that THEY would be on the hook for Blood and Treasure. Then THEY would look for ways to AVOID War in the first place.

                      THEY have no skin in the game. WE, who are not under any THREAT, have MOST of the skin in the Game. We are 80% of NATO.

                      Please stop with the Contradictions. Both of you say the least of the Europeans can take them, like Denmark, and then you argue that it ALSO takes ALL of NATO to take them.

                      It cannot be both.

                      It isn’t both.

                      Why do I care which Slavic Mafia runs a piece of shitstain country that aligns with Deep State, joins the Shampeachment on President Trump, who actually kept Putin in check, launders Deep State’s money and Bribes our High Officials and is generally an Enemy of America and Americans.

                    3. You are quoting Aesop and attributing it to me in order to avoid the real question.

                      There is no contradiction in anything I’ve said. Perhaps I overestimated the corrupt to the core communist russians military a bit.

                      Why will you not stop with what we agree on, that we shouldn’t be involved in the Ukraine, and answer the remaining question?

                    4. You said you agreed with everything he said.

                      Plus your own words indicate you believe Russia to be a terrible, incompetent military.

                      And you’re right.

                      To drop the hyperbole. The UK, France, Italy and Germany with Poland, Denmark and all those other countries from Latvia to Hungary you mentioned easily van hold the Russians in check.

                      By your own words you agree with that.

                      So, you can’t have it both ways. Is Russia an incompetent non-threat or a major threat?

                      I agree they are a non-threat.

            2. Russia can take Ukraine. They simply have to commit national genocide, and kill every last living Ukrainian. As nukes will likely be required, they’ll also graduate to pariahs for all living memory, going forward. So 80 years, at minimum.

              At this point, Liev grade schoolers can be expected to carry last-ditch hand grenades for any Russian troops stupid enough to attempt an occupation, and those Ukrainian kids will be eager for the chance.

              That’s how much Ukrainians hate Russia at this point.

              Google “pyrrhic”, while you’re up.

              1. So, once again, you spend 8 long paragraphs and a couple of asides to tell us that Russia Can’t Take Ukraine because:

                Denmark could take on Russia successfully.

                Then you conclude with:

                Russia can take Ukraine.

                So, which is it? Russia Can or Russia Can’t.

                The BOTTOM LINE for both of you is that Russia is NO THREAT to Europe as they are beyond Incompetent and can’t take on the least of the militaries in Europe, like Denmark.

                The obvious consequence of all that is that this is a European Problem they should, and COULD, handle all on their own. So why do we need NATO and what the fuck is the US doing subsidizing a War in Ukraine? Why do I care which Slavic Mafia runs a piece of shitstain country that aligns with Deep State, joins the Shampeachment on President Trump, who actually kept Putin in check, launders Deep State’s money and Bribes our High Officials and is generally an Enemy of America and Americans.

                Let the two of them Fight. Leave the US out.

                US out of Europe and US out of NATO and the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

                1. So basically your position is for the US to be an island unto itself*.

                  We tried that and found out on Dec 7, 1941 that it was a bad idea. Letting evil take over weaker countries just guarantee’s they will eventually come after you. They did and they will. They always do.

                  I have no problem opposing the evil everywhere on this earth, in every damn country if need be. Just kill the evil instead of playing with it which has always been our real problem. Kill it with massive and overwhelming death and it will slink back into a hole where it belongs.

                  Churchill was entirely correct. We should have listened to him and saved 150 million people from murder.

                  *quite impossible as a person of your intellect and financial understanding knows

                  1. My position is the US should use diplomacy and achieve Peace through Strength like Trump did. We should identify our Vital American Interests and look to protect them, by all means necessary short of War, at first. War is a Failure for the American people.

                    You are trying to tell me that Russia is one of, if not THE, most incompetent militaries on Earth, run by incompetent Generals, led by an Incompetent Dictator.

                    So how is Ukraine a Vital American Interest and why are we involved in a War there.

                    A War that COULD escalate to Americans getting killed. A War that COULD, however unlikely, may lead to Nukes flying around.

                    WHY? Why are we pushing NATO East and risking this.

                    Especially when Trump had it under Control.

                    As I said, and you concur,

                    There is absolutely no way in Hell Biteme and His Cabal are doing the right thing for the American People there. Their record is to Fuck It Up so badly for America and Americans that FUBAR is an understatement.

                    That is my last word on this. If you can tell me how my bolded section above is not true and this War is going to turn out ok for America, then I’ll listen.

                    But I really think that is an impossibility, given the Joetato record over 2.5 years (and 0’s record over 8 years from 2009-2016). We, as America and Americans, have already Lost by even having this War.

              2. That’s how much Ukrainians hate Russia at this point.

                To be fair, they have always hated the russians. Anyone ever under the russian thumb and murdered by them hates them. Anyone with an understanding of the russian history over the last 100 years should hate them.

                I went to the Ukraine for the first time about 10-12 years ago. Pretty enlightening. I was told by multiple people there how much they hated the russians. I was repeatedly thanked for supporting freedom through the VOA, something they illegally listed to when the iron curtain was still in effect.

                When the conflict was several months old I recognized the street in a town that my hotel was on. Major destruction. I then saw an aerial view that included the factory where we sold machinery, destroyed.

                Sad, and didn’t need to happen. There is no excuse.

    1. In that case, what do we call the russian weapons? You know, the country that went on a special murder spree for a “few days” and has now been mired down in a war for almost 1 & 1/2 years against a country 1/4 it’s size and on its border with easy access. What does it say about the russian army and the russian weapons?

    2. Then why all the Russian pearl-clutching a salt-sniffing about cluster weapons?
      Russia should be more concerned with their own cluster-fuck.

      Also, the former travelers on the Kerch bridge, and Vladimir Putin himself, do not share your assessment on the ineffectiveness of NATO weapons.

        1. Official Russian press releases, including Putin’s own official remarks after the latest Kerch Bridge attack.
          On about 3000 locations on the internet since last week, all directly quoting same.

          1. Trump said to Drink Bleach.

            But on Ukraine they’re telling the Honest to God Truth!!!!

            They took Trump’s words out of context and lied about what he said and he was speaking in English. Why should I trust them to tell me what Putin really said? In Russian!?

            We have all seen how the Deep State plants their stories and gets social media to amplify and distribute it, so it APPEARS to be coming from multiple sources when it’s planted by Deep State in the first place.

            The Twitter Reveals confirms this.
            Tucker has been confirming this.

            You have learned NOTHING about how they operate to influence the “news”, peddle lies and Fake News, and censor alternate sources that may be more accurate.

          2. Dezinformatsia

             Posted on July 16, 2023      by Mike     22 Comments

            Don’t believe a word they say. Not EVER, about ANYTHING.

            Incredibly, you write what you write on a Post with THAT as Mike’s lead in.

            You people are so gullible because you WANT to believe.

            I believe nothing. That is why we should get out and stay out.

            There is absolutely no way in Hell Biteme and His Cabal are doing the right thing for the American People there. Their record is to Fuck It Up so badly for America and Americans that FUBAR is an understatement.

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"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil."

"There is no better way to stamp your power on people than through the dead hand of bureaucracy. You cannot reason with paperwork."
David Black, from Turn Left For Gibraltar

"If the laws of God and men, are therefore of no effect, when the magistracy is left at liberty to break them; and if the lusts of those who are too strong for the tribunals of justice, cannot be otherwise restrained than by sedition, tumults and war, those seditions, tumults and wars, are justified by the laws of God and man."
John Adams

"The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine."
Joseph Goebbels

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”
Ronald Reagan

"Ain't no misunderstanding this war. They want to rule us and aim to do it. We aim not to allow it. All there is to it."
NC Reed, from Parno's Peril

"I just want a government that fits in the box it originally came in."
Bill Whittle

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