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35 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

    1. Try 32K and climbing… Kudos and Blessings to CA and Glenn at Instapundit!!!

      1. Hey Big –
        Could you contact me directly? Since you are an editor I assume you have access to my email.

  1. With the end of 2021 approaching swiftly, here are a couple WAGs for 2022. I am skipping over the obvious stuff like more Covidiocy, more inflation, more of everything Brandon touches turning to crap, etc. Those are too obvious to be fun to post about. 🙂 Maybe none of these will happen, maybe all of them will. Who knows? But it is fun speculating.

    1) Democrat melee for control of the White House/2024 nomination

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that Poopy Pants Joe isn’t going to make it to 2024. Despite the “yes, he’s going to run” BS from the people pulling his strings, they are not going to be able to keep him even semi-plausible as resident until January 2029. With even CNN starting to run pieces comparing his economic performance and poll ratings to Jimmy Carter, the writing is on the wall. Joe will get thrown overboard at some point to try to staunch the bleeding. (It probably won’t work, but they will be desperate enough to try.)

    Harris partisans (there seem to actually be some, amazingly enough) are trying to claim she is “inevitable” as the replacement/successor for Joe. But that attempt at self-fulfilling prophecy did not work for Hillary, and it won’t work for Harris either. She is just too terrrible at the political side. Combine it with her unlikability, total incompetence in office, and inability to organize a strong supporting staff and I don’t think she gets the big brass ring. The non-white non-male cards are all she has, and it won’t be enough.

    So who does emerge from the power struggle? Buttgieg? Bernie? Beto? Hillary? Pelosi? Abrams? Cuomo? What a bunch of terrible choices the Dems have on their bench! Of course, if they had anyone even halfway decent available, that person would have won the 2020 primary. Propping up the crumbling husk of Joe Biden as a “compromise, moderate” choice was not a sign of strength.

    With formalizing massive vote fraud nation-wide a top Dem priority, it may not matter how terrible a candidate they officially put forward. The deep state is calling the shots anyway. But the scrum should be entertaining.

    2) European deep freeze and implosion

    The self-inflicted energy crisis in Europe is worsening, with trial balloons of going back to non-green power starting to get floated (e.g. recent Netherlands nuclear power proposals). With the coldest months of winter still ahead and energy prices already breaking records in Germany and the UK, something is going to snap.

    Add the ongoing Covidiocy as western Europe locks down yet again over the Ominouscron variant, and the economic and social dislocation is going to be ugly.

    3) War in Ukraine

    The globalists appear determined to have their war with Russia. I suspect they think it will make a great distraction from Brandon’s failiures and allow them to make sweeping new moves to nationalize the economy and impose many new restrictions on the private sector. Putin has also been poking them in the eye with a sharp stick recently, with comments in interviews about blocking the “virus” of transgender ideology spreading from the west, emphasizing traditional religious values, and stating that governments should not force people to get the Covid mRNA shots. It is almost as if he is goading them to make a move, and I think they will. Already we are seeing talk of tens of thousands of “western advisors” to be sent to Ukraine to “train the local troops.” Sounds kind of familiar….

    If open conflict does beak out, I expect the woke US military will (to the vast surprise of the DC beltway bubble dwellers) get its ass thoroughly and comprehensively kicked. The bungled Afghanistan skedaddle will look like a model operation compared to the debacle of attempting to fight Russia in the Ukraine. And unlike the ugly mess in Kabul, such a conflict will not just be something to watch on TV for the average American. Unrestricted cyber warfare plus Russian anti-sat weapons taking out the GPS system will have global effects, shutting down industries and supply chains throughout the west and crippling the economy. Huge numbers of clueless people will suddenly find out just how many things rely on the internet, constant connectivity, and reliable GPS acess. A full internet shutdown, cessation of food deliveries, and widespread loss of power will create mass civil unrest. Woke governments are too incompetent to respond, and the death toll in the US could easily hit 7 (or 8) figures without a single Russian missile or bullet ever being fired inside the US.

    Hmmm, I am getting awfully bleak here. Maybe I should go have some chocolate or something and try to cheer up? Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a great new year! Feel free to add your own wild theories about 2022.:-)

    1. The Dem Primaries are rigged.

      If they want Harris they’ll choose Harris.

      Analyzing things using the old paradigms is no longer valid.

      Buttgieg? Bernie? Beto? Hillary? Pelosi? Abrams? Cuomo? 

      All of those won’t be the one, because, except for Crooked, who couldn’t be on the Ticket, they were all rejected in lieu of choosing Harris.

      Whomever is in control is purging the Clintons. BJ is too old now to impress anyone and so their political power is waning fast. I do not believe they’ll offer her up again.

      Who does that leave us with then? Harris or an unknown is my guess.
      Why not Zuckerborg or Bezos? Probably White Males are out. Which drives us right back to Harris again.

      1. With sufficient vote rigging, they could indeed put a random rutabaga in the Oval Office. They put Joe there, after all. But if any random prop will do, why go with Harris? She is really, really bad at the political thing. There are other non-white non-males out there with much less baggage, if checking those boxes is all that matters. Some of them have to have better presentation skills.

        1. Why not?

          She checks two boxes. Black (yeah I know) Female.

          Can’t be criticized, like 0bambam but female.

          1. “Can’t be criticized…”

            Actually, Kenny, she’s getting hammered daily.

            I don’t know why she was chosen as the VP, but it clearly isn’t working out the way it was expected. I called it for Biden but never thought they would choose a has been.

            I said early on she wouldn’t even last through the D primary season. It’s because she is a hollow shell and unlikable.

            Kamala may be the only person in DC dumber than Biden. And it has been noticed. It will not be Biden or Harris in 2024. Who I haven’t a clue. The D’s have a real problem on their hands.

            One name only – Manchin.

            1. she’s getting hammered daily

              And not in the same way as when she was “dating” Willie Brown. Nor in the same way that Pelosi is.

            2. This. Harris is really, really bad at the political game. If all she is, is a puppet — there are much better qualified puppets out there. The only thing she brings to the job is checking those non-white, non-male boxes. There are many millions of people in the US who can claim the same. Even if whoever is pulling the strings feels they have to have someone of a certain political stature, there are still dozens of possibilities among state governments, federal departments, activist groups, etc. with those same boxes checked. So why Harris?

              Frightening thought: Harris really is the best of that entire lot. The dem bench really is damn thin, talent-wise. Maybe there truly isn’t anyone more suitable.

              1. Political skills when Commies have the elections rigged is not a criteria for picking a candidate.

                Checking those Woke Boxes and her ability to be a loyal soldier and follow orders would be the most important criteria. Whomever is behind her getting the Veep pick in the first place says she fulfills both those criteria.

                Otherwise they would have picked whomever they wanted to step in for Joetato when he is tossed aside. It’s problematic to have to get rid of her before Joetato since any replacement needs Senate Approval. It made more sense that, knowing they were rigging the election for Joetato in the first place, they’d pick the Veep they really wanted and avoid the Senate Approval. The Veep gets installed as much as the POTUS does in a rigged Election.

  2. Merry Christmas to you all!

    Since it can’t be very merry when you are in the hospital, I’ll add Best Wishes for a complete recovery and quick rehab.

    Life throws some real curve balls at us. No explanations are given. It just is. Work with what you have and ask for help when it’s needed.

  3. I hope my friend Iron Bear will not get mad at me for posting this, but I don’t know where else to put it, nor who to contact that might be of help.

    Something has happened to our friend. He called me just before Christmas and seemed to be in some distress. Further communications established he was in medical treatment and I later determined what hospital he is in. I’ve not heard from him for several days and attempts to contact his house mate have failed, possibly because I have a bad cell number for the house mate.

    I tried to call this evening again and the call went straight to voice mail. I called the hospital again. I do know he is in the ICU unit and the nurse I spoke with seemed optimistic, but they can tell me nothing of why he is in the hospital, hipaa and confidentiality and all that.

    I post this in the hope that someone that knows him personally might be able to get in touch and find out if there is anything we can do to help him.


    1. Thank you for letting us know. I don’t think IB will mind that you have told us. Thank goodness the nurse was able to at least let you know where he is. In ICU, he probably won’t have access to his cell phone, or it may not work… mine won’t receive calls or call out when inside the patient areas of any of our hospitals.

      I’ll be glad to send him a card if you can provide name of the hospital. Of course, he is in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

      1. Second the thoughts and prayers for IB and a quick recovery. Please update if you are able to learn more.

        Wild conspiracy theory of the day: The timing of these ICU stays is suspicious. IB and Mike are actually the same person!

        1. Ok first off I hope IB is ok and that if anyone knows him well enough to get some more info from the hospital or contact his roommate that would be great.

          Now to put on the tinfoil.

          I’m wondering how Mike got the food poisoning in the first place.

          It’s probably crazy on my part but it does seem ummmm interesting that two bloggers who we pretty vocal about their distaste for the New World Order, to put it mildly, end up in the ICU in the space of weeks.

          Ok tinfoil hat’s off. Get well Mike and IB!

          1. Thanks to all of you. I’m a bit shy to put the name of the hospital out without permission, but I’ll send it privately.

            If I wasn’t tied up 12 hours a day with a machine we are upgrading I’d consider flying out there.

  4. Happy New Year to all of the CF gang.

    My best wishes to all those suffering from medical issues, that 2022 might bring about a miracle outcome.

  5. I am feeling confused. Can someone explain to me this whole “people desperate to get their hands on Covid test kits” and hoarding covid test kits business? I just don’t get the mentality behind it. At all.

    Maybe because I live in a relatively free area and only deal with the mask BS maybe twice a month on average, this whole thing mystifies me. What is the point of a test kit for people who are not ill/have no symptoms? What exactly is it supposed to prove, and to whom?

    I see tweets from some WaPo journalismer bragging about how he got his hands on a bunch of kits — yay, it’s like Christmas presents! — and I just don’t get it. Something is broken in these people’s brains.

    1. You answered your own question:
      Something is broken in these people’s brains.

      1. I guess that will have to do for an explanation. Sometimes I can at least sort of understand the left’s latest obsessions in general terms. Virtue signalling, projection, part of their core nihilism and hatred of liberty, part of their ‘reality be raycissss!’ thing, etc.

        But the whole Gollum-style ‘I must have the precious, precious tests!’ thing just does not compute. What is the positive (useful) outcome supposed to be? A positive test means even more freak out, shrieking, and “Look at me! Look at me! Me! Me! Me! Me!” (OK, maybe this does make sense in leftist pseudo-logic.) A negative tests means more paranoia and another test in (very) short order. It is like a hamster wheel: lots of furious activity that goes nowhere.

        Are their lives so empty of meaning that a covid test is like an existential moment for them? “Whew, just survived a near-death experience! PTSD! Look at me! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!”

        Hmmm. I guess I just answered my own question again.

        1. They are obsessed with WuFlu.

          They believe it’s a death sentence and they believe it’s EVERYWHERE! Same as the obsession with masks. They wear them EVERYWHERE!

          Having the Kit is another Talisman to keep them safe. If they sniffle or feel a little under the weather they are Safe of they test and find out they have it. Or not. But the Kit is there. What of they sniffled and COULDN’T TEST FOR IT!

          They’ve been the subject of a Massive Psychological Warfare Op run by our Government and that has sent them over the edge of sanity. There is no logic here. They FEEL better if they have that Test Kit. Like a security blanket. It does nothing but makes them Feel Safer. They desperately want to Feel Safer because their mind has been broken. Subject to 23 months of Imminent Death from an Unseen Assailant that Can’t Be Stopped and Can’t Be Cured.

          I’m sure most of those people have Jabbed Twice plus a Booster and are desperately waiting for guidance on the next chance to get a Booster Jab. Probably still checking the Government Websites to watch the GONG DEATH TOLLS GONG on a daily basis.

          Long in Short: The Psyops has given them something akin to Battle Fatigue and broke their minds.

          1. There are a disturbingly large number of people who fit your description. Of course if the Flu Manchu was anywhere near as deadly as they have convinced themselves it is, there would be no need for tests and the like. Mountains of corpses really would be piling up in mass graves. (Remember those fear porn articles about how NYC was secretly digging mass graves to discpose of all the covid dead?)

            Most days I am extremely skeptical about the existence of a grand cabal of evil, planning all this stuff out in Davos. Ruthless liars taking advantage of events as they emerge seems more plausible. But there are some days where you just have to wonder. The covid psyop has been hugely successful at crushing liberty and enabling a massive centralized power grab over almost all aspects of life. How much could they do with a REAL pandemic? Everyone “knows” they have the small pox cultures and the 1918 flu samples in the bioweapons labs. Add some Fauci-funded gain of function research and who knows what might happen?

            1. You’re still assigning logic to these people. Of course bodies aren’t piling up. Logically that would reassure you and I. But they See The DONG DEATH TOLLS DONG mounting and the breathless Talking Heads on CNN talking FEAR, DOOM AND DESPAIR 24/7 and they FEEL the bodies piling up.

              The mind is an incredible thing and no one has really understood how it can be tricked to believe Unreality.

              But if you read Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
              by Charles Mackay you get the idea.
              I’ve seen it happen in Markets all the time when bubbles are blown and people you thought were really smart get sucked in to believe the bubble really isn’t a bubble.

              The Tequila Crisis, LTCM (when genius failed – I met a few of the principals), the boom, the Real Estate Boom…
              There’s one now. Bitcoin, SPACs, Real Estate, Government Bonds. All bubbly bubbly again.

              The irrational part of the mind can overcome the rational part for almost everybody.

              1. But they See The DONG DEATH TOLLS DONG mounting

                The dictators in charge knew the normal death toll in the US. All they did was create a mildly infectious virus and a test that would produce positive results for the virus (virus or not). Then pay the hospitals to test and find the virus, and a big bonus for death by virus.

                And the morons follow in lockstep, frightened of a virus that is no worse than the flu, assured that a mask that cannot stop an airborne virus will save them.

                The only real question left – is the not vaccine just a money maker with possible long term unknown consequences, or is it a nefarious agent?
                My bet is on the latter.

                1. There have been so many seemingly stupid things in this whole covidiocy and manufactured panic. But the not-vaccines are one of the biggest, to me.

                  1) Ooooh, a scary virus is killing people.
                  2) Well, we have this nifty new tech that uses mRNA to get people’s own cells to make a viral protein, training their immune systems to fight it. We can make a vaccine really fast.
                  3) OK, sounds promising. What protein are you going to have it code for?
                  4) I know, let’s pick the spike protein. It is harmful all by itself, so having your cells make millions of them could not possibly have any nasty side effects. Also, it is the fastest mutating part of the virus, so training your immune system to respond to that will get evaded easily. It’s a win-win!

                  Now I am just some random guy who took some AP science course decades ago in high school, not a highly-paid Ivy League expert who appears on CNN. But didn’t anybody stop at step #4 and ask a few questions? Anybody?

                  1. But didn’t anybody stop at step #4 and ask a few questions? Anybody?

                    Good question, the answer seems fairly obvious. The shot is a nefarious agent.

            2. Remember those fear porn articles about how NYC was secretly digging mass graves to discpose of all the covid dead?

              And the reefer trucks. Don’t forget the refrigerated semitrailers set up to hold the hundreds of dead in NYC because the morgues and funeral homes were overflowing. … Or, you know, not.

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