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Mistakes were made

Vox runs down a few of the most costly ones.

I don’t know why President Trump failed to publicly uphold the law and the Constitution when he was confronted with massive election fraud. Given all of the various anomalies we’ve witnessed since January, I don’t even know who is actually calling the shots in the United States. But while I still assert that Donald Trump was the greatest US president since Andrew Jackson, what I do know is that he also doesn’t merit any sympathy whatsoever from his supporters for his current post-presidential persecutions.

First, Trump betrayed – yes, betrayed – his supporters when he completely failed to address, much less crack down upon, the social media companies who were systematically attacking them. As someone who was “suspended” from Twitter six years ago, I’m completely unmoved by conservatives belatedly crying about their own recent suspensions and deplatformings. This could have, and should have, been dealt with by President Trump back in 2016, and his failure to do so was a massive strategic mistake that was obvious at the time.

If you won’t fight for your followers, don’t expect them to fight for you.

Second, it was always obvious to everyone that the witch-hunting that started before President Trump even took office was going to continue the moment that he left office. And no matter what agreements were agreed, only a complete idiot would have placed any confidence in the various parties that make up the Deep State all keeping them.

As I repeatedly pointed out during his presidency, President Trump’s fundamental weakness is that he is a negotiator, not a fighter. Which means, at the end of the day, he’s always going to cave and take the best deal that he thinks he can get. While we don’t know that’s what happened after the events of November 3, 2020, it wouldn’t be even remotely surprising to eventually learn that Trump took the best deal he thought he could get at the time in lieu of crossing the Rubicon.

I still maintain that among the most damaging and confounding of Trump’s mistakes—or failures, even betrayals, depending on one’s point of view—was his choice to not only retain so many Ogabe stay-behinds, but to appoint and/or hire Swamp creatures for posts from whence they could wage all-out bureaucratic war against him and the MAGA agenda. Just leaving Chris Wray in place as head of a transparently hostile FBI—another disastrous Trump hire, mind—to wreak havoc with total impunity was probably enough all by itself to guarantee Trump’s undoing.

Considered all together, Trump’s piss-poor showing in some of the self-same aspects of the job he should’ve been best at, given his past competence and success in those departments, is beyond baffling, almost bizarre. Enough so, in fact, that I’m beginning to wonder whether the Left’s scornful assessment of the man’s intelligence might not have been nearer the mark than my own.

Trump as a trusting naif who quickly found himself in way over his head when he rolled up his sleeves and tried to make good on his promise to drain the Swamp just doesn’t quite compute for me. His whole life had been spent bare-knuckle brawling in the cutthroat NYC real-estate market, coping with ruthless competitors and sleazy local and state ProPols who, if their power was somewhat less broad and encompassing as their bigger DC brothers, was still far from negligible. Is it really plausible that Trump, with his vast experience rasslin’ ‘gators in NYC, would suddenly forget everything he’d learned when he came up against somewhat-larger ones after making the move to Mordor On The Potomac?

It’s not easy for me to think so, I must say. Whatever the case may be, if Trump doesn’t get a clue on the PDQ and wake the fuck up to certain ugly realities, OrangeManBad is gonna find himself rockin’ orange before long. The writing, as in so many other contexts, is on the wall.

New York AG’s Office says its probe of the Trump Organization is now ‘criminal’ and will work with Manhattan DA Cy Vance in his ongoing fraud investigation
New York’s attorney general is now investigating the Trump Organization for criminal offenses, it emerged on Tuesday night.

The office, led by Letitia James, had been investigating the company for civil tax offenses since early 2019. but the investigation has now escalated.

‘We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the Organization is no longer purely civil in nature,’ said Fabien Levy, a spokesman for the office.

‘We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA.’

The district attorney’s office, led by Cyrus Vance, has been investigating possible criminal tax fraud since 2018.

A person familiar with the investigation told CNN that several investigators with the James’s office, who are considered experts on the Trump Organization, have joined Vance’s team.

The notice from James’s office was sent in late April to attorneys for the Trump Organization, The Washington Post said.

If Trump thinks himself untouchable or impervious, that they “can’t” do this or they “wouldn’t” do that, he’s a damned fool. The Enemy has a larger point to make here, about what will surely happen to any and every other pugnacious outsider who would dare to invade their turf seeking to bring down the Barad-Dur. Whether he knows it or not, they will NOT be content with merely removing him. They mean to destroy him utterly, to make an example of him that won’t soon be forgotten—a direct warning that will endure for every bit as long as their illegitimate kleptocracy itself does.

At this point, the best thing Donald Trump could do for himself and his family is to wake up to current reality; recognize that America That Was is lost forever, and was years ago; abandon his honest patriotism and love of country; and flee to the extradition-proof Caribbean island you just know he already owns to sit back on a sandy beach to enjoy a frosty-cool margarita and cock his snook at his tormentors back in Amerika v2.0 for the rest of his days.

5 thoughts on “Mistakes were made

  1. The behavior of Donald Trump remains a mystery, to be sure. How did such a successful man rise so far so fast without being able to evaluate people with greater competency? Questions like this come to mind if one subscribes to the view that DJT was/is precisely who he claims to be.

    There are well-respected commentators around, including Brandon Smith of Alt-Market fame, who theorize that Trump wasn’t – and isn’t – who he has claimed to be, i.e., an anti-establishment figure determined to “drain the swamp” – but actually the individual hired by the globalists/ruling class oligarchs to manage the fall of the USD and final destruction of the U.S. economy. The endgame of the oligarchs being to position a “conservative”/traditional American as POTUS during the collapse of the U.S.A., in order to divert attention from themselves as the real culprits, thereby framing someone else for their crimes.

    Seeing the sheer vitriolic and visceral hatred of the man by the Left during his four years in power, it has been hard at times to credit this theory. Trump would have to be a heck of an actor to pull it off. Yet, there is plenty of disturbing evidence that Trump was on too-friendly terms with people like George Soros and the Clintons, to be a genuine rebel and outsider. And in the end, he failed in his missions to protect and defense the Constitution and the republic for which it once stood, and also to root out the criminality of the deep-state.

    There are, of course,extenuating circumstances. Trump may have been threatened, either directly or just shown the Zapruder film of JFK’s death in Dallas in 1963. Likewise, his family or associates. Although the public may not be aware of them, there were almost certainly assassination threats and possible attempts on his life.

    All of which may mean that DJT was one of the good guys but that his enemies defeated and neutralized him. Or that perhaps he flipped sides, starting off with them and changing his mind along the way. A contrarian like the famous RE developer would certainly be capable of such a stunt.

    Regardless of who/what Trump was, pinning hopes on one man to save Trad-America was probably a fool’s errand from the start. No one man, not even someone as rich and powerful as Mr. Trump, can save a nation in crisis, one of over three-hundred million people. It is also asking a great deal of one man, even a strong one, to summon the courage alone to act to save a people and nation pretty much by himself. He wasn’t alone, of course, but it must have felt like it at times. The job was simply too big for one man.

    Another possible theory is posited by the author of the column above, that DJT was on the side of Trad-Americans, but lacked the vision and the knowledge of what he was facing, necessary to defeat his enemies. He was simply too locked-in to his old world view, of the U.S. as it once was. His thinking had not changed to reflect the new paradigm under which this country now exists. This, as much as anything, was a failure of imagination on the part of the POTUS. It is also one legacy of his failure to surround himself with loyal, high-quality people of good moral character.

    1. The president, when he acts within the constitutional authority, is not a dictator. While Trump made many mistakes, and who wouldn’t have, most of the failure is due to a corrupt and criminal cabal of republicans that run on “conservative” principals while stealing every dime not nailed down.

      “…but actually the individual hired by the globalists/ruling class oligarchs to manage the fall of the USD and final destruction of the U.S. economy.”

      Why don’t we put such nonsense, and people such as this, where it/they belong, in the trash bin. Anyone that clings to stupid notions that Trump was trying to destroy the economy while doing everything right and resurrecting the American economy in unprecedented fashion deserves nothing but laughter at the sheer stupidity of such thinking.

      “This, as much as anything, was a failure of imagination on the part of the POTUS. ”

      Another canard. Trump was highly successful in spite of the near 100% enemy within the other branches of government and every government agency. What Trump probably underestimated was the near total corruption of every institution. Very few of us really understood the depth of the slime.

      No, Trump cannot, nor could anyone else, do it on his own. Hindsight is 100%. The neverTrumpers were and are full of shit, every damn one of them. All, every one, is a sell out of freedom and liberty.

  2. There’s a good argument that the US government has lacked any Constitutional legitimacy since the founding of the shadow government of the National Security State in 1947 – see, to wit: “The fact is that the national-security establishment, which consists of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA, has long been in charge of the levers of power within the federal government. Anybody who becomes secretary of defense, military or civilian, is going to be taking orders, not giving them.
    But we have to cling to our myths and lies — you know, like the one that holds that American servicemen died in America’s many foreign wars to protect our “freedom.” As long as we cling to such falsehoods, myths, and unrealities, everything will be fine, or so the argument goes.
    But everything isn’t fine. Just look around. Look at the ever-increasing numbers of young people committing suicide. Is that normal? That’s the surest sign yet of what clinging to lies and myths and selling them as reality can do to a nation. Add to those suicides the suicides of veterans and the massive drug addition, alcoholism, and other self-destructive behavior and all the irrational killings and other acts of violence that pervade American society.
    Yep, just look around. It’s not hard to see that America is a very unhealthy society.
    There is one book that captures perfectly what has happened to the United States: National Security and Double Government by Michael J. Glennon. Glennon’s thesis is a simple one: It is the national-security establishment that is in charge of the federal government.
    Oh, yes, I know, everyone thinks that the other parts of the federal government — the president, the Congress, and the Supreme Court are in charge. That’s because they are inculcated with that notion in their public school civics classes or at the state-supported colleges they attended. As Glennon points out, that notion is false. The real power and control lies with the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA. They permit the other parts of the federal government to maintain the veneer of power.”

    It’s going to take a revolution to overturn that – even if a President and Congress and Supreme Court made an attempt, they wouldn’t be allowed to get very far, and certainly the President on his own is utterly powerless.

    1. “Anybody who becomes secretary of defense, military or civilian, is going to be taking orders, not giving them.”

      Why? If they are not compromised, why?

      That’s why Trump frightened them so much. After spending tens of millions in illegal investigations they couldn’t even find and overdue library book. No unpaid tickets. Nothing. A handful of people working with him at the end were also clean apparently.

      1. To the point that they had to make shit up just to attack him.

        That’s why the Fake News went insane with Fakeness for 5 years.

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