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Evil so pure and powerful, even Satan himself sits back in awe and envy

However bad you thought it was, it’s actually much, much worse.

No Amnesty, No Quarter, No Excuses For ALL Officials

This all stands as fact folks.

  • There were effective alternatives that were deliberately not investigated and used. I reported on many of them along with the evidence for their use whether said evidence was weak, intermediate, strong or it appeared they were worthless. I also called for queries into government databases (e.g. CMS with regards to Plaquenil which is used by a large number of people for RA and Lupus) to see if there was statistical support for them being infected at lower rates early on in 2020. Said queries were trivially easy and had those results been published the strength (or not) of said substances and a reasonable risk:reward computation would have been rapidly, within months, established. It was never done despite the fact that the statistical power of a sample of a million people in a “natural experiment” is enormous and almost-impossible to “rig”. Government officials had the data and they deliberately and maliciously refused to use it.
  • The shots were and today are fraudulently called “vaccines” when they were and are not and the Federal Government knew it before they were deployed. This fraud went so far as to redefine the term “vaccine” on government pages. I will note that we have always, for the entire time I’ve been alive prior to Covid, called the flu shot a shot for this exact reason; it very frequently does not induce sterile immunity and whatever immunity it does generate is temporary and thus it is not a vaccine. Birx has admitted this was true for the Covid shots on camera, in public — it was known to her (and anyone else who read the material including myself which I reported on at the time) that the shots did not induce sterile, stable immunity. They are not vaccines, the only argument for a mandate of any sort rests on the induction of sterile and stable immunity because only such an event can benefit anyone other than the person taking the treatment and changing the definition of something post-hoc is an admission that you intentionally mislabeled whatever it was and is.
  • The shots were known to be ineffective within months and yet the standards that require a non-emergency drug to be withdrawn under that circumstance or if it causes material injury, which it does, were not followed because of said legal structure and this too was and to this day remains intentional. The most-recent data is that the so-called “bivalent” shot is about 30% effective which makes it illegal to approve it under long-standing FDA rules as it does not meet the threshold requirements for effectiveness even if it was completely safe, and it isn’t.
  • Other countermeasures both for early and later infections that some physicians and others believed would work, and in fact some that Fauci himself said would likely work years earlier were deliberately excluded and when “tried” the trials were rigged either by deliberate delay in use beyond where they would be expected to function, by wildly-toxic and inappropriate doses or both. Others, such as hydroxyurea which demonstrated 80-90% effectiveness in patients so sick they were transferred to a palliative care hospital and written off during early and mid 2020 were not registered for a clinical trial and tested at all. To this day there has been no investigation of that cheap, off-patent and widely-used (for sickle-cell disease) drug. If you found something for any other disease that rescued more than 8 out of 10 critically-ill patients who were all expected to die you’d win a Nobel prize. Well?
  • The common and expected right to refuse a course of medication or treatment and use alternatives, which is a natural right of every human as a mere consequence of being human, was not only ignored those who attempted to enforce that right were refused, in some cases with the threats of violence and physical removal from hospitals, and said refusal was repeatedly enforced by courts. This is unprecedented as at the point you’re already sick whether you can potentially communicate the disease to others is moot; now its a fight for your life, literally, and you — nobody else — has the right to direct that fight. Except, of course, under these specific exemptions which again not one official has demanded be repealed.

Go ahead folks, excuse this if you wish.

Your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, friends, other relatives, even your children who are dead died because of this and they are still being screwed to this day both in the context of Covid and the damned shots which we now know conclusively are not only not vaccines in that they do not induce sterile immunity they destroy existing immunity that came from infection.

None of this is conjecture — every bit of it is fact and every single government official including every single judge who failed to step in and stop this crap is guilty of the acts that caused those hundreds of thousands of Americans to die.

Are you going to not only let them get away with it but refuse to fix this so it can never happen again?

Remains to be seen, I guess. But if we do, then we only guarantee that it will happen again…and again…and again…and etc. When it comes to “fixing this so it can never happen again,” well, there’s only sure-fire way of accomplishing that.

Update! Did someone say “evil” just a minute ago? Why yes, I believe somebody did.

Wait, what?
“Vaccine” my ass



17 thoughts on “Evil so pure and powerful, even Satan himself sits back in awe and envy

  1. Exactly so.

    The pinheads who have tried to take my own comments out of historical context have conveniently neglected to note that when I put them forth, it was with the expectation and frequent promise that what was being worked on was a VACCINE, not a gene therapy Death Shot, which was anything but. As soon as it became self-evidently the latter, it was unequivocally rejected.

    The Not-A-Vaxx frauds that were inflicted upon society (and STILL ARE, despite metric fucktons of mounting evidence!!) became revealed as nothing but Suddenly™, i.e. concoctions knowingly foisted in bad faith upon a public expecting honest dealing, and designed not only to not mitigate COVID infections or symptoms, but rather to actively cull the population, by means well-known to decades of pharmaceutical researchers and pathologists, a task which they have achieved, and will continue to achieve, relentlessly and remorselessly.

    At some point, one has to hope that the ignorant Normies thusly slow-motion slaughtered will finally fully wake the hell up and demand a reckoning at gunpoint, of the type that ends on gibbets and scaffolds, in mass batches, for those in government and industry who perpetrated the Kill Shots with full knowledge beforehand, for their own avaricious and malign ends.

    When the gates of the HQs of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and the US capitol have gateposts constructed of the stacked bleached skulls of the perpetrators and facilitators of this monstrous mass assassination, it will only be a good start.

  2. I wonder though.

    Are they still paying a premium to list WuFlu as Cause of Death?

  3. Another thing though. The Vaxxes were from late Jan 2021 at the earliest.

    Why does the chart cumulate deaths from March 2020. Plus, the scaling of the dating is off.

    If I were forced to choose a more probable scenario given the imperfect information and the crap data we have, I’d say the Jabs are killing people is way more likely than not.

    But this graph doesn’t make the case.

    Haiti simply counted WuFlu honestly from the very beginning (or perhaps they low balled it) and never caused the Panic that sent millions out to get Vaxxed. That’s all that graph says.

    1. Yea, any data coming from Haiti is as suspect as data coming for the US government.

      1. Big Chinese expat population in Port Au Prince, is there??
        I’m guessing not so much.

        Also not positive, but given their world leadership in the hard sciences, I’m pretty sure the “Haitian data collection” required barefoot math there.

        1. heh, my comment about Haiti did not come off as planned. I think I got distracted at that point.
          What it was supposed to say was while data coming from Haiti is suspect, it was at least as reliable as US data, and maybe better.

          I agree with Kenny’s take on the graph.

  4. I will say that the bullet points are all basically true.

    I just don’t see the evidence satisfactorily presented that the Vaxxes cause harm.

    I DO lean towards the theory that they do cause harm, because there’s a LOT of smoke there and I suspect there’s a conflagration.

    Shoddy attempts to “prove” that though only harm the case.

    1. Certain countries, Canada and the UK among them, are paying off families whose loved ones were killed by the Vaxx. I’m not sure about Canada but in the UK autopsies are performed that have determined the vaxx was the cause of death.

    2. Cause of death ‘Unknown”.
      It’s not unknown. The real cause of death is “ignored”.
      Deaths are up. Cause ignored. It’s the not vax.

      1. I also question their methodology. They basically average the last 5 years to get this year’s “expected” and a std deviation above that or so begins “excess”.

        In 1945 there were 2.8 Million US Live Births and in 1946 there were 3.3 Million. That number rose every year until 1957 and peaked IIRC at about 4.8 Million.

        Those people born in 1946 were turning 74 in 2020. Right around the Life Expectancy.

        It is obvious at some point that Deaths over a 5 year period is going to have a large jump and then stay elevated and increase for a decade. That year was 2020 and it was in line with the jump in 1946. IIRC there were 2.8 Million Deaths in 2019 and 3.3 Million in 2020. Amazing coincidence! Also, IIRC, the Deaths in 2021 were in line with 1946 Live Births.

        1. That’s a good point, one that I had forgotten about. I never did look at the data to see how well it correlated with the birth rate.

    3. Well, last night a Buffalo Bills player collapsed on the field from Cardiac Arrest and is in the hospital in critical condition.


      Hmmmm… someone was mentioning the elevated number of athletes having Suddenly problems…

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