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Maybe, maybe not

A surprise endorsement from Jim Kunstler.

You may have noticed that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., announced he is running for president as a Democrat. I might be wrong, but just now it seems to me that this changes everything. First, let me tell you something interesting about RFK, Jr. Despite the family name and all the baggage that comes with it, he is not the least bit imperial. He’s unpretentious. He communicates in plain English (and with a damaged larynx). I doubt that he entertained any idea of running for office until the current moment. Sometimes the zeitgeist calls, though, and you have to step up, even understanding very clearly that you might get killed for doing so.

Mr. Kennedy’s life has been a rocky hero’s journey. He was a troubled young man, at times lost in drugs. He had a marriage end as badly as possible (wife’s suicide). He’s dedicated the past twenty-five years to fighting the growing menace of Big Pharma and doing it pretty valiantly, considering the US government and mainstream media assists all of Pharma’s depredations. He wrote THE book about Dr. Anthony Fauci, and it is a helluva book. He’s running in opposition to just about everything that the Democratic Party stands for these days. This must seem strange, but I suspect a substantial portion of rank-and-file Democrats may be secretly anxious to cast off the Woke / Deep State despotism that cloaks the party like a smallpox blanket. For many, it will be like waking from a nightmare.

Then there is Mr. Trump. He’s been on his own even stranger hero’s journey, considering his origins in real estate and showbiz, and his personal peccadillos. Mr. Trump also recognized the evil afoot in our country and he set out to correct all that. He was attacked unfairly and incessantly by people of bad character and ill intent, even to this day as he faces an absurd political prosecution in Manhattan. You have to admire his fortitude and resilience in the face of such massed official bad faith.

His first time around in the White House, though, Mr. Trump kind of muffed the job. He had many opportunities to disarm and fire antagonists like Christopher Wray and the perfidious generals who kept backstabbing him, but he just didn’t do it. He got played on the whole Covid fraud and still hasn’t renounced the killer “vaccines” developed in the Warp Speed flimflam.

While I consider the New York case brought by DA Alvin Bragg to be a disreputable shuck and jive, over which Mr. Trump will prevail, and while I recognize him as the current leader in the battle against a Globalist putsch, I think Mr. Kennedy would be a far better choice to clean up the mess that has been made of us. I was particularly unnerved by Mr. Trump’s speech at Mar-a-Lago the night of his indictment. I know many find his manner charming, but to me his mode of speaking seems childish and weirdly inarticulate — and the last thing this country needs is more rhetorical confusion. And I’m also disturbed by the histrionic trappings that went with it — the grandiose music, the myriad flags and seals. It actually has a banana republic flavor.

Mr. Kennedy, on the other hand, brings a solemn humility to the scene. Even in his quavering voice, he speaks clearly and with insight. He’s an excellent writer. He reminds me much more of what was good about our country and the men it once produced than the flamboyant Golden Golem of Greatness. I’m aboard for the ride. It’s going to be goshdarn interesting and I hope the bastards don’t try to kill him, because that will really be the end for us.

That’s all well and good, I suppose. But still: a Kennedy? A D卐M☭CRAT, for Cripe’s sake? Makes little or no real difference in the end who’s “president” now, of course, since those who actually run things don’t ever come up for a vote.

But still. Aesop shares my skepticism.

Please, Sweet Jesus, for the love of sanity, for his children’s sake, on general principles alone, the Secret Service, somebody, ANYBODY, TACKLE HIM AND DRAG HIM TO SAFETY WITH ALL DISPATCH!!!

1) He’s an anti-Not-A-Vaxxer

2) He’s going to run as a Democommunist to challenge Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants Ist, after the crookedest fakest election in US history (and after his uncle’s and grandfather’s shenanigans in 1960, that’s saying something).

3) He’s a Kennedy, FFS.

Agreed. Plus, as Aesop concludes, you know there are already lots of sinister, shadowy folks out there thinking “HAT TRICK!” Can’t say I have anything specific against the man; certainly, his stand against the phony, dangerous FauxVid “vaccines” is greatly to his credit, even if nothing else is, which puts him one up on Trump.



14 thoughts on “Maybe, maybe not

  1. Kunstler gets a few things right, and he gets some things wrong. This is one of those king of the hill wrongs.

    I find it weird that intelligent people are always ignoring reality – the absolute economic turn around engineered by Trump, the near halt to illegal immigration engineered by Trump, and no understanding that Trump could not know who was bad and who was good any more than Kunstler could* or did, and that he would have to have the approval of deep state for most of the choices.

    Trump succeeded in spite of the deep state.

    *how many of you predicted the worthlessness of Sessions? I see no hands going up, none.

  2. He needs to be careful. Kennedy’s don’t have a very good track record being or running for President.

    1. 🙂
      No, they don’t. And the corrupt cabal running the country really doesn’t like anyone remotely independent.

  3. Kennedy is a pathway out of the Pedo Joe situation. Even the Dems know that Biden is basically a potted plant by now, and they recognize that if he is installed for a second term, he’s likely to shit himself at the podium at some point. They really can’t elevate Kamala – even the margin of fraud can’t cover her. So, let’s bring in a Kennedy. Until I read Kunstler’s article, I wouldn’t have believed that there was still Kennedy worship out there, but I guess there is. They’ll make him the nominee, present him as a “moderate,” and once he is installed in office, the radical leftward shift will continue – or accelerate.

    1. Kennedy is not the party choice to replace the potato, IMO. He will not play ball with the corrupt commie cabal currently running the country with slow joe as their cover.

      I’m not so sure it’s Newsom either.

      I knew it was going to be biden pretty early, there was no one else they could pass off. Now, beats the heck out of me, but not Kennedy.

      1. It is likely that Bobby Kennedy will get railroaded by the anti-American Obama gang. He is not on the side of destroying America and this will cost him dearly in the 2024 Presidential race with DC elites.

        I’m not the only one that recognizes Kennedy is a pariah among the communist elite.

        Apparently Roger Stone thinks Kennedy would be a good VP choice for Trump. I rate the idea as intriguing, but unlikely.

        Roger Stone Identifies a Vice President that President Trump Might Consider – This Will Surprise You

      2. If they worried about elections and electability it would have been a Sanders/Gabbard ticket.

        But anyone with their own popular vote base that is Candidate driven first and Dem second is not controllable.

        If you’re stealing elections then the most unelectable person is the most beholden to you. Hence Biden/Harris.

        1. If you’re stealing elections then the most unelectable person is the most beholden to you. Hence Biden/Harris.

          Bingo! The man earns a cigar! (and a Heineken to go with it 🙂 )

          1. Someone suggested Beck’s to me. Had one tonight.

            Better taste. No ricey aftertaste. Still, pretty bland. Good if you just cut the lawn or were standing over a barbecue.

            Anyway. That’s why I say they don’t care to replace Kamel Humps of Biteme collapsed tomorrow.

            In 2024 if they dump Biteme they’ll have to admit the whole ticket sucked. So who do they go with.

            They’re planning to Steal It so why not go with the Black Vagina? Run it with the Gay Breast Feeder in Buttgag.

            Harris/Buttigieg. Aka The Blow/Suck Ticket. Or is it Suck/Blow?

            1. Becks is an AB import. They don’t own it (I think) but do have the distribution rights in the USA.

              I used to drink Becks at times rather than Heineken. The Becks is a bit more robust, more Germanic.

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