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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

26 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

    1. I only watch Fox Business in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon. But not Cavuto, the POS traitor.

      Varney, Bartiromo, Kudlow and Tucker are the only ones tolerable there (as well as the afternoon hosts Payne and Clayman. But they stick to markets mostly).

      I’m surprised those 4 haven’t been purged by now, but I guess that would cost Fox much of their audience.

      1. Myself, I think Bartiromo is bought. Cavuto is for sure. Varney is probably OK, and Kudlow is fine, IMO.
        All are subject to getting fired if they go to far, and as you say, they would be gone but Faux doesn’t want a complete collapse.

        1. Maria is willing to get right up to that edge. I don’t think she’s bought. So will Varney.

          No one goes past that line. Tucker is probably closest though. If he crosses it at times it’s because his ratings are sky high. The others have to be careful.

          1. Frankly, if you have to be “careful”, and not tell the truth you’re worthless. None of these people are hurting, they could all retire today.

            1. If you want to know what the other side is doing you have to get inside. That requires some skillz.

              I have no doubts that Elon Musk was there over the years and saw what they were up to first hand.

              Imagine how bad the inside, private conversations are if they are willing to release to the public such garbage as The Great Reset.

              We need people on our side to be resourceful and show some guile.

              That is why Trump kept donating to Dems and mingling/socializing with them. Sure, it was to his own benefit to do so, but I have no doubt he was also keeping an eye on them. Since the 90s, if not earlier, he has thought about running for POTUS. He always said he would only run if he thought the Country really needed him.

              Well, something during the 0 years must have triggered that feeling because he ran.

  1. Don’t you just love the discussions of China invading Taiwan?

    As I have mentioned, China doesn’t have the capability to conduct an invasion of a Taiwan determined to remain free.

    But notice a simple solution that is missing. We nuke Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Five cities, five nukes. That’s right after the Three Gorges Dam is nuked and blown wide ass open. So, make it six nukes.

    China is a destroyed and smoking pile of wet rubble in <30 minutes. Just one, count that, one US submarine using one or two Trident II D5 missiles of it’s 20 on board (SALT limit, has 24 tubes), each carrying 8 (Salt limit, could be 12) reentry vehicles with W88 475kt yield nuclear warheads will do the job very nicely. The Hiroshima nuke was 21Kt yield. 475 / 21 = 23 times the destructive force per warhead.

    So, one sub (we have 14 of the Ohio class boomers) parked off the coast of China (we likely have 3 – 4 parked there all the time) could deliver 20 missiles x 8 W88 475 Kt warheads, should we have a mind to do so.

    Do you think the chinese would invade Taiwan if they were told the simple truth, that any invasion of Taiwan will result in not one single American serviceman killed in any ground action? Rather, we will just push the buttons and unleash hell. We have nuclear weapons for a reason.

    But, but Barry, the chinese will nuke us back! No, because they will not invade Taiwan triggering the nuclear event to start with. They are not stupid and desire to continue living.

    I’m for freedom above all. That’s freedom for everyone that desires it. The Taiwanese have proven they will be free. The fucking brits sold Hong Kong into chinese slavery. The Brits have nuclear equipped boomers with our missiles and warheads, but are too feckless and pussy’s to use them as the top threat. Don’t be british pussies.

    1. The “Invasion of Taiwan” talk is misdirection.

      They’re already engaged, for more than a decade, in asymmetric warfare and have a seat at the Joetato table. Count on it. WuFlu being sent from there meant they were in on The Steal and they sure as hell expect to be paid.

      Why invade Taiwan when the long game is for the US to accede slowly to a Taiwan being sucked in without firing a shot. It might take a decade or so, but it’s doable the longer they have Their Man in DC.

      Anyway, too much is made of The PRC desiring Taiwan. Sure, it’s a Face thing, but I think they have larger goals, and once again, have been pursuing them through asymmetric warfare rather than the conventional kind.

      The more I look back with hindsight, the more I realize that our Deep State coddled the PRC when the Soviets fell and Deng was really just Deep State. The Plan being that the PRC would pick up the mantle of Communism from the Soviets, but they needed to fight the US in a more strategic way than the Soviets had done.

      Recall also that HW Bush is Deep State and CIA and BJ Clinton, and his Crooked Partner in Crime who studied Alinksy (Her Hero), were sleeper Communists as well.

      Commies do play the Long Game. We misunderestimate them at our peril. Not the stupid Useful Idiots at the street level or bureaucratic functionary level, but the real leaders of the Movement.

      1. Elsewhere I have said that the CCP intends to take Taiwan without a war – they have been trying to create fear and moving in that way. So I agree with you in that sense.

        I also know it’s not possible for china to take Taiwan without destroying Taiwan. The destruction of Taiwan doesn’t save face for the chinaman, so that’s not the plan.

        This was meant to lead up to my desire for international US political stance:

        The Monroe Doctrine stands. Stay the fuck out of this hemisphere.

        Freedom and Liberty are first. Freedom is of such high value that anyone that truly desires it, is willing to fight for it, spends $$$ for the defense of it, should receive our help with a nuclear umbrella. Any move upon any free country aligned with us will result in nuclear destruction for the invaders. We may have other interests in countries that are not free, such as Saudi Arabia, but that’s not the same thing. They receive help on a case by case basis, what is in our interests. Freedom is always in our interest wherever it is found. Free people are, or should be, our allies.

        Foreign aid consists of small arms and ammunition dropped into countries ruled by commies and dictators. Let the people in those countries sort it out. Imagine 10 million AR-15’s dropped into the middle of Iran. It’s one hell of a lot cheaper than anything else we do, and it will be 1000 times as effective.

        We, Americans, are not free until we clean up our own house of the corrupt cabal in power. We’re not slaves either, not yet. We need to clean up our own mess.

        1. Hard to argue with that.

          Unfortunately the US is not ruled by Americans anymore.

          So, especially on Foreign Policy, we are going to get screwed.

          1. There is a way out. Short of a civil war it requires a leader to unite Americans against the crooked cabal in DC. I’m not sure it’s the presidential level. I think it better if a large block of states say no and stop sending the feds our money. That is what started the last civil war, not slavery. The South paid all the $$$ into the federal budget (almost 85% and got back a paltry 15% or so), so it may trigger another war. But I don’t really think so. In spite of the angst over our military I don’t see them (most anyway) going against other Americans.

            I’m not expecting it. We have damn few uncorrupted leaders at the state levels. So yea, “we are going to get screwed“.

            Until the shooting begins anyway.

  2. Yes, Virginia, there really are a lot of dumb-asses in North Carolina.

    It’s bullshit of course. 100F in mid summer and these absolute fools believe the Greensboro citizens are going to walk and bike…

    I was born in Greensboro. We had cars then, we’ll have cars when I’m gone. What needs to be eliminated are tyrants and the people that support them.

    1. Hey look, the pussy is back with his tiny dick pressing the downvote. Bet he smugly thinks to herself “that’ll show ’em”.


  3. Nice storm on Hatteras Island tonight. Winds gusting to 40mph, rain, lightning. I’m under the little symbol for Hwy 12 you see in the picture, the top of the circle 🙂
    More coming…

  4. Trump is so misunderstood by people because they are, IMO, ignorant of what has been done to this country since Ike left office. Ike warned us of course, but we didn’t listen. Ike would be 100% on the side of President Trump.

    1st, Sundance explains the economic restoration that Trump was working on, and working on successfully. It was taking off just before the virus scam was pushed to shut it down. They couldn’t have you find out how easy it was to create wealth if you just put America first.

    2nd, for those that think Trump didn’t understand the deep state, that he didn’t understand how to make good choices – Hogwash, 100% hogwash. Trump knew exactly what was going on and who/how/when this country got hollowed out. He believed it could be fixed without a civil war. He’s right, or he would be if all the pussy’s in the world didn’t get upset over some tweet or abandon him because they fail to see the methods that produce the long term results. Too many people are short sighted. This is 6 years ago now. Listen to it, it only takes a few minutes.

  5. For Aesop:

    By government legislation, a subsidy was provided to them for Covid patients and Covid deaths, thus incentivizing medical institutions to classify everyone with a positive PCR test as a Covid case, regardless of what else was wrong with the patient.

    Here is Dr. Birx saying that the government is recording anyone who dies with coronavirus in the United States, regardless of any other health issue, as a death from coronavirus.

    Under the federal public-health emergency, which begins its fourth year on Friday, hospitals get a 20% bonus for treating Medicare patients diagnosed with Covid-19.

    Another incentive to overcount comes from the American Rescue Plan of 2021, which authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay Covid-19 death benefits for funeral services, cremation, caskets, travel and a host of other expenses. The benefit is worth as much as $9,000 a person or $35,000 a family if multiple members die. By the end of 2022, FEMA had paid nearly $2.9 billion in Covid-19 death expenses.

    1. And why even test for WuFlu? Who was checking? Who would penalize you for writing WuFlu when there wasn’t even a test.

      Hospitals were prohibited from doing their moneymakers, namely diagnostic screening and non-emergency procedures such as plastic surgery…

      1. The period leading up to the election had nearly everyone dying from covid, even motorcycle accident victims…

  6. Nuclear fear mongering. Nixon said fuck that and bombed Hanoi, effectively ending the Vietnam War.

    Just to be clear, Putin is a murdering KGB thug, but I don’t support lifting a finger or sending a dime from a deeply corrupt US regime to a partner in crime, the Ukraine. Every time the russians are threatened, for any reason, they start spreading the talk of nukes. Fuck the russians.

    Well, no, it’s not. It’s not any closer than every time before. But hey, the doomsday clock – “The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.”

    When all else fails, trot out the doomsday clock for effect.

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