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The Black Knight

Another stunning find from what I now consider to be the greatest email list there is, was, or ever will be.

Is it true that there is an ancient alien satellite which is known as the ‘Black Knight’?
Yes. In fact, the reason we know it exists is that photos of it were taken during manned space missions in 1998.

It has been reported that it appears and disappears, does not show up on radar, it changes shape and it was in an orbit that was stable – meaning it had been there for a long time. This was reported to be known that neither we nor the Russians had put this into space.

As a result of these reports, it supposedly became the object of study by a lot of people and organizations around the world. Over the years, various researchers, news reporters, Youtube videos and amateur astronomers have made various claims about it.

It was reported to have first been seen and reported in 1958 – about the time of Sputnik but others have said it shows up in ancient writings as much as 13,000 years ago. It has also been reported that radio signals emanate from it and that Nikola Tesla was able to receive and decrypt those signals in 1898.

The generally accepted theory is that because we did not know what it was or who put it up there, it was seen as a threat to be analyzed and monitored. This went on for years during which time it was not seen for long period of time. Meanwhile, our technology for tracking and photography got better and better so the next time it was seen, it was tracked and photographed extensively. All the data was sent to the Air Force center for analysis by the best methods possible. Or at least that is what has been reported.

Those reports state that all that analysis paid off. They finally determined what it was and where it came from.

Fascinating, no? Read on for the slightly, ummm, deflating conclusion (yeah, I know—sorry, I couldn’t resist). Pics and vid included.

Amusingly enough, a while back I read a sci-fi novel about a mysterious object yclept “the Red Knight” which, thanks to the above, I now realize was a fictional analogue to the Black Knight of legend, which at the time I hadn’t ever heard of.

This Red Knight, see, was on its way to crash-landing somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, sparking a race to recover it amongst several sinister factions possessed of varying degrees of ill intent. As things worked out, the Red Knight had originally been put into geosynchronous orbit as Earth’s sole effective defense against some malicious entity which wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t approach us as long as the Red Knight remained present and on the job to fend his malevolent ass off. Thus, the Good Guys had to obtain the object and get it back into orbit as quickly as possible, before the alien planet-devouring entity learned it had fallen and made its move against our lovely Blue Marble.

I remember enjoying the book, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called or who authored the blasted thing. Seems like maybe it was part of an ongoing series, I’m thinking. MR Forbes, perhaps? I dunno, seems like the kind of thing he might write.

Triumphant update! HAAAAA! I found it, I found it! Turns out it was “Red Knight Falling,” one of author Craig Schaefer’s fantastic Harmony Black/Vigilant Lock series of novels, all of which I absolutely love. The Amazon write-up:

FBI agent Harmony Black and her team, Vigilant Lock, face a new type of threat: one from beyond the stars.

They’d always heard the Red Knight was an urban legend: in 1954, three years before Sputnik launched, a mysterious satellite was sighted circling Earth, though no power on the planet had such technology.

But the Red Knight is real, and what’s more, it’s inextricably linked to a supernatural force no one yet understands. Like a moth to a flame, this dark presence collides annually with the airborne satellite. Except this year the Red Knight is on course to crash-land…in Oregon.

Vigilant Lock sets out to find the crash site and secure the remnants before the mysterious power is drawn to Earth. But they soon discover the mission is far from straightforward—and they aren’t the only ones tracking the Red Knight. To stop a deadly occult threat, Harmony and her team must use all their resources: technology and sorcery, science and magic. Fortunately, Harmony has only begun to discover her growing power.

I highly recommend all the books in the Harmony Black series, along with Schaefer’s very-much-related Daniel Faust series. They’re all fun, gripping reads, if you’re into that sort of thing at all. Schaefer’s Amazon bio, from the same page:

About the Author
Craig Schaefer’s books have taken readers to the seamy edge of a criminal underworld drenched in shadow through the Daniel Faust series; to a world torn by war, poison, and witchcraft by way of the Revanche Cycle series; and across a modern America mired in occult mysteries and a conspiracy of lies in the new Harmony Black series. Despite this, people say he’s strangely normal. He lives in Illinois with a small retinue of cats, all of whom try to interrupt his writing schedule and/or kill him on a regular basis. He practices sleight of hand in his spare time, although he’s not very good at it.

The occult; Vegas intrigue; cracked-open interstices between Earthly reality and Hell itself; official governing boards staffed and chaired by demons which require incredible feats of human derring-do performed by a slick Vegas magician who has some very powerful cards up his sleeve, all while managing his love-affair with one of those demons, a beautiful shape-shifting wench named Caitlin whose uncle is in a power-struggle with…aww, never mind, I’m getting too far afield with this.

I ask you, though, what’s not to like? I repeat: highly, highly recommended. With all my heart and, um, soul, you might even say.

Another ‘Zon bio for Schaefer can be found here, author’s own website here.

Braggadocious update! Not to pat myself on the back unduly or anything, but I just had a thought.

  • Steers to some top-quality fiction about Hell, demons, seedy-but-slick Vegas magicians, conniving space aliens, ’n’ shit
  • Fun-with-linguistics challenges
  • Brutal, heartless rips on the sudden undoing of the now-defunct Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly The Weather)™ doomsay narrative and those who’ve pimped it
  • Extended ruminations on secession
  • RAYCISS™ diatribes
  • Bare-knuckles exposes of the literally-Satanic nature of FederalGovCo
  • Godawful post-title jokes
  • Cool write-ups on old music, old cars, and old Harleys
  • Professional wrasslin’, boxing, and street-brawling
  • Unbowdlerized cussing rendered with style, aplomb, and elegance—nossirreebob, there ain’t any of that gingerly, annoying *** mincing-around here, and ain’t never gonna be neither; as they say about getting old, this blog ain’t for pussies

And most of those within just the past few days, too. I gots to say that even after lo, these many years, the free ice cream here at Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge still offers the best bang for your blog-buck in the whole dang ‘sphere. No need to thank me, gang, I’m happy to do it for y’all.

Helpful update! Forgot to do it before, but here’s the link to the Daniel Faust series, which I also wholeheartedly recommend.


3 thoughts on “The Black Knight

  1. Any and every time someone claims something alien*, ask to see it.

    You never will, cause there ain’t none.

    *something living, was alive, or created by an alien life form.

    1. I dunno, I’d like to think there’s something out there, although that could just be the triumph of hope over experience. Could be, too, that we’d be far better off if there isn’t, since there’s no guarantee that those Little Green Men will be benevolent towards their inferior life forms…

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