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The Daily Donnybrook, and Miscellany

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

If I’m not mistaken, Mike’s latest Substack post is here.

62 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and Miscellany

  1. I was just about to re-up this thang, and you beat me to the punch, Stevie. Thanks, brother!

    1. From the Unmask video above and this false flag here, if we got rid of Deep State we’d have very little of anything these Leftist decry as “America’s Problems”. No Climate Change, No Racism, etc

      The REAL problem in America is we have far too many Leftists not facing Justice.

      This guy got caught, but in the last 20 years how many suspicious fires have they gotten away with?

      No one starts setting massive fires if they think they might face Justice.

      So, like with many large scale, brazen criminal actions by Deep State and their Useful Idiots, these people have been getting away with a lot prior to this and for a long time.

      The thing is, given how bad everything we already know about really is in fact, then what are they still trying to cover up? It must be way worse.

      If Hunters Laptop were the Peak Perv and Corruption Level why wouldn’t they simply throw him and Big Guy under the bus and be done with it? Instead they run a massive, murderous Scamdemic and a massive, corrupted ScamElection off of it, to install this Monster in the White House.

      It seems to me that Hunter is just the tip of the iceberg that we see and there is massively worse things going on that good people can’t even imagine, let alone see.

    2. It was a democrap donor

      File that under “Gee, who could ever have predicted that?”

    1. To Deep State War is the Goal. When there is War there is Winning for them. When Wars end, and especially if we Win them, then they Lose. There must be War.

      Trouble in transit, got through the roadblock

      We blended in with the crowd

      We got computers, we’re tapping phone lines

      I know that that ain’t allowed

      We dress like students, we dress like housewives

      Or in a suit and a tie

      I changed my hairstyle so many times now

      I don’t know what I look like

      You make me shiver, I feel so tender

      We make a pretty good team

      Don’t get exhausted, I’ll do some driving

      You ought to get you some sleep

      This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

      This ain’t no fooling around

      This ain’t no mudd club, or C.B.G.B.

      I ain’t got time for that now

      1. Trump is the only president in my lifetime that didn’t start a war. Some wars need to be fought, but like Vietnam, should be over in a few weeks. A finite and short war to kill bad people is fine with me.

        But that’s not what they want. They want endless war. George W Bush style endless war. The Afghanistan goal was achieved* in a short period of time due to Rumsfeld’s plan, and with a very low loss of American lives. Bush drug it into the forever war status, same as he did in Iraq. Kill Sad-damn Insane and leave, but that wasn’t good enough for GWB.

        *and probably would have killed bin laden but for the lawyers. DeSantis is a military lawyer…

        1. It is clear now that Bush Family are Deep State.

          “New World Order” was creepy enough at the time, but at least it still meant they were looking at a US led One World Government. Probably more Fascist than anything.

          NeoCons and Progressive Dems have combined and they’re now ok with a Globalist Rule as long as they get “protected” by having seats at the Cabal Table.

    2. [NOTE: I find it interesting [at 06:29] that Carlson notes the Ukraine war is only opposed by “one opponent”, yet he never mentions the man’s name, Donald Trump. It is a small datapoint, but an omission datapoint nonetheless enhanced by the chosen platform of the Carlson broadcast. I notice nuance. Keep watching.]

      Although, there are others, including Kennedy.

  2. “The DeSantis Bush ties go way back. DeSantis called Poppy Bush his “hero.” DeSantis joined the Bush family fraternity at Yale. DeSantis first gig was for the W. admin at Guantanamo then Fallujah. John Bolton boosted DeSantis early career. Jeb is a close ally and Jeb allies staff key roles for DeSantis. This really isn’t news if you actually followed DeSantis career.”

    1. If true, then Damaging beyond repair for RDS.

      BTW, in the picture, who is that standing directly behind RDS? RDS’s waving hand is hiding half his face, but it sure looks like Bill Clinton from perhaps 10 year or so ago.

      1. looks like Bill Clinton

        It does a bit, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I *think* this is a picture from an inauguration ceremony, but not positive about that.

        One thing is certain, whoever it is, they are CCP controlled…

  3. The real enemy is the chinese owned republican party because they keep it hidden and pretend to be on the side of America.

    You wonder why so many of them are against Trump, try to tear him down anyway they can, support the illegal use of the judiciary to go after him?

    It’s because they sold out to the chinese. Anyone shilling for them is in effect owned by china. They may be too damn stupid to know they are owned by china (mean tweets after all*), but they are owned by the CCP.

    They are owned, sold out, they are traitors.

    *That’s what we see often, but I’ll be damned if I can find any tweet but the truth

    1. McTurtle’s wife is Elaine Chao.
      Born in Taiwan, her family owns a private shipping company (Foremost – founded 1964) that now is one of the largest shippers of commodities from the rest of Asia to the PRC. In the 90s their ties to the PRC grew rapidly as their firm grew.

      Foremost Group – Wikipedia

      In 2015 Foremost began construction of the first cargo ship jointly financed by banks in both the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan; the Beijing office of China’s Export Import Bank and the New York branch of Taiwan’s First Commercial Bank each provided equal loan facilities to support construction of two 180,000-dwt bulk carriers.[16] Its ships are registered under the flags of Liberia and Hong Kong.[2][4][11] Foremost has had some of its ships built by China State Shipbuilding, some of them financed by loans from the state-owned Export-Import Bank of China

    2. Hey Kenny,

      Your comment shows up but has “Awaiting for approval” beside your name 🙂

      Too many links I think, as the copy paste function yields footnote links as well.

      Odd though, that it shows up at all while waiting for approval…
      But you cannot reply to it directly.

        1. Yep, the original “waiting” classification is gone…
          I’m surprised it showed at all, but maybe it’s because I’m now classified differently by CF than I used to be. Bet that’s it.

  4. Trump considering skipping the republican chinese controlled debate:

    Now, if you really wanted to sink the china controlled Fox news “moderated” debate, just schedule your own at the same time with another network. How you ask?

    Invite Kennedy to a debate. He will accept, but of course there is a risk.

    Showstopper though.

    1. Trump said to Drink Bleach!

      They are ALWAYS lying and not just about Trump either.

    1. Good article and precisely the point, as it applies to sports, that I’ve been making for a very long time.

      I despise Huggins, but that’s minor. I despise the people that hire defectives like Huggins the most. They are the people responsible for the destruction of college sport and the demise of student athletes.

      Of course, you know all this.

      For the record, I still use bar soap, occasionally anyway 🙂

  5. France is self destructing with a George Floyd x 10000 moment.

    What is the answer? You know the answer.
    Kill the offenders and send the rest to some shithole in Africa would be my thoughts. South Africa is a good destination. It’s transformation from Jewel of Africa to “just another shithole” is nearly complete. Time to finish it off.

    1. Preview of things to come as Election Season here “heats up”. Pun intended.

      The end of Affirmative Action will be one of the excuses. Watch. The first “outrageous outrage” at this Outrage has already started.

      1. Crowd size estimate in SC was 50,000.

        He’ll win by an even bigger margin in 2024.

        It’s definitely not going to be Free and Fair though.

        1. Picken’s is one of my favorite SC towns, population of approximately 3300. Imagine 50K…

            1. Area’s like that are hardcore American freedom and liberty, and thus MAGA.

  6. You really do need to stop being fooled by the deep state uni-party. Wake the fuck up.

    By now everyone is well aware how books are used as laundering and payment mechanisms for politicians, media influencers and people in positions of power. The entire book deal dynamic in politics is just another way to skirt campaign finance and laws on limits for contributions.

    My only quibble is the term”everyone” because it is not true. Way too many people are completely in the dark.

    1. The more we find out about ¡Ron! the more he starts to resemble ¿Jeb?

  7. Twitter is now restricting viewers of the platform to only registered user accounts. As a result, Carlson’s message is now restricted by DHS monitors as the audience is filtered.

    The reason the viewing numbers are down, most likely. It’s available on Rumble, which is always the link I provide, as it is repackaged and put on that site.

  8. Who is the enemy?

    “Those GOPe candidates, like Ron DeSantis, who are aligned with the Big Club corporations, are essentially aligned against our interests. If the Republicans truly wanted to preserve, protect and defend our republic, they would not be challenging the one man who leads and stands alone against the globalist horde. It really is that simple.

    Those Republicans [fill_in_blank] who stand against us now, in any forum, construct, institution or structure of visible assembly, are as much the enemy as the collective leftists who are trying to destroy Donald Trump.”

    My bolding. As I have noted numerous times, the traitors are worse than the visible enemy. The republican party is filled with traitors. Their attempt to destroy Trump is 100% an attempt to destroy supporters of freedom and liberty. Make sure they fail, give them no hope of success.

    No one is coming to save you, us, or anything. We are in this battle together, a diversity of humanity that just wants to be left alone and live in freedom; but we are also in this battle alone. No one in a position of institutional power is in alignment with our desire for freedom

    Happy 4th of July Cold Furyiers! This country will continue to be free. We will vanquish the foes of freedom and liberty just as we always have.

  9. A GOPe engineered STOP TRUMP program busted. Understand what you are reading here, the scale of perfidy committed by the GOP, and exactly why the declared candidates are the declared candidates chosen by the GOP.

    DeSantis, along with the others, was not selected because everyone in the republican party wants him (or them) as president. He was selected several years back as the best hope to STOP TRUMP. The GOP would be more than happy to have bribem back in office if it will just keep Trump out.

    You really need to understand what has been and continues to go on. And thank the gods for people like Sundance and Laura Loomer.


    1. A GOPe engineered STOP TRUMP program busted.

      One down, 665 to go.

      1. Ha, yea. It’s Whack-A-Mole for sure.

        OTOH, some are more insidious than others and this is one of those.

    1. Trump is Right.
      Everyone in DC is wrong.

      If that was your guideline to everything you’d get 99.9999999% of things correct.

    1. Just as we knew before the day was out on Jan 6, 2021. We were Right.


  10. UNC response to the SCOTUS recent decision eliminating race based affirmative action:

    A message from Chancellor Guskiewicz:
    We will follow the Supreme Court’s decision in all respects. That means race will not be a factor in admissions decisions at the University. It also means we will comply with the Court’s ruling that an applicant’s lived racial experience cannot be credited as “race for race’s sake,” but instead under some circumstances may illuminate an individual’s character and contributions.

    The legislature needs to hold the entire NC university system to this.

  11. Ron DeSantis cannot win the GOP nomination without an external intervention to change the dynamic. If you start your review of sequence from that acceptance point, then you realize those who support Ron DeSantis will need to support the external intervention. In this instance, a corrupt and weaponized leftist U.S. Dept of Justice.

    As I have said for two years, the plan of the marxist GOP was to remove Trump from their primary race by crooked means. This was the plan and it’s as clear as sunshine after a cleansing rain. Every corrupt action taken against Trump has been a part of this plan. The marxists think you are stupid and that Trumps support would be diminished by the mere allegations, and in time they would change the rules to “no one under federal indictment allowed to run”.

    It hasn’t worked. They cannot pull it off unless they are willing to destroy the republican party in the process. It didn’t work because Americans see through it, and many of those on the fence now support Trump as it’s clear only Trump represents US and has a chance at this point in time. There may be others that will represent Americans, but they are not in the race or have a chance. Trump won twice and a coup occurred in the 2nd race. The republican party was part and parcel to the coup, but they hide behind the democrat party.

    Trump is, quite simply, the only choice.

    I wish there were multiple candidates supporting America for Americans, but there isn’t.

    Binary I get called. Of course only foolish people use a term like binary which implies two choices, not one.

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