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What’s the Rush, Bub?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
BCE here for a non-hostile takeover for a poast. Couple o’tings mon. First, I’m hitting the NonVax. Me n Sapper been bouncing some ‘stuff’ off of each other on the daily-daily. Usually it’s like a mini-intel confab here during the Koffee Klatche in the A.M. Nothing like a good cuppa to get the brain juices flowing, and usually during my normal a.m. ‘get up to speed’ on the news. One thing that stuck out today was over at Vox Day’s place, where he’s got a Soon-to-Be Doctor emailing him on how the Medical Industry is putting the screws on the docs to get the shot.

The Link to it is HERE

The thing that hit me though is the updates at the end of the writeup.

Seems to me that there’s strange things afoot at the Circle K so to speak. Word -I’m- hearing is that anyone with the NonVax are the ones getting sick. Mike has even hit on it, and a whoooole lotta others, Borepatch, Miguel, Pete at WRSA and Peter from Bayou Ren have been asking “Why the rush?” I mean as far as we know, yeah yeah, “Winter is Coming”. Cold and Flu bugs mutate and usually if a pretty nasty bug is out there floating around, Round #2 is usually worse than Round #1.

Now, consider this. COVID-19, IMO and FWIW, was a ‘wet fart’ of a bug for like 99.3% of the population.
They however, in order to secure control and oust Orange Man Bad and stop the nasty tweets ramped up the rhetoric to 11 on the Amp. Shit… they actually dialed that fucker up to 19. Scared ALL the old folks…/ and then sucessfully stole the election… shit, we’ll call it the ‘selection’.
But for -some unknown reason- they then started rolling out the NotVax.
Even though it, by all past measures, shouldn’t have been rolled out.
The Swine Flu vax rollout in the late 70’s? Kil’t aboot 100 people, numbers fluctuate depending on sources,


100 deaths was enough to shut that shit down cold
The NonVax? We can’t get any sort of straight answer, but we -do know- either by their own slips and or anecdotally from personal experience (my ex-nephew being one) that this NonVax is dangerous and is fucking up ALL sorts of people across a VAST demographic. And yet they’ve been ramping up the rhetoric to MOR Vax Hurry Hurry Faster Faster!!!!

So, this begets the question of “What’s the rush Bub?
Think I have an idea, lemme bounce it offa ya.
Reason they’re now in full on panic mode is they (Our Madmen/Powers That Be) know that Joe Chink made AND released a manufactured bio-war weapon, designed to fuck us up during the election. I think it was done as a ‘slap on the wrist’ for Orange Man Bad’s Economic Sanctions against them. What was unexpected (I think) was that the fact that everyone (including meselves) bought in initially so hard and were scared silly.

This right there, then gave those fucking guys, whoever or whatever you want to call them, call ’em the “Ones who Want to Rule”… that Gates geek motherfucker… Soros… all the suuuuuuper billionaires who think that the world is theirs to be ruled over, and we’re useless eaters and dammit, there’s just too damned many of them.
Well, to fuckers like that, who have made no secret of their wishes to depopulate significantly?

This became the Golden Opportunity

Run with me on this a bit more. They saw a perfect chance to start the process, and make it look like it was a natural event, much like the in real life Black Plague which damned near wiped out Europe back in the day. Numbers vary because of time, but at least 30% of the world population got aced out, and upwards of 60% bought it. Now, we know and they know this ain’t and wasn’t no gorramned Black Death.
In order to make sure there’s a BIG wipeout later, they made and designed a NonVax, and have been using it to start the process. They used the fear factor to get as many people on board as possible, and set a date to ‘trigger’ it off. Reason I say that is, they’re currently freaking the fuck out because ONLY 56% is supposedly vaxxed. And right now? Part of the freakout is that the naturally occurring mutation (Delta Variant) is starting to activate the kill shot too early.

People ain’t completely stupid
And as I like to say God is an Absurdist
Don’t Fuck with Mother Nature
She too, is a bitch
It’s becoming MOR and MOR obvious that the NonVax ain’t working and wasn’t supposed to.
That the “Delta” variant IS a -bit- more lethal, but mostly to those who’re supposedly now vaxxed

CDC Guidelines and Definition for Immunization and Vaccination: “Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. … Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination.”

To me peepers, the NonVax is just that… a non-vaccination.
So then just what the fuck is it?
Telling ya, it’s a depopulation plan. And the reason for the near-psychotic race to get ALL the people NonVaxxed is because those who aren’t are gonna start to realize that bad things were/are planned, and that the nebulous “They” are responsible for a whoooooooooole lotta deaths.
And as Mike n Me both say payback is a stone-cold furious Motherfucker
Tell you what. Hope I’m wrong.


If around what should be the ‘normal flu season’ comes, and the Lambda or whatever fucking variant comes out and starts mowing down people in wholesale lots, I’ma thinking ‘enemy action’. What say you? Discussion please in the comments. Am I right or do I need to get the tinfoil adjusted again?

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


12 thoughts on “What’s the Rush, Bub?

    1. Ahhh yes… so we might have. And you? Your glorious and obviously brilliant analysis? I wait with baited breath to hear YOUR take on it. At least -we’re- trying and putting ideas out there as opposed to being snarky…

  1. I don’t know what the future will bring concerning this nonvaxx as you call it, but I don’t think it will be good. If the “vaccine” works, you will be safe from infection – BUT – they claim the non-vaccinated people are giving the virus to the people that have been vaccinated! WTF kind of logic is that? Only a fool would take an experimental drug that has been shown to have serious possible side effects and has also been shown to be ineffective. Perhaps it will be a good thing to cull the fools from the herd.

  2. Ivermectin is a dirty word, because it works, and quickly. None of the approved treatments work at all, and the vaccines may wind up being lethal – and on purpose: It’s my strong suspicion that the virus and vaccines are a sort of binary weapon – the “vaccines” are kill/neuter shots. No vaccine fails to provide immunity or fails to stop transmission of disease. It’s like giving a TB shot which fails to stop infection or stop spread. No one would take such a shot. So these aren’t vaccines in any sense of the word. It’s about depopulation – population reduction – in a world facing resource depletion and scarcity – 

    “The confusion is that of economists and scientists building models based on past history. These models miss the turning points that occur as limits approach. They assume that future patterns will replicate past patterns, but this is not what happens in a finite world. If we lived in a world without limits, their models would be correct. This confusion is very much built into today’s thinking. In fact, we are living in an economic system/ecosystem that has brakes to it. These brakes are being applied now, even though 99%+ of the population isn’t aware of the problem. The system will protect itself, quite possibly using the approach of evicting most humans.”

    Why Collapse Occurs; Why It May Not Be Far Away

    So if you look at this “vaccine campaign” in terms of population reduction, it makes sense. Population increase drives energy usage. Current population levels are beyond carrying capacity, which will result in depletion of energy resources to a point where they are no longer economically recoverable – the energy required to get one unit of energy out is equivalent to the amount of energy you get out. What happens to mechanized agriculture when the oil and coal run out? Do we mine the landfills to burn garbage for power? How about breaking up asphalt and burning it?

    So the answer is population reduction – and that’s what is going on, by increasing the death rate, and sterilizing as many people as possible. And it’s kind of like an intelligence test – natural selection at work – people who think about this won’t get culled. And from that viewpoint, the whole thing makes sense – the real means to achieve the end isn’t the virus, it’s the “vaccine”.

    So that’s my take on what’s going on. The trouble is that there’s a percentage of the population which isn’t stupid – or stupefied by the TV. And they’re resisting and raising hell about it – much more so in France, Italy, the UK – than here. The population that bought the BS are pretty much the grievance studies crowd, the people with the unmarketable degrees, and the TV/NPR addicts, and they’re pretty much screwed anyway. Now they’ll be dead a lot quicker. That leaves the rest – and those people just aren’t down with the Davos set. So it looks like certain critical miscalculations were made – unless the intent is to get into a shooting war with the population(s),

  3. My theory about the non-vax is that the government wants to take credit for the scamChinaVirus not being a big deal. They know it’s getting old and stale and they need to take credit for killing it, even though it was natural herd immunity knocking it down.

    At the same time, look at the wealth transfer from middle class taxpayer to big Pharma. “Free” shots ain’t free. A lot of dollars transferred risk free. No liability.

    Or, it could be a population reducer. We should know soon enough.

    1. I suspect a lot of different motives have come together with the whole COVID mess, with different groups contributing to the panic and insanity each for its own reasons. The depopulation zealots, the big government power grab types, the big pharma gravy train (and the sizable fraction of that money that flows back as campaign donations), the ‘I fucking love science’ crowd, baby boomers freaking out over something that threatens their dreams of living forever, and more. Plus of course the entire establishment and both wings of the uniparty went along once they realized they had a tool to block the re-election of the Bad Orange Man.

      As for the future, well, one thing we know with 100% certainty is that the government and associated hangers on will never, ever, EVER admit that they screwed up. No matter how many people die, no matter how much economic damage is done, no matter how many freedoms are trampled — the ruling class will congratulate themselves for doing such an awesome job, give each other awards and book deals, and deny that any mistakes were made.

      Well, except for what they try to blame on Trump, of course. Everything is the Bad Orange Man’s fault. Everything.

      1. That’s because the Globalization and Deep State and Scammers all found the same Con Jobs worked for all their benefits.

        That’s how Marxists work. It takes the Invisible Hand that Markets employ to get good results from bad people and turns it around so that bad people benefit from bad outcomes.

    2. All the revenue from a patent and only one third of the cost of getting it through trials, plus immunity for rushing it out.

      Of course it’s a big payoff. Not only to Pharma but to all the medical companies that administer it. The age of the private doctor are over, replaced by companies that own big clinics and hire out doctors. They get paid too for the Jab.

      The Variants Scam is to both keep the Panic Porn up and justify new Jabs next year or so.

      Btw. I notice that about 80% of my area now is back to Face Diapers even though they’re not mandated. I know that more than 50% are vaccinated, so it’s obvious the Variants Panic Porn have scared even vaccinated people into stupid Face Diaper Land.

      1. Yeah, all the people pushing mandatory jabs, masks forever, etc. — well, they sure don’t act like they believe the jabs are 95% effective (or whatever the claim is), do they? It’s all herd behavior, following the crowd, and virtue signalling.

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