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Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Ran across a disturbing thing over at Anonymous Conservative’s joint, a thing disturbing enough that I’m not sure whether I should even mention it here. But what the hell, I’ll throw it out there sans any analysis or opinionating from me and let y’all kick it around some.

Gateway Pundit author Casandra Fairbanks shills for donations for an FBI informant involved in the Capitol riot. She actually has a feel about her which I always associated with Cabal surveillance. I remember when I first heard about her I did a search, curious if it would turn up something related to surveillance. At the time, she was dating an FBI informant who worked for Breitbart, IIRC. Now she is shilling this one. Weird tidbit somebody said on Free Republic – the guy behind Gateway Pundit was actually a closeted gay when he started the site, so he had something to hide, which of course surveillance would have been all into. I periodically check traffic on Similarweb, and I guarantee you Gateway Pundit is not getting 32 million visits per month. I don’t judge. Standing up to the machine is tougher than many would be capable of, and I am lucky it doesn’t bother me in many ways. But it to keep track of where your info is coming from, even if they do offer a lot of good info most of the time. They are hiding the big stuff, and you will never hear them talk about the domestic netowrk.

AC links to another article, which ramps “disturbing” right on up to “dismaying.”

The Gateway Pundit Shills Donations for FBI Informant Involved in Capitol Riot
Cassandra Fairbanks is a writer for the so-called conservative outlet The Gateway Pundit. Here’s an article published on the Gateway Pundit yesterday:

EXCLUSIVE: Capital One Cancels Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio’s Credit Card Over ‘Adverse Past or Present Legal Action’

The article deplores the fact that Enrique has been banned by credit card processors and one or more of his bank accounts were closed in the aftermath of the Capitol riots. Moreover, the Gateway Pundit asks its readers to help Enrique with donations:

As Tarrio was sending this comment to Gateway, he discovered that he was also banned from his credit card processor was while he was typing. Those who wish to contribute to Tarrio while he tries to get around this blockade can do so on Zelle using the email “” At least until they cave to liberal pressure and do the same thing, that is. You can also send him Bitcoin here.

There’s a lot to unpack here. If you’re up to date with what’s going on, you’re probably aware of the fact that Enrique Tarrio is a fed. This is an admitted fact even in mainstream media circles.

This is from Reuters:

Exclusive: Proud Boys leader was ‘prolific’ informer for law enforcement
Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group, has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, according to a former prosecutor and a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding obtained by Reuters.

Enrique Tarrio isn’t facing any charges related to the Capitol events, even if Proud Boys are charged with criminal conspiracy.


Well, because he’s a fed, obviously. Which brings us to the logical question: why is The Gateway Pundit shilling for this FBI informant? Why are they asking their readers to send money to a fed?

Why is Cassandra Fairbanks defending Tarrio, the man who helped stage the fake and gay 1/6 so-called insurrection which led to Trump being impeached and banned from all social media?

We are in the middle of a huge scandal about the FBI involvement in the Capitol riots, and so-called right-wing journalists at the Gateway Pundit are shilling key FBI informants involved in this fiasco.

Keep in mind that this literal FBI undercover informant was behind the transformation of the Proud Boys from Gavin McInnes’ fun times drinking club into a paramilitary street-fighting organization.

The main issue is this: you cannot allow people like Tarrio in your political movement. You cannot be taken seriously as a right-wing operation if you accept and support proven FBI informants; you’re just a laughing stock if you pretend this didn’t happen.

What kind of political movement refuses to expel and then goes on to celebrate people who are confirmed to have been government infiltrators trying to bring down the movement?

A doomed one, that’s what.

As I said before, I ain’t entirely comfortable about posting this. I AM entirely dismayed and disappointed at the possibility that it might be so. Gateway Pundit has been a pretty good source of information for me over the years, although it’s also true that they can be a bit, shall we say, overly dramatic about things sometimes. Nonetheless, even granting a certain amount of hype and hysteria now and then, they’ve generally been reliable. So I am and most likely will remain of two minds about whether I should even bring this ugly business up at all.

Basically, we have several possibilities in play:

  • That it’s all horseshit of the purest ray serene, motivated by God only knows what;
  • That Fairbanks is indeed a sketchy character at best, a clandestine source of intelligence for the Feebs, but Jim Hoft is unaware of the situation;
  • That Hoft IS aware of it, making GP a blog that those on the side of Truth, Justice, and the American Way can no longer trust or rely on;
  • Some other bizarre circumstance altogether that the rest of us will neither know about nor understand unless and until the purveyors of GP decide to address the situation publicly, which they may very well not

I decided to call a certain fellow RightwingNaziDeathBeast Hitlerblogger I know who shall remain nameless (another of the White Hat bloggers that I link to and excerpt here frequently, a good guy that I trust without reservation) and talk it all over. After a lengthy phone conversation, I feel that this info needs to get out there, if only to spark blogosphere conversation.

Please understand: I’m not trying to gin up controversy. I’m certainly not leveling any accusations against anyone, attacking them, or anything of a like nature. I have no interest whatever in trying to use this post to drive traffic to this websty; I get plenty enough visitors here as it is, and grubbing for more of it has never been something I cared about.*

All that said, the truth is that these are very dangerous times we’re living in, and the stakes couldn’t be much higher. The sad fact is, none of us—not bloggers, not commenters, not lurkers, NONE of us—can any longer afford to go on blithely assuming that no FederalGovCo vipers have slithered into our little nest. Those of us on this side of the political chasm already have abundant evidence that there are eyes on us.

Contra this post’s title (which I used because I found it mildly amusing, the method I’ve always used for titling these ramblings of mine), I am not demanding a response or anything else from the folks at GP. I’ve never corresponded with Jim or any of his co-bloggers, and have no personal axe to grind with any of them. But if wider dissemination of this information can inspire further discussion about the many serious issues involved, along with creating a heightened sense of awareness and caution on Team Liberty, Blogosphere Division’s part…well, that’s all to the good, I think.

* Believe it or not, I can’t even remember the last time I checked the site stats, but it would have to be a few years. With my famously convulated, excessively wordy writing style, the no-holds-barred language (ahem) I use to express myself, and the diverse topics I write about, CF will always be somewhat of a niche blog, and that’s just jake with me. As I must’ve said a bajillion times over lo, these 20 years: if you don’t like it, then do feel free to hie your ass elsewhere. There are plenty of other blogs out there that will suit your fancy better, and this one ain’t gonna be a-changing for you, no matter how loud or how frequently you scream about it.


27 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  1. I saw this somewhere, where escapes me. I see nothing wrong with putting it out there, particularly in the way you have done so.

    I have no idea what the truth is, but – If GP was actually a government funded propaganda sight posing as some sort of conservative place, they would have to know this would expose them… So my guess is it’s not nefarious on the Hoft end. And I think he’s been out of the closet for years so there’s no blackmail in that.

    There is the real possibility that this is being done purposely to discredit GP. That would be my best guess.

    1. Regardless of the truth of it, I’m still going to continue using Gateway Pundit for information, simply because I find things there that I don’t see reported elsewhere.

      As I said below: even potentially compromised intel can be useful.

    2. If GP was actually a government funded propaganda sight posing as some sort of conservative place…”

      Actually, I don’t think that’s the problem, Barry. I think it way more likely that Jim might have a viper in the nest, in the form of a Feebie informant/spy, and may well not even know it. Either way, it behooves the rest of us to step very carefully in light of all this in these parlous times.

      I hate to lose (walk away from, more precisely) what has been a pretty good blog-fodder source over the years, I truly do. But I also know, as was discussed in that phone conversation I mentioned in the post, that guys like me, and Wes Rhinier, and WRSA, and plenty of others all have unfriendly eyes on us. We need to at least be cognizant of that fact, so that our risk can be accurately and honestly assessed.

      All dissidents from the totalitarian party line are in very real danger now. All of us must be extremely vigilant, so as not to walk blindly into any traps. What an awful thing, that it should have come to this.

      1. Let me ask you a simple question, Mike, on blog fodder:

        What are reliable and accurate sources for current information these days, and how do you know they’re reliable?

        Okay, that’s two questions, but still.

        1. What are reliable and accurate sources for current information these days

          C’est moi!

          how do you know they’re reliable?

          I’m awesome, that’s how!

          I hope that this answers any concerns that you may have.

          1. I know. You are the soul of honesty and virtue, and we should trust you in all things!

            That’s funny. You don’t look like Corwin of Amber…


        2. That’s a damned good question these days, ain’t it? Recently, I’ve been trying to expand my blogospheric travels somewhat, since so many of the OGs and other sites like American Thinker, The Federalist, and such are tootling along as if times were normal, the election wasn’t stolen, voting still matters, and the former Republic remains intact.

          This not only annoys the hell out of me, I’m bored with it. Meanwhile, there are newer sites (or new to me, anyway) that take a more realistic view of matters than that, and I’m seeking those out as best I can. That’s one reason I decided to update the blogroll, in fact.

          But reliable? Who the hell even knows anymore? We’ve been lied to so comprehensively, so regularly, for so long that even when you stumble across a nugget of actual truth it’s getting hard to recognize it for what it is.

          1. Isn’t it just?

            Reason I asked is because that’s a matter of more than just academic curiosity these days.

            Man, there’s no need to tell me, Mike. I’ve been gradually over the years and decades realizing that everyone lied to us from grade school through HS, to the media, to historians, to government and other institutions, on down the line. My life post high school has been spent realizing that what I was told just ain’t necessarily so, and trying to figure out the real skinny.

            These days, I just figure that all media sources are lying or distorting, including the “Conservative” or Right-wing ones like Breitbart and Gateway Pundit, and just try to glean whatever is useful and that I can verify out of them. (I no longer pay any attention to the Leftist sources, not even to weigh the disinformation.)

            There’s a reason why I often stick the caveat, “Of course, I got this from the media, so… ” on links I post here, or some similar one.

            1. everyone lied to us from grade school through HS, to the media, to historians, to government and other institutions, on down the line.

              Yah. It’s kind of an issue, innit?

              Actually, it’s why I’m such a hardass about truthfulness, because I recognized as a preteen that I was surrounded by liars, and it’s certainly not gotten better since then. I refuse to waste any time on a demonstrated liar but I can’t do anything else about them. I refuse to contribute to the mountain of lies myself.

              (For these purposes, jokes (which I make constantly, the more tasteless or bizarre the better) and humorous stories and teasing little kids (eg, telling a five year old that he’s a tiny baby and smells like a dirty diaper) do not count as lies. On the other hand, an uncorrected misunderstanding does.)

              1. (For these purposes, jokes (which I make constantly, the more tasteless or bizarre the better) and humorous stories and teasing little kids (eg, telling a five year old that he’s a tiny baby and smells like a dirty diaper) do not count as lies…

                Ayup.As my old man always said, “As long as it makes for a better story.”

                I can’t define the difference, but I know it when I see it. Or hear it.

      2. Actually, I don’t think that’s the problem, Barry.

        Well, I don’t think it either. Perhaps my poor writing skills left the impression I did, but then there is this –

        So my guess is it’s not nefarious on the Hoft end.

        I will continue to read there just as I do with Vox, and for the same reason. Sometimes there are nuggets worth pondering.

        1. I actually wonder if the people who WERE are really the same.

          Mike seems the same person I have been reading for almost 209 years.

          Then there’s Little Green Footballs and Drudge who are obviously not.

          Then there’s sites that banned me for having a different opinion from not the blogger, but a commenter at the blogsite. When I agree with the blogger against a commenter and get banned anyway I find that weird.

          1. Yea, hard to know who/what you’re reading these days. If you’ve been at this as long as we have (reading blogs, Inet news) you at least have a history to guide you. Someone new has no clue…

            The same people that ban you will complain about facebook/twitter/etc bannings 🙂 Not quite the same I know. It’s their blog, but when you’ve been there for 85.7 years…

  2. Take in everything, sift everything, trust nothing until it’s verified (if ever). That’s about all you can do, Mike.

    Decades spent doing amateur intel analysis have taught me that even compromised sources can be useful – as long as you know they’re potentially compromised and allow and adjust for it.

  3. If she’s doing that, and I were the editor of GP, as soon as I found that out, I’d fire her, no questions asked. Period. CIs and CWs aren’t nice people, and you don’t want staff tied up with people like that, it could expose your organization to various kinds of dangerous things, it could compromise investigative journalism you’re doing, and so forth. For example, the intrepid reporter tells her CW boyfriend about “newsroom gossip”, he senses an opportunity to make a buck (or get charges dropped, or not get new ones filed), and drops a dime to the FBI – and that’s it for that piece of investigative journalism, and if word gets around, sources will just dry up. Or even worse, stories could get planted that lead people to do dumb things or to take dumb actions. In general, I’m pretty careful about using GP as a primary source for anything, but that’s just my gut feeling about that site and has been for a long time.

  4. I used to find interesting things in GP that I didn’t see elsewhere, but they always seemed sketchy & impossible to verify, & as Mike said, often sensationalized. Ultimately, I stopped monitoring them. There’s just so much stuff to analyze, an overwhelming amount, that I couldn’t justify the time anymore.

    But as to general rules, I would guess everyone’s somewhere close to being on the same page at this point.

    Assume that everyone is lying to you. Trust no one. If it’s not verifiable, it’s bullshit.

    Assume that you’re living in a fishbowl. (Because you are.)

    Assume that everyone you haven’t known since the third grade is going to stab you in the back while they smile at you. (Because they might.)

    Assume that EVERYONE who hasn’t already been canceled is a fed, especially the more vocal & flagrant they are. (Because, come on people, it’s the internet. If physical orgs are mostly infiltrated, you can be damn sure everything online is, especially those left up to continue operating. Looking at you Mike. lol. Kidding, kidding, please don’t excommunicate me!)

    We’re all in the spy business now, like it or not.

    And as you all know, the reason that’s such a dangerous business is you can never really be sure who you can trust, who’s working for who, & what their true agenda is. Welcome to the new 1984 in 2021, Rwanda x Weimer x Bosnia x the Rosenbergs x Pitts x Hanssen x the Walkers – The Clown Show Hunger Games Edition.

    Fuuuuu-Uuck! In writing that it just hit me how far the enemy has had to go to try to destroy our stable little corner of the world. Fuck them. We’re still here. And they’re still going to have to earn Every. Single. Inch. (That’s not a euphemism you dirty bastards.) 

    1. Yeah. I don’t think that Burn Notice was a pseudo documentary, unlike Anonymous Conservative, but it does have a lot of lessons about the mindset involved to be learned.

      Plus, it’s a fun show. 🙂

  5. It could be that IWB and AC are the compromised blogs and are trying to discredit GP because they’re hitting close to home and have a lot of readers.

    For one, I am of the opinion that Jan 6 was a Reichstag Fire event produced by Big Tech/Big Media to discredit Trump and those who would protest a Stolen Election.

    Therefore the part where they excoriate the Proud Boys for “their part” in the “Insurrection” that wasn’t smells fishy to me. As far as I can tell the Proud Boys ended up having little to no official presence in DC on Jan 6.

    And Antifa seems to have had a presence that no one mentions.

    For instance, the pictures/video of Ashli Babbitt’s murder show a key Antifa top dog right there less than 6 feet away at the time. Identifying the target? Chasing her into the Trap?

    So I read this and apply a veritable bucketload of grains of salt to it.

    1. For one, I am of the opinion that Jan 6 was a Reichstag Fire event produced by Big Tech/Big Media to discredit Trump and those who would protest a Stolen Election.

      There should be no doubt about this by anyone capable of thought. I never had any doubt whatsoever.

      The effort continues to this day. “They” are trying to make us forget what Trump accomplished in the face of their all out assault against him.

      1. And in going to GP I see that they have been instrumental in naming names (Byrd) as the Ashli Babbitt murderer.

        Coincidence that a smear comes out?

        1. Coincidence…?

          There are no coincidences in this business.

      2. There should be no doubt about this by anyone capable of thought.

        There should be doubt about this. It’s presuming a degree of competence on the part of the enemy that is nowhere in evidence.

    2. If it was, it was an own goal on their part. All it’s really accomplished so far is to bank the slowly smouldering coals of rage on our side just a little bit deeper.

      I personally think that’s bullshit, Kenny. And that a lot of the “Antifa leaders” and “FBI agitators” were invented and added on after the fact to help spin the narrative, and be a CYA for the spineless sots in Congress.

      They were ALWAYS going to confirm the Electors on January 6th. They had no intention of challenging the election, nor allowing a real challenge of the electoral college. Pence was in on the fix. The Senators and Representatives that voted against certification were controlled opposition. The <s>March</s> Stroll on the Capitol just provided them fortuitous cover for what they’d planned to do all along – if it hadn’t happened, they’d have used some other pretext.

      The actual Reichstag Fire had an outcome that was useful to the architects of the Reich. This one has produced nothing really of value for the Bidenreich.

      It’s produced more of value for us than it has for them.

      It’s either bullshit, or the architects of the Steal and the Bidenreich are even more incompetent than I already think they are. Which is possible, I guess.

      1. “It’s produced more of value for us than it has for them.”

        Agree, but that wasn’t their intent. Their intent was to prove the Trump supporters were traitors to the country. They failed.

        Of course they all knew that Jan 6 the slate would be confirmed for Biden. The R party was paid to help defeat Trump. The R party continues to be paid to ignore there was a stolen election. Why it’s almost as if there is no difference between the R and D party.

        There are too many items indicating the left intended to create the little Jan 6 party for me to think they only added after the fact. One of those is the refusal to allow the NG in for policing. The other is the help given by the guards at the doors, allowing people to enter quite easily, even directing them to do so.

      2. I believe that it has value to them, just not na net balance they thought it would.

        They have their troops in DC, purged and loyal, and they are senduing their Spies and Troops and LEO Thugs out across the Country to arrest people on the Pretext that questioning the Election’s Fairness and Validity is Treasonous and they will arrest people who talk about Election Fraud.

        It has already started with the group they have locked from Jan 6 already, and they will be adding to that.

        It was the Pretext they used to drop Trump off of Social Media and then censor Social Media. They have shut up people like Varney and Bartiromo and anyone else that dared to question the Fraud and was High Profile with an Audience. No one talks about it anymore.

        They have used it as a Pretext to harass people loyal to Trump like Giuliani, Powell and will use it against Trump himself if he doesn’t back off. They have so many people that believe in it, that if they arrested half the people in The Trump Organization and even Trump and his family those people would be justified in supporting the Lynching.

        The Narrative has been set and I bet that come next year it will be a pretext to suppress any opposition in the Elections and the Campaign Season.

        So, just like the outcome of George Floyd’s suicide was turned into a Triumph, they will use the Jan 6 “Insurrection” over and over to justify many evil things that are coming.

        I no longer view these people as incompetent Opposition, because they’ve outplayed us and out hussled us for 100 years now and they are in Control of large swathes of the Country, and getting more control all the time.

        Now GA and AZ are in their clutches. They’re moving in millions to take TX Blue too. What are you going to do when they come for OK?

        By the way, Gab just lost their bank accounts. Again. At BB&T. The head of BB&T is supposed to be some sort of Libertarian and Randian. Think about that. The head of the Proud Boys has been denied bank accounts as well. That Gateway Pundit article noted that.

        They have a thousand different ways to get US. To paraphrase an evil Senator.

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