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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

Mike’s latest Eyrie post is available here. Don’t miss it if you can! NOTE: bonus points to anybody who can tell me where that last seemingly-flubbed line comes from.

Update! What, no takers? Okay then, the “don’t miss it if you can” line comes from here: Kermit Schafer’s All Time Great Bloopers, an album of my dad’s that me and my brother both loved as kids. Nearly wore that sucker slap out, we did.

99 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

      1. Aren’t you the same fucking idiot that keeps making the same bogus claims?

        Just about every damn failure of the Trump administration can be laid at the feet of the republican party that did everything it could to stop Trump. The party that ran campaigns on repealing obamacare and as soon as they had the majority in both houses, and a president (Trump) that said he would sign the legislation, crickets, nothing. The same party that campaigns on shutting the border to illegals and then when they had the majority in both houses, and a president (Trump) that said he would sign the legislation, couldn’t spend a nickel on building a wall

        In both those examples Trump found another way.

        Since you’re just an asshole, I’ll spell it out for you – the entire federal government is opposed to Trump and Americans, and you, Skeptic, are their pathetic little bitch doing everything you can to subvert the rule of law, to eliminate freedom and liberty.

        You’re happy with the unjust prosecution of Trump. You’re happy with the feds using the power of the federal government to conduct bogus and corrupt investigations of and spying upon Trump

        You’re happy they unjustly and corruptly went after General Flynn.

        You’re happy they jailed protesters from Jan 6th.

        Trump managed to hand Americans win after win in spite of the efforts of anti-American assholes like Skeptic:

        1) stopped ISIS cold
        2) EO stopping the drug companies from charging medicare more than what they charged foreign countries
        3) EO forcing hospitals to disclose their prices
        4) Move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
        5) ENERGY INDEPENDENCE for the first time in my lifetime of 70 years, and record low energy prices
        6) Started no new wars
        7) Elimination of regulations, required to eliminate 8 to add a new one
        8) Cut Taxes across the board
        9) Increased the individual tax credit eliminating the need to file more complicated returns
        10) Started the space force, sorely needed today
        11) Replaced NAFTA with an agreement better for American workers
        12) Put tariffs on china, starting the process of moving American production out of the enemy’s land
        13) Brought back massive amounts of money saved in foreign countries
        14) Withdrew from the farce know as the Paris Climate Accords
        15) Withdrew from the Iran deal
        16) Increased the $$$ of the average family by over 5K
        17) Started the process of fixing the VA
        18) Increased the spending by other NATO countries
        19) Killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
        20) Created several million jobs, actual creation not bafflegab bullshit
        21) Economic growth rates were going up, somewhere around 4% before the marxist killed the economy with the scam chinaVirus
        22) Lowest rate of unemployment ever, across the board for blacks, hispanics, asians, veterans, etc.
        23) Opened ANWAR and had the Keystone pipeline being constructed

        There is much more of course.

        1. Once again, Binary Barry makes his appearance. Either you’re 100% with Trump and licking his asshole, or you’re anti-American. Let me clear a few things up.

          “You’re happy with the unjust prosecution of Trump. You’re happy with the feds using the power of the federal government to conduct bogus and corrupt investigations of and spying upon Trump.”

          Not in the slightest. In fact, a few days ago, I reposted a Peter Brimelow article on here – that I 100% agree with – detailing the despicable nature of this prosecution. I can’t even describe it as Stalinesque, because I’m not sure that even ol’ Joe hisself would have had the temerity to do what has been done to Trump. In fact, the most remarkable thing about this prosecution is this: Trump has been engaged in real estate development (one of the dirtiest professions) in New York (one of the dirtiest cities) for 50 years, and this bullshit is the BEST they could do? Nope. I’m actually shocked at how clean his business dealings must have been. And no, of course this prosecution is lawfare. And it has an even more phony base than most Democrat lawfare.

          “You’re happy they unjustly and corruptly went after General Flynn.”

          Again, not at all. That was a travesty. But, considering it was a travesty, why did Trump wait until Flynn’s life and reputation had been ruined and his life savings drained to pardon him? Flynn was a Trump loyalist.

          “You’re happy they jailed protesters from Jan 6th.”

          Nope. Again, Banana Republic style bullshit. No need to go into the details, we all know what they are. That said, Trump had two weeks to issue a blanket pardon in order to spare those people the hell that they went through on his behalf. There was precedent – remember Carter pardoning the draft dodgers? He did not. And his “Stop the Steal” raised around $100M. He has donated around $1M to the legal defense of the people who went to DC on his behalf and have been persecuted for it.

          I’m not going to address your cut and paste crap. All of that was wiped out by Noon on Biden’s first day.

          Besides, your spaz was simply to avoid the question. All of the things Trump promised in that video are things that he promised in 2015 and 2016. He didn’t do them then – and if anything, the Deep State is stronger now. in fact, Trump didn’t drain the swamp; he HIRED the swamp during his term. And he’s done a great job of alienating numerous loyalists during and since his term. So:

          Given that the 2020 election was stolen (it was), and given that the mechanisms for theft are stronger now, how does he think he can beat the margin of theft? It’s not even the “margin of fraud” now, as we used to claim. It’s the margin of theft.

          And if he were to do so, why would you think that he would do the things now that he promised in 2016 and failed to enact?

          Trump has had his shot.

          Now, I know that there was a lot of logic and some multisyllabic words here, so you might not follow this. But just in case you do, try to avoid a normal Binary Barry spaz-out, and address those two questions?

          1. You are a liar of course, just like you always have been. You twist your words because they must be twisted to hide the lies contained within.

            You absolutely support Trump being prosecuted. How do we know this? Because you can’t just say it’s 100% corrupt and wrong. Only you would pretend your “shocked” that they can’t find dirt on Trump from the real estate biz. It’s your way of saying it’s OK because Trump must be guilty.

            You supported the DeSantis statement, posted it here at CF, the statement that makes no declaration of the Trump prosecution as being corrupt and unjust, but only suggests biden JR and Hillary should be prosecuted as well.

            You are not anti-American because you don’t like Trump. you’re anti-American because you approve of the lies being told, the falsehoods spread, and you PARTICIPATE in them.

            All of that was wiped out by Noon on Biden’s first day.
            Not true, but let’s determine who is at fault here, Trump, or the republican party that had control and refused to enact an American agenda, forcing Trump to do it the only way he could. It’s just another way of telling the big lie, it’s what you do.

            “…how does he think he can beat the margin of theft?

            So, vote for any deep state candidate because the thieves will steal it from Trump. That’s what you’re saying. Pathetic.

            More of your pure bullshit. Shit just pours from your mouth. List the candidates other than DeSantis that you are willing to support.

            List the campaign promises made in 2016 that he failed to do. Do try to list something important. Be sure to site the promise, not some unskeptic made up version.

            I know I’ll be waiting until hell freezes over.

            And yes, you are an anti-American lying asshole. You prove it over and over.

            1. My mistake, Barry. See, I thought that when I referred to the prosecution of Trump as Stalinesque – maybe worse – that you would have the intellectual ability to extrapolate from it that I think that the indictment of Trump is. to use your words, “100% corrupt and wrong.” Apparently I was incorrect, you do not have that ability. My mistake. So allow me to state, for the record:


              Now, was that clear enough for you? I really don’t know how to clarify it any more.

              Moving on, and bypassing the usual Binary Barry spazzing out.

              You said:

              “List the campaign promises he made in 2016 that he failed to do.” Oh, Jesus Christ, talk about throwing a fat one down the middle. Here are a few:

              Trump promised to end birthright citizenship on “day one” of his Presidency. I cheered. This was during the first speech announcing his candidacy in 2015. Didn’t happen.

              Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” His failure to do so is self-evident; had he done so, there would be no need to re-promise to do so. In fact, had he done so, it’s likely that we would have had a legitimate election in 2020 and he’d still be President. Didn’t happen.

              Trump said to Hillary during their October 9, 2016 debate: “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. People have been, their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you have done. And it’s a disgrace.” Correct. I cheered. Didn’t happen.

              Special added bonus. On April 13, 2020, Trump began Tweeting #firefauci. And yet, today, Fauci is the highest paid Federal employee, and throughout 2020 and into 2021, he was arguably the most powerful. Now, riddle me this. How retarded is it for the man who had the power to actually fire Fauci to Tweet “Fire Fauci” and not fucking do it? That’s why I call him President Tweet. If the governance had matched the Tweets, he’d have been the greatest President ever. In actuality, not so much.

              Give it up, Barry. Seriously.

              1. Go blow yourself you inveterate liar. I asked for citations because I know you will lie –

                Trump promised to end birthright citizenship on “day one” of his Presidency. I cheered. This was during the first speech announcing his candidacy in 2015. Didn’t happen.

                Here’s the transcript – not one word about “birthright citizenship”. Not one.


                Trump promised to “drain the swamp.”
                When? Where? Give us the citation.
                Trump made a huge effort to drain the swamp. That fulfills the campaign promises.He failed because assholes like you stopped him. You support the deep state fuckers that strangle the country. In spite of that Trump made head way, way more than anyone else could have and no one else running would have even tried.

                “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.

                True, and he failed to do that. Two reasons, both reasonable. One, it wasn’t worth the expenditure to get hillary, there were more important things to do, and it became clear the entire federal government was corrupt and would protect the bitch anyway. Two, Jeff Sessions was worthless.

                So that’s three campaign promises you claim Trump failed at. First one is absolutely false as far as I can determine. The second one he certainly made headway in achieving, which is why they illegally spied on him, started the russia bullshit, and ultimately pulled off a coup to keep him from staying in office to continue the job. And last ain’t an important item to consider, it’s just pathetic nitpicking.

                No politician has ever been able to achieve 100% of what they wanted. Time, priority’s, and opposition always cause some issues to get left behind.

                The BIG fucking LIE you tell is that Trump was a failure across the board when the exact opposite is true.

                And we now know that in addition to being a liar, you are binary/unskeptic. You haven’t named as single 2nd choice in this election. You are a binary ass. Simply put you are anti-American just like McConnell, Ryan. Murdoch, and all the rest of the uniparty.

                1. Sessions wasn’t useless. He was a backstabbing vile traitor who was actively working to Stop Trump and put the Justice Department, when he himself wasn’t Obstructing Justice, into the hands of people like McCabe, who simply Obstructed Justice.

                  Sessions should be reviled right up there with Benedict Arnold. He handed over the Justice Department to the enemy forces. Oh, and he didn’t even have the Victories that General Arnold could cite. He was almost WORSE than Benedict Arnold.

                  Further, the Deep State Tyranny is far worse than the British Tyranny in 1775 as the first shots were fired. Plus, their plans will take them inevitably to Stalinesque levels of Tyranny.

                  Oh wait, Unskeptic Skeptic notes that this IS Stalinesque and yet still won’t be truthful about Trump.

                  Stalinesque level Tyranny may not be what he could accept for himself, but it apparently isn’t a deal breaker for a candidate he supports.

                  The problem with RDS is he is beholden to the Money Machine and those are the same people behind these Stalinesque tyrannical moves. So, despite anything RDS may say and whatever he may actually believe, he will never be able to bite the hand that feeds him.

                  A real rebellion would have a Leader who backed Trump and kept Moving Florida Right Towards Freedom.

                  1. No argument from me regarding Sessions. He’s just always been hard for me to figure. Recall that he was an early supporter, long before most people thought Trump had a shot at winning the R nomination. Maybe it was a “just in case” deal.

                    Pompeo comes to mind. I originally thought he was a decent man. Now we know he is a backstabbing anti-American deep state asshole. Sessions is from the same mold I suppose.

                    1. Sessions was what is called a “Sleeper”.

                      Someone who claims for decades he is what he isn’t and then is activated at a crucial moment.

                    2. Yea, could be. Still, why help Trump just to hurt him later?
                      Some things just don’t add up to me.

                    3. That’s the point of a “sleeper”. To activate at a crucial, pivotal time.

                      Remember one thing. A single Senator has no power unless they are the designated Swing Vote.

                      Sessions was able to spend all those years in the Senate talking the talk and voting for or against bills like a true Conservative because Turtle, or whomever is the Head RINO at the time, needs a good 20 of them around at all times. Turtle knows who the true Americans are and who are the Sleepers. As long as he can count the votes on any issue, he can pass, or fail, anything he is told to pass or fail. It is important though to APPEAR to be Opposition.

                      Which is why Sessions sailed through the Confirmation Process.

                      We’re in the early stages of the Roman Senate Irrelevancy. A totally controlled process by the Uniparty designed to give the Appearance of Choice.

                    4. It’s plausible, maybe even the best answer. There’s also the idea that Sessions is a pussy that lacked the backbone to stand up to the bastards when they came for Trump. That’s what I thought early on, but your thinking is more likely correct.

                    5. In a lot of ways they’re all pussies. What has Sessions ever done but serve Government?

                    6. True.
                      And people that have their resume with only government service on it should always be suspect.

              2. Give it up, Barry. Seriously.

                LOL, you lying bastard. “Seriously”, you lied again and again, and you lied here with the first example you made –

                And then you run and hide like little girl.

                I will promise you this, if you come here to tell your lies I will expose them, as all decent Americans should.

  1. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in the 2024 race specifically because he was told by the right wing of the UniParty apparatchik that Donald Trump would be removed from contention.

    Nice to see I’m not the only one that figured that out.

    “…Donald Trump must be removed because he cannot be defeated.

    As I have been saying…

    President Donald Trump Takes Even More Commanding Lead Following DOJ Political Indictment and DeSantis Launch

    1. The more they try to strike him down, the more powerful he gets.

      They are showing us whom they REALLY FEAR.

      That he is taking so much flak must be because he is directly over the target.

      As Skeptic lamented, he could have simply slunk away and enjoyed his remaining years as a Billionaire.

      Yet, he perseveres on our Behalf. Truly a Brave Man.

      Meanwhile Government Man can’t even state uneequivocally what everyone knows to be true. Trump Won and the Election was Stolen.

      If Brave Sir Ron did say that, he’d be superfluous because then of course we would HAVE to run Trump because what will Ron do that Trump can’t. RDS has no distinguishing characteristics that make him better than Trump, even if he weren’t Swampy and really MAGA.

      But if he doesn’t do that then why WOULDN’T they Steal it from him in the same way. He cannot possibly complain about the same thing that happened in 2020 happening to him because by his silence he pretty much accepts that 2020 was Not Stolen. They’d just say that he never complained about three week voting window mail-in voting sent to everybody lack of chain of custody voting procedures in 2024 if he was ok with them in 2020 and 2022.

      His VALUE was in being Governor of the Free State of Florida and preparing for the coming confrontation by Keeping Florida Free!

      1. His VALUE…

        Really, the same as Jebs! Jeb was a good governor of Florida. It’s a different job entirely. Florida is not any better than many other states run by red governors. SC and OK come to mind.

        The real problem DeSantis has is he is DeSantis, owned by the moneymen that are on the side of China. It doesn’t make much difference to any one state, but to the country it is the whole ball game.

        1. I cannot know, for sure, as of now, whether RDS is Swampy. So occasionally he gets the benefit of the doubt.

          I am 95% sure he is Swampy and a 100% sure now that he needs the Money Machine to be successful.

          So to the extent he had value, he has little now except for what he could do for FL.

          I no longer believe he’ll do much for even FL once he gets trounced in the Primaries. He may flame out first debate even.

          1. Well, I guess I have a better view of the swamp 🙂

            I’ve given him credit for being a good governor, but really that is not that hard to do, especially when you have a large majority legislature. Jeb! was a good governor. Hell, Crist, as sorry an asshole as you’ll find, may have been a decent governor (I’m not really sure of that).

            The idea that DeSantis is some super governor is just hogwash however. He was elected with a lower margin of victory than the average republican governor that won, in spite of the TrumpHaters claiming his win was by epic proportions proving he can overcome a 40 point deficit in the republican primary.

            Everything is contrived about him, which is becoming more and more apparent as we go along. The only hope he ever had was for Trump to be removed, something it is painfully obvious he was told would happen.

            I only give the benefit of the doubt to proven people at this point, everyone else is a suspect in the theft of freedom and liberty. They have to prove theirselves the real deal.

            Lots of commenters getting exposed now for what they really are as the lines become more distinct. When a man, a former president, is charged and prosecuted under lawfare work, with a complicit media claiming it’s for “classified documents” when it actually isn’t in order to generate more bad press, the opportunity to stand up for the rule of law rather than the rule of men is right there hanging over the plate. Lots of people, like unskeptic, are striking out, choosing to defend the atrocious and corrupt prosecution by refusing to condemn it unequivocally. Like DeSantis did when his only complaint was hillary and biden junior were not also arrested. This shows you who they really are, and they are not Americans.

            1. Like I said. 95% sure, but right now I cannot be 100%.

              But it’s a distinction without a difference, He cannot now Not Be Swampy. Because he’s waded in like Cruz into the NeverTrump Slime and cannot extricate himself.

              Like I said, as a good Governor of FL he had value, but even that’s gone. When he loses the Nomination he may just go Swampy on Florida as well.

              Perhaps not. Who knows. Time will tell. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

              Look at W’s actions after winning his second term. He simply disappeared for 4 years and let them impugn him the whole time and he let the Country slide into a Great Depression style banking crisis and let two wars slide into farces. All while Americans died. Then he has the gall to resurface and excoriate Donald Trump for doing what he pledged as a “True Conservative” to do, and which he never even tried to do.

              Recall that W had the same House and Senate majorities to pass the Conservative Agenda if he was so inclined.

              He wasn’t.

              1. “He wasn’t.”

                True. Bush as we have learned, was just another deep state operative, as was Dad, and the brother. They are all corrupt. They are Frat brothers of DeSantis 🙂

                I didn’t mean that to sound like I was disparaging you on the 95%. I’m not. I’m just at 100% and have been since the raid on Mar a Lago. That eliminated any doubt I had.

              2. Recall that W had the same House and Senate majorities to pass the Conservative Agenda if he was so inclined.”

                Correct. I’d add that W wasn’t a victim of the recession nor a bystander. It was W’s administration that pressured banks to make bad mortgages in an effort to increase minority homeownership. W caused it.

                But that’s an interesting comment you made, Kenny. Let’s change one word in it.

                Recall that Trump had the same House and Senate majorities to pass the Conservative Agenda if he was so inclined.

                Still true.

                1. You missed the point. It wasn’t a disparagement of W. It was an indictment of the GOP.

                  1. I’ve probably said it before here, probably more than once, but I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh back during the runup to the 2000 election, when he spent the entire year up to the GOPe convention excoriating Dubya for being much too “moderate” (ie, liberal), then turned on a dime and began praising Dub to the skies as a “true conservative.” What horseshit that was.

                    1. What horseshit that was.

                      It took me a bit longer to realize what a pile of horseshit W represented, but I did get there. No help from Rush.

                    2. I can see your point. I will say that I was guilty back then of something most of us supported. Once the Primaries were done we were supposed to rally around the Nominee because he was better than a Democrat.

                      Who knew W would be possibly worse than a Gore presidency?

                      We will never know because Gore.never got a chance.

                      The one thing we do know is that Trump was better than Crooked and there is no doubt.

                      Rush did so much more that was Right and right that I forgive that unusual mistake from him. Plus, I plead guilty as charged.

                      W WAS a decent Governor of TX and DID say all the right things. I bought the “he’s more conservative than his Daddy” in the Primaries too.

                      Fool me once…

                2. Recall that Trump had the same House and Senate majorities to pass the Conservative Agenda if he was so inclined.

                  No one is this damn stupid, which is why I tell you unskeptic is simply on the other side.

                  Trump was all in on legislation that would restore American freedom and wealth. It was those house and senate majorities that stood in the way. You know, the ones that that refused to repeal obamacare after campaigning on it, all the while Trump had pen in hand ready to sign it.

                  The ones that that refused to fund the border wall after campaigning on it, while Trump had pen in hand ready to sign it.

                  The ones that kept the senate “in session” 24 hrs per day, 365.25 days per year, just to stop Trump from making a recess appointment where he could put someone other than the uniparty in positions.

                  As I say, no one is this stupid. Unskeptic is simply a Mitch McConnell / Paul Ryan / Rupert Murdoch gal. An anti-American to the very core.

                3. Hey dummy, he WAS so inclined and DEMANDED it.

                  To add on to Barry’s list, Trump sent a balanced budget for passage to “Tea Party” Ryan and Turtle McFiscalPrudency and they said not was DOA

                  They wouldn’t even entertain it. They wouldn’t negotiate it. They wouldn’t even LOOK at it. They simply told him, and hence US, that the 8 prior years they told US they shared our concerned over Fiscal Insanity was Simply Bald Faced Lies and told US to FOAD.

                  W CONCEALED.
                  Trump REVEALED.

                  RDS right now CONCEALS the fact he is beholden to The Money Machine and always has been a Government Man.

                4. Oh and BJ Clinton pushed CRA. W just never did anything to roll back the Leftist Agenda enacted under HW and BJ, the brother from another Mother he called him.

                  Meanwhile Barry has a long list of conservative things Trump accomplished despite having his Own Party oppose him (they never opposed W) .

                  Note to Barry: You have to add the Abraham Accords near the top of that list, as 4 Peace Deals went a long way in stabilizing the ME for US.

                  1. Note to Barry:…

                    Good point, that is a major accomplishment even if it goes unrecognized by the vast majority.

                    6A) Abraham Accords, bringing peace to the middle east instead of war

  2. Tucker has episode 3 out and it’s all about the corrupt prosecution of Trump, and why they are doing it.

    I’ll just note he doesn’t excuse the corrupt federal government because Trump is less than perfect.

    13 minutes, but well worth the time. So far, the twitter episodes are an improvement over the Fox news show. No commercials and no interruptions.

    1. Ha! You beat me to the punch there, Barr, I was just getting ready to post it as soon as this Chicago song gets finished playing. 😉

        1. Heh, I just saw this but I did see the TC post.

          I’m fast as greased lightning…

    2. Tucker got everything right but I quibble with one point. Trump was not any more susceptible to flattery than any other person who wished to be President.

      Trump had a list of approved people. After Sessions stabbed US in the back, Trump had a problem.

      1. Obviously those openly opposed to him on the agenda were out of consideration.
      2. 2. But what about the people who were OPENLY supportive of that Agenda? How could Trump know who was who until he chose them and he tested them.

      So, for instance, Pompeo. I’m sure Trump has met many a “flatterer” in his day. As long as he supported the Agenda and followed orders, who cares if he was openly toadying up? The question was whether Pompeo was supporting the Agenda (publicly he was) and following orders (I see no evidence he wasn’t).
      So unless someone shows me how Pompeo was working actively against the Agenda, what difference does it make? Trump couldn’t be certain about ANYONE. Technically not even about General Flynn.

      General Flynn seems to be the only one who passed the Real AMerican Test. He withstood the slings and arrows of Facing Jail Time steadfastly for his President and Country. He even stood fast when the Prosecution was DROPPED but the Judge wouldn’t let it be DROPPED. Something unprecedented. He never betrayed President and Country, even to this day.

      I say the same about Rudy Giuliani.

      And that’s it, basically. There might be a few others, but essentially it is this:

      EVERYONE else on that list, from Pence to Pompeo, Sessions to Mattis, and so on and so on, betrayed Trump and America.

      Tucker is speaking from hindsight here.

      No one questioned Sessions’ bonafides until he turned. Same with Pompeo. Although Pence was not to be trusted, even he seemed to be just a lifer who wanted to get paid a few more years before disappearing with a Fat Pension. That Pence is THIS Swampy is something of a surprise.

      Mattis was lauded as a Go AMerica and Let’s Win General. Meaning “Get the job done, break things and kill people, and get out” type. He was a NEOCON NeverEnding War man instead.

      1. Very well stated Kenny, and I agree with every word.

        Carlson is a flawed man, but getting better. He was never on the Trump side, IMO, but has figured out that Trump was constantly maligned and his (TC’s) reaction to that is what was wrong, not Trump.

        Trump is clean, perhaps the cleanest person to hold the office of president in the last 100 years or so. He would get a run for his money from Reagan and Ike I believe, but that’s probably about it. Carlson just can’t bring himself to address the real root of his problem – he let the deep state apparatchiks fool him completely. But there is hope, I see signs he is waking up.

        Trump doesn’t get fooled by flattery, that is clear. I agree with you on Pompeo, while he was working for Trump he appeared to be doing the job he was tasked to do. Now, it’s clear he’s a apparatchik, being paid to try and STOP TRUMP.

        1. Just look at what he did with Chris Christie, making him stand on stage like a buffoon. Or what he did to Romney, inviting him to the WH in the expectation that Trump might add him to the cabinet.

          These were early signs that Trump “got” people and simply accepted “flattery” as long as he got loyalty.

  3. I missed this opportunity to read and then respond to Unskeptic. So I will repost it and then respond.

    Kenny, reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. In terms of the indictment of Trump, you and I agree 100%. Let’s face it – the docs at Trump’s place were so “dangerous” that the Feebs took pictures of them scattered on the floor and Tweeted the picture out. The indictment is bullshit. Complete and total bullshit.

    That said – you seem to be expecting DeSantis to mount a full throated defense of Trump, the man, instead of talking about the principle of the rule of law. Why on earth should he do that? Trump has been attacking him relentlessly for the last year in ways both political and highly personal. Why should DeSantis stick his neck out for Trump?

    One of Trump’s failings has been his unerring ability to attack those that he needed favors from later. As they say, “The toes you step on in your way up might be connected to the ass you have to kiss on the way down.”

    In a legitimate First World country, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. Had the 2020 election been legitimate, Trump would have won. And were we a country that still held to the rule of law, this indictment wouldn’t have happened. But here we are. And the people that could have been Trump’s allies have mostly been savaged by him already. Hence, I don’t blame DeSantis a bit for attacking the weaponization of the FBI and the two-tiered system of law while not speaking directly to Trump’s innocence.

    Yes, I DO expect RDS to launch a full-throated defense of Trump.
    Trump, by your own admission, did nothing wrong.
    See, that is what a PRINCIPLED person would do. I would actually think about supporting him if HE ACTUALLY SUPPORTED A FELLOW AMERICAN GETTING RAILROADED BY THE SYSTEM if he truly BELIEVED in the Rule Of Law.

    He has shown that Winning, FOR HIMSELF, is MORE IMPORTANT, than WINNING for the Rule of Law and supporting even his opponent. Which he supposedly is in line with on 99% of his policy points.

    He’s a f*cking liar, Unskeptical, and you should be skeptical. Why does he not want to support what is AMERICAN to the Core and yet he claims to want to DEFEND US in the same way?

    Thanks, but anyone who won’t defend Trump won’t defend ME. He’s SWAMPY.

    He’s the same Weasel Swamp Creature that Cruz was when he refused to defend Trump at Chicago.

    Cruz got CRUSHED.

    1. Cruz got CRUSHED.

      And DeSantis is getting crushed even worse. Floridians have it figured out and Trump leads there as well as nationwide.

      And don’t you just love the liar’s little dig about reading comprehension…
      That, from someone that claims they were cheering Trump for saying something he didn’t say. Cheering. Seared, seared into his memory.

      unskeptic never cheered Trump for any reason.

  4. People like me have been telling you for years that the republicans are getting paid off (along with the democrats). It’s done in many ways. Take DeSantis, he got a book deal from Rupert Murdoch, a typical lefty way to make a payoff. Doubt me? Who do you think was clamoring for a book written by DeSantis? Were there even 10 people? Don’t bother reporting the sales, the institutions purchase the books and throw them in the trash. It’s all part of the big con.

    Moving along – Steve Bannon reports on a developing and BIG story, Sequoia Capital paying the RINO bastards:

    As I say, developing.

    1. Shifty Schiff.

      I really can’t understand what happened with Bannon leaving Trump’s admin. Still perplexes me.

      1. My best guess, Bannon forgot who the top man was, not in a terrible way, but enough for him to get pushed aside. Were I Trump I’d hire him back in a skinny minute, make him chief of staff.

    1. If tens of millions have to starve to take down the West then Xi is willing to live with that.

      He’s a Neo-Maoist and I’m afraid he’s every bit the Psychopath that Mao was.

      1. Agreed, except Xi may be worse than Mao. Mao only had power inside the borders.

          1. I had hopes, long ago, that technology would work the other way, that technology companies would protect their freedom, and ours. I didn’t realize that the truly wealthy could be bought so easily.

            Looks pretty damn silly now.

  5. If you listen, listen even a little bit, and watch, they* will tell you who they fear.

    Sundance lays out one in a thousand reasons why Trump scares them*

    The Deep State Document Hunt Against Donald Trump in Context

    Sundance on Bill Barr (corrupt trash):

    “Why? Why is he doing this? Does he really believe this? The answer is yes, and essentially what Bill Barr is doing is protecting the system that George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama constructed and then used respectively. Barr is defending the surveillance state, the post-Patriot Act state of intelligence agency control over government.
    Bill Barr is protecting the weaponized institutions of the Director of National Intelligence (Bush/Cheney), the Dept of Justice – National Security Division [DOJ-NSD (Obama/Holder)], the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA Court), and the Dept of Homeland Security (Bush/Cheney). These institutions, according to AG Bill Barr, are now in full control of the executive branch, full control of government, and now more powerful than the Office of the President of the United States.”

    Sunday Talks, Bill Barr Continues His Crusade Against Trump in Effort to Protect the Bush-Obama Surveillance State and DOJ-FBI Constructs

    Pay Attention. It’s all right in front of you.

    *the corrupt to the core communist deep state and that is both parties

    1. I don’t understand why they fear him Barry.

      All you have to do is flatter him and he does whatever you want him to do.

      So, if they wanted something from the records all they had to do is tell him how virile he is if he hands them over.
      If they want meeting notes he took for himself when he met alone (without a Deep State “aide” checking what he was saying) all they have to do is say how Tall and Handsome he is, like a Hollywood Movie Star. He’ll trip over himself to do that.
      Plus, all they had to do to get an Aide into those meeting was to tell him how they wanted to record the Sheer Brilliance that is Trump’s mind! He would have 5 Aides present then!

      Wow, my tongue was pressing so hard into my cheek with that I may not be able to eat lunch, it hurts so much.

      It’s obvious from things like what Sundance points out is that Trump wasn’t taken in by their flattery. He wasn’t charmed or bamboozled into trusting people wrongly. He WAS always suspicious and, as Sundance points out, if he went to a meeting without an Aide spying on him, the OTHER Leader could also be more candid about what he was asked to do to “accommodate” Deep State and how dirty some people really were.

      1. Yes, everything the neverTrumpers say is a damn lie. Everything. And way to many people believe it all because they don’t take the time to look deeper, or at least read those that do.

        And then there are the willful liars that make shit up and when caught, just run and hide and lie some more.

    1. Yes, but then, there goes another Institution that at one time at least was Right of Center…

      We need to exorcise these Demons without killing the Host.

      Hopefully Tucker will just simply replace Fox.

      1. “…without killing the Host.

        Unpossible. The host is the Demon. Always has been. 2015 Faux was all in trying to destroy Trump and they tasked what they thought was their sharpest woman to do the job. They thought he couldn’t fight back against a woman, and what did Trump do? Destroyed her.

        They gave the appearance of being right of center, the better to influence us. It was never truly right of center except in the evening and that was just barely and primarily on social issues. That’s how they fool us (DeSantis), say less than moderate things about those gays and the “right” comes a running.

        Trump exposed them.

        1. This is a recent development coinciding with the Murdoch Boys taking the helm.

          I’m not saying they were ever MAGA, but they were Right of Center. Say, in the 1990s or until they got rid of Roger Ailes.Papa Murdoch seems content to let whomever he put in charge to run it as they see fit. When that was Ailes it was ok. But his own Uday and Qusay ran a coup on Ailes.

          Now they’re Swampy.

  6. The truth has a way of getting out. Recall blowjob Clintons “secret” meeting on the airport tarmac with Loretta Lynch…

    [CALIFORNIA] […] The Republican snuck in and out of the Coalinga landmark undetected by the public nor the media, by design. He flew in and out of the nearby Coalinga airport, ushered to the back loading docks by unmarked Fresno County Sheriff’s vehicles.

    You’ve been told the truth on these pages, that DeSantis is the deep state globalist candidate, the china owned GOPe Government Man. DeSantis voted for and supported TPP and TPA, American economy killers. And now the truth finds it’s way out:

    DeSantis opposes tariffs on China
    DeSantis is the billionaire anti-American candidate

    BOOM! Ron DeSantis Privately Tells Corporate Donors He Is Against U.S Tariffs on Chinese Goods

    DeSantis will continue to implode as more and more people discover the truth.

  7. Trump certainly flubs this:

    It sounds like he believes the vaccine helped with the original virus, which is partially true I think. The variants are always steps ahead of vaccine design ( and I speak of normal vaccines here).

    What he doesn’t address is the death and destruction caused by the “vaccine”, which might be worse than that of the virus itself.

    1. Flubs!!!! Are you out of your mind? This killed millions of people and maybe hasn’t even started yet.

      1. I’m pretty sure the Vaxxes have been killing people.

        How? What’s the proof? Where’s the studies that show the connections.

        So, while I lean heavily towards the position for several reasons that the Vaxxes were/are dangerous, I don’t have any hard numbers to point at for that position.

        You have a link that uses real hard data on this? Something that shows an increase in heart related deaths that also correlates with Vaxx status? If we could even show correlation we could call for an investigation.

        It’d be great if you have a link.

        Oh and RDS pushed the Vaxxes hard for months before it became apparent they were not working. That was sometime in May or June 2022.

        If they’re so deadly then why doesn’t The Governor of FL make it illegal to Vaxx people in FL?

        You people are DESPERATE to find something that differentiates RDS from Trump. Stop trying. You can’t. He’s not MAGA.

        1. The nut is more on the Pence parade I believe, the man Trump tasked with handling the scamdemic.

          1. Anyone supporting Pence has to be a loon by definition. The guy’s pulling 1%.


            We Know Mike Pence is Swampy.

            1. Yea, but he pretends to be a devout “Christian”, so other pretenders love him.

      2. Dingbat, I have put up numerous links to people that may have died from the effects of the scamvirus shot, many of them.

        And yet there is not a shred of evidence that “millions” have been killed by the damn stuff. And you can’t link to any evidence of anything remotely like that. It’s just more of your bullshit with nothing to back it up.

      3. For perspective:
        Here is a map showing the status of each state for “fully vaxxed”. It’s pretty high on the west cost and in the northeast.

        Let’s just take the sate of NC as an example as it is representative of many states:
        Fully Vaxxed – 67%
        Partially Vaxxed – 90%

        What is not happening in NC – People are not dying unexpectedly all over the state. 2020 was the bad year when there was a rise in all cause deaths.

        The following chart tells the story –

        The death rate and total deaths track the population chart almost uniformly except in the year 2020. Most of the high death rate occurred before the vax was even available, and after the death rate is normal.

        This should put to rest any notion that the vax is killing “millions”.

    2. As far as most people are concerned the Vaxxes either worked or were simply ineffective on the variants, but harmless .

      Now, there’s a group.of people like us that believe they are actually harmful. We’re still a minority. Also, there are no official studies or any hard data to back up our position. It’s all anecdotal.

      I think, politically, Trump has to be very careful how far he drives this. He has to walk a fine line until more people come to learn the truth about the Vaxxes.

      1. I agree, it’s tricky politically. But I think Trump should be better prepared to deal with the possibility that there are many deaths, more than the norm, for this shit.

        All medications including traditional vaccinations have side effects up to and including death. Does this stuff exceed the norm? I think so, and by a substantial number, but it’s not provable at this point.

        1. I agree.

          But even FDA approved drugs have that problem.

          The difference to it all was that it had to be Voluntary.

          Many tens of millions were forced to take the Vaxxes.

          Both Trump and RDS never Mandated it. Both Trump and RDS fought mandates.

          If it is “deadly” as the RDS want to make of it, then as Governor why hasn’t he stopped the administration of the Vaxxes?

          He, and NeverTrump, are hypocrites on this issue.

          1. Hypocrites absolutely.

            DeSantis pushed the vaxx:

            These vaccines are saving lives. They are reducing mortality,” DeSantis said during a news conference in St. Petersburg. “I can tell you that we’re going to end up having over 95% of folks that end up seriously ill from this point on are going to be people who are not vaccinated. And so, that’s the single most important thing that people can understand.”


            The simple fact is that DeSantis was fooled, just like Trump was fooled. Neither knew the medical establishment was either corrupt, stupid, or too lazy to look at the data for themselves. There is no benefit politically to one over the other if anyone is honest.

            You and I (and others of course) knew and understood early on what was going on, the lies being told, and we knew why. But the people in charge at the presidential level and the governor level had no choice, IMO, but to take the medical establishment at their word. Very few knew how deeply corrupt even the medical profession was. Now they do, or they should.

            1. Aww look, the little down vote pussies with nothing to say, don’t like the truth.

              They prefer to be lied to, for someone to tell them those chains are golden.

    1. If I could go back in time, I’d spend a lot of time and energy trying to get Perot elected and, the best case, elected as the Republican Nominee and send HW packing.

    1. Which is why the fight is mainly at the State Level.

      Which is why places like GA must fight to take back their States like we have been doing.

  8. You can purchase a good used car for under 10K if you look. With the exception of the last one where I went bigger (in price), the previous three all cost right at 6K each, two of which I have put on a total of 175K miles. The other is my wife’s car and she doesn’t really drive all that much. Total maintenance cost for all three excluding oil changes (which I do) is <%1000 over 8 years.

    $1,000 per Month

    1. Might be a good business model. Helping people in finding a good used car amongst the dross out there.

      1. There is some luck involved I suppose, but I can listen to most cars and drive them 5-10 miles and know most everything. A worn out car has a feel to it, in the steering and over the bumps, how it squats down when you accelerate and nose dives when you stop. And it should stop straight and true with no funny noise.

        I don’t think you could make a business out of it though.

        Marine surveyors make pretty good money though.

    1. Except this guy at Wagner has felt that Putin is not brutal enough.

      He’s saying the right things to stay on Deep State’s good side this morning.

      No one should be happy we may have a Russian Civil War on our hands.

      This guy could be CIA Deep State backed now OR he could be a Lunatic Hardliner who would be worse than Putin.

      Or both.

      We tried very hard to avoid these scenarios as the Soviet Union was collapsing. No one knows where these things can spiral off to in an age of nukes.

      I’m no fan of HW Bush, but back in 1989-1992 he was not crazy enough to let things spiral off into God knows where and destroy America in the process.

      Now? With God Knows Who actually running the Government in DC? One that has proven it will do what’s wrong for America at every turn.

      This is worrying.

      1. No one should be happy we may have a Russian Civil War on our hands.

        I’ll bet the Bidens and their tongue-bathers are relieved that attention is being given to this rather than, you know, other current events.

      2. Truthfully, it doesn’t worry me at all. The nukes are not going to fly. “They” always use that to get us to go along with whatever nefarious scheme they have cooked up. The russians don’t want to die, and they will if they use a nuke anywhere but inside russia.

        There is simply now an end to the Ukraine war, replaced by a Russian civil war*, with both sides being horror factories. It’s Russia, a 3rd world turd country with a 3rd world military, run by despots since the dawn of history.

        No “news” information available can be believed.

        *the russian citizens hate the Ukraine war, hate being conscripted into the military, and hate putin. Will the civil war last one day or months I don’t know. There are reports out right now that some negotiation has produced a resolution. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      3. I’m no fan of HW Bush…

        Bush was completely powerless and sat back and watched events unfold. Reagan set the events in motion, the Soviet Union was going to collapse regardless however. Reagan just sped it up a little bit.

      4. I’m not happy about any war. However, I am very happy to see those that start them meet their end, the more violent and painful the better. It goes double for the most evil of them all, and putin is right up there at the top level.

  9. Apparently the “coup” is a real thing:

    “The war was needed … so that [Defense Minister Sergei] Shoigu could become a marshal … so that he could get a second ‘Hero’ [of Russia] medal,” Prigozhin reportedly said, according to NBC News. “The war wasn’t needed to demilitarize or denazify Ukraine.”

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