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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

49 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Barry, here is your question:

    No mention of whites only anywhere on that webpage

    Here is your answer:

    The successful applicant will demonstrate how their participation in FERN will increase diversity 

    White people cannot add Diversity by their rules and therefore cannot demonstrate that. Thus, Whites are excluded.

    1. As I Stated in the first line, I acknowledged that might be the “unwritten” policy. I read the line you referenced, I read the whole thing.

      Your analysis is faulty in that a white person that plays the tuba/sax/etc, is an Eagle Scout, or many other attributes are considered diversity enriching in the context of acceptance to the university freshman class. That is the way it has always been. That is a fact.

      Does that reasoning apply to this subject? Probably not. But you cannot say that whites are excluded based on the webpage. It doesn’t mean they will not be excluded.

      I initially ignored the comment because one thing I know is true. They are not stupid enough to violate the law directly and advertising “whites excluded” would do exactly that. Excluding whites for any reason is a violation of the law and UNC knows it. Any exclusion will be more subtle. Just as it is at damn near every university in the country.

      1. Sorry Barry, but Diversity in this context means Non-WHite.

        White people cannot add Diversity because it is assumed the Institutions of Higher Learning are Mostly White.

        So no, a “white person that plays the tuba/sax/etc, is an Eagle Scout, or many other attributes are [NOT]considered diversity enriching in the context of acceptance to the university freshman class.”


        1. And I haven’t said that it doesn’t.

          But I will state the following which is absolutely true. There is no “whites need not apply” as the original article represents. And I have seen lots of people, especially those monetizing every item they can, make something bigger or different that what it really is, playing to the paying members (through adds or whatever way it’s monetized).

          I suspect the take is accurate, but it is not accurate unless confirmed, something that has not been done.

          But I’ll try to call them tomorrow and see what they have to say. After all, “whites only” or “non-whites only” is illegal and should not be tolerated.

          1. Instead it says Only Non-Whites Need Apply.

            It’s more subtle and cleverer than saying Whites Need Not Apply, but means the same thing. Whites have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting selected.

            Zero, Zilch, Nada, Nunca, No Way José, Fuggedaboutit…

            1. They will not take non whites exclusively would be my guess. That’s the way these programs work. They encourage non whites to apply, heavily. But in the end they have to accept some token whites to be legal. I’m speaking in general, not about UNC or these programs in particular.

              You see this across the board in universities in every state.

              I can’t even find mention of this program in the UNC Gillings School of Global Health which is where the Dept. of Nutrition is located. A call to them results in “call the group listed”. I have to try to figure out how to get the old “daily” up to find the damn webpage.

              1. Found the old Daily. You have to click the “Posted in the Daily Donnybrook” and all the old ones come up.

                Weird stuff. FERN is part of the “Global Food Research Program” which is part of the “Carolina Population Center”.

                This is stuff that is not part of the normal degree programs. I’m not really familiar with any of that but I know it exists. Even though I read the original website stuff I just assumed it was part of the Dept of Nutrition, but it’s not. I’m not even sure how it’s funded other than grants listed as “Bloomberg Philanthropies”, “NIH”, and “Robert Wood Johnson Foundation”.

                Anyway, I emailed as I can not find a number to call for FERN. I doubt I’ll get an answer, but I’ll share it if I do.

                1. Or you can go to the right sidebar and hit the “Categories” dropdown, scroll down to the DD category and click it, and that should get you there also.

                    1. Damn, I’ve been so focused on dealing with changes in the right sidebar of late that I just typed that without even thinking about it. Oh well, you know, the other right. 😉

                    2. Ha, when I typed the comment I then had to edit it, because I typed “right” to start with 🙂

              2. There is njo indication they have to accept ANY Whites and what SC case says Affirmative Action programs have to accept Whites.

                If the program itself is Legal then they don’t have to accept Whites because the goal is to add to Diversity at the University and WHites DON’T.

                That’s how ALL these progams work.

                I don’t agree with Jaybo in that he singles out UNC like it’s JIM CROW!

                That’s Bullshit. ALL of the colleges do it and he’s just being his usual assholeness. There is nothing unique about UNC in that regard and it is highly likely that UNC and the NC System have one of the most honest Admissions Protocols in the Country.

                That people are targeting to END this at UNC is proof that UNC still has some semblance of sense.

                1. It states they are paid, which is employment. Restricting it to certain skin colors/groups is a violation of the EEOC. I don’t believe AA exempts when employment is a part of the deal.

                  I know they all have AA programs, not just UNC. But in this case, in spite of his doing it for the wrong reason*, I’m glad it got pointed out. Any NC citizen should be complaining when the law is not followed and if they mean it the way you think, they are, IMO, violating the law.

                  *I’m not bothered in the least by it. The dumbass actually thinks the reason I put up the gender surgery taking place at ECU is because he is an ECU fan/alumni. I gave him no thought when I put that comment up. Somehow or other in his mentally ill mind he thinks news about ECU should be suppressed. Anyone wishes to post up the left wing bias of UNC or the entire UNC system (which ECU is part of) will not hurt my feelings. It’s not like I don’t know it.

                  1. They’re NOT restricting skin color.

                    They ARE restricting it to those who don’t add Diversity.

                    That gets around it.

                    You cannot add Diversity as a White Person.

                    1. If you are incapable of performing the job then you can’t sue to get the job.

                      If you’re not a degreed engineer you couldn’t sue to get a job that requires an engineering degree. If you don’t add Diversity, a requirement for the position, you don’t get the position.

                      And who ruled that violates the EEOC? These criteria are used EVERYWHERE to replace White People more qualified with Non-White People. It’s called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and as far as I know, it’s still legal despite the pushback thus far.

                      Aren’t we talking about admissions though? This is not employment.

                2. I’ve received no reply to my email. I suspect I will not. But I’ll email the general school administration and see if I get anything there. I suspect it’s a fringe, but it is under the university umbrella, and if I’m right that it should be considered employment, they cannot discriminate.

        2. FIFY.

          Perhaps for this case, but then I acknowledged the possibility from the very beginning. But I can tell you 100% that the incoming class of freshmen are considered for many traits and the word “diversity of the incoming class” has been used historically and had nothing to do with race. Is it that way today? Yes, absolutely. You will still see the occasional white kid that gets accepted when their grades/sat’s etc do not qualify per the norm. But they have some attribute the school finds qualifying.

          1. We aren’t talking about the selection in general.

            This is a Specific Program designed to get more Non-Whites, no Whites Need Apply, into the schools under THIS program, regardless of merit.

            I’m pretty sure that Harvard, regardless of its biases, is still admitting mostly White People.

            That’s not the point of the discrimination.

            When there are limited spaces, worthy White candidates are being rejected ON THE MARGIN, in lieu of Diversity slots taken by less worthy candidates. These programs are the way they do it without using the “Whites Need Not Apply” labels that will get them dinged in Court immediately.

    1. NC has pockets of Blue here but the Red is really Red and the people hold the local politician’s feet to the fire.

      Our large cities of Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte are both moderately blue and still only 20% of the total population.

      So we DO have a shot at fixing things.

      I hope so, because when the States start squaring off I don’t want to have to fight my way back to America. Well, I will have to traverse the local Tyranny, but in distance it’s not that big and a short ways to Real America again.

      1. Fortunately, NC outside a few cities is real America. I have two routes to the coast, the normal fastest route that goes through blue hives, and the “get back to the family” route that will take longer but avoids the worst places. I can make it on one tank of gas but it’s close…

        If there were any planes at the local airport and things were really bad, I’d just steal one and fly it back.

  2. It saddens me to report the passing of Tina, AKA “PecanCorner. Apparently she passed away on Dec 26. I had noticed she wasn’t commenting and had emailed her on Dec 23. I knew something must be amiss when she didn’t respond.

    SteveF posted the news at DP Jan 2, but I just read it last night. She was always a cheerful person in spite of difficult circumstances, going through breast cancer treatment with a husband that had fallen ill and was bedridden, then a house fire. Through it all her kindness and happiness just shone through.

    RIP Tina, you will be missed.

    RIP Pecancorner


    1. Seriously, you’re just beclowning yourself now.

      ALL colleges pay lip service to this wokeness.

        1. So, society can do without scientists and engineers etc…

          We’ll all just mow each other’s lawns and fix each other’s toilets.

          Jaybo, you are beclowning yourself.

        2. Why don’t you make your point in a way that anyone other than you can understand?

          No one, not one person thinks that was your point.

  3. Jeff Beck passes away from meningitis.

    I’m a Clapton Is God fan and yet Jeff Beck was nirvana then. I still can’t believe what he could do with just his fingers and a whammy bar.

    Heaven’s helluva band just got a helluva new edition.

  4. China and Taiwan –

    Anyone that has ever read any comment of mine regarding the subject knows I believe the Chinese military to be potemkin (applies equally to the russians, apropos 🙂 ).

    This is born from several facts:

    1) The large chinese military force are really a police force, used to put down the daily rebellions that occur throughout china. They are not trained in warfare tactics. They have no warfare experience, none. They have no wartime leaders trained in warfare tactics that have put the tactics to use.

    2) Military hardware, or rather, the lack of. Its one thing to defend your country on your ground, it’s quite another to project force across continents or across blue water. That kind of force projection requires hardware, I.E., troop transportation if your intent is to take over. The chinese don’t have it. They simply are incapable of moving troops over the water to invade Taiwan. They could attempt an air invasion, but they don’t have the hardware for that either given the massive number of troops required to successfully invade a country vigorously opposed to the invasion. Bluntly put, the chinese have policing capability, but no invasion capability.

    3) Vulnerability. The chinese are very vulnerable to an attack upon infrastructure. One, just one, nuclear weapon placed precisely destroys a dam, and the water behind that dam destroys 60-75% of industrial production and a large majority of farmland. That’s one nuclear weapon and the Taiwanese have another option, multiple missiles. Taiwan has these and they have the range. Beijing is within range of the Taiwanese missiles as is Shanghai. Taiwan’s missiles have a 1200 mile range.

    Of course the Chinese are not stupid, they know all this. All talk is for one reason only, the Chinese hope to cow the Taiwanese into submission. China knows it cannot invade Taiwan.

    Of course China could destroy Taiwan. But they can’t because the result is to do great harm to China itself. Even if the Taiwanese do not mount a destruction of China campaign of defense, the chip factories are toast. No chips, no chinese production.

    What is our interest? Besides being a foil to communism and communist expansion, Taiwan is an extremely important ally. They produce many of the most advanced microchips used in electronics. Shut down Taiwan and you shut down the world. This is well understood even by the marxist cabal currently installed at the head of the US government.

    1. Nope. Not gonna click that link. It might take me to a video of a bikini whale, and ain’t no one wanna see that.

      1. Heh, I promise it is a real Right Whale. Lots of Tursiops Truncatus playfully swimming around the whale.

  5.    Covid-19. Forget about Fauci for the moment. First, subpoena the various deputies working under him going back as far as the twentieth century and see what they know about the twisted path that gain-of-function research on coronaviruses traveled from the DOD’s DARPA to the labs of Dr. Ralph Baric at the U of North Carolina, to labs in Canada, Ukraine, and finally to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Then put Dr. Fauci’s ass in the witness chair and wring out the ‘splainin.’ Ask about the patents on the various parts of C-19 and on the mRNA “vaccines” cooked up to fight it, and who got the royalties emanating from all of that. Ask him how and why he continued gain-of-function research post-2014 after the White House directed it to stop. Ask him to ‘splain’ his relations with one Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance.


    1. It’s been known since the very beginning that Baric at UNC was in the chain. The question is was his participation criminal, and can it be proven that any or all them were criminals. I want the fuckers in jail, all of them.

  6. Barry you and Chasten can both kiss my ass. You bad mouthed my school and praised the Wuhan Chapel Hill. It is THE most liberal school in the South. I would not send any one I cared about to any STATE school, and damn few private ones.

    And Chasten we need the “professionals” that state schools are providing like we need another “pandemic”

    What the country is going to need is machinists and welders, and college doesn’t do that.

    The only thing you two need to decide is whose on top. Be seein ya

    1. Wait, you mean you told another lie?

      “That was the point. I wouldn’t send anyone to ANY of them.”

      And now you admit it was all about trying to run down UNC Chapel Hill. I’ll just add that to the pile of other recent lies you’ve told:

      1) ECU puts out more pro baseball players than any other school
      2) 1/3 of General Motors is owned by Shanghai Motors
      3) The ASPCA is run by George Soros
      4) The Chernobyl Nuclear disaster killed tens of thousands of people, or reindeer, or something. Or was that millions of reindeer and tens of thousands of people? It’s hard to keep your lies straight.

      I didn’t bad mouth your school, I reported on a school in the UNC system that is performing gender surgery on children, you know, cutting off girls breasts and sewing up vagina’s, or cutting off dicks and adding slits for fake vagina’s. You pretend it’s not true rather than calling it what it is. And it has nothing to do with any alumni of East Carolina University or current students, including you. It shouldn’t be happening in the UNC system, or the state of North Carolina.

      As for Baric/UNC, if they broke the law I’m all for putting any and everyone involved in jail. But I would like some proof of illegality first. The #1 major at UNC is biology, so one might expect a fair amount of legitimate biological research takes place there.

      Go fuck yourself you insane moron.
      I have never bad mouthed ECU, not once, not ever. I have friends that went there and rather like the place myself. You’re just mentally ill.

    2. WTF is “Chasten”?

      Yes, we need professionals and most of the people in the UNC System are good kids just keeping their heads down and trying to learn the skills they will need to fix this crap once it all goes pear shaped.

      Yeah we can weld each other’s cars after we mow each other’s lawns.

      I see the value of machinists and welders to modern society as much as anyone. But a modern society is NOT Mad Max and if you think unskilled and trade labor is the only thing a modern society needs you are sadly mistaken.

      So take your Beclowning Hysterics elsewhere.

      You have Barry Derangement Syndrome and it’s every bit as bad as TDS.

      1. Heh, BDS.
        It has TDS as well, IIRC.

        The idea that we do not need professionals, engineers, etc. is so absurd only a True Turd could suggest it.
        As for UNC being a very left liberal university, well of course. But they don’t mutilate little children like they do at another UNC System school, East Carolina University.

        So, if we’re handing out most liberal in the South awards, I nominate ECU.

        Beats me what a chasten is. From a clown mind like that of “Jaybo”, there is no telling.

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