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Murder, Inc


The Capitol police officer who shot a woman attempting to breach the speaker’s lobby during the Capitol Hill riot is reportedly not likely to face charges after a preliminary decision by investigators in the case.

The Deep State murderer, whose identity is and will forever remain a closely-guarded secret, will almost certainly get some kind of medal for his “bravery.”

Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran and Qanon supporter, was climbing through a window that had been shattered by protesters when she was killed.

The Justice Department civil rights investigation into the shooting was a routine procedure following the use of deadly force by a police officer in Washington D.C.

The investigators have made an initial determination not to file charges. Justice Department officials need to make a final determination, the Journal said.

During the breach of the Capitol, hundreds of rioters forced their way into the building and congressional offices.

Babbitt and others reached the door to the speaker’s lobby and bashed the windows with sticks and helmets attempting to reach the members of Congress inside.

Dozens of rioters were ready to storm into the lobby and wreak havoc.

“That’s where he drew the line in the sand,” a fellow Capitol Police officer told the paper about the shooting.

Such courageous, valiant warriors, with their lines in the sand and all! Here’s a disturbing photo of the violent, bloodthirsty horde of Trumpsurrectionists caught in the act of blaspheming the Citadel Of Democracy:


Ooops, my bad! That’s a photo of an ACTUAL violent mob invading the Capitol, as they did two Senate office buildings and the USSC as well—IN 2018, hoping to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation circus. Around three hundred shitlib loons ended up being detained briefly that day; strangely enough, not one of them was killed. Surber notes a few other then-and-now divergences:

“The vast majority of the arrests, 293, were a result of protests in the Hart Senate Office Building, where protesters crowded in the atrium. Loud chants could be heard throughout the building, which is structured so the hallways of each floor open up and look out onto the first floor.
“Those arrested in Hart were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, according to Capitol Police. Another nine people were arrested on the fourth floor of Dirksen Senate Office Building and charged with unlawful demonstrations.”

CNN also called the crowd protesters.

On Wednesday, CNN called pro-Trump protesters who stormed the Capitol “rioters.”

NPR called them “far-right insurrectionists.”

In 2018, NPR called the anti-Kavanaugh crowd “demonstrators” and titled its coverage of the storming: ” ‘We Believe Survivors’: Demonstrators Throng Capitol Hill To Protest Kavanaugh”

CNN gushed in 2018, “Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests.”

The story included a tweet from Ratajkowski, who tweeted, “Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.”

Benny Johnson tweeted back, “You’re joking, right? Arrested?

“I watched the cops walk up to you and ask politely if you wanted to be arrested. You & Amy Schumer said ‘yes.’ Then you both just sat comfortably on the floor until the cops gave you special wristbands & politely escorted you out

“I have video.”

Just another reminder for the serf-class concerning which end of the stick they really hold, here in the shitpit that is Amerika v2.0.

14 thoughts on “Murder, Inc

  1. Trump said “Pussy”, RTWT:

    1-The overwhelming majority of rally-goers on January 6th were no doubt fired up and passionate about showing up as a way of registering their displeasure at Congress and VP Pence giving the Good Housekeeping seal of approval to the Electoral College vote.

    2-In calling for his supporters to come to DC, at no time did President Trump demand, encourage, promote nor even hint at anyone “getting in the faces” of elected officials or being in any way, shape or form destructive.

    3-DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other Democrat elected officials knew in advance that there would be trouble and yet did not call for reinforcements nor did they take any other precautions. There is ample reason to suspect that she and the echelons of the DC cops as well as high level Democrats colluded with Antifa/BLM agitators in advance to stage Reichstag Fire 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    4-The actual breaching of the Capitol buildings were led by Antifa/BLM confederates dressed in MAGA gear and in fact were shown to be let in and guided by Capitol Police. It is they who caused whatever minimal damages to property that occurred. John Sullivan, a rabid racialist BLM-tifa leader called for burning the place down on social media whist wearing a MAGA hat and Palestinian terror towel around his neck. Those few dozen who followed them in were seen to be behaving as if they were on a guided tour instead of the mostly peaceful Democrat arsonists who torched a dozen cities over the course of the summer and afterwards.

    5-The breach occurred on or about the time Trump started speaking, so he could not have ordered the storming of the Bastille as it was already well under way. Plus, any honest analysis of what he said will show at no time did he tell people to storm Congress or act in any way, shape or form that could be remotely construed as violent.

    6-Ashlii Babbitt was shot in cold blood by a Capitol cop and, surprise surprise, no reasonable prosecutor will hold the killer to account. One has to wonder beyond the actions and mindset of the assassin what would be revealed about his higher ups regarding preparations for that day. But that’s just conspiracy talk, right? The others who sadly died that day evidently were not as a result of any violent confrontation.

    7-When he learned of what was going on in Congress, Trump himself told everyone to disperse and go home as quickly, quietly and peacefully as possible.

    8-“Bomb planted at the RNC headquarters the night before? Never heard of it!” — Charlie Gibson

    1. 4-The actual breaching of the Capitol buildings were led by…

      Don’t care.

      People on our side of the divide keep pointing that out like it’s some sort of a “gotcha!” or something, when in reality, it’s irrelevant. It’s a “So? And… ?”

      Relevant is:

      1) It wasn’t a riot.

      2) It wasn’t an insurrection.

      3) It was absolutely valid for the protestors to go into the Capital building to confront Congress about the vote fraud and steal. It’s our fucking building, and they’re our employees.

      4) Ashli Babbitt was murdered.

      5) The only coup d’tat involved was via the Democrats stealing the election via vote fraud and installing Biden and Harris into the Oval Office as usurpers. The Democrats conducted a blatant, out in the open, coup against the rightful and legitimate government of the United States – a hanging offense – and it’s still ongoing.

      6) The protestors would have been absolutely justified in dragging the legislators and senators out and hanging them from lampposts and burning the capital building to the ground, and then moving on to the Supreme Court to wash, rinse, and repeat. That’s the actual legitimate American tradition for dealing with traitors and seditionists.

      But apparently, almost none of our lawmakers, “Right-wing” media, columnists, bloggers, spokespeople, and even commentariat have the balls to call that out for what it is. They’d rather buy into and repeat the Left’s re-framing and narrative.

      Just as they have for the past forty to fifty years. It’s a conservative Tradition by now.

      I’m done with it.

      I flat don’t give a shit if there were anti-fa/BLM mixed in with the Capital building strollers who broke windows and committed violence yata yata yata. It’s totally fucking irrelevant.

      1. Agreed, IB. But the narrative has been set by the left media complex: this horrific event, one of the darkest moments in American history (which they think is full of dark moments), was worse than Pearl Harbor or 9/11 and all deplorables are implicated.

        It is total BS of course, but that is not going to stop them using it as justification for a brutal crackdown. The big lie will become an article of faith for all leftists, just like ‘hands up don’t shoot’ or ‘sweet little 12 year old Trayvon’ (from the years-out-of-date pic the media ran endlessly) being murdered by that ‘white Hispanic’ Zimmerman. Decades from now leftists will still be referring to this “terrible incident.’

        The left’s hold on the media must be broken somehow, some way. The internet has helped a lot, but they are working hard to restore their absolute gatekeeping control of information via Big Tech. And at the root of the problem is their control of education, intentionally training people not to think or use their brains.

        1. But the narrative has been set by the left media complex…

          I. Don’t. Care.

          Just because the Left has their narrative set, doesn’t mean that every Tom dickin’ Harry on the Right from Senator Cruz on down to the lowliest blogger has to parrot it like little kids learning their ABCs.

          Repeat after me: “And? So… ?”

          It’s amazing how liberating that is. And it’s fun to see the expressions on people’s faces. Completely nonplussed when they realize that you really don’t give a runny shit if the Stop The Steal Protestors invaded the capital or if there were Antifa/BLM involved.

          It is total BS of course, but that is not going to stop them using it as justification for a brutal crackdown.


          At this point, every manjack and womanjill in the U.S. needs to have their faces ground good and hard into what happens when you allow a coup to take over your government.

          The Dems doing brutal crackdowns all over, out in the open, is probably the only thing that will eventually motivate people to put an end to them. I hope they do crack down brutally and a million Carl Dregas spring up everywhere.

          The big lie will become an article of faith for all leftists…

          There’s only two words that you need to remember in response to a Leftist speaking about anything: Bull, and Shit.

          The left’s hold on the media must be broken somehow, some way.

          Here ya go.

          Strange fruit.
          This is your journalist. This is your journalist on hemp. Any questions?

          1. Agree that people who are (theoretically, at least) on the right should not be conceding the left’s narrative on this one. Or on other things, either.

            1. The Right has been calling out the Left’s hypocrisy and lying for over forty years that I’ve been watching. And it’s worked, too!

              Why, you can see how well it’s worked by the fact that fear of being called out kept the Left from stealing the 2020 election and installing Biden as the Pretender-Elect while performing a coup against the legitimate government. And by how they’re not planning on setting up Truth Commissions and appointing a Reality Czar while declaring everyone who questions the election a Domestic Terrorist. They’re not doing that because they’re obviously terrified of being accused of hypocrisy and mendaciousness by the Right.

              I think we should call them out even harder, dammit. Why change a winning strategy?

      2. “4-The actual breaching of the Capitol buildings were led by…

        Don’t care.”

        I do. The marxists created the breaching and sent their people to do it, while blaming others for it. That story needs to be told regardless that I would nuke the whole damn place. The left lied, as usual, and should be called on it. Their entire justification for what they are doing is built on it.

        1. Don’t. Care. The marxists creating the breaching were on the side of the fucking angels for once in their misbegotten lives.

          The left lied, as usual, and should be called on it.

          Leftists are lying hypocrits!!! Yeah, that’s gonna work. Just like “Democrats are the REAL racists!” always has.

          Leftists consider hypocrisy a feature, not a bug. They don’t care if they’re lying or if you know they are.

          Quit doing the same damn’ thing over and over expecting different results.

          1. I get your point.
            OTOH, there is a squishy middle that might be on our side should they find out the truth of who did the real damage. Most people only hear the media narrative. Wouldn’t hurt for them to accidentally discover the truth once in a while.

            1. They haven’t yet.

              Look, I was convinced for a long, long time by the argument that “the internet is a spectator sport and you’re arguing to convince the lurkers watching, not your opponent”. Hell, I enjoyed the arguments and flame wars with Leftist fuckwits for a lot longer time than most people have even been aware that there was an internet.

              I know longer see that to be the truism that, say, Larry Correia does. I’ve yet to see any empirical evidence that the spectators are convinced by our rebuttals of Leftist bullshit in any numbers enough to make a practical difference. The same applies to our commentariat, media people, and representatives doing it. No practical effect, so it’s a waste of breath.

              At a certain point it comes time to flat stop using tactics and strategies that visibly don’t work, and start looking for and using ones that do. Whatever those might be.

              We’re going to have to start figuring out those strategies and tactics, because we’ve run out of time for dicking around with wash, rinse, and repeat.

              1. I’m not opposed to other “strategies and tactics”, just noting that it is not going to hurt anything to correct the record and speak the truth. We can do more than one thing at once. I don’t see the drawback in it, even if it is ineffective.

                1. Waste of time. I can either argue and correct the record at length, or I can boil down everything that really needs to be said to a Leftist in five words: “You’re a liar. Fuck you.”

                  If every Republican and Conservative in the punditry, media, and congress said absolutely nothing to any Democrat except, “You’re a liar. Fuck you.” we’d be better off.

                2. Look at it this way, Barry, we’re down to the point where we really only have three main choices:

                  1) Shoot.

                  2) Submit.

                  3) Go grey.

                  If you’re going to shoot, talking is unnecessary.

                  If you’re going to submit, the only thing that needs to be said is, “Yes, Master.”

                  If you’re going to go Grey Man, then don’t talk: just keep your head down and blend in, and only speak in Lefty platitudes so they won’t catch you out.

                  The Soap Box is gone.

                  The Ballot Box is gone.

                  The Jury Box is gone.

                  We apparently aren’t quite ready to break open the ammo box yet, but we’re way past the point of having anything to say to these bastards.

                  “You’re a liar. Fuck you.” All that needs to be said.

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