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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

Mike’s latest Eyrie post is available here. Don’t miss it if you can! NOTE: bonus points to anybody who can tell me where that last seemingly-flubbed line comes from.

Update! What, no takers? Okay then, the “don’t miss it if you can” line comes from here: Kermit Schafer’s All Time Great Bloopers, an album of my dad’s that me and my brother both loved as kids. Nearly wore that sucker slap out, we did.

51 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

    1. Never let them forget. And in the meantime, enjoy the compilation videos of death notices.
      January 2021: Joey Bigmouth says, “If you don’t get vaccinated, you should be locked in your house.”
      December 2021: Joey Bigmouth dead at 39 from heart failure

  1. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, Fox News, conservative pundits, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, conservative websites and political talkers writ large, all of them are continuing this game of pretending. Most of them are all connected to the same financial mechanisms.  None of these groups are going to ask any of the obvious questions or hold anyone to account. They all maintain the game of pretending.

    If you’re not reading Sundance you’re missing the simple and fundamental truth about our government, the politicians, and the “press”.

    ♦EXAMPLE – Ron DeSantis walks into a shop, or holds an event, ask him the big picture questions: Governor, when did you decide to run for the presidency? When all these billionaires and multinational corporations are giving you hundreds of millions of dollars, what do they expect from you? How much did Rupert Murdoch pay you for the advance on your recent book deal? Why was it important for you to seal your travel records? Why did you need the Florida legislature to change the ‘resign to run laws’?

  2. And Trump has not once reversed course on His vaccine. Document that instead of calling me names.

    1. And Jaybo has not once reversed course on His lies. Do that instead of whining like a little baby.

      A bit of wisdom for you, dumbo. Trump doesn’t have a vaccine. He didn’t create it. He just tried to get government out of the way of development. There was nothing wrong with wanting to see a vaccine developed for this virus or any other virus. And we always want to get government out of the f’ing way. Trump should state that it’s now clear the “vaccine” is not, that it doesn’t work, that it turned out to be a scam. But lack of such is only a disqualifier for morons like you that were always anti-Trump.

      I’ll stop calling you names, bitch, when you stop flinging poo, when you stop your drive by hatred. Are you still claiming to be a Christian? Are lies allowed?

      1. If Trump said anything JayNoTrump would be saying “Hah Trump got rolled!”.

        It’s a Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife trap.

        RDS pushed the Vaxxes HARD and even defended Trump about them early on.

        Also, RDS never disavowed them. He questioned their efficacy and appointed a panel to “study” them.

        How much you want to bet nothing will be completed until at least AFTER the Primaries. If ever!
        OR, that they will find that they aren’t effective as much as stated but not dangerous either.

        1. Yep. DeSantis generally sticks his tiny finger in the political wind to determine what he “thinks” he should be doing. It doesn’t come from his core.

          1. Just so you bots know, I am not for DeSantis. If voting could change this they would make it illegal for you keyboard commandoes

            Cowards don’t see where things are going because they may have to hide under they bed .

            1. So Brilliant Little Man, who else BUT Trump are going to try? What is your alternative?

              I realize that as of now, no one else CAN do anything. So, while I’m waiting for the rest of the people to come to this same conclusion, that Voting Harderer as things currently stands has almost 0 chance of succeeding, I may as well take a Flyer on the only person I KNOW I can Trust.

              Donald J. Trump.

            2. Just so you bots know, I am not for DeSantis.

              Of course not. As you are a fake christian you’re for another fake christian, Pence.

              Perfectly fitting.

      2. Trump claims the vaccine saved millions and claims he was responsible for it being available. He has not once said don’t take it. I voted for Trump twice Judas.

        Are you now judge of who is a Christian? I would watch your words.

        WOW fling poo, you need an intervention!

        1. When did he say that last?
          18 months ago?

          Most people have no idea the Vaxxes are unsafe! The Healthcare professionals are STILL telling people to get Boosters and it’s safe. So does the Biteme people. So do the Media. Not one study has actually been done to say otherwise.

          Now WE all know this is bunk. But at least half of America is unaware of any of this. Why should Trump say he was WRONG when people believe in the opposite, BUT STILL BLAME TRUMP.

          There is just no upside in it.

          So RDS commissioned a study that will never be widely discussed so he can AVOID the issue.

          Because it is smart to avoid the issue. Which is what Trump is now doing.

        2. I judge you are a liar. It has been proven on these pages multiple times. If you would like I’ll list them again just to watch you go silent trying to make it go away. Let’s just mention 1 of the big ones. Jaybo claims Shanghai Motors owns 1/3 of GM stock. Proven false 100%. And you have never admitted the truth, because it was a LIE all along.

          I ask a question. Are you claiming to be a Christian while continuing to lie? No answer from Jaybo.

          “I would watch your words”
          Why? You going to call in the internet police? Or do you think you speak for God and I’ll go to hell for telling the truth?

          Trump made no such claim that I’m aware of. He said others say it saved millions.
          He certainly pushed government out of the way to get on the fast track, so that part is true. He had no way to know it was a scam.

          I don’t give a damn who you vote for. You’re a twisted asshole that needs psychiatric help.

          1. LOL I said nothing of GM stock asshole. I said SM owns one third of GM. All 119 plants built by GM in the last 50 years are in China and are 50% owned by SM. They own 1/3 or more of all of assets, not stock asshole.

            Trump is still pushing the vax and still calling it good. He din’t know it was a SCAM ??? HE DOES NOW

            Keeping silent is a smart move on the largest crime against humanity?

            You are a narcissist that has no life outside this little page, you and Chasten must be very lonely old they/ them

            Sleep tight bed bugs do bite FTF

            1. Liar. You claimed 1/3 of GM was owned by Shanghai Motors. Like all your lies, you try to twist it later because you got caught. You said nothing about chinese factories. Nothing about assets.

              “All 119 plants built by GM in the last 50 years are in China”

              More lies from a pathological liar. Just one example opened in 1990:

              And 2006:

              There are others in the USA plus many others worldwide not built in china.

              100% Liar.

              Some of the other lies for reference:

              Claim: East Carolina put out more pro baseball players than any other school.
              Reality: ECU isn’t even in the top 50, Jaybot lied

              Claim: Soros funds the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
              Reality: Jaybot the clown cannot back this up. It’s 100% false.

              Claim: The Chernobyl nuclear disaster killed millions
              Reality: Not even close. When challenged Jaybot changed from humans to reindeer. Couldn’t prove that one either as it is also a lie.

              Jaybot is just another internet clown.

            2. You are a narcissist that has no life outside this little page, you and Chasten must be very lonely old they/ them

              LOL, words from a pathological liar with severe mental issues.

              But do come back for another helping. It’s all you do. You’re like a moth attracted to the flame.

            3. 50 years ago Mao ran China. They didn’t start opening to the West until the mid 80s and they didn’t start making cars until the 90s.

              Math isn’t your strong point either.

              You’re sick. Buy a clue, then get a life.

      1. Yea, but to be fair, he’s only capable of splitting the neverTrump vote a percent or so.

        1. He’s got great potential for a nickname…


    1. And when even THAT didn’t work, they ran the Scamdemic, murdered tens of thousands of seniors, all to run the ScamElection and oust him in a more classic Coup.

      1. We’ve known this all along of course. I keep thinking (hoping) others will figure it out, but it’s starting to look like most people are just content to be near slaves.

        1. Most people have figured that out.

          Far too many are ok with the results and don’t care how they got them.

          The ends justify the means…

          1. Oh look, the pussy is back to downvoting again. Must suck to be such a loser.

            1. Doesn’t bother with me
              Cause I’m Chastity
              A double for Barry I be
              I can’t think for me

              1. Heh, the more posts we make the more downvotes the coward gets to prove his cowardice with.

                I still don’ get the “chastity” part, but then it’s hard to figure what’s in the head of a demented pervert.

                  1. Whatever, lunatic. It STILL makes no sense, except in your fevered dreams when you return to lucidness for a spell.

                  2. Oh and you do know that chastity and chasten have the same etymological root. Chaste.

                    1. That requires an IQ over 50, and there is zero evidence the psycho has one even close to that level.

                      The idiot can’t explain it because it’s stupid, whatever the hell it is.

                  3. I don’t google anything you fucking moron. You can’t explain it because it’s as fundamentally stupid as you are.

        2. LOL slaves do you really think they will allow a free election? Are you that stupid? They have stolen at least two. WITH NO ONE PAYING ANY CONSEQUENCES. But Barry says they will play fair this time because Chasten and I say so. You clowns are a riot

          1. No one believes they’ll play fair.

            But you got an alternative?

            When you do, let us know. In the meantime, I’ll use whatever tools I may have at my disposal, knowing full well they are of limited value.

              1. So you got nothing. As usual.

                Except a panty fetish. Do you wear one each day with the Day of the Week printed on it?

                Jaybo, your singular obsession with Barry and I is pathetic. Get a life.

          2. The dope is still a dope, still telling lies. Where do you find any statement from me that elections will be free? You can’t of course.

            You’re just a fucking neurotic asshole and liar. Every damn thing you say is a lie.

  3. If you aren’t already clued in on the republican party and the fact it does not, repeat – DOES NOT – care about America or the American citizen, or if you would like to read a nicely stated summary (short and sweet) then read this:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ – The only thing the R party cares about, and they don’t care “whose flag is atop the spire”, nor do they care about any issue other than those that line their pockets with $$$$.
    Every social issue is designed to fool you into voting their way, not to put their person in office, but to keep the wrong kind out.

    Who are the wrong kind?
    People like Donald Trump that care about the country and the Americans that live here. They put Americans first, the average American, the men and women that go to work to make a better life for their families. The democrats sell the average American out for power and control, the republicans sell them out for $$$$$. It is that simple.

    Don’t fall for it.

    1. Nowadays there is a lot of overlap between Dems and GOPe. Uniparty. Controlled Opposition.

      Money begets Power and Power begets Money. After a while, it becomes chicken and egg.

      Lola vs Powerman and the Moneygoround.

      But your basic point is spot on. Both the Dems and GOPe, which is a large % since they control the Party and manage the people who are coming up the ranks, are both corrupted an anti-American.

  4. The people behind Ron DeSantis have been preparing this 2024 landscape for several years. Everything about the DeSantis campaign is built upon a foundation of lies, manipulation and fraud. The teams that have assembled to support DeSantis are financed and paid well for their efforts. There are trillions at stake, and DeSantis will have more money than any political candidate in the history of U.S. politics. Again, this is a reference point for the scale of our corrupt state.

    Don’t be fooled. DeSantis is the GOPe / Fox news / Government man.

  5. While looking for a date on another Heinlein quote, I found this seemingly appropriate nugget:

    You put me in mind of a case I ran into in the American West. A respected citizen shot a professional gunthrower in the back. When asked why he didn’t give the other chap a chance to draw, the survivor said, ‘Well, he’s dead and I’m alive and that’s how I wanted it to be.’ Jamie, if you use sportsmanship on a known scamp, you put yourself at a terrible disadvantage.

    Last night I had Gunsmoke on while I was at the computer working on a plan to modify my old trailer. In the episode a gunslinger had come to town to kill Matt Dillon. A showdown occurred and Matt Dillon drew first and killed the gunslinger. He told Chester there was no need to give a scoundrel any advantage.

    Point: We follow the rules and regulations of the government because we agree at least marginally with them. Free men are able to know when to throw those out and break them however. As we move closer to the marxist rule and an iron fist I imagine some lines will be broken pretty soon.

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